World of Tanks – Spank the Tank

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If you think the title of todays’ video has any relevance to the you’re going to be sorely disappointed!

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  1. 1 minute… cool

  2. dammit not first

  3. ralph isyoutubing

    No notification? Yt what are you doing

  4. Spank me daddy

  5. Ah you’re a man of cult

  6. Notification squad report in!!

  7. I just realised the intro technically says: ‘World of tanks with Bert’

  8. YouTube on time for once!

  9. ThatguyfromMichigan

    Insomnia Gaming Festival? Funny, insomnia is why I’m watching this right now!

  10. Any comments on the new trailer for Thor trailer Jingles?

  11. HighGeneral Blitz

    Spank dat ass

  12. MädchenundPanzer

    Hey Jingles!

  13. No dislikes on a Jingles video? Who are you and what have you done with the haters?

  14. t34 85 is best t6

  15. I always get excited the most when I see a Mingles with Jingles and World of Tanks video

  16. great stuff jingles

  17. Uh oh. The replay I sent in didn’t have a T34-85. I am sure it’ll be good… *hides*

  18. you like it dirthy don’t ya jingles

  19. Hey jingles, I’m a long time subscriber but I haven’t been playing world of tanks for a VERY long time. One day I decided to watch one of your videos and it got me back into world of tanks. While it is still very infuritating, I a having lots of fun. Thank you.

  20. Wtf I am here before 1k views

  21. I bet the Stug had run out of ammo at the end of the game

  22. I am evil I pressed like when it was 100 fxxk you ocd subs ?

  23. i’m willing to slip sexual innuendos written on paper on your butt crack,if that grants me an autograph

  24. OMG! Jingles made it to an event for once! Keep up the good work you sexy old gnome overlord! 😉

  25. Tank the Spank.

  26. Best titel ever, brings back memories

  27. -“stug has a monstrously good rate of fire”

    *E 25 laughs in the background*

  28. 14 min in = 1,000 view

  29. 1023th watcher

  30. Someone buy that T-34 a beer!

  31. It is indeed chroomax pronounced with an ‘o’ and not a ‘u’ 😉

  32. 1 dislike, and it wasn’t me!

  33. Yay just got access to the sandbox!!

  34. Husky The Dinosaur

    War Thunder… THE MOTHER FUCKING 2-OP OR PO-2

  35. This enemy team. Give me more suicidal enemy teams like this pls

  36. Isaac Muller-wild

    4:40 I’m actually rather impressed, their friendly team is in the rear view mirror for once 😉

  37. All of the winning team were in russian tanks.
    Da komrad!

  38. Native American Prince David

    Anyone else think that IS Driver could be a Bot?

  39. Jingles, is the beautiful Rita going to be at Insomnia on Sunday? 😉 See you on Sunday

  40. Such a bad shot.

  41. monster game, only 40k credits…. wp wg

  42. 5:45 I like your sense of humour, Jingles.

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