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Source: QuickyBaby

World of – Jagdpanzer E-100. Today WinnerTaco is going on a riot in T10 German tank destroyer the Jagdpanzer E-100

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. It’s pronounced TAH-KO LOL, good vid

  2. Bella a tutti ;)

  3. HRS Speedsoft Ladies Man

    Once the new soccer patch came out for world of tanks QB’s xvm quit working
    for me… How can I fix it?

  4. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Ur right QB when u push a little thingy with the “classics” of german

  5. Whats so fancy about that Jageru games you feature all the time, its just
    boring, slow gameplay which completly relies on how the engagements are
    timed… No skill included in this game, just pure luck…

  6. When i saw that you made another JgPz E100 video it really put a smile on
    my face lol :3 <3

  7. 😀 best game ever and in the end of the BATTLE this TROLLISH moment …
    Made my day

  8. Why didn’t he keep his front towards the T57 @ 8:17 ? If I am not mistaken,
    there was a slope behind him which would have prevented the T57 from
    carrouseling him. It looks like a misplay to me- but was it it?

  9. Bill Papadopoulos

    What is the free camera that he uses?Does anyone has a link?

  10. Boring, another super high damage game. Can we please see some original
    epic and close games with teamwork???

  11. Tah-ko

  12. Tactical taco nukes.

  13. very good, much skill and i enjoyed the commentary as always. much better
    than the last video from the object 430 2

  14. Lol what a pro T57 HT

  15. taco sized shells – QB 2016

  16. Guys where is his new xvm for 9.15.1 ??

  17. jagpanzer is the beast

  18. I really enjoy checking out the destroyed modules/crew. Can you show off
    them in next games, when a tank is blown up by HE or HEAT shell – the T57
    has 6 destroyed modules/crew and I believe none of that is even tracks.
    Both shots to turret probably broke the turret and killed all but the
    driver and radio operator.

  19. A salute to that jager:p

  20. HE-shells have less pen more damage, then why don’t premium round have more
    pen and less damage?

  21. germanTanKKilleR

    wait so this isnt enough for even 3rd class mastery?

  22. How did the T57 bounce all those? And xvm said his rating was good but his
    WR was bad? questionable stats.

  23. JgE100 still better than all TD

  24. Just realized, 11,000 isn’t actually that much. 11 shots.

  25. Want cod points? Too bad, I play WoT. JPE100’s a pain when hull down. I’ve
    seen them hold up multiple tanks scared to pop out to take a shot.
    Sometimes I’ll menace a chokepoint by not firing and hold up many tanks so
    my team flanks.

  26. 400.000k special?

  27. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Hahahaha, I laughed so hard there. Something similar happened to me with my
    jagdtiger yesterday in Malinovka, pushing a M41 Bulldog and a CDC to the
    little pond in A2, they were trying to flank me and I was on the edge and I
    just push backwards those 2 retards and they drowned, I laughed so hard
    doing that.

  28. Deutsches Paintball Museum

    ahahahaha great game and awesome win for WinnerTaco!

  29. Classic WoT tactics: “Let’s all attack the big, heavily armoured tank with
    a boomy gun one by one and give him time to reload between each engagement!
    Yeah, that’ll work!”. Still, a great game – nicely done WinnerTaco, and
    another fantastic video QB!

  30. Obj 140s sickens me – that first one bouncing a jgpz e 100 shell off his
    turret – OP beyond belief.


  32. Since u did a Video about the Obj 430 II, can u do one about the Obj 416
    and A-44 pls? Since the last one is 2-3 Years old, id really like to see
    these tanks as that line allows you to research all Soviet mediums in one
    go. Ty QB

  33. That T57 Heavy was indeed a potatoe

  34. I have a questions for you guys? should I buy two premium tanks… the
    panther 88 and the panzer 58 mutz? or just buy one tank… which tank would
    you recommend alot? Thanks for the advice it might help me a lot…

  35. Noob protection saved that RHM. A normal roll would have been enough.

  36. Enemy T57 heavy bot….

  37. Absolutely EPIC ending!
    I was literally cheering with my fist in the air. What a fitting end…
    can’t stand those T57 Heavies.

