World of Tanks || STA-2 – 9.6 Preview

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Preview the T8 premium medium tank the coming in patch 9.6!

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  1. Haha first like! :)

  2. Hey I hope you enjoy this preview of the STA-2, not quite sure what to
    think of it yet!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  3. Great vid qb 

  4. First!

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  6. nice, Will buy it 100%

  7. QB The Pershing and T44 are worse tanks in almost every way and they are
    regular tanks rather than Premium like the Sta-2… What do you think of
    them apples?? 

  8. very good :)

  9. I had the SP b4 and with 170 pen on its gun I just don’t want to deal with
    a tank with a gun like the KV5 and SP. I won’t be buying this tank to
    fatten my bank account.

  10. give us the scorpion !!!!!

  11. Do you think that they will ever make tanks with 2 guns work eg the M3 Lee
    or B1 heavy

  12. why not me to go into the test server. Message that is unable to find
    information about my account.

  13. Lol, the armour is 45 degrees thick. 2:27

  14. If my FCM50t and Type59 retain their special MM then I see no reason to buy
    a Panther 8.8, CDC or STA-2.

  15. Its my b-day c:

  16. Gun handling looks soooo bad :(

  17. Not an OP tank for sure, but still more pen than (the often forgotten)
    T-44, which doesnt even have gun depression

  18. complete shit tank…

  19. Do that Himmelsdorf race thing with a Tog and T95.

  20. 13:00 We also have Panther 8.8 and T-34-3, so no, it’s not the only one.

  21. I don’t think that the fact that premium ammo costs and that it sees tier X
    will scare most off. Just about everyone regardless of WN8 shoots gold ammo
    on the IS-6 and SP. due to their high gold pen, and not due to their
    income. So I say if they really want a crew trained. 275 pen will just
    about do it since its not THAT different form the STA-1 on paper.

  22. I know that they take a lot of production time, but it’d be great to see
    some more map tactics videos. After watching those my play got better.

  23. Sounds like the STA 2 is going to be a premium ammo firing tank, GG war

  24. the best premium tank gun is on the lower hands down its go great pen
    deadly accuracy and aim time its almost identicle to the tiger 2s 105mm l68
    but the best teir 8 premium i would say is the jadgtiger88, good armour
    beast gun decent mobility.
    teir 8s are the best machines they all are unique in their own aspects, t32
    monster turret, is3 famous brawler, kv4 awsome armor, etc etc, but the best
    teir 8 heavy should be tiger2 its allround good tank heavy armour good
    mobility(and no its not a lie) easily the best gun/s excluding premuims,
    easy grind troll front turret cos there are moments were u can bounce is8
    fv215b is7 reliably despte it being 185mm, good weight so you can take your
    chances at ramming, probably takes the most skill to drive. an is3 is good
    but i wont say its as good not as good frontal armor u know that pike dont
    even work its mobility is not much better with only small differnce, gun no
    were near as good. but these two are the most popular teeir 8s and when
    people say that they have different play styles well its yes and no is3
    cant snipe like tiger 2 tiger 2 can tiger 2 is good close up in citys but
    not as good as is3, and if 2 sklled tiger2 and is3 drivers faced my money
    is on tiger2 seriosly it has better ROF its taller so you can snipe down on
    that 20mm hatch easily better hull front armour and troll frontal turret
    witch you cant pen since is3 has to shoot upwads.(well if firing gold both
    drivers can go slaughter eachother)

  25. wow this thing makes the lowe and the panther 88 look good

  26. Imho these new premiums are complete garbage. .’ Panther 8.8 and JagdTiger
    8.8 are much better. Even E 25 seems better and it’s “only” tier 7.

  27. In my opinion it’s not really worth it. The STA-1 is not strictly superior
    or inferior and is in too many ways the same tank. On the other hand, the
    CDC seems really interesting, having that superb mobility and reliable gun.
    Also the fact that both the mediums get an unreliable armor, having that
    extra speed is very important to get out from undesired situations.

  28. I like this video `Indeed´ ;-)

  29. Will the 2 new premium tanks be available ingame for gold, or just in the
    shop, like the Panther 8,8 until the next patch comes out?

  30. Sebastián Lasarte

    WG has decided to stop using preferential MM in new tanks, at least
    according to For The Record.

  31. can we get some informative video about how to improve our efficiency and
    wn8 win rate …..

  32. No pref MM = not wasting money,GZ WG for making useless premiums

  33. 37 minutes lol

  34. QB, PLEASE do a review of the T-44. No one has a really good one out yet
    and I am struggling with it.

  35. Quinton Dombrowski

    Poor penetration is not unexpected, it’s perfectly predictable. It is a
    premium tank, so those using it are already prepared to spend decent money.
    Giving it low alpha and great gold ammo performance means this is the
    PERFECT income earner for WarGaming. I though that was pretty obvious.

  36. The STA 2 is just for selling gold ammo if you ask me. Such a tank + acc
    nerf is a pretty clear sign to me…

  37. 7:24 THAT is what is going to ruin the game.

  38. Thank you for confirming my thoughts of STA-2 for a money making being
    forced to spend money on gold more than other tanks. You are so nice and
    polite when rude people would say it is a piece of ” Garbage ” Keeps my
    Tier 5 Prem Medium Japanese. The CDC I found to be lots of fun

  39. Can you review the new airstrikes? Or are they not out jet

  40. The STA-2 was only put in the game to sell gold ammo.

  41. Just another tank that basicly need heat ammo and is there to make money
    for wargaming and for no other reason what so ever.

