World of Tanks – Some Good 140 Games

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  1. Obj 430 still the odd child? Or was it given some love?

  2. If I don’t run food with 140, should I go vents or optics?

  3. triple arty already started. Yesterday almost every single battle were 3
    arties. Cant play any more, either one shot or 1k dmg splash arty, fuck
    that WG wont play that shit any more..

  4. I remember you having a similar situation I think in your M48 where an arty
    out spotted you a while back during a good carry. Well balanced and

  5. Whats that mod called which replaces the defult color scheme of the camos
    you use?

  6. 140 with the foods. 140 3 mark push?

  7. Would be nice when wargaming would add new camos in the game or
    enable/create market for camos and inscriptions

  8. anfield 140 or t-62a?

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