World of Tanks || STA – 1 vs 8

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Kirbymar from NA server is trying hard carry 1 vs 8 in his T8 Japanese medium tank the STA-1.

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  1. Even if you gave me 10 tries , i honestly don’t think i could have pulled
    this off , my heart just pounds so hard in situations like this .

  2. LOL, “Thats lovely bush work”

  3. It’s games like this that WG removes all bushes so tomato Russian Heavy
    tanks drivers don’t get ‘cheated’ against.

  4. The Anonymous Patriot

    Who wants to lay money on the fact the enemy team’s battle chat was going
    off with “No Cap, kill!” cries?
    The thing to do would have been to get 3 on cap. If one dies, well he took
    one for the team and they could have used his wreck for cover to finish the
    This whole idea of “No Cap/Kill” deserves a giant bitch slap in the face
    I see that posted and its an immediate “NEGATIVE!”

  5. If i was not grinding 4 lines right now i would go for the STA1. But
    without a prem account there are just not enough credits to grind so many
    lines at the same time XD

  6. do you nee to use a record programm before you sent a replay? i had a 1 vs
    7 win with stock hellcat ^^ only 1 bounce and killed the last enemy with
    the last shot in my hellcat ^^

  7. good job!

  8. This is why the STA-1 is the best none premium T8 medium in the game.

    With premium ammo making armour obsolete the most important things in this
    game are now gun depression and gun performance as well as mobility.
    As a package the STA-1 is king in all of these with 218 pen, 10 degrees of
    gun depression and good mobility.

  9. QB you create awesome content you are the best

  10. I don’t see the mastery badge in the stats… ?

  11. when you know your team fucked up when you are the only one left and there
    are still 8 players in the enemy team alive,

  12. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Hey QB I just wanted to say that I always enjoy watching your videos.
    Actually I often watch them with my GF who doesn’t even play WOT. We both
    get some great laughs from watching them. I like your calm and the way you
    deliver info. Big thumbs up from Denmark and as always you have been epic

  13. Oh! come on t69 really??. it’s one of the most garbage tank in the game

  14. I do believe Kirby could’ve saved the e8 if he tracked the at15 at the
    start instead of shooting his rear

  15. World of Tanks? World of Bushes.

  16. luis fernando mondragon velazquez

    Yo estuve en esa masacre :’v mi nombre es venomthrash1998 (G.W. Panther) y
    la neta si jugó muy bien el chavo muy buen vídeo 

  17. Hans Solo Zimmler

    Would have cowering behind the cap circle cover in the middle of the cap
    been a good idea there? Does the HE shell form the arty still splash if it
    hit the cover? I think I remember it not like when it hits a dead tank.

  18. Hans Solo Zimmler

    11:16 he didn’t hit the shot blind. the m12 was taken down to half health
    earlier by that comet.

  19. I’m surprised at the lack of any mastery badge in the end… That was worth
    an ace tanker badge…

  20. I think WG should rework the spotting mechanics in WOT. They should remove
    the indicator and the outline altogether when a tank is spotted and
    replaced only with a HUD indicator pointing to the position of the enemy
    tanks (similar to the shot indicator when getting hit). Tanks should be
    rendered as long as their inside the spotting range and LoS.

    Also the wrecked tanks shouldn’t be a shield. Either they make them
    destructible or penetrable with penalty on penetration values.

    This should encourage players to be skillful on map awareness.

    • +Jerico Flores Even though I agree the spotting system needs to be
      reworked, a lot of players might not like the game suddenly getting harder
      and relying on their own eyes to be successful.

  21. This channel needs some refreshment like ”Map tactics” videos because
    these generic ”let me show you a guy owning a bunch of red players”
    videos are getting…..well….tiresome, I’d say. This is still cool to
    watch: I do watch all these videos, but really why this channel attracted
    me more than a year ago were some unique subjects based around WoT.

  22. R.I.P zoidberg 🙁

  23. This is one of the matches where at the start of the game the player could
    have done a lot better but in the end it doesn’t matter.

