World of Tanks || Sound and Physics Changes

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m testing the Sound Physics changes on a recent test server! No ETA on when this will hit live.

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World of is a online which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I hate the new gun sound, but i love physics.

  2. This comment section is full of people saying the new sound and physics
    suck. Meanwhile they keep on bugging WG to make new sounds, when WG is
    actually making progress with the new changes.
    Everyone, at least appreciate what WG is making. At least the sounds dont
    suck as much as the sound mods.

  3. sounds should be made by calliber….once a tier 3 sounds like T92 and T49
    you know you fucked up

  4. David Interessiertnicht

    hey quickybaby, i hope you read this – i got a little question. what
    program do you use to show the armor models in your videos? if anybody else
    knows it too, id be happy. greets!
    oh and keep on the good work, i love your videos

  5. Sounds like semi-silent farting to me.

  6. OMG ARE U SERIOS? Those guns sound like fireworks or paintball guns… Very

  7. İt is so lame that the 180mm gun and 90 mm guns sounds pretty much the
    same. They should inspect the gun sound per vehicle.

  8. “…However, the *current* system of *calibers* has been kept.”
    And the community still complains. .-.

  9. 5:12 You had one job!

  10. what have they done to the sounds? ? they are all the same….

  11. Христо Ечев

    Guns sound to quiet but the tracking sound is thing of beuty …

  12. The guns sound now preety much similar to the ones in AW. And i don’t like
    the sound of the guns in aw. The rest of the sounds are ok, but i hope they
    will not change the gun sounds.

  13. Kostas Jakubauskas

    war thunder sounds are SO much better every gun sounds diferent from a 7.62
    mm secondary machine gun to a 152 mm KV-2 shell same with the planes

  14. can u do a T150 review

  15. Still going to use gnome father’s sound mod tho…

  16. kv-2 derp sound is gone

  17. They just delete the sound! Like the default is in 10% sound

  18. Michael Bermingham

    Eh? they all sound worse now lol Guns and engines are too quiet.

  19. the sound was one of the worst aspects of this game, compared to something
    like Warthunder, and when they say they “improve” they only make it worse.
    I gotta say i am very disappointed with these sounds. Especially the fact
    that everything sounds the same now. The old sounds are better, even tho
    they are pretty bad.

  20. I’m pretty sure the “hearing the gun being loaded” is already on the
    console version

  21. im still gonna use the gnomefathers engine sounds and hr gun sounds

  22. Your clip doesn’t demonstrate the new ramming mechanics at all.

  23. Stop loosing your minds guys. THESE ARE NOT the final sounds. A T92 will
    not sound like a Cromwell when this goes live in 2027 (let’s be honest..
    Wargaming has made a career out of dragging their asses with everything).
    All cannons and all engines will have their own category of sound depending
    on caliber and size/class.
    This was merely a test… so don’t panic.

  24. 2:20 Should have done the physco shower scream

  25. Cool

  26. That scene with ue 57’s made my day haha 😉 Thx QB

  27. I do like the new engine and track sounds, that I approve of, and as well
    for the guns sounds for lower caliber guns. But quite frankly the high
    caliber guns sounds do feel very weak, when a T92 and Jagpanzer E-100 is
    firing I expect to hear the sound of Armageddon, not just a “poof” and it’s

  28. the larger tank guns don’t sound realistic so like the jg e 100 doesn’t
    sound right sounds more like a 105

  29. Where is the test sever?

  30. cant wait for the changes

  31. Wish I could say what I think of them but I can’t becouse I only play wot
    blitz but want to get the pc version soon

  32. Im a veteran of the M1A1tank and i cant tell you that different ground
    doesnt make for different sounds of tracks…. so I dont like that
    feature.. A tank track always sounds the same no matter what terrain they
    are driving on..

