World of Tanks – Spot This

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Just how quickly can you wipe out a team through effective use of spotting?

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System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Why bother with this game anymore?!?!?!
    Getting stunned by your own team without the ability to retaliate.

    • Here’s a tip, don’t face hug the only visible tank; your gun works at a distance. Also good arty players still don’t want to stun allies it isn’t in their best interest if they want to win. But if you yolo in to take all the damage i’ll yeet a shell at the both of you.

    • @Troa Barton then you’re the purest form of scum
      We tankers are doing all the work for you. You’d have no shot were we not in the front lines actually playing the game. Yet rather than let us work and shoot when it’s safe you just shit all over everyone both green and red with no regard.
      A problem that’s become far worse now team dmg has been removed.
      Stunned by the reds and the green equally, I see all arty as the enemy.
      They dumbed down the game by removing team dmg to facilitate your kind of scum. Worst thing is arty scum NEVER go blue for their infractions.
      The only respite I could find was to TK your kind every couple of games, evening the score. Now I can no longer do that I must resort to drowning or pushing of a cliff.
      The sort of ‘people’ whom choose to play artillery are the worst kind of scum, less than human

  2. Jingles please make a triple threat video T40, Jackson & T28 Proto please

  3. Jingles!!! ??

  4. *Watches opening short*

    Eh, a kill’s a kill… 😛

  5. within the magic 350 since Mingles with Jingles No 20

  6. For some reason the title made me think of the “Parry this you fucking casual” meme. EDIT: I finished the video, and the meme applies to it perfectly.

  7. Last time I was this early Jingles was still in the Royal Navy! ?

  8. 0 experience? How is that possible? Are they even trying?

  9. Tired af in the US with work in the morning but saw the notification… (my common sense saying sleep) (me saying sit, stay, good boy), onwards with our Sovereign Gnome Lord.

  10. I really miss Elc vs tier 8 hero games….

  11. Giulio Tessadrelli

    I’m noticing a distinct lack of Uncharted 4 videos Jingles, what happened?

  12. God damn. Combined the enemy team got 189xp. Everyone but the bottom 3 people on Glitchy/Warlocks team got more than that INDIVIDUALLY

  13. I’ve always struggled with the ELC bis…… might have to give this a try next time I get Malinovka

    • Only in the here-and-now, I’m afraid. When the tier-10 lights were introduced, the ELC got nerfed hard. Thing used to be a fighter jet, now it’s this thing.

    • @XtreeM FaiL You are right, for most of the time. But I am always concerned with unicums on the other team, they can have the same op view range. Just like my Pz38na, I have bino with around 470(somewhere around there) view range. So it’s kinda risky if you have those kind of specialized spotter on enemy team.

    • mrcannotfindaname I don’t really see your point?
      Team who has better players with pimped tanks win more often.
      Like in this vid. Red team got out spotted and was crushed.

    • @XtreeM FaiL We are talking about elc right? For passive spotting, it can be risky to fire while the bush is transparent because you never know what kind of enemy spotter do they have. Elc 90mm gun has such long aim time and poor handling that it’s more often suited as just spotter and not shooter.

  14. Could you imagine the letters home to the families of the Stuart’s crew? “Yes, your son died fighting a… valiant defense against hostile forces. He and his unit were wildly successful, your son’s tank were the only ones who died.”
    -hysterical sobbing- “How… how did it happen?”
    “Uhhhh…….. severe mechanical malfunction.”

    • I thought it would be “a sudden and catastrophic structual failure, due to an encounter with massive newtonian forces.”

  15. We need a KV-4 Video Jingles

  16. The Object is so op, it deflects shots that would penetrate and inflict damage on itself onto allies for self preservation.

  17. Wow I’m early to a jingles video and it’s 1AM where I live. Wait is this a jingles video? I think the channel name is wrong and says bohemian eagle

  18. Same map and bush in a luchs. 2700 spotting and 67 actual damage with an arty kill. I laughed my arse off the whole time. Ohh I’m a console peasant as well.

  19. _le Wargaming looking at the results of this battle_
    15:1 ; enemy team did only 326 damage between themselves

  20. From the opening short, we find that Soviet tanks now can use *teammates* as armor.

    • That is nothing new in WoT and not particular to Soviet tanks, using the hulla of your Soviet team mates (alive or dead) as spaced armour is a necessary skill for most other tank lines.

  21. His first shot technically didn’t miss. He just had HE loaded and last I checked HE tends to blow up as soon as it hits anything…much like the fence he was aiming through. So his first shot just blew up the fence instead of going through it like AP would have.

