World of Tanks || Soviet Steel – T-54 First Prototype

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m playing in T8 Soviet the T-54 First Prototype on Stalingrad showing the brute force of Soviet Steel.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game which is available as a free download. It is of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. At 9:55 I expected QB to show some moments when he got wrecked in the T-54
    Mod 1 in higher tier games…
    Sounded like that from the way he spoke ;)

  2. OK 120mm is rly rly Good. But… if enemy team Had spamed APCR like they do
    all the time. T29 would penetereted u anywhere he want with 240+ sry for my

  3. classic soviet tank…armor op as F***

  4. MineCraftLovE Craft

    Guys world of tanks gb size?

  5. QB, do the M4 Improved please!

  6. “watch me win with yet another soviet tank, and you buy this one!”
    I am 4 months out of this game. Planetside 2 is fair in ways that make
    people double take at this game when told about WoT. My third kill in
    Planetside 2 was a top levelBR100 with a kdr of 9 kills per 1 death and he
    uses the basic gun I would start with on his side. Screw WoT, go play
    Planetside 2.

  7. He didn’t face any gold-spammers.

  8. QB: I`m getting this tank. Great replay and comments as always. 🙂
    I have a request on another matter. Can you pleas add to the damage panel
    in the game that one can see wich tank shot you? that would be perfect. I
    know others have this mod, so please add that to the damage panel you
    included a while back ok???


  9. Saw that replay on Twitch Live Stream and my god was it amazing to watch
    you just MACHINE MODE those guys. It was like watching a super bot play
    chess: There just wasn’t a single mistake.

    I was amazed.

  10. can you play a game with your e75 again.?

  11. but the players i met are big noobs

  12. i don’t have one but i alway penn it with my german heavies

  13. David Serras Pereira

    i think t-54 mod1 is must have tank for any player in this game. thanks for
    the review! best regards

  14. продался, отписка!

  15. rolls eyes it’s a type 59 clone xD

  16. We all know the real reason why that IS was firing HE at a T54 mod 1…

  17. you have a lot of favourite medium tanks.. comet,t54mod1, obj140 amx 30…
    which one is your most favourite one? I’m confused

  18. wow deja voo.for some reason it feels like ive seen this before ^^’.good
    game play man

  19. Was two days late on my panther m10 match. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  20. QB mentions having over 8k replays to watch. Surely with some help? No-one
    could have time. I know players that send replays of every half decent game
    they have to the likes of QB and Jingles, and I want to tell them to leave
    them alone.

  21. I just bought this tank tonight, so this vid came in useful as I try and
    find my way around it. So thanks for that. Question is though, how do I
    play it in a tier 10 game, which this thing can get into? Been trying to
    use it in tier 10 games as a support tank, but something is feeling wrong,
    it just lacks the mobility to really flank effectively at that tier and at
    a bit of a loss there….

  22. nice machine, but I prefer the british steel. both in the game and the
    judas priest’s album :)

  23. id bet the T-54 mod 1 is a Prototype of the T-54

  24. Selling my NA account. 2800WN8, 10 tier X’s and 3 researched tier X, many
    premium tanks, great crews, and lots of other tanks. Great stats. Message
    me for details

  25. Literally just got this tank the day before you uploaded this and im
    absolutely loving it

  26. Something is wrong when you carry 50/50 ap/gold. Wallet warrior.

  27. For me it is not working at all, that is because i get terrible match
    making, in about 80% of my games (somedays more) my team have between 15
    and 45 % chans of winning according to XVM, i would say that 35% is an
    average. In some of my tanks my winrate is around 60% and in some its 42%,
    i dont understand, i would not say that i am especially good or bad at any
    of them because im not. i wonder why it is like this? match making computor
    does not work as it should be, thats my oppinion. For now i have stopped
    playing the T54 mod 1 (33% winrate), i play other tanks with more favorable
    match making such as the T54 light tank (58% winrate)

  28. can somebody tell me what’s seal clubbing is

  29. nice play quicky!

  30. Wasn’t this tank utterly terrible at first? What changed on it?

  31. Gosh so many replays

  32. love mine gave me a new love for med tanks.