  33. the new gun sound,sounds like world of tanks blitz current gun sound

  34. The gun sounds should be based on the guns velocity. Higher the velocity
    the higher the frequency. Slower velocity lower frequency.Would be nice to
    use ti Doppler Effect to determine shell flight path.

  35. gun sounds all sound the same to me

  36. WHEN IS CONSOLES GETTING NEW SOUNDS they sound terrible compared to pc

  37. Great video. Thanks for that Bro.

  38. Wargaming totally gona ruin the game if they put those new sounds they
    heard all like the same its so ridiculous , what a shame really

  39. It’s too hard to flip a tank now. Though I agree it was too easy before, I
    hopped on the test server and went in a training room a few days ago and
    rammed a Luchs in my E 50 M at full speed, and did nothing more than tilt
    him slightly (and kill him). It was only when I pushed him off a cliff did
    he flip over.

  40. lol guess im first, oh well, overall i do like the new sounds except for
    the guns, i dont care what they would sound like in real life, there is no
    way that a 76mm vickers gun would sound the same as a 150 mm gun on the
    e-100, or even the 120mm or the 105mm on many of the tanks in the game
    cause i like the feeling of monstrous amounts of power when i fire a gun on
    the jageroo or deathstar, but aside from that i like the new patch

  41. i hope they do this on xbox one/360 that would be awesome

  42. The Badass Bassist

    Positive. All the way.

  43. Still doesn’t hold a candle to gnomefathers. Wargaming should really just
    reach out and incorporate their sounds, imo of course.

  44. 2:35 STRIKE!!! lol to funny.

  45. The sounds of the guns firing…sounds really really neutered

  46. Quickybaby can u maybe play the amx chaffee on the xbox the next time you
    do a livestream? I would like to see how that tank looks like ingame.

  47. 2:03 No my babies!

  48. ill stick to gnomefathers sound mods. i like the physics though

  49. K so I no longer get to hear that satisfying boom from my t92.

  50. I need some help leaving my clan they changed the clan page and I can’t
    figure out how to leave my clan so it would be really awesome if u guys
    could help me out!!!

  51. I’m laughing at this sounds while shooting with a kv-2 in warthunder.

  52. I love the new sounds. The only thing that I personally think should be
    here are different gun sounds for each calibre. They all sound very
    similar, and I think it would be a lot better if they were a little
    different. Still great changes though!

  53. WG has been working on these cosmetic things that does not actually
    improves the game play for quite a while. I think I will appreciate it more
    if WG can spend more time on improving machanics, game balance, stuff like
    that. And if they are indeed making some effort in those areas, let us see
    the progress. As far as the new sounds are converned, personally, I don’t
    like them. They are way too quite, and soft. These new sounds can’t make me
    feel the power of the tanks.

  54. i dont have soundright now what should i do. ive checked my game and my
    computer so what do i do

  55. i use gnomefathers engines and hr gun sound mod much better!

  56. Ryan “The Geepers' FGS” Griffiths

    They’ve been doing those sounds for guns firing on CT for a while but got
    rid of them early. I wonder if they will legit put them in now.

  57. Jack Huo (TimeMasterGaming)

    YES!! No more crappy tracker noises!! :DD

  58. I still like the old firing sounds, cuz u can listen to the massive guns
    more cooler but the new one just sounds the same

  59. YES! YES!

  60. I liked how u made the vid but honestly I think the upcoming update will
    hurt us. Let’s say an e75 and e100 are facing off against our team. You can
    differentiate the gun fire between the both and you will know when which
    has fired and if you can afford to come out.

  61. in real life 600,0m is close enough to hear massive engine like E100 etc.
    WOT marks that 600.1m is too long to hear….

  62. qb honestly… u should redo this video with your voice over quieter. it is
    unbelievably annoying turning up my sound 500% to hear the slightest hint
    of what you talking about when you say “And listen to all these sounds” and
    then your commentary coming in deafiningly, and quiet jarring.

