World of Tanks || STA-2 – 3 Marks

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Source: QuickyBaby

. Today I’m 3 marking the Japanese the STA-2.

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  1. I got 2 MoE on the M103 with my 2007 laptop (15 fps min graphics)

  2. Ngọc Phúc Nguyễn

    Centurion I is one of the easiest tank to get 3 MoE in Asian Sever 😉

  3. I have been research the STA2 and getting ready to buy it and this video confirms what I have found in other videos and tank comparison, that it will be a very good preparation for my first line all the way to 9 and 10.  It will be the final prep premium for me.  The Patriot and ripper Patton KR give me a Pershing (abide a Jumbo  Pershing) and a Patton.  I have the Bulldog and along with the STA the four tanks should be a good focus.j  I also have the Patton 59 and absolutely love the performance of all these Tier 8 Premiums.

    I think it would be very interesting to see a series of videos on Premium Tanks that give you a feel for what those magical and hugely time expensive 9 and 10s are like to drive without the huge commitment of going through the grind. 

    On the Sovets.I have the T54 mod 1 and love it, so will give that Soviet line with the 54 a shot after the American Patton line, but am not as excited as the Patton, and find the Soviet top premium heavies not as much fun.

  4. where is my t-shirt!!!

  5. hmmmm… that IS is a pretty good TD..

  6. Good video!

  7. I love how qb talks about the patriot still being the best tier 8 prem tank for all specs while he forgot the nameless the over power of the overpowerds xD

  8. With the bussf to STA-2, STA-1 is like a shit. STA-2 is a premium tank but then the stats are overall better than STA-1 LOL fuk WG

  9. buy churchill 3. 1k damage, 70k credits. 1 million credits in 4 matches.


  11. I always wondered why they have Axes as Marks for the Japanese instead of something like that one popular mark of four diamonds forming a big diamond. Not sure what it’s called.

  12. I feel like QB was playing a lot of STA-2 to remind himself of what real Japanese humans actually sound like.

  13. almost half milion subs hYpe hype

  14. “Oops I accidentally 3 marked a tank” – QB 2017

  15. Your vids get bored fast. You have really no emotions or change of expressions to your face.

  16. the AT line capula is way to weak. pretty much kills the line for me. one thing I’ve learned in wot is never trust your allies they will always fail you

  17. only 3-marking OP tanks…not impressed

  18. How do you feel about the FV4202 by credit comparison?

  19. Great tank

  20. Do a gameplay in the Strv S1

  21. 4:54 speaking of machine gun ports…

  22. The play on the EU server seems so different to the SEA server,,

  23. 13:25 T28 AT??

  24. Black hawk gameing

    nope, m4a1 rev is better bang 4 ur buck. low ammo cost n repairs= profit earning premium

  25. little nugget; if you get both tracked assist and spotting assist WG only counts the highest value of the two and apply that to the total damage.

  26. dude stop uploading trashy 3rd marks on tier8 xD… nobody cares about that shit… START GETTING 3 MARKS ON YOUR TIER10 you wannabe super unicum 😛

  27. Do trophy guide video!

  28. The enemies base?

  29. I think WoT should use the same ideals regarding consumeables that WoWs use, having the basic stuff provided for free makes the general playerbase more competitive as well as not breaking everyones bank while playing.

  30. qb, in blitz you just cant earn any credits ever. i can usually only ever get to earn around 15,000 credits with a 3000 damage game with 5 kills

  31. Nothing to do with this video but has anyone else noticed the extreme nerf to credit return after playing games at ALL tiers not just high tiers. I rarely shoot gold so that’s not the issue. The amount if $$$ I’m gettng back is really really poor often losses after WINS !

  32. I think the best moneymaking tanks are the Panther 8,8 and the Jagdtiger 8,8.
    88mm ammo is unreasonably cheap.

  33. Oh classic QB, you have shown that you have 3 marks of excellence on the tank in the screenshot of the video

  34. 8:40 Wow QB… hahahaha

  35. Zuzana Magyarova

    I love your diplomatic way of speaking about the superheavies.

  36. is wot paytowin game because i dont feel like been playing wot for 3 year and i have type 5 heavy,maus,2tier 7 tank and 3tier8

  37. Sebastian Florentin Dudău

    QB can you make a tank review to the tier 8 premium german heavy tank the lowe i want to know more about it please .

  38. Are you now gonna make a video about every tank you 3 mark? Tier 8 isnt that special tho. Maybe only do tier 10s?

  39. Eh… It gets bad at 16:23:(

  40. “Hi guys is quicky baby” and i’ll say it alltime to my death… and in heaven too 😉

  41. I want absolutely get my hands on the STA-2 ! It’s so superb ! Did you know that before, the STA-2 had 185 mm of penetration with standard ammo ? And was one of the least competitive tier 8 mediums in the game ?

  42. QB is going to ruin it for all of us who love our STA-2’s… Wargaming are going to say “Oh, you’re having fun are you? In Mother Russia we do not tolerate fun”, and then they’ll ruin my lovely little STA-2 by hitting it with the need bat. Which will lead to me going ballistic and taking legal action against WG for changing a product which I have paid real money for. Which will lead to WG having to pay billions of dollars in legal fees, which will lead to them shutting down and me seeing a LOT of money vanishing into nothingness.

    So yeah. Thanks a lot QuickyBaby.

  43. WOT Cinematic [KAZNA]

    Guys i watched some wot wiki and found out that tracking assist gets more MOE procent further than spotting assist.. So if you think 3000 spotting assist will get your moe procent further it will probably not

  44. WOT Cinematic [KAZNA]

    Quicky4UK if you know what i mean 😉

  45. I’m pretty sure you have said “This is the best bang for your buck premium tank” about almost every premium tank.

  46. I loved the STA-1 when grinding the Japanese line and I’ve always been tempted to get the STA-2 as well, but the thing is I already own so many premium tanks I’m never playing….

  47. how do you get the numbers for required dmg for a mark?

  48. QB what equipment do you use on the STA-2? Gun rammer, Coated optics and what?

  49. Basicly if you like your Centurion Mk.I, pick the STA-2, you are going to love it.

  50. same gun,armor and speed with ind pnz…so it sucks…

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