World of Tanks – Spank The Monkey

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

You have a monkey?
Si. he spanks it.

Cheech and Chong will always be funny.

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  1. random person You don't know

    Ay 69th like

  2. Ahh yes Jingles, famously team’s 3 kills = Monkey’s 5 kills..

    *shotgun cocks*

  3. With the amount of us stuck home now I’d expect the amount of monkeys being spanked is increasing dramatically…

  4. That thumbnail is old looking

  5. 2:36 Considering it’s 5 A.M here across the pond, that sound (Correction- Akizuki*) scared the hell outta me.

  6. team when up by a large margin hunting down a tank on a hot streak

    “dont cap kill all”

    me: you got 2 minutes

    as i cap to secure the win. no foul-ups

    • Yes, I’d rather lose the cap to a kill than the game (including a draw). Of course, if people are smart, they realise that a three tank cap means you get a new game quicker, instead of hunting down that last elusive enemy tank that is going to be handed all those medals on a silver platter.

    • @FolgoreCZ fewer than you think

    • I had an easy Kolobanovs taken from me cause an enemy capped it out, it can be so frustrating when you’re on the other end of it but capping definitely secured them the win :((

    • @i3su _ I have the other experience how I actually got the Kolobanov’s. We were all in rather slow tanks, and while they were hunting me, I just capped (knowing I had worse gun and armour than any of them).

    • @57thorns nothing worse than watching your team drive past cap to hunt down a strv-S1 with 6 kills last spotted with full health after a long drawn out battle.

      “make them come to you i” typed. “1 hunker down on cap and the rest setup to spot and draw fire away from the cap. if they want the win make them work for it”

      they chase them around the map twice. they lapped the cap circle twice while getting picked off 1 by 1. then they decided to cap when it went from 6v1 to 3v1. but it was too late. he beat them to their cap circle and ambushed them.

      like how did you get here. who let you in.

  7. *Waifu Wednesday Jingles?*

  8. 85 Gaming wot and wows

    I’m early jingles your amazing keep it up

  9. why am I awake

  10. Jonathan Shumate

    I think this video shows a major flaw in WoT in regards to its grind. For all that effort to only be rewarded with 1545 exp is asinine in the extreme

  11. Cheers Jingles – great to see average players get a cracking result. Thanks for promoting it.

  12. that wasnt a super unicum performance. That was an average performance ending with super unicum results… which you know. Nobody can complain if it works

  13. This is a good video to be eating popcorn chicken, chips and drinking gravy. Been watching your videos for years when your channel began and I also remember the first warthunder video and wondered did you delete that video?

  14. josh thomas-moore

    Spank the Monkey? Jingles you’ve gone lost the plot again.

  15. I always give Jingles a thumbs up… but today it was simply for the title of this video. LMAO

  16. Permanently Disappointed

    Did you change microphone? It sounds different and frankly, not for the better.

  17. God stand with his side, congrat….should i call him monkey kingz xD

  18. 5:00 jingles forgets how to math for 30 seconds

  19. MR Bobby Kebobby

    Yeahh!!!!! Jingles!!!! Love from malaysia!!!

  20. 2:36. Whoa…EVP recording.

  21. The Mighty Pringles

    i dont understand when you complain that the enemy team bypasses the cap when the score was 8-13. I don’t think anyone would ever cap in that situation, you included, especially down at tier 6 where everything can be penetrated by everything.

  22. Permanently Disappointed

    He got super lucky, that’s all.

  23. 10 HE. Why?

  24. This and Wows is filled with nothing but idiots. The only real RNG that trolls you is how many of them that get put on one side or the others team.

    MM is so broken!

  25. Hope for all of us left….

  26. That could have been me when I was playing with the exception that he won while I would have died trying…congrats Monkeybotz

  27. Superuniqums dont play russian mediums today, they play russian Heavys… and EBRs

  28. I love seeing incompetent and greedy play get punished. Its ironic that you probably get more XP for capping than for killing a tank with 10HP

  29. I lost count, but the game could have been lost at least five times due to risks taken and errors made. But if you do not take these risks, you never get a game like this. And when you are the last tank standing, caution will get you killed just as sure as that T-34 at 5:40.

  30. Yeah, what a game! GG!

  31. social3ngin33rin

    Congratulations on your victory and performance soldier; as for your bonus, here’s $14. Don’t spend it all at once at the store.

  32. in my combined 15.000 battles i got never ever that lucky. still GG

  33. The kind of performance you want to tell everyone you know about but you wont cos you know they will all respond with a shrug and a “meh”. The in game chat had me chuckling, after the 10th kill the stream of characters from monkey shows that he was probably on the verge of creaming his pants at that point!!

  34. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    Jingles, have you checked Gaijn latest April fools event? It is quite fun.

  35. I miss the Tog?

  36. Here in Anaheim, CA several years ago, the local baseball fans had a stuffed animal that they called a “Rally Monkey” and they would wave it during critical points in the game. I got several strange looks when I started spanking mine in front of everybody.
    Seemed to get the job done though. The Angels usually won when I did that.

  37. Jingles when can we get more tank mechanic sim???!

  38. Gutz/ColdRevenge

    WG math…… (31,319+50,000) – (4,381+ 3,675) = 93,621……
    where the hell did the other 20,358 credits come from? or are my eye deceiving me and i’ve read that wrong?

  39. I want that kind of RNG as well 😀 gg wp

  40. There were definitely a lot of mistakes made so surely not unicum performance, but the results were unicum level. This was all luck. One thing is sure, he definitely understands the game mechanics and high risks resulted in high rewards in this case.

  41. Title… Reminded me of a game from Addicting Games from long ago, which still exists. Have yet to watch the video, which I will do now.

  42. You could argue that he was super lucky, especially with those judgment errors Jingles highlighted.
    He did well keeping moving around the map. The ‘no cap, kill all’ mentality, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  43. My anxiety levels became immeasurable after he ran in front of a full-health M4

  44. What i hate about WoT stats, is that I am an orange player to XVM users, but over my past 500 battles, i have green bordering on blue stats, yet xvm doesn’t take 8nto avvount your recent stats, it looks at your career stats and I SUCKED at my first 3k games now i have been number 1 player in the t150 three times in a row on the NA server

  45. 4:13 Jingles has a mass effect moment.

  46. very refreshing to watch the “regular joe” have the game of his life!

  47. I just grinded to the T49 and when I played the t37 a few days ago I must say I did enjoy the tank. It’s got a pretty damn good gun on a tier 6 light tank. But that’s about it’s best thing if you ask me. View range isn’t exception and it’s actually (contrary to what jingles said) is quite large for a light tank. It’s also not particularly fast. But it was a nice tank to farm damage with. I ended up getting past the tank in 31 battles, with 55% win rate and 2000+ WN8. This is quite a good stat considering in my past 1k games I average 1800 WN8 and a 52% win rate.

  48. That guy did the equivalent of winning the lottery three consecutive times. This is Gladstone Gander level luck :P.

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