  38. Graham Montgomey

    When british guys say “taco”… lol

  39. I wouldn’t even be mad if I was the t57

  40. i know this is not important but how do you get rings on your barrel, does
    it mean you got a badge or something

  41. Grille is a way better tank, armor means so little on sea server when you
    get people like that tier 9 td spamming gold into superstructure.

  42. the way he pronounced “taco”

  43. Well played! Not even a HEAT shell fired!

  44. Its called a CHALKCO TAHGHCO. There I spelled it out for you, otherwise
    called a Choco Taco which is a chocolate covered wafer in the shape of a
    taco with vanilla ice cream and its a hell of a mess that it makes! :)

  45. Once pushed a Bulldog with the french Tier10 pig into a river while he was
    full speed. Was reeeeally funny and he was mad :P

  46. How can a borsig be a baby tank ? So what a tier 1 tanks are cells or

  47. Just to be clear; this guy isn’t an epic player.. he literally was playing
    against people who are worse than AI would be ffs. The T57 and Object 140
    just stared at the sky whilst he was raping with the T57 Heavy. This game
    only shows how epic this tank can be if they come at you 1 by 1 and like

  48. Christian Esterhuizen

    This was beautifully done.

  49. WHOOO GO TDS!!

  50. he should have fired 3 HE in a row might have saved him the 500hp


    The JPZE100 is by far my favorite tank in the game. and this just made my

  52. i love that tank, sometimes i feel the need of thinking either to go for
    JgPzE100 or the FV215b (183) as i love those alpha damage, but the FV
    doesn’t have that strong armor…

  53. choco taco is glorious here in US

  54. The Grille 15 on his team did no
    damage smh

  55. that is probably my next tank to acquire. This vid makes it more desirable
    to say the least.

  56. I pity a childhood without Choco Taco’s

  57. On console we still have the WT And E-100.

  58. Does anyone else love how he says taco?

  59. I just noticed hwo soothing your voice is, I feel like I am watching a

  60. Can someone gift me premium

  61. HeyQuicky can you please do a replay on the leopard 1 I soon going to get
    the vehicle and I needs some tips and trick to know how to use its full

  62. That t57 was a total shitlord.

  63. Damn those are some big tacos he is firing 17 cm in diameter looks like
    something out of man vs food

  64. Curious at how the game engine calculates that a player has ‘drowned’ an
    enemy player.

  65. One tip Quickybaby. Taco is pronounced talko.

  66. Probably the best ending and feeling when we do that in our TDs

  67. Rather decent accuracy?! .28 is amazing!

  68. Every single heavy tank player out there are shaking their heads

  69. ahahahahah

  70. Cosmin Sebastian

    So WTF do u have to do to get at least a Mastery Badge 3 in this tank?
    Almost 12k damage and 6 kills are not enough aparently.

  71. Chaco-tacos are the best

  72. Chocotaco! USA! USA! USA!

  73. And just imagine if a replay like this would have been possible if there
    was arty in this game.

  74. apersonthingy productions (apersonthingy Gaming)

    Hey quickybaby, I figured out of all people, you’d be the best to ask.

    My WN8 isn’t very good, really about average, but it is going up.

    I know there’s a way (probably with XVM) to check your WN8 of a battle you
    just played, but I don’t know how to get it.

    Could you or one of you gentlemen reading this tell me? Thanks :)

  75. Very good and funny vid.

  76. Those low roles were DISGUSTING

  77. check out my new world of tanks blitz videos

  78. If Only The Gun of this TD Was At E 100..Gonna be crazy.Btw is the top gun
    of e 100 good?

  79. Mikael Buhadla Petit

    I did laught so much at the end

  80. You’re using the “a” in “taco” wrong. Use a long a, like in armor. Normal
    tacos are delicious, delicious Mexican cuisine.

  81. is there a new xvm out? i havnt been playing for a week but now xvm QB pack
    isnt working any more ?

  82. Thor_in_box Solid

    If you buy the T-57 you get a free life vest and oxygen tank!!! :)

  83. Don’t say taco ever again until you say it right, reprectably. Uncultured


  85. Jaegeru still the best!

  86. whats the mod that says the total damage you did

  87. They should be including amphibious vehicles in the game :)

  88. So far i don’t see anybody making the “noob enemy team” or “he got lucky”
    statement. :D

  89. War gaming need to come up with a system for tier 9 and 10 tanks where if
    you are not performing well and have a bad eff or wn8 you cannot play them
    until you do and need to play 7’s and 8’s a bit longer. Both T 57’s in this
    video definitively need to spend some more time in the T 32. I have 170
    tanks in my garage, 8 of them being tier 10’s but I don’t play them because
    I know I am not good in them and don’t wish to hinder people that are.

