World of Tanks || ST-II – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – ST-II. Update 1.7.1 brings a new tree of double barrel tanks including the T10 Soviet ST-II.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I think the turret design is exceedingly boring. Little more than a slightly widened t34-85 turret with a DShK and a mirrored cupola.

  2. One thing that is a sore spot to me about this game. Is HEAT with high pen.

  3. Quickly baby! Again nice presentation video, still not interested in those tanks but what I would like to see is your updated opinion with today’s WOT.

  4. Wargaming does everything it can to ruin the game with new and ridiculous tanks, while QB “previews” the tanks using enhanced equipment + directives, and multi-skilled crews. Seems legit.

  5. just leave it now where it belong
    they have already two guns its already good to one gun

  6. It’s a double barreled Soviet tank. It doesn’t deserve good premium penetration.

  7. The ST-I already has two loaders because the ammo is in two parts. It’s base reload time is 12.75 seconds. But, the double-barreled ST-I has only an 11.7 second reload time (per barrel)? The reload time for each barrel should be more than the single-barrel variant. And, what’s this made up “lock out” timer? It’s all a bunch of fantasy “tanky” garbage.

    • It’s called game balance. Can you find a loader who can load the gun 30 times in a row exactly 12,75s per shell? No you can’t. It’s there for balance reasons. The same reason why some 105mm guns do 390 dmg while others do 320.

  8. This is basically a tier X KV-2.

  9. El Hacedor de Lunas

    I’d say give the IS-2-II the 122 mm guns with 390 alpha, give the IS-3-II 440 alpha and give the ST-II 490

  10. Alexander Aleksandrov

    PS4 ??

  11. its easy to do demage cuz alot of idots playing in test server

  12. @quickybaby .. how do we get rid of the less worsthy people from east europe and german , franch.. they are killing wot.. third world peope should have their own server, we all hate them less worthy humans anyway

  13. well if your going to preview a tank dont use improve equipment, not everyone can buy all 3 improve equipments and put it in a single tank, yes its a test server, but play it as a released version, like other players credit equipment and auto fire extinguisher. And when your playing your free2play account i always hear you complain this and that unskilled crew, the DPM, the gun handling.

  14. how do we get rid of the less worthy people from east europe and german ,
    french and some other lesss worthy humans.. they are killing wot..
    third world peope should have their own server, we all hate them less
    worthy humans anyway

  15. red_ command-minecraft vidioes
  16. Does anyone else find the 300 mm turret armor a little OP?

  17. In the nightime, is it bots alot or just third worl deast europeans that playes liek the retard they are.. WHAT

  18. Like you said yourself in this video, you should do a video about your hardware, I am also interested especially in that microphone, sounds crisp

  19. Just imagine a double freaking barrel kv2

  20. Now that they got the double barrels in I want a Warhammer 40k halloween event next year with double laz Predators and Leman Russ Exterminators ^^

  21. I feel bad for the IS-4

  22. And where is the promised change to IS-4 in 2019. Well we just make it even more irelevant 😀

  23. Double barreled M3 Lee…. now that would be a hoot. lol

  24. Even if the armour profile and most other stats of this thing are just average, the whole double-barrel mechanic gives it versatility which compensates for any flaws.

    Remember the the time French autoloaders first appeared in game. They were seen as overpowered simply because the autoloader mechanic was compensating SO MUCH. After all – French tanks for the most parts were actually quite horrible – no armour, absolutely huge, with abysmal aim times and soft gun stats. But the ability to pack 5-6 shots in manner of seconds was that revolutionary at the time.
    And then they got powercreeped.

  25. Next Patch, flying Tanks

  26. Just wait until double barreled spg

  27. U can’t pen weak spots with standard ammo? Wat!? Wat happened in the years I was gone?

  28. I dont think you video is a good example of what the tank can do when you not only have combat rations for +10 %; you also have the best purple equipment upgrades purple ventilator etc… and a directive ventalator; now how many players can add the equipment that you showed in your video. I would say not many I can’t I don’t have that bonds

  29. Honestly i think its great news that wargamimg is finally able to releasr actually balanced vehicles

  30. I noticed that both guns have 10 seconds reload time, dont see any drawbacks basically . You habe a mormal gun with a ability to shoot th 2 two at same tine with no drawbacks. Another powercreep by wargaming. Another thing is3 ii dont have a cupola weakspot why soviet tanks alaways enjoys that ??

  31. 5th standard Soviet tier 10 heavy? How long before the 5th medium

  32. Double barrel FV005 ??

  33. later = double barrel 4 clip XM551 sheridan xD

  34. Антонов Яковлев

    Dual barrel maus maby?

  35. Thats T shirt worthy. Play like a donkey, get mauled by a leopard.

  36. a tank with almost 900 alpha, & a 300 mm WeAkPoInT on the turret when it’s hulldown. next type 5 heavy situation incoming?

  37. is he cheating ????

  38. definitely worth it , guns alone makes it must have tank … but also tank imo looks pretty nice too , ok mobility and some armor and you got all you need to enjoy this tank , average players and red players will be happy …for skilled pros they would probably favor more mobile tank

  39. Thanks for the video! This was the final nail the coffin for me and this game. time to look for something else to invest money in.

  40. The Last Shot in the First round seems to Fly in from the top Left. Does anybody know why That is?

  41. Everyone talking about the double barrelled tanks, but no-one talking about my boi the M4A2E5

  42. I mean yeah, you can do a lot of damage in a short period of time, but in long-term dpm this tank really falls off. When you compare it to IS-4 and it’s not *that much* better, it means it’s not great by any means. I hope it’s armor will be really good tho.

    I like the idea of weakspot bouncing standard shells, that seems nice, will bounce t8 even on gold.

  43. we need 4 artys in mm soon. Game is already boring coz of hulldown shits.

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