World of Tanks || Somua SM – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Somua. Today I’m looking at a upcoming T8 French premium autoloading heavy, the Somua SM!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. so its already been buffed.. LOL i just looked at it myself

  2. Translaterino Kripperino

    50 100 power creep.

  3. Qb… Man.. Thats not the flag of France. U are keeping using it.

  4. New premiums all the time….


  5. Power creep, anyone?

  6. Again wargaming brings out a ‘new’ premium tank, to replace the older already existing ones… Getting tired of this shit. They don’t even see the problems they have to fix to keep the playerbase

  7. exastly that, what wot needs: more tier 8s, more autoloaders…

  8. go die wg go die ill sell my account and u can rape ur players after that have fun

  9. Hey QuickyBaby! Love your stuff man. Could you make a video about what blue tanks are (the ones that have a blue icon above them in battle) for all the noobs like me? Like how they get blue and if you can shoot them and just general rules. Thanks!

  10. How many more fucking French tier 8s will they make? Does Britain not exist to wargaming?

  11. Feels pretty strange looking your new video, showing gameplay of the old wot version 😀

  12. he always complains about slow tanks and doesn’t like having armour.literally tired of it.content is getting poorer

  13. typical quicky-pussy-style gameplay … nothing extraordinary to show, but still worth for quality content!? *thinking*
    why no gameplay where the frenchie is low tier and show how it performs against Tier X with premium rounds??? no good replay available??

  14. They’re not just making premiums that are better than their non-premium counterparts in the same tier, they’re now making premiums that are better than their premium counterparts in the same tier!

  15. Matt Aktive (Ez Sounds)

    next time mention you have max crew skills on that test account.

  16. CrazyCaptainChicken

    That’s a bit frustrating that the turret is pretty damn the same on 50 100 but it doesn’t reach the same armour thickness !

  17. Looks like they buffed it
    2.3s aim time
    0.38 accuracy
    better terrain ressistances
    Like it wasn’t OP enough…

  18. KV2 is a good counter to Skorpion G 🙂

  19. yeah not kinda the best reverse power to weight ratio (pushing back a wreck while reversing with 17 km/h) lol

  20. world of fu***king premium tank

  21. Yep, another premium. This is why I hardly play anymore.

  22. I HATED IT! But RNG didn’t put the shot where I was aiming it and hit the like button, so…

  23. better armor and derpier accuracy? I’m seeing a repeated pattern here.

  24. welcome to the World of same tanks !!!

  25. Bertil van der Gun

    One question that is keeping me awake for years now: why do you use majestic plural in your video’s? Thanks for the preview though.

  26. why use xvm? since view range circles are in vanilla now i dont see the point tbh

  27. I always wonder why most French vehicles are good at backing up…

    No just kidding

  28. here Comes the moneyyyyy, here Comes the Money, Money Money Money Money Money money

  29. I’m waiting for an AMX 50 100 buff. The way I see it, if you want to support mediums with that tank, you might as well just play the Lorraine. If you want to support heavies in brawling, why not just play the Somua, where in close range the accuracy doesn’t matter all that much and it has a better unload speed.

  30. money grab again..

  31. Defender better than the IS-3
    T26E5 better than the T32
    Skorpion G Better than the RHM Borsig
    Somua SM better than AMX 50 100.
    Seriously Wargaming. Stop selling tier 8 prems that are so much better than the researchable tanks. This is getting ridiculous.

  32. 4:17 lmao that lowkey roast on them Frenchies

  33. Quickly baby should play *War Thunder* if he wants to prolong his YouTube job for future.

    This is because WoT is boring and so is his new contents. New featured tanks are just mere copy of exiting tanks. Game play has not changed much so it is dull as ever. In War Thunder, they now have modern tanks like Chieftain and Challenger.

  34. Good luck trying to do anything with this tank in a tier 10 match.

  35. *_It’s almost as if WoT is built around or upon a (+/- 1) MM system,_*
    and yet they still try and make it separated in such ways that don’t really work with the RNG’ism thing, eh?

  36. will Buy it lol

  37. wow, a tier 8 premium medium.. great; we didnt have one of those yet!!

  38. That file tho… KAPPA

  39. “Decent armour” – gets penned ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  40. Not British. Load HESH to punch it.

  41. FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ

    I wish i didn’t buy this crappy thing, everybody pens your turret 99% of the time :/
    My second worst premium after the kanonenjagdpnzer

  42. Armor ? What armor? Just DERP IT ~ DERP IT~ DERP IT ~ JUST GONNA DERP IT~ DERP IT ~ DERP IT~

  43. Nice. Another P2W premium

  44. Pepperidge farm remembers when WG was releasing T8 Prem tanks weaker than their T8 regular counterparts

  45. I am guessing it is coming out at 1.0?

  46. 4 Ammo reload 36 sec.
    5 Ammo realod 37 sec.
    6 Ammo reload 50 sec.

    Only QB have perfect MM:)

  47. Playing as toptier with rations against dull enemies on a minimap like mines where bad accuracy and viewrange doenst matter that much… seems legit. Pls repeat this thing on paris in usual t8 mm -> means against tier 10. Or pleas repeat this on something like malinovka where 3 shells per clip goes into ground or atmosphere and u get outspotted by every lorr40t. But that wouldn´t be such a good advertise. Armor doesn´t count as the turret is typicall “french”.

  48. With the current MM, even if I’m grinding the godawful M4 45, I won’t be buying this. Hard to make those credits when you’re stuck in 9/10 tier ten games in a row 🙁

  49. Come on wot +1 -1 mm lets go I have been waiting for it for years

  50. Héctor Lamaña i Sánchez

    It sucks

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