  33. loved that is3 driver, was engaged by a 1/2 health t32 being full health
    and yet he loses not being able to do any dmg…. :D

  34. Elliott “Lost One” Gaal

    Thought the deadline was yesterday, so I just submitted a regular video.

  35. I guess you could say you were bear hugging the IS

  36. Did you thinks it’s a good idea to buy the T-54 mod 1 even if i hate the
    T-44 ? thx :)

  37. Should I use the Derp gun or top gun on the su 152?

  38. oh i forgot about that replay competition.. i even had a few ace tankers in
    like t54 (and t54mod1).. just forgot to upload the replays :/
    well doesnt matter now, nice game qb ;)

  39. lol you gonna watch over 8000 replays now???

  40. once again good fight quicky 07 nice ping to im playing with 283 witch sux
    07 mate good work

  41. I have noticed that when I do get penned in the front or side front in this
    tank, I take LOTS of ammo rack damage and experience lots of fires.

  42. i train my obj 140 crew whit this tank also :)

  43. Looks like a decent tank.

  44. can you make a guide about the T110E4, because i have only 45% at him

  45. KB how don’t you lost your interest in WOT ? Because onestly this game
    doesn’t have more anything in special

  46. i bought the CDC instead im so mad!!!!

  47. the t54 in real life is nowere near as fast as the one in the game…..
    the real thing had a horse power to weight ratio of 14. not 20. it had a
    top speed of 48kph….with that power to weight R it takes a while to reach
    it and sustain it. hoorrray to WG for some BS and biast russian
    balanicing…..t54 my ass

  48. Quickybaby when did you played this battle?

  49. I love T54 prot players who are dumb enough to facehug me in a KV-2. 1 shot
    in the cupola is a 85% chance to deal around 800-1000 dmg for free. And
    this JT 8.8 at the end….well i would gladly fuck him from behind with 2
    shots for that dirty KS with no reason whatsover.

  50. i dont know of you read these comments but if you do can you mabye free
    sometime to do a very uncommon tank review about the object 416 tier 8
    russian medium. i really dont know how to play it well. whats you opion of
    the tank? how should you play it?

  51. i think its slow as a heavy and a gun as a light but the armour is beastly

  52. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg

    +QuickyBabyTV How are you such a good player?

  53. next tank can u do the T-34-3

  54. Your title should be (my opinion) : World of Tanks II Stalinium tank – T-54
    First Prototype

  55. T32 on “low” health kills a full health IS-3. That’s just the difference
    between a bad player and a decent player.

  56. I enjoy russian mediums mostly because of the “challenges” they give you in
    a lot of situations and you gotta know your tank well to get out of those
    tricky situations alive,that’s why a t-54’s hull armor at tier 8 seems
    kinda noobish to me…but fuck that,money equals power,right?

  57. OFFENSIVBUTTSEX Confirmed 😉 …. Was a nice stream with great Games!

  58. Wow, I really have found that in world of tanks, you have to be thinking
    all the time. Making sure no ones flanking you, when to push and when to
    fall back. I used to be struggling to get a kill or survive the match, but
    now I seem to get a average of 2-3 kills a game. I used to wonder why I
    still played WoT, but I’ve realised you need to play smart.

  59. Das muß wohl daran liegen, das top spieler immer die top gefechte bekommen,
    anders geht es ja gar nicht. also ich komme immer in 10ner gefechte auch
    sehr geil :(.

  60. Such overpowered tanks ruin the game. That’s one more step direction pay to

  61. can you upload more videos? Im waiting very long.

  62. As usual…AWESOME video!

    that was ridiculous damage in the t54 proto ( I said that in a British

  63. I really love this tank. It can really bully lower tier tanks and some
    equal tier. That armor works well. Gun works well. The only thing I don’t
    like it’s a bit slow shifting angles and relocating. So have to fight on
    hard flat terrain or you can’t get around alot of tanks.

  64. did xbox get this tank in latest patch as a regular tier 8?