  24. Go KIrby GO 27pnzr ftw!~

  25. The start of this game sums up how i play my STA-2 but i don’t come out of
    it alive lol

  26. Oswald Cobblepot

    I wonder if that was played on eu server or not

  27. GG. Just shows what kind of damage you can still do with only a few hp’s.
    Never give up. I don’t have the STA-1 but enjoyed the video. What did go
    through my mind is how much I hate playing the Crusader SP. The damage is
    unimpressive, the top gun not very accurate and tends to shoot long (so
    wasn’t surprised by that last miss whizzing overhead) and it has a very
    flat trajectory. The GW and the M12 should have been able to take him out.
    Good video QB and, if you don’t mind, I’ll offer my belated congratulations
    on your graduation this week. Best wishes.

  28. 48 frames per second…Quicky you scrub! ;)

  29. just call it an easy 8 ._. do you really need to say the whole name of the

  30. Quickybqby, can you please upload in 60fps? I feel like it would improve
    the viewing quality.

  31. Oh my word!

  32. Thanks for this video, very helpful for understanding some aspects of camo
    and using bushes well.

  33. I’m glad that he won, imagine what an heart brake to loose such a game!

  34. That last arty shell didn’t even go over his head if you slow it down.It
    went over his hull and so close to his turret

  35. Nábrádi Krisztián

    Hey QB! Your mouth is moving faster in the webcam than in the gameplay. Its
    just 2-3 sec,but Please fix it. 

  36. I see a world of warship shirt, where did you buy it?

  37. Unfair plane he kemp bush.

  38. Kirbymar is my clanmate! Well done Kirby! Representing 27PZR!

  39. OMG he is oviously in the bush if he is not spotted anywhere else. A better
    player will have either moved up or blind fire into the bush it not very
    big compared to tank. this was actually fustrating for me but gg

  40. Hello +QuickyBaby TV , I have some trouble doing my personal missions,
    because I dont have tier 8, 9 or 10 tanks so I wanted to ask you if you
    could give me some tips for doing them?

    Already thanks!

  41. I have not played many of the T8 Meds, but I do really enjoy my Pershing.

  42. That KV4’s commander was out. Thats why he didn’t get spotted when he fired
    at the top of the railroad. that is the ONLY way that happend.

  43. Greedy play by Kirby when shooting that AT15. You say he couldn’t save
    that Easy 8.
    All Kirby had to do was track the AT15, and he could EASILY have saved the
    Easy 8, but oh no, screw helping my team mate, I just want to do more

  44. The bush thing is totaly bullshit bug its shoud reveal the tank no mather
    what if they are shooting at you wot has very stupid ways to take out tanks

  45. this games, are a dream games, because all the time the artyes missing
    shots, t34 85 too, is a perfect matchmaking for he and have lucky

  46. 1 vs 8 in a STA… thats nice

  47. Ye gads o_0- A combo of enormous skill, and goddamned good luck lol xD Top
    tier, lots of BAD players, most of the survivors low hp, and a dash of RNG
    screwing the arty over xD

    Magnificent, but indeed, RNG saved his ass too, to be sure.

    Some of my finest games were from me getting the shit kicked out of me
    early, and playing somewhat conservatively. Often though, my great games
    are just luck. I move from A to B and by pure shitass luck, I’ll catch
    people faced the other way and smoke em. I too have had games where I am
    down to 100 hp 2 mins in, and getting my radleys after :D

  48. This is why viewrange + camo > armor

  49. Stronk Booshes

  50. The enemy team was full of noob retards

  51. Why I dont have that opponents ? Look a this WN8. I know not WN8 drive tank
    but theres a lot of tomatoes on top tiers. I have at least on purple player
    at enemy team in every battle.

