World of Tanks – Some Games with Overlord_Prime

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Source: Anfield

Discord – https://discord./5ZZNvJc


  1. Early 320p doesnt matter, was here for commentary anyway

  2. OP better than Anfield confirmed

  3. Anfield please dont get mad for those questions Kappa

  4. GT was way funnier, in my opinion, the one episode where they have to redo the mission over and over was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!!!

  5. Was watching stream and it got pretty weird between you two XD

  6. pressing ESC also gets you out of the stupid box cinematic

  7. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    This is good I like this

  8. im glad im not alone in the whovian universe

  9. I don’t hate yah man ur vids are good just wish when there long they were intresting

  10. It's not what you think

    Which is more retard-proof, Maus or IS7?

  11. Wish you still did the videos where you helped teach people, based on their replays (Though I understand the circumstances where you stopped). However, I have learned a tremendous amount from your own videos. Keep posting!!!

  12. Videos are too long mang

  13. I wonder how many opportunities of making streamers cry I missed for not having xvm and not looking at player names 😀

  14. Overlord makes you slightly more positive about life and tanks in general… only slightly though you depressed man. Chin up old chap

  15. Straight outta Melbourne, a crazy motherfucker like anfield

  16. Overlord_Prime, I am so quoting you about the E5 in the forums… and you too Anfild !!!

  17. Loved it

  18. when your 50b has IS-7 gun handling

  19. so what tanks ARE considered “not a piece of garbage” now? xD

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