  90. i wouldve dove in on top of the t57 xD

  91. There is some weird RNG for the JpanzerE100.
    Though the avg dmg is 1050 , almost 75% of the time I’ll roll 850 or 950
    ish dmges.

  92. wow awesome.

  93. 8:44 Dirty autoloader go play world of warships.

  94. World of Tanks, a game full of toxic cunts

  95. ‘tacko’ ick QuickBaby come on. talk-o

  96. @QuickyBaby I hate to say this but you should feature some other underrated
    tanks rather than just putting up same tanks all the times.

  97. best TD win ever

  98. best TD win ever

  99. what happen to warhammer army guides

  100. My mod is not working quickybaby since that football thingy is introduced
    what should i do :d?

  101. kaikane truelove

    I have a question.
    What font dose QB use in his thumbnails?

  102. The Guy Known As...

    My dream to get the Jg Pz e100 is almost complete after getting the
    jagtiger today =D

  103. Roberts Cepurnieks

    where can download QuickyBaby mod pack???

  104. its a coaco toco its a toco shell filles with vanilla icecream then
    chocolate coverd

  105. LAN Master (sirswears)

    Let’s give him something to drink 8:43

  106. Winner taco best ice cream ever

  107. ahahah what end

  108. Can u plz make a modpack

  109. social3ngin33rin

    it’s pronounced tah coh

  110. If enemy team is retarded enough to yolo at you when you sit in base then
    gg you’ll get some dmg in a tank with 300mm+ frontal armor no doubt..
    otherwise you’ll fail.

  111. T57 reveals his position in 7:28 (knocks over a tree)

  112. hahaha TROLL MASTER

  113. Nice vid again quickybaby keep it up!!

  114. report tiger ll bot!

  115. Tack-o X””””D

  116. Perfect finish :D

  117. Enclave Commander

    I’ve pushed an is-7 with my jpz e-100 on dragon river

  118. those are some big tacos! :P

  119. Did anybody see the tree falling at 7:29, 1v1 part lol

  120. Epic ending! I was getting worried about a Heartbreak with that T57 Heavy
    being unseen for so long… gg.

  121. QB, I thank you so kindly! For a long time ago I missed really good replays
    on your channel. The last few month there were just WN8 carrys and high
    tier battles with tomatoes in the enemy team. But THIS replay was really
    good and intense: nice matchup, nice balance (good players in the enemy
    team) and really nice performance.
    Thats while I did subscripe your channel few years ago. Keep on this great
    work QB!

  122. That friendly T57 was a true MVP

  123. man that t57 totally blows. with full hp he’s almost guaranteed to be able
    to take 2 hits and still live. he was even given an opportunity after that
    jgdpzer missed a shot. either he was really incompetent or just really
    panicking and nervous. if i was on that t57 team, i’d be really
    disappointed. he also had the option of dictating the pace of engagement by
    opting to go to the north instead. there’s a lot of houses to use for cover
    and room to maneuver or even possibly to pressure that td to defend his

  124. oh man under so much pressure, got to load heat with like over 400 pen for
    a tank that he could pretty much go through with no problem with standart

  125. If Davy Jones would drive a tank, what tank would it be?

  126. I love this german behemot !!

  127. 2,547th…but who even cares eh? ;)

  128. They really need to bring that ice-cream back to sweden aswell. loved that
    one as an early teenager.

  129. noob t 57 heavy…. Autoaim would have killed him

  130. perfect ending :)

  131. question for you quickybaby

    Do you prefer the FV215 183 or the Jagdpanzer e-100?

  132. I feel bad for people who have never had a choco taco. It’s like an orgasm
    in a silvery wrapping.

  133. winner tacko… lol

  134. My XvM will not work for the new update! Help!

  135. 6:31 140 is a paparazzi?