  52. Wow great playing! !!!

  53. Holy shiet that was some horrible agressive driving in the begining.

  54. Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

    Good display of how to make fun of noobs who dont know anything about the
    games mechanics. His enemies just know the Z key. Drive forward, dont stop,
    shoot a few times and dont understand why its bad to sit in the middle of
    nowhere in a blind heavy when a medium is lurking around.

    Very entertaining game!

  55. Mihai-Ioan Mihut

    Wargaming are you completely retarded ?Making a god damn MG a weak point…

    • +Mihai-Ioan Mihut Remember when the ears of T29 turret were its weakpoint
      but now they’ve removed it from being a hitbox, same with the MG on the
      STA-1 and IS-4

    • +test18258 Machine gun doesn’t count as part of the hitbox, you have to hit
      the actual cupola.

    • +Tracker947 The actual machine gun on the top of the turret is part of the
      weak point? or is it just the large commanders hatch?

    • Lots of tanks would be completely OP in an arcade setting if they didn’t
      have those weakspots

  56. That was INCREDIBLE!!!

  57. Not only he won this battle, but he did his mission as well :D

  58. The Pershing is dogshit, too slow to handle it and no armor at all. Not my
    type of tank and I’ll immediately sell it for the M46.

    • +Brswing Pershing is a monster. Some people will just never learn.

    • +jisus luvs u Pershing is one of the best Tier 8 Meds. Best on the move
      accuracy, an adequate gun that although isn’t flashy like the Centurion or
      the STA, can still get through the hardest targets with APCR when it needs
      to, and with a good crew is hardly “slow.”Oh yea, and the turret mantlet is
      pretty badass as well. Yea, people will usually aim for the turret cheeks
      but shots go awry at times so the mantlet is effective protection. Combine
      everything about the balanced nature of the Pershing: not being too slow,
      having solid armor for a medium tank, having a decent gun that can crank it
      up when it needs to (but hardly ever needs to do it unless faced with Tier
      10 tanks like an E100 and facing them frontally), and having the best gun
      handling (gun handling deals with turret traverse/on the move stats), it’s
      a pretty great med. Not a noob-friendly tank at all, but saying that it’s
      “slow” and has “no armor” and then sitting there and saying that the M46
      will be better when you don’t even know how to play the Pershing? Makes me

    • +jisus luvs u I don’t think you have the right mentality with the pershing

    • +jisus luvs u if you think the pershing has no armor, you’d hate the m46…

  59. Chicken start getting rapped at 9:49 ;)

  60. QB still has the same wallpaper after an eternity, haha.

  61. Gr8 gameplay, a bit of a bummer in th3 beginning when he lost a lot of his
    health. But in th3 end it pays it self off. GG

  62. Pershing is still much better, that turret has bounced so many heat shells
    and Apcr in tourneys and random pubbies. Pershing also has great view
    range, gun handling on the move and at last it has apcr rather than heat
    which I love. Thing about Pershing is its not great at one particular thing
    its average in all department. Also I would take inform panzer over sta1
    any day of the week.

  63. or ace ????

  64. why he got no master mark?????

  65. not trying to take this guy’s credit, but quicky sure has a very polite way
    of saying the enemy team does not know what they are doing. quicky says for
    example: “The AT-15 has made a very aggressive push” while a quick peek at
    the stats reveal that he probably doesn’t know what he was doing :D

  66. ThePersistentNoob

    “18” dislikes?!?! I think some folks just troll for no reason. This was
    an awesome replay and a great job, as usual, from QuickyBaby.

  67. lol all those blind soviet hvys against a bushmaster

  68. The T95e2 is coming to Xbox and I’d like to know what to expect from this
    thing since I did spend $35 on it

  69. Nice vid!
    What is actually ur real name?

  70. I love T26E4 and Centurion I…

  71. +QuickyBabyTV Your link in the video is broken. it links back to the 1 vs 8
    video, instead of the tank review.

  72. I think he is skillful cause not many players know how to avoid arty fire,
    also playing on low HP is very hard mode. I would never guess that someone
    with that low HP can kill 8 players. He was monster.

