World of Tanks – Some WZ 5A Games

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Source: Anfield

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  1. Thanks for not firing too much gold, most people who play this tank seem to shoot gold at anything that moves…

  2. one of the finest wot has to offer,love your videos

  3. Can you give me some tips for playing the t54 ltwt?

  4. Im on the 110 atm, but the alpha is underwhelming :(. Its an ok tank…What do you think of the wz tier 10 and 9>?

  5. yo the gun dep on the last t57 ,wtf is this rip is7

  6. lol anfield i know what you guys are planning to doing with rush b lol and that’s awesome

  7. you look like alberto moreno the liverpool left back

  8. Never play BDO anymore feelsbadman

  9. How many 3rd marks does this Carbon guy have? I find it hard to believe he has more than Skill4tlu, and a quick internet search doesn’t reveal him.

  10. That 430s i see purple yolo … so good he must be

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