World of Tanks – Special

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Two Destroyers, both top tier, both slow and heavily armoured. Aside from the fact that one is tier 9 and the other is tier 10, I wonder how long it will take for you to spot the real difference?

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  1. that’s one of the reasons I stopped playing tanks about 5 or 6 years ago.

  2. None of my tier 10 tanks have more than 200 battles… Meanwhile.. 8 and 9 have 500 or more, if I like them

  3. #5PercentGold

  4. Michael Grießacher

    I have 5 tier 10 tanks and none of them played even 1 round

  5. tier 10 really is the biggest garbage part of this game.

  6. Mincemeat to the HEAT. Bad tank. *Only had one good game, an outflanking uphill on Sand River.

  7. Who’s the commander that wont shut up!?

  8. Could someone help me out with the math for the credits column at 17:53? Something doesn’t seem to quite add up.

  9. anyone else having a huge ass sound problem with this video, like the sound of him shooting and kill something is a few seconds after he does it?

  10. CUpola, not cupOLa.

  11. The audio lag was far more annoying than the Cobra commander, is there a new replay bug but wot this time?

  12. It’s only my opinion. . . . . . .

    But. . . . . .


  13. 7:55 even more annoying then japanese female commander 🙂

  14. Didn’t know PC got the annoying Cobra Commander voices. Thought it was a console thing

  15. $5200 per prammo x 10 rounds = 57200? What? Jingles…

  16. 4:03 strangely enough Jingles I don’t think that 50TP is the worst news the Lowe got this match

  17. Rita’s favourite tier 9 TD … the Tortwarrrrrrrrrs.

  18. Wargaming is trash

  19. Gerwin van de Steeg

    I’d say stop at tier 7 or 8 instead of 9, it’s fun enough up to that point (mostly).

  20. the cobra commander sounds like a bad audition for the role of skelletor, what Muppet at w.g thought that voice was a good idea?

  21. What’s up with the recording quality? I think you need to check what settings you have it set on.

  22. Featherless Nipple Chicken

    The audio desync is bad

  23. hahaaha i loved the cobra commander!

  24. It boggles my mind that in WoT the credit income is so low that earning nothing or being in the red from ammo costs is so common at higher tiers
    Not advertising because it’s in the gaming ICU, but at least Armored Warfare made credit incomes high enough that you’d struggle to go negative at high tiers, if anything, with bonuses and premium time, you could easily earn over 500k if you knew what you were doing (or millions if you did extremely well).

  25. God that Cobra commander is annoying to listen to, I may have made the same mistake of making him the commander of my british td’s as well. Free commander with 3 free skills is nice but jesus the voice acting.
    edit: 7:50 glad that Jingles agrees.
    edit2: I don’t get it in the second battle, why the player slings gold ammo willy nilly at everything but still uses just plain basic consumables?

  26. 5% of ammo fired iin WOT is gold, but 100% of ammo fired from the Pz II J is gold.

  27. Gotta love Cobra Commander TC. His voice takes me back to my childhood. 🐍

  28. “that’s not a knife” this is a knife” *thug proceeds to run away* classic comedy lol love those films

  29. TBH I like Cobra commander voice. Its just an evil.

  30. Mighty Jingles Classic

  31. Sound is delayed by 1 second. So annoying. Eh. Replay bug

  32. John Tamosaitis 2006

    Maybe that’s why, when I finally grind out a tier 10 tank, it rarely gets played afterwards. LOL.

  33. Does that Tortoise skin look awful to anyone else? Those chains look so flat.

  34. You should send the second replay to Fort Knox.. should fill up the gold reserves.

  35. Tier 10: People with to much money, throwing money around, substituting it with fun…

  36. when in a t1 match its possible for 1 tank to fire more than 100 shots, and a t10 td fires at most 8-10 maybe even less, i guess wg is not wrong

  37. T57 with a sale on….. I remember the days when they did put discounts on gold ammo.

  38. desynced audio, classic jingles

  39. haven’t watched good old Dundee in years man lol

  40. As a fellow Australian please dont retry that accent, thankyou!

  41. You don’t have to have very deep pockets to shoot gold … Premium account does cost 10€ / month and you can no longer worry about the cost of an ammunition. The problem is, that the game isn’t balanced for premium ammo … its balanced for standard. Or maybe not any more. WG could just rebalance the game for premium ammo and call standard one just fireworks. Simple. The only problem would, that you cant say, that it is “Free to play”

  42. James Irwin-McConnell

    I’m a rare breed. Only fire gold when I desperately need it or I’m out of AP in me e3. Once had a battle (I believe sent in the replay to you 3x iver 3 months jingles). I bounced over 11k damage and never fired a single round of gold either

  43. i have never had any gold rounds on any of my tanks, if i failed to pen and they cant be penned on any visible “weakspots” i’ve always resorted to HE, or just find another target, or just try and flank.

  44. The Amazing Goldfish

    Does anyone besides me think that “Cobra Commander” sounds a lot like,…….”Crusty the Clown” and with the “same” initials CC=CC. I wonder 🤔. Naha probably just an coincidence Lol 🏹🤠👍.

  45. “Special” ammo is always used by “special” players…. Every single n00b and wanna-be uni-cumstain spam them on all tiers…

  46. That additional track from the t110E3 . looks like snowplower track lmao .

  47. What was with the hell was with the resolution on this video?? Was like watching WOT from 2010.

  48. pls upload at 60fps, it realy hurts.

  49. The E3 player was a bad shot and literally didn’t need half the gold rounds he fired.

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