  63. Prassel B (Stefan)

    yeah they all sound the same. im still gonna use gnomefather’s sounds.

  64. The gun sound chanches will seriusly make it more difficult of knowing what
    just hit u from behind

  65. Good changes but it should have been done earlier

  66. they sound too similar. I am not a huge fan so far. but it is an

  67. Ehhh… I’m still going to use Gnomefather’s Gun Sounds mod…

  68. i wonder if you can still launch tanks into the air. . . i think there are
    still the few “tank cannon” spots are still around. :P

  69. Do not like the gun changes…they all sound the same…i mean why would a
    small gun sound like a big ole 152mm?

  70. I like the sound when I pull the trigger in my high tanks and now they
    change the change the sounds to everything the same? Then you cannot hear
    the difference anymore… I like the sound that gun on the O-I makes…
    lovely sound and now WG comes with this……. atleast I think the physics
    are rather nice

  71. Guns like rubber ducks and ninja engines

  72. when is patch 9.13 coming i cant wait for the new tanks

  73. the reloading sound already is in the game so thats nothing new

  74. New gun Sounds are bullshit :(

  75. New engine sounds, FINALLY!

  76. I dont like how there all the same. I think they need to stay with the once
    we have. it help’s to know what’s shooting at you

  77. All of the sound effects were so quiet in relation to the speech on the
    video they barely registered.

  78. From the firing line, none of the guns sounded any different to each other.
    They’ve made the guns sound worse imo. What happened to the huge boom
    sounds of the large calibre guns like arty, JgPzE100 etc? The fuck?!

  79. Interior breach sound cool. But exterior guns sound sound all the same. A
    m4 sherman 75 won’t make the same noise as a German 88 or a russian 122

  80. when you were doing the sounds of the tanks you didnt really turn up the
    ingame sound so even when i had my sound on full i could barely here it but
    boy could i hear your voice

  81. i really dont like pls dont do this WG tell here if u like it or not the
    guns are all the same sound

  82. why wg is even bothering with new physics if they are going to nerf them to
    shit anyway couse of the unicums and e-sports players crying and are to
    lazy to learn something new. if they are going to implement what i saw in
    test server then they don’t need to bother at all, because there is hardly
    any difference.
    And those fagots that are crying about sounds, get over yourself. they are
    massive improvement, especially ambient sounds. and guns sounds superb imo,
    or at least way better then the fantasy tettris sounds we have now. when
    you play yourself, it sounds way better then on video.

    everything gets delayed or changed to shit because of whiny conservative
    thanks alot fags.

  83. the gun firing sounds still sound pants. It’s a problem I’ve had with the
    game since the start. Just don’t feel like you’re shooting a BIG gun! Guess
    I’ll still be using the brilliant 3rd party mods

  84. i like old sounds more because when you hear a gun from high calibar it
    sound like discruction

  85. i was the t110e5 on himmelsdorf :D

  86. sonds like the ww2 sounding mod…

  87. i dont like it that for example the amx40 have the same gun sound like the
    t92. 100% that the bigger caliber sound more powerfull 🙂 but i like the
    new sound very much and i hope that WG implement them

  88. More importantly when are you getting a new intro lol +QuickyBabyTV

  89. I like variance in gun sounds. The deep, airy poot! of a stubby howitzer
    and sharp crack of a long-barrel German sniper are part of the fun of
    shooting for me.

  90. Guns from 152mm to higher should break your ears while shooting, but here
    they have nothing different compared to a 75mm gun for example… I hope
    they will improve them

  91. and the sound changes with the guns firing, stupid, because different
    caliber of gun will sound different, its common sense

  92. Marvin Cuadra (Pliskin)

    WZ-111 or IS-3A?

  93. Александър Захариев

    Yea, WG have also said that they’ll make the buildings destructible around
    2 years ago but nothing is changed

  94. now im not going to be able to tell the difference between a Russian 152
    and a German 128.. thanks WarGaming for removing situational awareness.