  136. Mohammad Asif Matin (Rocky)

    stupid T57… could easily go back rather than trying to push Jag E100…
    but he would die anyway :P

  137. Poor T57 Heavy :D

  138. brilliant game, exceptional composure. thanks for the replay! T57 was a
    brilliant allie.

  139. As a player of the Jagdpanzer E-100 since it first came out, this is my
    dream: to drown an enemy like WinnerTaco, GG. I have pinned a Lt. Tank
    behind me on a hill and flipped him up on his side. but couldn’t kill him.
    He did spend the rest of the game there as I was surrounded and swarm
    killed. His team couldn’t move my corpse before the game ended. Great game
    and very impressive battle WinnerTaco. Awesome

  140. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    I was thinking damn QB is talking fast and then realised that I was
    watching at 1.25 speed

  141. Holy crap that t57 heavy at the end was a fool.

  142. I don’t know how that 57 Heavy player, who has okay stats, managed to fuck
    up so badly in the end there. Must have had his little brother playing his
    account or something.

  143. i’m italian
    you are the best

  144. Savage

  145. I could hear the T57 screaming “Nooo, nonononono, nooo… Noooo- SPLASH!”

    Hahaha, oh man, that was funny.

  146. hey quicky, what recording software do you use?

  147. get ready for the grylle to get nerfed

  148. He indeed tacolled the enemy…

    I will let myself out

  149. grille is far better than this. why should i trade armour with mobility?
    they will pen me anyway with ap or premium… and the arties… if it had
    an accurate gun with high shell velocity at list!

  150. Liutauras Grybauskas

    Can you please do a Jagdpanzer IV review? Been buffed recently.

  151. And people complain about arty damage heh.

  152. 17cm for a Tacco seems quite large.

  153. Just like it’s in the title,somethimes the original is really THE BEST!

  154. and very competitive

  155. Meatballs for life

    Taco sized shells? What tacos have you been eating that are the size of a
    170mm shell!

  156. it still is awesome

  157. MeKanism Lastname

    Why is there no medal for killing a tank by drowning????

  158. Benjamin Bastings

    Hey quickybaby maby you remember me I told you my laptop whas broken and
    now I have a new one but the arty part of your mod doesn’t work can you
    help me in a way??

  159. Haha, you can still buy Winner Tacos (taco’s?) in my town!

  160. That drown kill though.XD

  161. Pikilloification

    Sometimes? Original is always best.

  162. Daniel Schwarzenberger

    That T57 heavy … gosh he failed to pen him on the side. Did he panic like
    a donkey there?

  163. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    i beilive th jgpz e 100 is better. it has armor and great great gun

  164. He had two tanks supporting and backing him up which was very important
    when playing a tank like the Jagdpanzer E-100. Without them he would have
    died early.

  165. I like the Borsig more better than the Grille 15, because camo. Bro.

  166. one thing i cant understand, 300 pen on AP but already gold ammo on this
    tank. its useless in my opinion

  167. For someone with his stats winnertaco played super well… i must say i
    normaly dont expect much of the 52%ers on my team, but i would love to have
    this dude playing on my side xD

  168. Ja Hans unsere panzer sind sehr gut

  169. I think the Jg pz. E100 is very powerfull and I don’t know if the Grille is
    better. I just think they are both good.

  170. Now I will forever have an image of a borsig growing up into a gorilla :P

  171. QB, when you eat taco, is your tacos 17cm?

  172. Yeah and they say the WT Auf E-100 is overpowered. That’s called stupid
    people logic.

  173. 9:00 you could say he is a “waterloader” ?

  174. EPIC Finish!!!! ROFLMAOLOL

  175. 17 centimeter tacos? Where can I get those? :o

  176. the way he says tacos makes me want to kill myself

  177. Classic ending!

  178. Patrackification

    Epic end there!

  179. NightCore Productions

    Proud of my country. FTW Italian players

  180. subskrajb my kanal

  181. What a great final kill 😀 gg WinnerTaco!

  182. Im from sweden and ive tried winnertaco!

  183. Grille 15 decent accuracy??? ITS BEST in WhOle game

  184. That face on the T57 makes this vid…

  185. aww i thought this was about jingles getting 500k subs

  186. How do you not get fat with 170mm tacos?

  187. how on earth didnt he get any mastery badge ?