  65. It’s certainly slower, but this tanks looks better than the T-44

  66. nice tank but i don’t have the money and ik is back

  67. nice tank but i don’t have the money and ik is back

  68. +QuickyBabyTV qb can you please make a video about income potential for
    premium tanks, or how to pick the perfect premium tanks for maximum effect

  69. Hello this tier he work like light?

  70. cant watch my eye’s hurts something is wrong whit video

  71. my favorite tier VIII tank and it will get buffed (gun handling) … i feel
    sorry for the t-44, its mobility is fantastic but it really needs a buff,
    the ammorack is crippling, in my case it costs me an equipment slot as i
    use a wet ammorack instead of vents (reduces the rate of fire and stuff)

  72. T-34 mod 1?

  73. 1:00-2:00 Explanation why the matchmaking mechanics in this game are so

  74. T-54 First Prototype – my best tank with best stats :)


  76. They almost need to make a “carry extra ammo” perk for the loader, or maybe
    a consumable like food, eh? GG QB!

  77. QB can you review the LTTP?

  78. Lovely, taking out that IS with that rubbish Israeli flag on it

  79. this tank is awesome in tier 8 and 9 (debends on enemy armour), but it
    strugles in tier 10 🙁 I have this one and fcm and thay are both awesome
    tanks and mskes me huuuuuge amount of credits. CDCs problem is that it can
    be one shoted by arty, so CDC is 3rd favourite premuim

  80. I ‘ve already seen in the livestream

  81. Quicky what happened with 300K replay compition giveaway???

  82. Thinking about getting this or the AMX CDC as for my first premium tank.
    I’m a pretty mediocre player so maybe i should stick with this one :D

  83. I really enjoy this tank. But the major issue I personally have with it is
    that I ALWAYS without fail run into at least one gold spamming
    SuperPershing. This thing is good, but it doesn’t have the mobility to get
    around them and their APCR goes through you like butter. Still a fun tank

  84. I’m really looking forward to the accuracy buffs to the gun. It really
    suffers in a long range engagement currently.

  85. oh god Goldy babe spaming apcr at the tiger 2 side armor yes he have only 1
    ap but why wouldn’t you use that?
    this tank have alot of con like 360m viewrange long aim time and small amo
    compare to super pershing with lowest hp/t , slow turret turning

  86. Snooter Nacxious (Snooternacxious)

    I still don’t know if I should get it…I’ve seen many vids and reviews
    about it, but still………indecisive…..YOU rock that vehicle, but in
    less skilled hands……….maybe I’ll get it and report back on it!

  87. Probably getting this soon. Need some credit-earners.

  88. u just told 47%er’s to have an Impact in a game lolololololololol that wass
    mean Quicky ;D

  89. The only premium worth buying

  90. I prefer the AMX CDC :)

  91. T34 or Lowe? :)

  92. what app do you use for that zoomes?

  93. Photoshop detected! In the Thumbnail is the t54 mod. 1 with cdc gun!

  94. Love this tank. At the begining i had some probs. But now it’s great. But
    still prefer the T59 :)

  95. ares354 ares354 (Ares)

    This tank is OP when see tier 6 and 7, but in tier 9 and 10, crap. Hard to
    ballance, and will be buffed, gun

  96. “not a perfect match up, because there are no tier 6’s on the enemy team”

    *looks at enemy tank list, see’s VK 28.01, chuckles, fac palms a bit*

  97. Rhys Crafting-Quake (MareepDoesMinecraft)

    Still CDC vs FCM vs T-54, CDC

  98. Please please please platoon with Jingles and Ik again :^

  99. OP tank

  100. He is at home in USSR

  101. its cool

  102. whoa!

  103. This tank is just not right lol. And YAY KV 5 IS GETTING HD BUFF IN 9.12

  104. This tank is very awesome , and the turret is so damn good :D

  105. Damiano Lorenzo Bettega

    I saw the is-12. it’s ugly O.o

  106. Cmon qb i had already watched this replay on the stream why u do dis :(

  107. Dude when u put the giveaway video with the winners?

  108. can’t wait to get this one on the Xbox one

  109. Aww yeah!

  110. second yay but qb you kick ass man

  111. What do you think of the T-54 First Prototype?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  112. first xD

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