  95. Johan Holmqvist (Digger007)

    I’m think that the sound is bellow the expectations and I personally think
    Gnomfather sound is much better.

  96. Mattias van der Wal

    i hate the new sound, its to boring, i mean, who doesnt like the brutal
    sound if an is-3’s BL-9 or a maus.. and the new engine sounds are also
    boring, its to silent for a tank, i mean again, who doesnt like the raw
    power of a hardworking engine to get a 80 ton bruut of a tank roling. but i
    really like the flipping idea, and i rlly want to test it!

  97. What did they do, put suppressors on the guns and engines. Tanks don’t
    sound like this. This is ridiculous!

  98. The muffled sounds are bad. I like the sounds as the way they are
    currently, especially on the higher tier ones and derp guns. The new sounds
    are very quiet and missing the boom factor and explosive sense of feeling.
    Don’t mess it up WG.


  100. Samuel Giovannucci


  101. I like alot

  102. gun sound is so weard and doesnt sound right anti tank snipers sound 1000
    times more powerful

  103. I can’t wait until WG goes under for these stupid mistakes.

  104. There is nothing more epic than the sounds of the SU-152, the “Deathstar”,
    the E-100, KV-2, or the larger caliber artillery booming when fired. All
    the guns illustrated in your video all sound like paintball
    guns…really??? As far as the engine sounds, they sounded like a
    two-stroke engine lawnmower…very disappointing.

  105. What is the music at the end

  106. So in the new sound engine, my pz1c with its 7.9mm machine gun will produce
    a near identical sound to my easy eight m1a2 76mm?

  107. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    the guns sound aweful. yeah i like the shell impact sounds and whiz sounds.
    but tha actual fireing sound is pathetic.
    the vanila wot gun sounds sound better on tanks like fv215b183. were the
    gun sounds like a huge “boom” and now its just a small fart “peoof”

  108. Well i loved everything a part from the engine and fire sounds i think they
    don´t feel as satisfeing as they were before when firing or driving

  109. i have a question, is this a joke? every sound in this video sounds like
    utter shit
    why don’t wargaming just use Gnomefathers sound mod instead of making
    everything quiet and sound exactly the same.

  110. so no more drifting kills??

  111. the sounds are quite a lot simular to the xbox version

  112. I think the idea of really saturating the game with immersion aspects such
    as more realistic physics and sounds is a great idea, I think they should
    devote a lot of time to that and balancing tanks/maps to the game in order
    to really improve the game instead of adding to it. I do feel that the guns
    sound a lot nicer but I think they all sound very.. small, it works well on
    the comet but I think big guns with big shells and big reloads should
    really have a “boom” to them, if nothing more than the personal
    satisfaction when you fire.

  113. how to get on test server?

  114. the guns sound like god damn potato cannons now ..

  115. How could they fuck up the gun sounds so bad.

  116. Tbh world of tanks is better off without most of these changes…. gun
    sounds are just to similar. Why do high caliber guns sound like pea
    shooters just to name one of the many issues this patch could cause the
    game if it went live. Hopefully they rework it a bit more.

  117. To everyone saying the guns sound the same, they kind of do in real life.
    If it was ultra realistic, your ears would be ringing and it would just
    sound like a very distorted bang considering how close you are to the
    muzzle. Go look up videos of a 75mm firing and then compare it to a 25mm
    mle AT gun. Not a huge difference. The main difference would be that a
    larger gun would produce a deeper, “feel it in your chest” feeling which
    obviously cannot be simulated. I think they sound better than the

  118. gj man!

  119. i loved the sound of high caliber guns 🙁 that huge BOOM was awsome

  120. armored warfare sounds whey better

  121. How do you do with camera in replay? please do tutorial 😀 …thy
    and new fyzic is brilliant

  122. Why do they make all the tanks sound so clean and polished? I mean those
    were WW2 machines, there was alot of squealing, scrachting and rustling
    going on when these things moved and yet they still sound like having
    electrical engines and run on tires or something.

