World of Tanks – Some Norwegian Tank or idk

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World of Norway


  1. Nice
    Do your have a Invite code?

  2. uuu first comment 😮 big fan anfield,keep it on!!

  3. Swedestan BTFO

  4. What is the most Robust Feminist Argument?

  5. Anfield I have done 5.5k in the wz132, complete t10 match, I believe its my
    highest EXP game ever too!

  6. Wtf they are Swedish tanks not Norwegian…

  7. Norwegian? They’re Danish

  8. BTW if you haven’t gotten to it already I would watch out for the tier 7
    it’s is horrible stock, and contrary to popular opinion it is much better
    with the top gun

  9. Ryan “The Geepers' FGS” Griffiths

    Hey someone actually got triggered in the comment section did you see it

  10. David Bowie is singer from Backstreet Boys 🙂 hehe nooooob

  11. GO ESL!! …derp. that one made me lol.

  12. How do you not have sixth sense, did you not get your Norwegian female
    crew? I mean Finnish.

  13. anfield i play 500 ping plus lowest ping game ive ever had is 362 ping

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