  188. Lmao RNG show moment

  189. This is and always be the true Death Star.

  190. Michael Krejbich

    9:08 OP underwater textures

  191. YoungSirPhoenix / NightPhoenix652

    Let’s start a story comment
    Once there was a guy named Billy,

  192. I just watched a QuickyBaby video. I was about to sleep. A QuickyBaby video
    just went in to my notifications and I just had to watch it ???.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

    Love ur vids QuickyBaby.
    and love WOT too. ?

    Gosh darn its 3 am in the morning here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  193. That ending tho…

  194. “He’s firing taco-sized shells.” – BIG tacos.

  195. Hey Qb would you be willing to do a E4 american turreted tank destroyer
    tank review plz

  196. Did anyone else see the knocked down tree after the Rhm. T WT was killed?

  197. 0:49 i think rather decent is an understatement 0.28 is best in game XD

  198. Can you please do a Luchs review

  199. :DDDDDD

  200. 8:42 :D

  201. I want to park my Yamato from WOWS in the harbor and just wreck face with
    my 18in guns.

  202. I’d say that at the moment like many of the other highly armored tanks, the
    Jagd Pz E100 doesn’t quite hold up anymore. It was and remains my first and
    only tier 10 and I do enjoy playing it, but for me at least, on the NA
    server it gets destroyed. The fact that it is so big and slow makes it an
    easy target to single out and either be flanked or just fire premium rounds
    at until it dies. At least for me that’s normally how it ends. At the end
    of the day the armor is good against normal rounds but at tier 10 on the NA
    server most people fire premium rounds so it becomes a mute point, the
    weapon while being extremely high pen and high damage has an annoying
    tendency to bounce off the side of batchats, and finally is so inflexible
    that it loses control of situations almost from the start. I love my
    Jageroo and I don’t intend on ever selling it but it can be frustrating to

  203. Glorious!

  204. Leevi Lukkarinen

    when u will add more total war: warhammer videos??

  205. Emanuel Johansson

    @quickybaby taco are sooo god and all in sweden eat it! I live in sweden.

  206. I wish I had a dollar every times quickybaby said “hey”.

  207. That ending is one reason I love my Jagdpanzer E100. 130 tons and 1200bhp
    (probably somewhere well north of 2000 lb. ft. of torque I’d imagine) just
    let you push and bully almost any other tank in the game. I once pushed a
    T110E3 up a wall so his ass was in the air and I could put the killing blow
    into the top of his tank. :p

  208. Choco Taco’s are pretty awesome..and yes I’m american

  209. Kristoffer Johansson

    Epic finish!

  210. I live in sweden, and i’ve never heard of a winner taco :p

  211. Grille 15. “Rather decent accuracy”
    The grille 15 is the most accurate tank ingame xD

  212. How do you save a replay on WoT?

  213. Harrison Rawlinson

    “he fired a taco sized shell” QB 2016

  214. +QuickyBaby what about the XVM pleas help me

  215. The snapshots are real with this one, most of the time you try this with
    the jpz e-100 and you miss, really riding his luck.

  216. God man that was so satisfying to watch. From one TD driver to another.
    Thank you.

  217. still can’t play the game on my mac

  218. @QuickyBaby i love your recent editing style, it’s definitly more than just
    a replay now ;)

  219. why this server has a lot of unicorn and green players! teaming with 14 red
    stat is normal in SEA.

  220. This is the REAL Deathstar. Why? Because it’s big, grey, and still does a
    lot of damage.

  221. So according to you 0.26 accuracy and 1.44 seconds aim time are just

  222. Sound like QB is saying WinOtaku…

  223. lol yeah…..i remember those times! i drowned 3 tanks at one time in mine

  224. Hey QB. I was just wondering if you have any advice for obtaining 3 MOE on
    tanks. I have 2 on many of them, but I’m having a hard time pushing myself
    over the 95% limit. With many of them, I’m at 89-94%. I got my first 3 MOE
    in my Cromwell a few weeks ago, but that required 2 months of effort.

  225. winner taco ftw it’s quite good actually

  226. This thing should have a least 2500 Hitpoints

  227. very funny battle ending 😀 and as always your videos are excelent you are
    the best wot youtuber for me even if I am french :P

  228. Im the only italian that thinks the winnier taco wasnt that good? :^/

  229. How can that t57 heavy on the enemy team be so retarded??? bounces 3 out of
    4, what a choke

  230. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love

  231. Marshmallow Madness

    i am 5000.

