World of Tanks – So I Started Blasting…

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Source: The Mighty

In which Circonflexes, back in the saddle streaming WOT on Twitch, takes the 703 II out for a spin and gives both barrels…


System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. ok here’s another question, when one gun is loaded and the other is 1 second away being loaded so i would assume the shell have been push into the breach and about to close for firing, then for some reason if the other gun fire the shell magically get teleport back onto the ammo rack and poor ivan need to load it back again……..truly a mystery we will know or was the soviet ahead of its time.

  2. What will jingles do with his time when wot fucks itself in the ass with tanks like this

  3. There is still a reason I like War Thunder…

  4. Will xbox see this tank?

  5. Good, another premium Russian heavy.
    Don’t have enough of those in the game already.

  6. Quickybaby already covered this tank, both guns have individual sights as indicated by the circle around the side that’s ready to fire.

  7. Circon give you great game play and almost constant childish rage cursing. Not worth watching his vids or streams.

  8. One loader fetches ammo from the hull, while the other loads the gun. So much force would make ready-use ammo fall out of racks, etc. There’s no room in the turret for that much ammo and 2 massive 122s.

  9. Still not as broken as CV’s in WoWs

  10. Russian game – Soviet tank enough said. Most bias game on internet physics and history not allowed.

  11. Real life and WoT… Ehh… Jingles u have gone this through several times. This is a arcade game not real life. Like there could be 3 men (or women) tank crew in ELC90. Where is that third guy? On the engine deck taking sun? Or how you can fix something in your tank when it is taking fire from enemy? Or like those wheeled armoured cars could fix their wheels when they are still driving? Or million other things. Maby those loaders are working as a team after 3s shellshock like other is helping each other? Maby there is no enough room to both loaders to work simultaneously? Like the ready rack is in rly cramped area and only one loader pick ammo one by one.

  12. I see you with the circonflex title

  13. Why would anyone assume that each gun would actually need two sights?

  14. Perhaps it takes both loaders to pick up one of these shells?

  15. Now that is what I call a “two-fisted argument!” Boom Boom!

  16. First Name Last Name

    It’s been 6 years but I’m glad I’m back jingles

  17. One loader is busy picking up casing and stowing away…This is 8 years M60 & M1A2 experience…Though we could fire 8 rounds a minute with my crew..

  18. AnimaniactsAftermath CNW

    interesting very nice game

  19. Wouldn’t it be possible that when the breach opens on one gun it blocks the other from opening?

  20. I love the chirps!

  21. I’m still waiting for the double barreled ISU-152

  22. I would attribute the delays to a bracing mechanism before the doubleshot, and a bore gases extraction process which has to complete before the loaders can get to work. The ammunition itself is 2 part: shells and charges.

  23. Hey jingles, I don’t mind you overthinking stuff I actually learn and just find myself amused by it actually lol. I’m a warthunder player personally but i’m not like most I actually don’t absolutely despise wot but I found this tank interesting.

  24. I would think that the loading one gun at a time is due to the fact of not having 2 shots worth of propellant out of the magazine at the same time.

  25. (Mighty jingles) asks all of the questions
    Wargaming: “yes”

  26. Well Jingles it’s 2020 and I thought I’d watch a video of yours. I lasted about 60 seconds before I was ready to fall a sleep. BORING!!!!!

  27. My first instinct was a single loader assist which moves behind whichever gun is loading and needs to be moved before both breaches recoil back. But then thought that would be stupid and surely it would be stowed out of harms way anyway!

  28. So, what we have now is the opportunity to engage in “Double surprise butt sex”?
    Extra kinky, if you ask me.

  29. Reminds me of Apocalypse tank from Red Alert 2 <3
    Just give me a Conqueror with two Barrels and we'll also have a Mammoth tank from Tiberium Wars <3

  30. One loader has a swig of his vodka while the other loader reloads his barrel.

  31. Remember those thumbnails with the KV-2 having 6 gun barrels?

  32. There is way too much thought going into the artificial mechanics of this fairy tale of a tank….which, in reality, is just pixels on a video monitor.

  33. You killed a replay with your comments really…

  34. broken as shit

  35. EddyMcChuckleNuggets

    Jingles, you forgot an important point: When one gun fires while the other is still loading, why does the loader of the other gun put his shell back and start his loading process over again?

  36. They should rename it to World Of Russia

  37. I would like to think that the 3 second “charge time” is coordination for one of the loaders to become the 2nd gunner or some shit, that turret is pretty cramped so it shouldnt be the worst thing for him to get to one side of the gun while the gunner is on the other, the same for the cooldown between individual shots, the gunner moving to each side of the gun, idk man this shit is weird

  38. It takes both loaders to lift that 122 mm shell

  39. Maybe only 1 can load at a time because the sideways gun means one holds the shell while the other locks it in. Now this might sound like it risks fingers but honestly more dangerous things have been done before so it is believable. As for the delay in shooting maybe it is a single trigger mechanism that must be locked in duel trigger mode similar to the older double barrel shotgun models where the trigger has to be locked in on both to prevent accidental discharge except in this case the accidental discharge could flatten a loader. As for the delay after firing both I am completely at a loss there.

  40. Circonflexe was the high scorer, but the arty did very well at second place! Normally the arty on your team suicides in the first two minutes because no one is willing to share their cookies with him!

  41. Sold mine as the gymnastics needed to master the double fire ment that the tank was unplayable by me

  42. So basically a Mammoth tank ?

  43. broken as shit.

  44. That turret doesn’t look that much larger than the one mounted on a standard IS-3, and it was notoriously cramped inside. The delay for firing is probably making sure everyone’s clear and not going to get flattened against the back of the turret, and the delay for loading is probably everyone trying to make their teeth stop rattling and get their eyes to focus properly again. Oh, and a bit of irritated Russian cursing because Boris got a bit handsy on the commander while he was trying to avoid getting pancaked by his gun’s recoil path.

  45. A possible real world reasoning for the re-loading is two-stage ammunition, where one loader would load the projectile and the other would load the charge. Yes, it’s probably just balancing in wot, but it could be an irl explanation.

  46. “If not Russian tank, then broken, da. But, is Russian tank so, nyet! Is balans!

  47. The one-gun-at-a-time thing could be explained away with some complexity of the breach-block or how it interacts with the turret space preventing more than one breech being opened at a time, and/or the small turret space necessitating deletion of all ready-use ammunition, thus we have one loader load his gun with a shell the other passes to him, and then he returns the favor. The three-second delay, though, I can’t come up with anything; it’s just too “game-ey” to ascribe some kind of logic to. Realistically, you should be able to fire both together, or one fairly immediately after the second, although recoil might make attempts at imitating the Nikonov rifle a poor idea in practice, which could be a point of balance.

  48. the only thing that is ridiculous overpowered are the guys who cry more as a grown up adult than back in the days they shit in their pants.

  49. Only logic I can think for the loaders is they are team lifting shells everything else i got nothing.

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