  123. Everything is great, except what’s the point of playing a T92 or a Jpe-100
    when they sound like paintball guns shooting? Heck I would turn my volume
    up just when I shoot in one of those tanks to hear the awesome crack of a
    17cm cannon firing.

  124. +QuickyBabyTV Will you make episode about polish TKS? ;)

  125. A hybrid car is louder than these tanks…
    WG really is doing it wrong, why no gun rocking, thats one element that
    would give some options for more skilled players…

  126. Cool that they finally change the BB gun sounds, but i think i will still
    stick with Gnomefathers sound mod.

  127. another irrelevant patch…

  128. 7:30 oh come on, im using only right speaker -.-

  129. Nooooo, they took off the lovely 152mm gun sounds!!!

  130. Do you play League of legends??

  131. jgpze100 sound is like tier5stug XD

  132. No more rocking for DP? That is an awful thing to remove imo.

  133. xbox one sounds so much better

  134. the guns sound like gun of chaffee in chaffee races

  135. I like this game, but gotta be honest, sounds are shit, they were shit and
    now even updated it’s still shit.

  136. sounds are so so so bad….gnomefather sounds still OP

  137. I think all those guns sound the same which is depressing when you have a
    large caliber gun and it sounds like an amx 40, I think I actually prefer
    the way the guns sound at the moment in game at least my 122 mls and 152
    mls sound like they are large caliber guns to be wary of and do not sound
    like someone spitting paper out of a straw

  138. Different sounds will probobly come as this is a test oftare sound engine
    more than of the different sounds recorded.

  139. I already use a mod which tells me where I got hit from by sound xD

  140. Its (almost) always good when wg try something new. But for now I stay with
    gnomefather sound mod.

  141. To me it sounded a bit lack lusta, There wasnt that boom when the KV-2
    fired. Just hope when firing my T95 and other high caliber guns there is
    still that earth shacking boom that is so lovely when firing them.

  142. I like THE raming, MORE FUN?

  143. driving sucks in the new update

  144. I’m not really satisfied with the new sounds… they all feel like the same
    really and they are waay to silent imo.. They should add noticably
    different sounds to each calibers currently a 100mm and a 170mm have pretty
    much the same sounds except the 170mm has some “backdground” noise to it..

  145. plz change the sounds

  146. all the sounds are a bit weak really

  147. The guns are almost indistinguishable from each other and the sounds are
    like vegas. Loud, needless and annoying.

    Mobility wise, this physics implementation is one of the worst things they
    could do to the game. Everything feels like its driving through mashed
    potatoes and the slow acceleration of turns makes it so that a lot of skill
    from driving and wiggling armour is taken out of the dame. Almost worse
    than that, high speed vehicles have all been nerfed as they simply cannot
    turn very well at all at speed. Now an argument could be made to try brake
    turning, but it really isnt a good idea as trading all of the speed it just
    took you 3 hours to reach for being able to turn 45 degrees.

    Really, I would hope wargaming would ditch the hold to accelerate turning
    mechanic and makes tanks accelerate and turn like they do now before
    attempting to put this patch on the live server. Otherwise goodby
    competitive play.

  148. io dont rly like the new gun sounds, make a little bit more “difference”

  149. As a console WOT player, I greatly prefer the gun sounds on the console.
    The guns just sound meaner and more aggressive. For instance, a WT auf
    E-100 unloading its magazine sounds like a rapid-firing shotgun, which not
    only sounds awesome, but warns tanks on the other team to stay away until
    the firing stops. Some of the other high-tier destroyers, such as the
    Jadgpanzer E-100, sound like a loud crack when they fire. I don’t know, to
    me it just sounds cool


    sounds suck ass … they all sound the fucking same

  151. I like the loading sounds but the firing sounds are kinda bleh. For smaller
    guns it works fine, but you really need some sort of a big boom to go with
    something like a 170mil on the jagdpanzer. Still preferring sound mods,
    even if they’re a bit complicated to install, they sound much better and
    more varied.

