World of Tanks – Speed

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Fun fact: When the Keanu Reeves movie “Speed” was released in France, given how rabid the are about protecting their language you’d think they would have called it “Vitesse”, which for speed. But no, they called it “speed”, except with a accent.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Hey Jingles, would you considering giving the game Crossout a go? It look an awful like WoT, except you build your own tank-death machine-APC-thing. Just thought you’d be interested in a new game to try.

  2. Can I get a refund of my terribad t10 german light tank for one of these things ?! Damn man these look great !

  3. I already have the tier 10 wheel vehicle since the of the patch!

  4. Patch 1.4: The one that attracted a lot of 12 year olds. And made their fathers and grandfathers abandon the game.

  5. Jingles..
    View range sucks, but the camo/concealment is GREAT… which is strange as Concealment and view range are linked…

  6. Scatterbrain Brain

    I want more Jingles wot videos!! now that I know you’ve been holding out. lol

  7. Those wheels squealing on the dirt and grass could get real annoying after awhile.

  8. спаситель сталин! Уфы

    Your the best jingles!

  9. Turning WOT into a similar game to War Thunder next we will have crews

  10. 1:53 best Jeremy Clarkson quote 2019

  11. WG I just want my old elc back not this crap…

  12. less diabolical than some of the wheeled vehicles in war thunder lol

  13. Fuck wheeled “tanks”, fuck them

  14. Yes jingles, he was having fun, while spreading cancer and salt to every player on the enemy team. Absolute shit playing against these

  15. Next April Fools event: 15 v 15 of these lil buggers against each other.

  16. 6
    years when he made a t-50-2 gampley :p speed demon

  17. So are they gonna put pumas and Russian potato trucks in?

  18. lol t-50-2= 92 Km/h.
    Tyres screeching on on lose ground surface well done dumb russian wargaming

  19. Wonder how many times they have flipped with that speed?

  20. Ugh, just hearing the tires screech on dirt and watching them stick to the ground just makes me wonder, do they even know how to physics in WG? That really looks like a downgrade back to 2011.

  21. So someone correct me if I am wrong.

    But does these mean that clickers can be finally given what they deserve?

  22. Didn’t I search up world of tanks?

  23. so these are literally the tank version of the Khabarovsk

  24. They had to pass a law in France to protect the French language.  So I don’t think they’re that rabid about protecting their language.  It really shocked me when the host of a game show called “Applause” from the audience instead of “applaudissements” which is the French word.  Some French, specially in Paris, think that English words are cool, hence the need for the law.  In Quebec we have a law too to protect the French language but it is from foreign influence more than from our own French speaking people.

  25. 1:15 WG hasn’t been able to answer that question for as long as I can remember.

  26. Trusek der Mulmschenk

    When Forza Horizon meets WoT. Oh those Russians

  27. Jingles are you still playing Armored Warfare?

  28. These are a disease to heavies and TDs

    Yeah… not the kind of WOT game I’d like to play…

  30. Somewhere Jeremy Clarkson is nodding approvingly.

  31. 8:18 little troll xD

  32. do you have to keep going 55mph or otherwise ammo rack your tank?

  33. This will make light tanks obsolete. That was a very fast powerful vehicle. jesus

  34. I think these wheeled vehicles are an abomination in WOT. They are too fast and the fact that all the wheels have to be damaged to track this thing is retarded. At least the old school T-50-2 could be tracked, in the traditional terms. you can’t even slow these things down it is ridiculous. I was going to boycott WOT due to fact that wheeled vehicles are not tanks they are wheeled armored vehicles. even the military classifies them in a different way. I mean whats next slap a turret on a Half track and call it a tank. Why not have engineering vehicles in WOT have them lay anti-tank mines and place tank traps. Not to mention the fact that there is a large amount of people that have lag issues as it is and these 80-95 kph wheeled vehicles are never going to be hit cause they are moving so fast anywhere you aim the vehicle will be ahead or behind your shot. I thought people hated it when players would suicide scout the other team and wheeled vehicles ( I refuse to call them tanks) only encourages people to drive straight into the other team counting on the swift dart around quickly to allow them to wreak havoc on the other team with out any help from his team. What is more disconcerting is the fact they can, and will with players with the skill. Might as well put in heat seeking missiles you have to get lucky to even hit these thing with current RNG in the game if my aiming bloom is the size of the tank I am shooting at I have a 50/50 chance to even hit them and I have sent 5 shell at a target that size and still miss every one. So what do I think of wheeled vehicles even after giving them a chance, I refuse to play the game anymore until they are nerfed to the ground or removed completely. I would prefer the later. The content is endless if you continue to widen the parameters. I mean if you don’t stick to specific things we will have a version of Armored Warfare and we saw what happened to that. WG stick to pre and post WWII “TANKS” and stop watering down the content with freak vehicles and start focusing on things that really matter, Maps and re-balancing of Super Heavies. And for God sake figure out how to punish bad players better that an automated default crap. Glad to see you take a break from WOS but still love your content.

  35. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Ok nice. I have earned the first armored car and will concentrate on it for awhile before migrating to the next. This is very much a fun vehicle.

  36. Myeah.. I think WG took it a tad too far with this type of vehicle..

  37. Another great video by Jingle *this comment was paid off by jingle*

  38. I am fine with the speed these things have it’s clearly one of their few perks.

    I do think that auto aim needs to be nerfed it’s just way too good as is.

  39. The T-30 didn’t really make it hard for him. Typically like most players didn’t turn his hull while rotating the turret in the same direction

  40. These new “wheeled vehicle tanks” are Zooming boomsticks, and looks like a hell of a lot of fun!

  41. Dying game. Come to war thunder.

  42. That video description – Eddie Izzard likes it. 😀 This part is on “Dress to Kill” if I remember correcty.

  43. Yeah best to avoid WoW for a bit. The hot patch on the CV’s has improved things. But it still has major problems. CV’s are still the game decideders now. For example in a recent battle it came down to three BB’s near full health on one side and two CV’s and a badly damaged BB on the other. If you guessed the CV’s destroyed the BB’s and won you are right. Sure they shot down some planes. But the unlimited supply meant the CV’s kept sending wave after wave and the BB’s could do nothing. No way to chase down the faster CV’s, no way to spot them, and the enemy BB kept them annoyed from a distance to boot. At least in the old version if the planes ran out then the BB’s might win. but now it was just a slow death and no wat to save themselves or the game. Many games with CV’s and DD’s turn into the CV’s rushing missle carrying planes to near the DD’s likely spots in caps as they fire so fast even someone twitching has trouble missing the DD’s. And that leaves the DD’s spotted, taking damage from cruisers at a distance, blasted by missles and soon dead. It’s turning into a joke where it’s almost not worth playing the game if a CV is in the ranks.

  44. the advanced lock on is bul shit

  45. Can’t wait to grind my way through the ELC to get at those wheeled vehicles.

  46. Jingles, those things are A LOT of fun to drive 😀
    you can fail in them very easily but a lot of fun 🙂

  47. You plaster jokes that make me smirk through the entire video and the one that makes me lose it is the rock comment. “. . . which is a little bit of a dick move. I mean, the rock never did anything to him.” Does this birth the meme of all armored car Panhard-ers are contractually obligated to be a dick to rocks as commanded by Jingles?

  48. Haveing fun killing them

  49. DiRT Rally 2.0 is looking pretty good

  50. Kristians Kažmers

    Is it just me or Kolobanovs are gonna be seen more frequently with the introduction of these things

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