World of Tanks – So Stupid It Hurts

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

BionicTree sent in a KV-5 replay a while back that was good but not remarkable, until I paid attention to who else was on his team, it suddenly went from “good” to “unintentionally hilarious.”

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  1. do you have a list of all the, sorry for my english “ass hats” you meet in
    i have salt! Jesper

  2. You know when I saw the title of this video I was afraid I would loose a
    couple of brain cells by watching it, Thanks to Wesley it was a whole lot
    more then a couple. Great videos Jingles, keep them coming.

  3. Wesley shot 8 times, scored 2 hits and 2 penetrations. You need your eyes
    checked Jingles!!! LOL

  4. wesley is a well known shitter on Na server. usually does more damage to
    his own team than the enemy

  5. Dammit Jingles we need MOAR XCOM!

  6. lol… im from the smb clan… and whe have a lots of enemys hahaah

  7. I thought I was bad at WoT…. But seeing people like that makes me feel
    better about myself lol

  8. Actually, Jingles, a forty-six percent game- Shut up.


  10. oh my, i remember wesley001, hes a 1st class troll, if only he could play
    as well as he reports, well…. he really is funny

  11. WG is removing cross team chat in version 9.16 except in Training Rooms, so
    you’ll never hear the enemy. No more team mates ratting out your position.
    Trolls will be required to mod in as mimes or a flag on the end of the
    barrel and establish a single-flag semaphore cord.

  12. Schraeder and wesley must be brother….i mean stupidity of those 2 must be
    in DNK connection

  13. Hold the phone… anyone else notice the results screen? Wesley001 shot
    twice, penned once. That means the 298 damage was from HE and the the one
    penetrating shot was HE into the friendly Rhm Skorp. Lol Goddamn what a
    freaking gem.

  14. Shut up Wesley!

  15. Ok Jingles… I know you don’t care… But… I think it’s time for a new

  16. I think I have Wesley001 on my ‘mute’ list. A player who infamy proceeds

  17. bionicTree is such an og name

  18. Was this on NA server ? Anyone

  19. Shut up, Wesley!

  20. … shut up, Wesley.

  21. well at least I can blacklist that jackass.

  22. Jingles I submitted a replay with this guy a month ago, why did you not use
    it? Just honestly curious. It was as hilarious as this.

  23. Wesley001 is in my black list for some reason. he play 75k game so far. in
    last game he camping with his E75 in the back of the map.

  24. Has anyone heard of RAGER1 on the NA server? Drove a maus a lot back in
    like 2012

  25. Except he fired eight shot and thus only has a 25% accuracy rating.

  26. I think the “investigation for hacking” is not WG, it’s wesley’s
    investigation :P.

  27. Careful Jingles, he might report you for hacking. Showing videos making fun
    of Wesley = hacking dontcha know? Seriously though, didn’t he threaten to
    report you to YouTube last time? That should be amusing…

  28. The wot players with less then a 30% winrate are all the hillary

  29. Shut up Wesley!

  30. ive talked to him before in game and he said he is doing all that trolling
    under protest of world of tanks, because he is diagusted in where the game
    has gone

  31. Nathan the Nebraskan

    Jingles, remember that Skorpion G who called out Wesley for being so bad?
    The one that Wesley killed? I was disappointed you didn’t point out at the
    end that the Skorpion did WORSE than Wesley. The Skorpion, who criticized
    Wesley, somehow managed to do ZERO damage himself.

  32. What a nub lawl

  33. And out hero is at it again, this time on an live stream:

  34. Jingles! He fired 8 shots. 2 hits. 2 pens.

  35. Jingles thank you for teaching me about the dunning kruger effect I had no
    idea about it prior to watching this video.

  36. With any justice, Wesley got 29 reports in that match.

  37. I assume he doesn’t get perma banned because he pays money to WG

  38. try to play WOT blitz again since its more popular. Highly recommend it

  39. WoTs report system had a sort kf “honour” system where if you send a lot of
    reports that dont end in bans/suspensions, the “value” of your reports goes
    down. since wesley uses all his reports 24/7 and all of them are complete
    bullshit, his reports are probably literally having 0 effect

  40. WG should include people with mental disabilities/ additional abilities in
    their EULA.

  41. “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m
    not sure about the former.”
    Albert Einstein

  42. ran into that guy on the NA server… seemed like a quality individual…

  43. Hey Jingles, like all the videos. You, Quickybaby, Dez Games are d’men. I
    watch these most days. To say I have un-installed WOT mainly because I am a
    noob player and am not helping my team mates. Also it is taking forever to
    work through the tiers and I am/was working through maximising the skill
    perks, mainly Matilda and KV1, about 20,000 XP from Tiger 1. My point is
    that years down the line I would still be grinding through. Anyways I can
    watch your vids and see the good (and bad) players at work. Again I
    appreciate these.

  44. Is this against the whole name and shame stuff. Not that I give a damn.
    This guy is a typical reason for why I struggle to play WoT and wows these
    days. So many “special” players.

  45. Why is wesley at the back of the map? Because wesley snipes.

  46. Heeу mуyy brother!
    Тhе amаzing method that work is =>
    World of Таnks – So Stupid It Hurts

  47. wesley001 you also featured him a while back in an episode of the good the
    bad and the ugly with TheNuttyProfessorin an E25 while he was playing in an
    isu 122s I believe a premium tank destroyer who sat at the back of the map
    and proceeded to report all cromwells as hacks. And he was telling a
    crusader to stop and spot but nothing to spot. So he is still reporting
    everyone is there not a limit of bullshit reports that someone can file
    before they can get banned for being complete idiots. Found it episode 48
    of the good the bad the ugly.

  48. KEK, i just played a battle with this guy. It gets pointed out in chat and
    I couldn’t concentrate I was LOLing so much. Had a look at his stats and
    one thing stands out above all others – over 75k and only SEVENTEEN battle
    buddy badges. Speaks volumes about the cretin’s character methinks.

  49. this is kinda why I stopped playing WoT NA you got trolls like this stacked
    with the community so toxic and unaccepting of new players that Its
    unpleasant to play anymore. and this is why its a good idea for WG to mute
    non team chat, though it won’t stop people who yell at their teams.

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