World of Tanks – Soul Man

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Is it too for me to be using a title that references the 1986 C. Thomas Howell movie where he takes tanning pills to pretend to be black so he can a black-only scholarship to Harvard Law School where he meets and falls in love with the black girl who’s scholarship he took? Yeah. Probably.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. An 11 kill game with almost 7k damage done, and no premium fired?

    It’s like Christmas, my birthday, and Easter all rolled into one!

  2. Still don’t know how people play world of tanks with its insane arcade physics

  3. Hey jingles. Have you noticed that the company that made “Cold Waters” and “Atlantic Fleet” are making a new game that is basically atlantic fleet but with upgraded graphics and engine and taking place in the pacific with american and japanese. However its labled as “Real time” combat not “Turn based” like atlantic fleet. If anything it might be like a very old game called “battlestations pacific”

  4. I had a 6k damage 1k assisted with the other day in my standard 🅱️, but only 4 fucking kills 🙁

  5. Top tier camper in OP medium, not rly my cup of anything!

  6. Back in the day when I was still playing WoT, I had 9 kills a fair few times and could never get lucky enough to score the 10th.
    If this was me I’d rush out of that bunker in search for those free arty kills like Speedy Gonzales and wouldn’t even feel bad for losing if it would happen xD
    Pools medal is relatively rare (especially back in the day) and a very nice looking one as well 😉

  7. Great game to watch. Well done Soulworker.

  8. Never thought to ask before.. is there *any* historical basis for the auto-reload mechanic? Firstly for the existence of an ‘auto-reloader’ and then for each extra shot taking longer to reload?

    • Don’t know about history, but the Soviet version of the auto-reloader in the game (on the IS-3A) works the other way around: The longest reload is on the 1st shot, and then the reload times get faster as you empty the clip. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

  9. That map size tho… 😛

  10. wanted ranked battles got is not on my server over 200 ping and i cant play it fuck that give me ranked on AUS server

  11. If just dawned on me that I have 36k games played in just WoT’s myself.

  12. Nah he has not beat the game yet. For that you need the 14 kills medal thingy.

  13. Jingles knows all about shooting too early 😉

  14. I’m surprised that he did not load HE for the arties. 105mm pen is enough for all of them and it could have secured one shots.

    • Changing ammo type on those tanks forces a full reload, you don’t do it unless you absolutely have to or your clip is already empty.

    • @Philip Bossy he had time and only the 3 series were remaining. Also his loadout was a bad for loading hesh with only 3 shells so I can see why he could not do it. I usually keep 12 hesh rounds in the magazine

  15. Too bad this isn’t World of Warships. Tanks just don’t get any love from Jingles anymore. 15 minutes…tops.

  16. Thanks Jingles. Fun to watch as always!

  17. I remember the first video I watched on this channel was when he got a t95 for the first time

  18. Goodbye my friends!” lol that GW

  19. what is that minimap size

  20. Really Jingles? How dare you not say ‘Nice’ to that score?

  21. Dirty Boy, you’re Jingles!

  22. The 58% win rate that he typed in chat surprised me

  23. I feel pretty sure I’ve seen this game before somewhere

  24. When two good takers know what targets to shoot. Lol, they just melt.

  25. Old Man shows Soul Man

  26. Hey Jingles, I’ve been a long time subscriber of yours. The first video I ever watched was your review of the Tiger I in WoT which is what got me into that game. I wanted to say thanks for all the years you’ve put out these great videos. You’ve become an integral part of my morning to the point where I get that “I’ve missed something” feeling when I haven’t seen your video during the week.

  27. Another try-harder fool

  28. Jingles: With an American Auto Loader

    Me: Maybe……….

  29. Beautiful map. Wonder how much accuracy??

  30. Just for clarification, the T71 CMCD does NOT have an autoloader. It is strictly a single shot gun. The T71 DA however does have an autoloader.

  31. This bunker is a good idea, could we have a few more indoor, low ceiling maps. Would help with the curse of Arty

  32. When I’m on a team like this, they usually do manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and then proceed to blame everyone else. Well played and, yes he should have stayed in the bunker, but a win is a win.

  33. Mr jingles have you watched the movie grey hound and if you have I’m sure we would all be interested in your opinion as an old salt yourself

  34. t71 cmcd is not the auto-loader. t71 da is the auto-loader.

  35. Zlatko Jovanovic

    WoT should be renamed: World of Bots or World of RNG manipulation… Most rigged MMO game. I understand why you are ex community contributor… You have spine!

  36. I haven’t played much WOTs, so this may be a dumb question. Why couldn’t he move to the other side of the bunker and shoot the edge of the window with HE? Would there not be splash damage enough to kill the enemy?

  37. Panther 2 stock is painful, arty out spots you

  38. 13 bonds… that’s all he got??? Tanks economy is so tight fisted compared to ships

  39. Christian Soldier1965

    When are you going to put a ring on that beautiful lady’s finger Jingles? Quit stalling!

  40. We’ve got a movie tied to this video XD

  41. “Actually Jingles, the American T71 CMCD is NOT an Autoloader”

  42. (Come to papa moon…..)
    (Im oooooold greeeeeeeeeg!)

  43. Yes Youtube…. of course I now want to rent that movie for $

  44. What happened to Workshop Wednesday?

  45. I’ve played plenty of tier nines but of all of them the standard b was the most enjoyable tier 9 I’ve played…the progetto 65 is amazing as wel

  46. Moritami Kamikara

    My school played that film when I was there.
    I… have no comments.
    In hindsight, I find it hillarious
    If half the people I know knew that I thought that, I’d have a very bad day

  47. Damn fine match.

    He played it well and the stars aligned for a hell of a good result.

  48. Jingles it’s too early for the dirty jokes bahahahah

  49. Good match 👌🏻

  50. why dont you talk about wz 120 jingles?;] in my own exp its the most painful masochistic and pure torture grind as a stock tank (not possible anymore because there no path to it from lt line anymore) if someone went for it after lt not playing med or ht line and not having free exp to unlock stuff;p

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