World of Tanks – Soul Man

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They say the Progetto 46 is the best 8 premium in the game. They say that for a good reason.

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If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Matheus Rondel Leite

    The first clip almost made me sick. I have epilepsy :/

  2. All ways nice to watch a good player, been a hell of a long time since I last got 12 kills in a match (like 4 years), but then the su26 and the matilda used to be op

  3. with crew 2.0 such performance will not be possible anymore… so watch while you can…. 2.0 crew project brings severe limitatons and gets vehicles specialized and players forced to choose between moblity / firepower / concealment etc . Overall nerf to all characteristics of vehicles. + huge boost to best players crews ( +6 perk) that will divide playerbase even more

  4. Sup It’s the Obj.257(LujoxHD) guy here o/ Yeah that scrolling is just a habbit I got into some time ago and I don’t even notice I do it nowadays…I mainly do it when listening to music.Anyway the main reason I sent that replay in, is to show how rediculously OP the Obj is. In that Battle I aced it without taking a single shot of damage, and I didn’t even really try to bounce anything. For Anyone interested( and for those who have heard of manual camera control) Here is the Link to the Replay:

    • HAHA.. You get what you deserve..
      I’m happy jingles didn’t include your replay because I was 5 secs in and it was annoying as hell..
      And now you’re begging in the comments for the attention you didn’t get.. Priceless!

  5. Someone’s been playing too much Cyberpunk 2077…

  6. Jingles you did the first guy dirty 😁

  7. If only medals would count in this Game for skills improvement…..

  8. Clearly Jingles has never sat ship spinning in his hanger in EvE Online

  9. Jingles, you so silly! Pithy and humorous commentary 👌 for WoT. Life is good, even during a pandemic. BTW, I’ve received my first COVID vaccination. You and Rita???

  10. Thx for the eye cancer prevention campaign!

  11. “Yeah, it’s alright.”

  12. Thank f&(*^ for that. 1 more second of that camera work and I was closing the vid.

  13. UN armored my ass. Bounced side front back and that “thin skinned” turret. While driving; jp2, wz111 and bulldog. While penning any where it pleases. P2w

  14. yo jingles flambass hade a captain jingles moment 🙂

  15. Haha the douchenozzle at the beginning got proper served..

  16. why not just take manual control of the camera in the first game?

  17. Please do info on Crew 2.0 and what you think. 👍

  18. Me seeing the name of this video: “World of Tanks – Soul Man”

    In my top suggestion to watch after this video from 7 months ago: “World of Tanks – Soul Man”

    Oh jingles, never change!

    • Same in my “suggested” que.
      Remember his vid titled: “Names Hre Hard”? (people just run outta ideas sometimes)

  19. Actually Jingles they Spaghetti only has 720 average damage per clip not 750.

    *Runs away*

  20. what’s with the 200+ ping I thought ping was -35 when playing a replay?

  21. Is it just me or is the audio desync really bad in the Progetto portion?

  22. Players who do that crap with their cameras are fracking morons!

  23. Soulkiller? Jingles playing too much Cyberpunk….

  24. Thanks for not showing the first replay. People will learn not to play with in game camera to much..

  25. The 1st clip reminds me of when Jingles almost featured the Atlanta replay, but he mention that the player was being an Asshole so he didnt.

  26. audio desync

  27. Damn Jingles also payed a visit tp the salt mines didnt he?

  28. Oi Jingles. Take control of the camera yourself you donut. Still love the video though.

  29. Jingles, I 100% agree with your decision to show the Progetto replay over the epileptic fit replay. I may be only 27 years decrepit, but that shit grinds my gears as well.

    A 90 year old in a 27 year old body.

  30. 0:43
    DAMN Jingles doesn’t take no shit!

  31. Salt killer enemy of the salt mine’s

  32. Wow just wow that was just fun to watch

  33. 👍🤣😄🤣😄🤣👍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  34. All that, and fuck-all experience.
    Ya ok lul WG

  35. When Jingles said “along with many.. many other things”… he’s starting to remind me of Commandant Lassarde from “Police Academy”

  36. This Obj. 257 needs a nerf

  37. WhiteTiger Productions

    1:28 I’m sort of offended by that jingles because of the epileptic seizure comment

  38. That Audio De-sync doe

  39. Sound is wayy out of sync

  40. “Go home jingles your drunk” hahaha never change

  41. Thank you Jingles i i totally forgot i installed AdBlocker for YouTube. Just reactivated it. 🙂

  42. You missed a great opportunity to call this vid: “Fetch me their Souls”

  43. well Soulworker needs some time off after this match his back must hurt like hell after carrying so hard…

  44. Lujox got jebaited rip

  45. this tells much more about the “average player” in the game than soulworker..85% of all players woud’nt find their own ass whitout a map and written instructions – wargaming has destroyed the game completley in their quest for is good,but when idiots r allowed to just grind their way up the techtrees,not understanding even the most basic things-well then the game gets sadly completley unplayable…some sort of skillbased leveling shoud get a lot of the old players back- f.ex. cant get anything higer than a tier 3-5-7-9 before you reach a certain personal rating..but that woud mean that most people woudnt make it higher than tier 5,so no use of spending money

  46. I take umbrage to that statement, it is not AN EPILEPTIC FIT it is an EPILEPTIC SEIZURE. I’ve suffered through the foulness of the Epileptic, a FIT is something a two year old throws while laying on the kitchen floor because he/she isn’t allowed another cookie. A SEIZURE is when every channel in the brain fires off uncontrollably at the same time, in random and very very unexpected ways. Get it right or shut up.

  47. Did he do more damage than ALL OTHER PLAYERS combined? Looked like it …lmao

  48. im sorry i quit WOT… WTF is a super chaffee?

  49. I forgot, for how long I’ve been subscribed to you. Credits you even more, that your content is still very much looked forward to, Mister Gnome!

  50. the joke is the Op obj. getting in the best matchup possible and celebrates excessively.

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