World of Tanks- Solo Mines Hill Boosts

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  1. Thanks for showing the failed boosts as well, it always looks really easy
    when only the succesful boosts are shown. Thanks Anfield.

  2. Gaming with scissors

    u forget the mounten boost on this map

  3. who are the 3 people that are disliking?

  4. link is missing

  5. RainbowTreeMusic

    Very useful. Thanks for making this. I’d love to see more for other maps.

  6. Great video Anfield! Maybe u can make a longer one with all the maps? Ty m8

  7. if you are intrested, here you can watch how NewMultiShow (ESL, OOR player)
    boosted himself at hill on F0 and he won 1vs1 situation in ESL game

  8. Fenks Anfield for answering my question

  9. Anfield, have you seen the boost on Mountain Pass from the south spawn
    where you can shoot the 1-2 line clearly?

  10. Same three noobs always disliking

  11. Very good vid 😉 always useful

  12. RIP Mohammed, #GoneButNotForgotten, you will be remembereed

  13. I got the first comment :)

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