  232. Battlefield 1 livestream HYPE!

  233. Vector Signorelli

    rather decent accuracy…….serb make it better!

  234. Loved the ending ?

  235. i wish i have that e-100

  236. Enemy T57H player went full retard.. never go full retard

  237. how can anyone want the grille more than jg pz e100. i love jg pz e100 so
    much. you just cant beat the gun on it

  238. Fantastic ending for winnertaco!

  239. nice ending haha

  240. enemy T57 tanker got fuckin rekt LMAO!!!

  241. oh gee, how QB ONLY responds to the fucking subs, what a wanker.

  242. I can’t take those high alpha TD anymore. 80% of them camp close to their
    base just punishing whatever tries to push. That’s greately game killing.

  243. Xx_HyperBeast_xX XOXO

    quickybaby my modpack isn’t working can you help me?

  244. should I get the obj 140 or the t-62a

  245. want to have a taco now

  246. 8:49 – Am I the only one that heard “How about that water-loader”? :D

  247. QuickkyBaby is the best :)

  248. taco sized shells ? … really ?

  249. giovanni ignacio

    Tronkytirana approved this video ??

  250. Everyone boy the doesnt like is gay. Like for pussy

  251. i love my jpze100

  252. ForgottenFighter

    I fudging love Choco-Tacos

  253. ole1500

  254. YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF A CHOCO TACO!? Quickybaby, do we need to send some
    freedom to England?

  255. Grille 15 IDK because I play Wot blitz but a tank like that won’t survive
    in Blitz as there are no profound sniper spots. But from what I see JpzE100
    is the boss tank and way better than Grille

  256. juneau kortright

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  257. Can u plz do a is4 review plz

  258. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    but my mod i downloaded from you quickybaby doesn’t work anymore after the
    new smal (update) What do i have to do?

  259. One of best endings ever!

  260. you are best

  261. Justin Marciniec

    Comment 54

  262. This was amazing game. I wanna that tank too XDD

  263. wheres 9.15.1 modpack download link need it asap

  264. There needs to be a medal for drowning or crashing enemy tanks.

  265. Martijn van der Elsen

    Great vid as always Quickybaby! Thanks for all the amaizing vids!

  266. 8:50 Arsehole lief

    P.S OneAndOnly016 Fans should get this

  267. What a happy ending. auto loader got rekt

  268. Amazing narration.

  269. STUPID T57 ROLF !! XD :D

  270. rather decent accuracy? its the best in game ….

  271. Quickybaby, I’m pretty early and would like to ask a question. What would
    be the best tank to pad my wn8? (I’m actually being serious) Because your a
    super unicum and I would like to ask you personally! ?

  272. awesome vid

  273. Lord Dragono-Mobile Gaming

    imma just say this DONT MESS WITH A JAGDPANZER

  274. XDDDDDD

  275. RITTR is my clan 😀 congratulazioni winner tacoooo

  276. Yeah QB, I’m sure a taco is roughly the same size as a 170mm Armor Piercing

  277. I’m sorry mate but please pronounce “taco” correctly

  278. most prominent members of rng-unit are 50-winrate and The Game(isbroken)

  279. Good game, but that enemy 57 and 140 played like retards… But you need
    that to pull off these epic wins :P

  280. Ich verkaufe mein world of tanks Account , Für 25€

  281. OK ok but can you finally releas your modpack again please !

    months…..6 maps..not kidding…over it,and all i see is the same maps on
    all the latest replays on popular channels….#WOTISBROKEN

  283. whatever number i am XD

  284. Always happy to see QuickyBaby!

  285. so early ☺

  286. 456th viewer yayy

  287. 69

  288. Clément VILLAIN

    Last time I was this early…

    This needs to stop, no one wants to hear your life.
    P.S. : At least tell something funny.

    Btw nice vid QB:P

  289. 8th :)

  290. Once I killed Jagpanzer with Ltr tier 1 tank!

  291. 189th viewer! wooo wooo woooooo

  292. 6TH! Haha, 6…

  293. 7th like 68th viewer and 4th comment earliest I’ve been on a yt

  294. yaaay

  295. yayy one of the first

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