  73. I also have been on a 1 vs 8 in my ELC. After killing 5 tanks I crashed
    myself cause of a lag… Nevertheless 3.5k dmg and 3k spotting at higher
    tier tanks.

  74. guys pause the vedio at 12:37 wow that was close

  75. At the 6 minute marker when he was on 37hp against 8 tanks i was like there
    is no way he is gonna win this

  76. can i add you to my friends list? please, thank you.

  77. Very well played game, luckily the enemies were all stupid enough not to
    blind fire the bushes he was obviously shooting them from. Only thing I’d
    say he could have done better is when he was capping against the Crusader
    SP, get behind the debris pile in the cap circle as the Crusader SP’s HE
    shells would merely hit the debris and explode doing no damage to him. In
    any case, I enjoyed this replay and look forward to more.

  78. Not to rain on his parade but at 5:20 that would have been a game over
    mistake pure luck saved him there. Still a nice game but luck was on his
    side that game bigtime.

    • +Chemtech2010 I don’t think anyone disagrees that there was a ton of luck
      here, but still well played, most people would just give up any hope if
      they are 1v8 with 37hp

  79. STA-1でこのスコアーは凄い!!!!

    STA-1 is best tank but Japan Tier has not Heavy Tanks… HT No.VI is

    I use Chi-Ri(五式中戦車) now.

  80. Only 50k credits for that gameplay? Nice job WG. Keep it up

  81. STA-1 hull down is easy to pen… shoot mantlet… 130mm thick only.

  82. this guy played like a noob with an overdosis of luck. With all the shots
    he recieved he should have died at least 4 times

  83. Yuck that turret is SO ugly !

  84. Im the number 1000 like. I would like to thank you +QuickyBabyTV

  85. † Masterhp †

    My grandma could play better than the enemy team.

  86. You should do something on the cruiser 3

  87. Good Game!

  88. HUMAN = ILLUMINAT. HUMAN has 2 eyes ILLUMINATI has 1 eye 2+1=3
    ILLUMINATI has 3 sides.


    • +Dennis S Human has 3 eyes but one of them is “spiritual eye” and its
      located in the center between your 2 “normal” eyes . The name of that eye
      is Pineal gland aka third eye. knowlege confirmed.

  89. You should do something on the tier 2 cruiser 3

  90. 4:17 14 THOUSAND BABY!

  91. I know most of them were on really low health, but holy god, 8v1 in an
    unarmored tank with 37 health…

  92. waw thats really impressive

  93. sick tier VIII Japanese tank replay

  94. Lol the pershing does have better armor but in the most insignificant way,
    the only way your going to pull a bounce on a pershing is if they hit your
    gun mantlet. every other situation you will be pretty much in the same
    situation as the STA-1. As far as gun perfomance goes the STA-1 is way
    better the pershing would have likely been unable to scratch the paint on
    that KV-4 without premium ammo.

  95. Chauncy Popperstein

    I’ve noticed that a LOT of “high tier” players are overly cautious. Yes you
    don’t want to rush out and die in the first few minutes of a game, but when
    they don’t have the balls to rush a fataly wounded tank with no armor….
    That’s just sad.

    • Hans Solo Zimmler

      +Jeff Kline that is a big problem I see in many games. If that KV-4 had
      went with the IS-3, then the KV-4 would have been able to close the
      distance and take one shot at the STA.

    • +Chauncy Popperstein it looked to me that they did, but he just killed them
      as they came. for the most part. they just didn’t all show up at the same

    • Chauncy Popperstein

      I was NOT saying the player in the video should have rushed…. I was
      saying that the 8 enemy player should have rushed him… (I shouldn’t have
      had to clarify that)

    • it happens so often and I’ve seen so many games lost becuz of it

    • +Chauncy Popperstein I would also not attack the tank if I have low HP,
      rather wait for my allies to do the job. But standing on the place while he
      shoots at you, or not waiting for your team when you are one hit dead is
      stupid. Even before I knew low HP tanks are still dangerous, but many
      players underrate such enemies. I have seen many “skilled” (stats) players
      killing off my allies, while I was peacefully capping, they almost killed
      off my whole left team so sometimes it is really better to just cap.