  152. The batchat sounds like a toyota prius here

  153. is it just me or did the gun sounds all sound the same?

  154. negativ all :)

  155. Can i still play test server with this update???

  156. BS sounds for guns!!!

  157. how long ago was the first time they added the new gun sounds to the test
    server without adding them to the game? feels like ages ago.

  158. i dont like this update at all

  159. I’m not gonna lie I think WG is being very lazy, because it seems like they
    just removed the sounds, then have a 20mm gun sound like a 128mm gun, to me
    it deosn’t make sense. so hope that they will implement more realistic
    sounds and make gun shots louder and quieter based on the caliber.

  160. Well, i don’t want my tanks to flip over. The rest I will judge while

  161. yep, still using the sound mods I use right now, still better

  162. Personally I do like the noises, however the gun firing sounds need to be
    changed, shell velocity and caliber should effect the report of the gun. In
    the real world, higher velocity guns tend to have a louder initial “crack”
    and the sound dissipated quickly, while lower velocity, low pressure guns
    have a concussive “thump” that echoes significantly longer. other than that
    the cycling of the gun from the interior is a great plus!

  163. I don’t get the problem with the rocking mechanics, that was perfectly
    realistic so they remove it ?

  164. its nice that they changed the sound of the engine no it sounds more like a
    engine but i wish they made each tank have a different sound depending on
    the size and what tank it is in so they don’t all blend together i would
    fell like every tank is more distinct. also hate the gun sound they should
    go and listen to a real tank gun firing and use something like that instead
    of that stupid poping noise it doesnt sound like a tank gun when i fire i
    want to know i fired and not hear a little poping noise i hope they dont
    make the gun sound like that

  165. Lukas Reissenweber

    I dislike that you cant hear the difference of getting hit by HEAT and AP

  166. Finally…

  167. I like the sound when you get hit, the ringing noise, very immersive

  168. Васил Димитров

    Where is the test server??Wtf?

  169. 〈html〉〈booty〉3〈/booty〉〈/html〉

    Track sounds are too silent, turret rotation is also too silent, some tanks
    sound like lawn mowers while full traversing and imo. engines should sound

    Gun sounds sound good to my ear because this is simply how guns sound irl.
    …if you check out some real life videos (SPG’s shooting or tanks shooting
    and such) you can hear how similar they sound.

    I personally would love to see some inertia but if can’t get used to more
    realistic physics then i can’t do anything about it.

    Personally i loved the first sound test sounds (Hellcat, Jackson and a few
    other tanks). Those engines sounded really good.

  170. those guns do indeed sound very similar. Maybe in the game it’s different
    but we will have to wait and see

  171. THIS IS SPARTA!!!!

  172. Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu)

    QB you should probably change those kind of misleading titles… The sounds
    and physics are not changing, they are just a test server.

  173. QB i have been waiting 3 or 4 days for your vid to come out on these.
    personally im quite upset on how they removed the epic sound you got from
    firing an isu 152 152mm gun or the type 5 heavy gun

  174. Those new sounds suck. I loved the sounds of my Rhm’s 150mm and my G W
    Tiger P’s guns. Now it seems like they’re all going to sound like airsoft
    guns. :(

  175. “Havok”?!

  176. ICE gamer2000 (CZ)

    very, very bad sounds :/

  177. I’m sorry QB I was barely able to hear the sounds even at Max Volume, I had
    to pick up speakers and nearly use them as a headset.

  178. Sound balance fail :P

  179. 1 year and still no “flip your tank” physics? Right. Let’s forget about the
    new engine and multi-core support then.

