World of Tanks – Spoopy Tanks Strum

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Source: Anfield


  1. too spoopy repoted wg shiter

  2. why u r so good Anfield? !

  3. Very spooky 😉

  4. what software do you use to record your games?

  5. Stream themes are fun. You should do them more

  6. 2 spoopy 4 me :0

  7. I’ll take my peasant ass to another channel where I don’t get belittled for not being you! 35:01

  8. This is very cool from you 😀 but I wish my M53/m55 could be a ghost

  9. ziga remec lederer

    Marks work if you dont have grand battle active

  10. Tharaka Wijerathne

    I was the enemy T49 killed u in Ruinberg gmae. One guy in my team was yelling “Kill anfield” since the mid game.
    I was laughing after kill since I know how much u “love” derp guns

  11. Anfield, Aslain same thing (pubbies confused about modpacks) I used to use yours all the time because it was fairly minimalist with just the good stuff I liked and without massive amounts of fluff.

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