  96. Congrats Kirbymar well done

  97. just by look at those 8 tanks left on him anyone can doit..

  98. I am in trouble with STA -1. I do not like it

  99. 48fps? i don’t get it why that exact fps?

  100. If i were the kv4 i would very easly blind shoot here and kill him..he was
    lucky he was again’s not exp players..but like my father say”luck is a part
    of skill”..and he rly played verywell for someone who realize he has 37hp

  101. qb, he didnt hit the blindshot at 11:12, arty already was on 49%

  102. How’s the minecraft mods? i’ve been enjoying it myself playing tekkit.
    Which mod pack do you play?

  103. I love my japanese tank even though everyone says they are crap

  104. I love my STA-1 to bits. I even prefer it over the Pershing and Centurion
    I, mainly since I could live with having no armor but have the excellent
    mobility and firepower that the STA-1 has, and also I’ve found the Pershing
    and Centurion armor inconsistent and not as reliable and get frustrated
    easily when the armor fails me with those tanks, not so much with the
    STA-1. that 218 penetration just makes the STA-1 a pleasure to use over the
    Pershing, only rarely having to use the HEAT against tier X tanks (E-100,
    Maus) but even then the normal AP is sufficient for me most of the time

  105. QB you can talk so smooth and its nice to hear :D

  106. The camouflage system is completely broken in this game. Even though your
    tank has a viewrange of 445+ meters, for example, you still can’t spot an
    enemy tank firing at you from just a hundred meters away. Or even less.

    • The Anonymous Patriot

      +Phantom089680 Maybe that T54 guy remembered you from a different battle.
      Maybe you said something out of the side of your neck to him, and he
      decided *that* day was the day he was taking his revenge by doing that to
      you. I don’t know.
      I do know it takes a special kind of idiot to intentionally get one of your
      top tier heavy tanks killed like that.
      But then… it *is* World of Tanks after all.

    • +Biased Gamer96 and your name is Biased Gamer.
      You’re right though.

    • +Lenochka This makes sense realistically if you’re in just one bush, but if
      a tank fired from a hundred metres inside the Amazon rain forest and had
      jungle camouflage and a muzzle break that reduces flash… You wouldn’t be
      able to spot them immediately, you’d know roughly where it came from and if
      you were close enough you’d hear it too.

    • +Lenochka Sometimes it works as intended and sometimes it is broken. If you
      use bushes as in this video, it is intended. But yesterday I was tracked by
      an ST-I on an open field in my light tank. I was waiting for the final
      blow, but it never came. I must have disappeared and the ST-I could not see
      me, as I could see he was looking for me. Finally he pulled back. This is
      in my opinion broken.

    • You know whats broken? The team damage algorithm… I got my e100
      contnously tracked by a TEAMMATE T54, out in the open on mines… Lost all
      my 2.700 hp to that, he didnt have to pay me a single silver, and wg
      support doesnt give a sgit ofc

  107. inb4 301

  108. Good use of the bushes GG 

  109. He should have been dead several times

  110. Holy shit that clutch, amazing play, damm

  111. Caernarvon: 53k, 770 wn8… this is Wot !!

  112. Congrats Kirbymar from my clan 27PZR! I know him personally and this is
    totally like him to do this.
    Kirby if you see this, I’m Emas. When you get on you have a big celebration
    detach waiting for you!

