World of Tanks – Some IS7 Mentoring

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Source: Anfield


  1. hey anfield what do you think about wg not buffing is7 and 140 this patch


    *Now that iv finished watching that video*


  3. What *#MGL** FOYKIN OP* Monitor set up do you have?
    I was wondering as I have a 21.9 34 inch display, and do you think that is good for playing, it feels cool, but id also like to know your setup 🙂

    * 🙂 this smiley face will haunt your dreams, LOOK AT ITS DEAD STARE 🙂

  4. *I still remember the cocaine snort, I STILL REMEMBER!*
    Every boddy who sees my comments “shut the fuck up you anoying little prick”

  5. What even was that turret shit?

  6. That turret glick that’s happened to me a couple times ??

  7. Are you always salty about other players? The M48 was not ****ing following you. He wanted to get shot and damage, you moron. I know some very good players who wiggle back and forth whether it be to avoid arty or just to make themselves a more difficult shot. Stop being such a salty ass and chillax, please….

    • What makes you so salty my dude, you’ve never been angry at a team mate for anything? I didn’t yell at him in chat or type any insults so instead of telling me to chillax maybe you should? As for the wiggle back and forth it’s fine when you’re alone but not when other people are trying to shoot as well, that’s how team damage happens. Also don’t link your in-game name as if it’s some checkmate unless you do have really good stats lol

    • I have gotten fustrated, but I’m more focusing on how you just seemed to tense the whole time in that game, and for one, it’s annoying to watch as an audience and two, it doesn’t really help with your performance during the game. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that being annoyed and tilt and having that type of attitude has gotten me into much deeper shit than I’d like to admit. I’ll admit that the point you make on the wiggling back and forth thing- but I just find myself appreciating and respecting people when they can look on the alternative perspective, and see what the guy may be thinking.

    • And for the ign part, most people think that every critical bastard on the internet is a deep red tomatoe, and I’m just trying to say I’m not, nothing more. For the most part, I agree though, as almost everyone complaining on the forums are tomatos..

    • Getting frustrated and “tensing up” must affect you pretty badly then. I get frustrated, and I tense up. But it doesn’t get me in the grave quicker then if I wasn’t tensed up. And it sure as hell shouldn’t affect you either. That just tells me that your inexperienced in stressful situations regardless of your 2100 wn8 rating…..which is, in my opinion, not that impressive. Your recent is *insert thumbs up here*

    • i will never get why you would watch a video of someone you dont like. If you think anfield is too salty go watch something else. There is plenty of content around here on the internet…

  8. How come I am never top tier but also I never see 3 arty only 1 max

  9. You should do more of these mentoring streams. They’re pretty helpfull

  10. That shot at 16:36 tho

  11. Was the guy in the platoon with you also a unicum?

  12. RNG and RNG and more RNG, lol

  13. Please increase the volume of the videos

  14. This is the best video series by you so far. 3mark sessons were good too. Please bring them back too (may be even form other food players too)

  15. 6:12 got a few mates in villain so no buli plz 🙁

  16. I love your twitch chat.

  17. Warpack detected lmao

  18. My tanks like to drive ( on its own ) in circles since last patch – first world problems.

  19. i like these mentoring vids Anfield .. keep em coming 🙂 .. that thing in highway map , i bet it’s a hack in the game .. lol

  20. ohhhh crap anfield cheated on lemmingrush #top10animeBetrayals

  21. 35:11 Anfeels shows how to be best friends! I can’t do that in my m53/m55 xdxd

  22. Watched this on Twitch, the IS-7 you were helping was so bad =.= At least he is making an effort to improve, but it was painful to watch.

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