    Unless they changed HE so it can penetrate obstacles. It’s been ages since I played WoT.

  22. Back before the amx elc bis was nerfed and could no longer meet tier eights I got 5 k spotting and 2 k damage active spotting in that same spot. Loved this tank have two marks of excellence on it and was my first tank to mark. Wish wargaming would put it back to its former glory, or at least give it back its mobility.

  23. Believe it or not, my best ever spotting was on Malinovka in my pre-buffed Leo1. I out spotted enemy wheeled tank and light tank. Got almost 9k spotting damage, only fired my gun 4 times, missed once, ricochet twice and stalinium armour absorbed my last shot. 0 damage done. But win is a win, I take it.

  24. that’s a game bot lol

  25. Behold 90% of the reasons we have blow out games, early game spotting. The team that does it can easily get a large damage advantage as well as intel into who is going where. The issue is how easy, fast, and one sided it can be either by player skill, crew, map terrain imbalances, and or spawning locations. This happens in every game to varying degrees but demonstrated clearly here.

  26. When did we become so content with Jingles giving us one video a day? There used to be at least two replays per video? Nobody else remember that? I remember that…

    • you want to tell us you have too much time at your hand because you dropped your shifts in shaft #7 and you need videos to compensate? Well… I have a better option for you!

  27. wow…. 0 xp… now that is rare, extremely rare… you’d have to fuck up so badly to get 0 xp

  28. A Massive one sided victory…yup, sounds like world of tanks!

  29. 1 of the FEW times, Iv seen ENEMY NOT send a spotter to the bushes also..

  30. I have only one time seen a whole enemy team get killed without our team losing any,
    That just happened last week.
    But i didn’t get it recorded.
    Its a shame.

  31. Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen a team do so little damage!

  32. Perfect Display of how scouts HAVE TO BE PLAYED in WoT. They are NOT DPM Machines !!! They are there to give some DPM for the Team !!!

    I only hope that WG someday realise this too and changes the Personal Missions to that Opstical. For Example. Not Make 1000 Damage. More like Scout 1000 Damage unseen or all in all. Within this , the scouting Missions would become far more less ” Nerv Racking “.

  33. The poor ELC, look what they did to my boy? Remember when ELC was a good fast and mobile spotting machine? Yeah, I remember…

    • I still cry when I remember the good old fast days :'( Why, oh why couldn’t WG just bump it up a tier

    • I never drove it myself but I always found them annoying fast little buggers. At the start of the replay I thought why is this thing so slow even with special octane fuel? Guess it is nerfed then…

    • @Roderick Voordouw Yeah, they somehow decided that a light tank that doesn’t even have a rotating turret should be as mobile as a Sherman…

  34. I hate it when the matchmaker is so unbalanced that one team just rolls over the other. But it makes for a good video

  35. lol thats a glitchy pokeman! it looks like a tank lol

  36. yup my favorite bush in that map

  37. holy shit, the enemy team got beaten so badly that a lot of them actually earned single digit base exp.. and some even had 0.

  38. seriusly jingles, please increase the volume of your microphone. everytime your videos pops up i have to adjust my speaker volume…

  39. This is the firs time, for 5 years , I someone getting 0 exp, it is remarkable

  40. I’m so happy to have seen this! Thank you jingles!

  41. Reminds me of the match in which I completed LT15 for the Stug IV.
    That battle results screen puts another match I had to shame, however. I thought it was bad when I had a match in which 8 members of my team did 0 damage, but this match is incredible. o-o

  42. dang 700ms lag.. i would just simply not play the game with that….

  43. Michał Starzyński

    I thought nothing in WOT will surprise me. Thanks you for bringing this up Jingles!

  44. That Black Adder meme had me laughing out so loud I woke my kid who I’m trying to put to sleep!!! Thanks Mr Jingles!!

  45. Checks WOT player list….can’t see my name…”Oh thank god.”

  46. I’ve had over 5k spotting damage in the Chaffee on Malinovka, though that was a standard battle, not Encounter. It was also when people had skill – Watch the scout, see where he’s going, set yourself up somewhere you’re likely to get shots, get in cover and/or outside enemy view range, then feast on the enemy’s tears. And the whole team didn’t stop to farm, either !
    I don’t think I fired a single shot in that battle, and I might still have the replay. I used to *expect* over 2k spotting damage whenever I drove the Chaffee on *any* map, and was disappointed if I didn’t get it. That’s how far WoT has fallen. ?

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