World of Tanks || ST-I – 1 vs 10

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – ST-I. Today Szikorski going to use the T9 Soviet heavy, the ST-I, to attempt to win 1 vs 10…

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  1. His allies are like “what’s taking so long? I thought we had 1 guy against
    10” and then find out that they won lol

  2. why its called ST 1?? for me its STI letter I..

  3. 11:49 I think you underestimated just how garbage the FV207’s gun is. I’ve
    directly hit people and done less than 300 damage and you’re talking about
    splashing for 300? nah dude, just nah.

  4. This shouldnt even be a question.How stupid do players have to be?I wish I
    could go against such idiots.

  5. wow, I thought it was gonna be a heartbreak

  6. That IS snorkeling was more interesting then this replay.Anybody could win
    in that situation and that matchup.

  7. TheScienceGamer TSG


  8. Full health tier 9 heavy vs. low health tier 7 lights and arty. That was
    just luck and incompetent enemy.

  9. Last time when i play the ST-1 was in Himmelsdorf, i did 7.8k damage for
    holding up the lower ground in a tier 10 game. Unfortunately, QB was in the
    opposite team. He rips apart my team on the hill and assassinate me from
    the hill…

  10. it’s weird that you never uploaded any videos about obj 777 or vk7201k …

  11. what is that medal in beteew the steel wall and high caliber

  12. fluff the shot XD

  13. People like subscribing when he’s making videos lately lol

  14. Allies:why u takin so long stop camping its a 1v10 your gonna lose
    Allies:umm nevermind…

  15. #confusedbaby

  16. the lorr 155 51 fired a HEAT shell he didn’t miss it just didn’t pen with
    its 185 average pen

  17. He didnt deserved the Win….12 kills and 4k dmg…auch Bad enemy deserved

  18. lmao resub


  20. I wish I could save replays on Xbox one

  21. garasz anatolipakaren

    idiot battle

  22. The sub fucking killed me XD

  23. T34 B Blacksize. İs that any different with T34? Thx.

  24. World of Hackers, fucking shit manipulate hacking

  25. +Quickybaby what brand is your headset?

  26. I’ve seen this replay before. O.o

  27. Well, it was also pretty fortunate that most of the remaining enemy tanks
    had very little HP left.

  28. 3:20 KV-4 is not 122mm gun…
    it uses 107mm ZiS-24

  29. and still only 7000 credits profit for non premium players… what the

  30. noob enemy team should have gone capture lol

  31. Not impressed killed a bunch of low health scouts and 3 arty

  32. I just got 8.5k damage blocked in the AMX M4 49, ST-1 doesn’t even know how
    it feels.

  33. Modernize already!!! Give us 4k! Or at least 1440p!!!

  34. hahahah better shout out is not possible XD

  35. If you read ST-I as ST ‘One’ then IS must be ‘One’ S

  36. I love to see what Quickybaby want to shows us from time to time, but I
    love even more the fact that Im no longer in WOT player, when I can see
    that kind of amazing WOT balancing

  37. Hey guys, can anyone help me why I can’t access into his replay website >< Please reply.

  38. we want T34 B is it worth it video today quick quicky :D

  39. Holy crap 😀 what a game! Great commentating qb, you’re a legend

  40. QB ST-1 is strong tank but I olmoust always see T-10 instead of it.

  41. But ST-1 doesn’t,kill him

  42. justthatman atthetank

    talk about photo bombing 13:25

  43. ST-I best tier 9 tank in the game!!
    had one :D

  44. ive seen this replay on dezgamez channel before I think

  45. but it said that he resubbed?

  46. I saw this replay on World of Tanks The Best Replays channel quite awhile

  47. World of morons, no cap, kill all, yes?

  48. Dan TheMan (MOSFETeer)

    I hate to be the fun police but why does everyone call it the ST-1 it’s an
    I not a 1. Maybe I’m just pedantic.

  49. Lucky player, useless video. Nothing to learn! 3 minutes and he did
    nothing. NOTHING! Poor accuracy, lot of misses.
    After that he BECOME A GOD OF WOT!
    Well, this is happend when LUCKY green player meets low hp”tomatoes”. PURE
    LUCK and RNG!
    And that’s why AW become my first religion instead WOT. PERIOD!

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