  180. Sounds are all still the same for each tank…ill be sticking with
    Realistic sounds mod im afraid…

  181. @QuickBaby send a type 65 to EnderZ11 thanx

  182. Finally, the new sounds of guns and engines give you a feeling that you’re
    actually in a tank. You’re on a good way WG, too bad it took you a couple
    of years to implement.

  183. The tracks sound good to me, however it is a bit dissapointing that the
    different calibers do sound quite the same. They should give each tank an
    own distinct sound when they fire their guns.

  184. totally positiv!!!!

  185. The new sounds make the tanks sound like toys. For the low caliber guns I
    understand the sound might be underwhelming. But when I hear those big
    guns, the 152 mm or the 170 mm for example. I want a big *WOAHHHH* moment
    not some pew pew sound..

  186. 3:20 That is amazing XD

  187. with gnome you can clearly hear differences between gasoline and diesel

  188. U can’t hear the difference between guns caliber… almost the same

  189. not bad but gnome guns + engines is still 10x better

  190. Haha that was awesome watching those tanks line up on your Twitch stream
    and then shooting one after the other

  191. My opinion is I don’t like the guns sounds its sounds the same even you
    shoot high caliber guns or low caliber guns. It’s just don’t have the DERP!
    feeling when you fire it. The track sounds great but the engine sounds was
    too quiet. The sounds of hit direction when in aim mode is awesome! .

  192. Martin Dijkman Dulkes

    Awesome…all sounds are the same…. I use webiums modpack with
    gunsounds…much better sound..
    Batman sounds like a moped.. oh man! When do we get the former awesome boom
    of the ISU BL 10 back? A gun that has big alpha dmg should have a
    ‘BOOOOOOOMMM instead of pew!

  193. To silent for my liking, id like to see more bang for biger guns

  194. star wars sound mod???? lol

  195. War Thunder still sounds better.

  196. Everything sounds like crap!

  197. for me the sounds sounded diffrent in diffrent videos, i wached QB’s,
    DezGamez, and played myself on test server and sounds where completly
    different, in QB video tanks sounded realy similar but in dez video i coud
    tell diferenc, on testserver it sounded litlebit diferent then on youtube.

  198. The ford Focus of my mother sounds more aggressive than the new engines.
    WoT screws more and more up

  199. SteelWolf20 Gaming

    How long will this be up? im at school atm 2 more periods since 7th is
    starting rn and im in study hall

  200. Whats a batchat?

  201. They should have hired gnomefather for sounds, his sounds is way superior
    than the current and new sounds.

  202. Wow almost 200 like and 0 dislike that is a message for wargaming

  203. For me, Object 268 sounded the best.

  204. The reticle stabilisation is just ridicilous, it only had benefits no

    What is this for sorcery

  205. I feel that the new sounds, mainly the track/engine sounds, are way to
    quiet. I could barely hear the tracks and the engine, while for me when
    watching footage of real tanks, it is the massive engine roar and grinding
    of the tracks that gives the feeling of power…and that is not in here

  206. 3:22 Someone watched 300 :D

  207. I love the physics but the sound changes are a little bit underwhelming,
    arty sounds almost the same as a normal tank, it could be excused with the
    kv-2 because that thing is bassicly a walking arti but still, eh…

  208. Guns sound like fireworks. Well played.
    EDIT: I mean at 05:00 it sounds more like the New Year is here than tanks
    firing (especially that E100, just what the fuck are WG thinking with

  209. Damn nice- although i’ll have to compare the “historical accuracy” of
    engine sounds with some of my own recordings (namely Tiger 131 with the
    in-game Tiger)

  210. It all seems a little ‘meh’ to me

  211. Alexander Neuhauss


  212. Only me that can’t hear the engine and track sounds?

  213. 55 seconds ago

  214. FIRST for the first time yaaaay :)

  215. i hate the new sound he are gay sound poot poot poot i hope to back the old sound soon befor lost this game but now noobbb the game it be like cars game not tanks in battle

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