  113. Sup

  114. war thunder is way better than this shit

    • +Dirk James War Thunder and World of Tanks aren’t really comparable. War
      Thunder is mostly realistic, with a few exceptions(mostly the Russian tanks
      actually hitting their intended target, and actually having armour), and
      World of Tanks is arcade with slightly less Russian bullshit.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Dirk James I would play it, if they removed the option to cheat (foilage

  115. sneaky ninja

  116. M Lord Kimu (Kimu)

    fourteen thousand …what? hahaah nice one QuickyBabyTV :D

  117. Kaiken = Laiken

  118. He played really well there, there’s no denying it.

    But still, why do i never get games like this? ç_ç All tomatoes on the
    other side, and many left one shot and coming one by one :/

    • +ladawg81 oranges’/tomatoes/potatoes are the same anyway

    • +Diesel Ka his skill is not that great, relies abit too much on auto aim,
      takes way too long to zoom in and keep his tank overexposed over ridges too
      long, taking unnecessary risks(since there are arties). Generally, he is a
      pretty good player but not to quickbaby is just gives his skill too much

    • +Diesel Ka
      Wouldnt say the whole team was bad, the only one to miss play that we can
      see was the AT15 who over committed.

    • +Diesel Ka I’m out of luck, playing in my A-43. 6 vs 1, kill 5 enemies
      tanks the last one is a Grille, i was going in maximium speed and doing
      evasive manouvers and the Grille MOVING his tank to try to hit me (meaning
      that his aiming circle was bigger than a barn) managed to kill me.

    • Yeah all tomatoes, yet they still bumrushed a team of oranges and greens
      until the end.

  119. Is 4 updated review plz

  120. the t 44 is good

  121. Well holy balls… This replay was the most intense one I have ever seen.
    GJ Kirbymar ;)

  122. Anton Liljekvist

    301 club!

  123. T69!! best tier 8 med

    • I’m carrying 24 AP and 16 HEAT with me and ever take AP as first load at
      the beginning, also in tier 10s. If I see an enemy whose armor is just
      unpenetrable with AP I load a gold magazine. For me there’s no problem
      because 24 seconds are quicklier down than expected. So most of the time I
      earn 0 to 20.000 instead of losing 50.000 because I wasted gold ammo on
      spots, artys or just on AP penetrable high tiers.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Carl Wernecke Should I go full gold in it?

  124. Second :D

  125. If KV-4 had fired straight ahead…

  126. In my opinion the Centruion I is better in every way than the STA1 Gun,
    speed, armor etc!

    • I respect your opinion but statistically the centurion is horrible compared
      to the sta-1. The only thing it has over the sta1 is armor but I rather
      have shit armor than an ammo rack that can be damaged by getting shot in
      the drivewheel.

    • +Double D lmfao

      Centurion 1 has worse camo, gun handling isn’t as good, and the cent isn’t
      as mobile as the STA-1

    • that tank looks beautiful (T_T)

    • +James Long Usually reliable info on that blog, but since everything is
      subject to change untill it hits the live server never take it for truth.
      But Mauschen stats were accurate, as was the info to not let it go live for
      example. As were certain leaks on gift tanks such as the Pz II D.

      There is also an insider, referred to as Insider, that gives out nice info.
      British tier X’s should be swapped this year. Chieftain Mk.2 should come in
      place of the FV215b and FV4202 will be replaced by the Centurion Action X,
      as it stands now the FV215b will be deleted and the FV4202 will become a
      tier VIII premium.

      It may be beneficial to get the FV4202 now, because there is a good chance
      they will hand out a mission to those that had it already to get it once it
      becomes a premium, or everyone will get that mission but demands will be
      less for those that had the FV4202 once it was swapped for the Action X.

  127. well done kirby. And thx for the entertaining vids quickybaby. They really
    help out

  128. Jack Huo (TimeMasterGaming)

    How long ago was the last Japanese tank gameplay?

  129. Please do an updated review of IS-4 please

  130. 12:37 that reaction ;D

  131. 8th ;)

  132. 48 FPS? well, ok…

  133. QB you’re awesome

  134. Under 301 club

    Want some cookies :D

  135. I personally love the gun and the mobility

  136. Finally some Japanese tank gameplay… !

  137. Zackarias Pettersson

    hellloooo :P

  138. Hi 3rd

  139. What do you guys think of the STA-1 especially compared to the other T8


  140. First. :P

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