  42. LOL! 69 comments! & witch do you think is better, is6 or is4?

  43. If u look at say the t-44 it has no gun depression and only 175mm of
    penetration so gun wise the sta-2 isn’t so bad off 

  44. So basicly it is a tier 8 Chi-nu Kai? Underpowered, under armored but with
    a good gun?

  45. no more boring runs around himmelsdorf please, instead of the useless
    comparison show 1 more gameplay its more fun to watch!

  46. I disagree that 185mm penetration is in any way bad. It’s better than about
    half of the t8 mediums in the game.

    You say “it’s not going to reliably penetrate the frontal hull of most
    heavy tanks it will meet” like it’s a bad thing. Rather than suggesting
    things like picking your fights carefully, playing a support role, or
    choosing the right moment to engage, you say “the only way to compete with
    higher tier tanks will be to fire premium rounds at them”. It’s almost like
    you expect to be able to penetrate any tank with any other tank within 2
    tiers, from any angle, and see nothing wrong with that scenario.

    On a side note, you got very lucky in that first minute on Karelia. One
    tracking shot and you’d probably not have made it to safety. Even with a
    repair kit used immediately, given the less than good acceleration of the
    tank, the game would’ve ended with ~240 dmg at most. I guess it’s the
    effect of the accuracy nerf? Well, if it means this kind of risky play will
    be rewarded more often, I’m all for it.

  47. Hnoestly … 185mm of penetration is more than enough. Ask any russian T8
    medium tank driver. 

  48. thanks for the review…. i guess i will stick with my Slow Pershing
    extra armor and preferential mm

  49. His shirt keeps changing. Does his shirt usually keep changing? 😀 Makes
    sense though to upload clips from different days.

  50. amyone knows what the thing is where your reticle shakes after each shot?
    and also how i can get it?

  51. Chi Nu Kai still the supreme Japanese medium crew trainer. :)

  52. the IS-6 armor is not a problem, when he angles you can penetrate the part
    between the front and side, or the right side of the gun mantlet

  53. 185 penetration against tier10? WTF WoT?

  54. STA-2 will most likely get prem MM it’s just for the test server so people
    can actually play games and not be waiting in que for 10 mins. 

  55. You look like you don’t really like the tank. But after all, who would?

  56. QB is a PRO!! ??

    Shooting a Superpershing with 185 pen at a Distance of 500 m with 0,37 Acc!
    Several times at his Weakspot on the Turret.

    That is nor professionial in my Opinion. If u shot with Premium Ammo ok,
    but thats only useless!


  57. here for Claus Kellerman comment

  58. STA 2 is just crap! What you think about tank from my pic QB?

  59. Guillaume Lemaigre

    By the way, i don’t think you have ever made a video about the Super
    Pershing. That might be interesting. 

  60. To balance this tonk, i think it should get cheap heat, or was it apcr?

  61. Hello qb are you going to make review on fcm 50 t? I want to see your
    gameplay in it:P

  62. STA-2 seems much like lower tier Japanese mediums I played, like a Chi-He,
    but in T8. It has a mediocre gun, not too large size, bad armor, almost
    enough mobility and godlike gun dep. I somehow enjoy those sneaky little
    Jap medium tanks, and I did well with them. I tried this and the CDC, and
    strangely it seems to fit better to my playstile. It turns better, and
    somehow tells that you are weak, you have to be careful. CDC somehow made
    me reckless. But STA-2 is not good enough for me to pay real money for it.

  63. Jagdpanther 2 or Ferdinand?

  64. Hey guys when i try to play the replay it says i have an out dated version
    an that it wont play the replay good and if i ignore the mesage an go to
    the replay it freezez please help

  65. lol what a sack of shit

  66. 185mm pen is better than T-34-2 & T-44 not to mention it has premium

  67. Great video, I like the technical analysis with the different tests,
    especially the sta-1 sta-2 standoff thing

  68. I can’t see this tank being competitive at all, not against T9’s and 10’s
    anyway. 185mm just won’t cut it and with armour that is basically as bad as
    the new French prem, if it was between those two you’d be mad to go for
    this. WG Japanese money grab tank

  69. Amx cdc is 100times better better gun a lot better speed and almost same
    armor and cdc have better camorating i think…

  70. Ranulf Lewis Flanagan

    Was that an STA-1 HD model or was I imagining things?

  71. The STA-2 is just a Japanese tier 8 version of the M4A3E8.

  72. It is being said the WOT are planning to get rid of the Aufklarungs
    Panther: This really sucks! Why?? A really interesting tank and thus a game
    enhancer. I know many hate it but others love it. But isn’t that the
    strength of this game over others? The real depth of choice; where not only
    ar there so many beautifully individual tanks of all shapes and sizes but
    even more important; there are DIFFERENT right choices and approaches. This
    and the logical customizing mean that you have a game with the perfect
    blend of focus on the Game (tank) and the player (every game is different)
    and open to surprise ‘until the fat lady sings’.

  73. a shitty tank indeed

  74. so basically there’s no reason o get this tank other then training since
    you wont be making a lot of money because of heat spam. the funny thing is
    you also get crew training from playing the stb 1 which is always top tier
    and doesn’t need to fire perm ammo. I feels like there’s not enough of a
    reason to buy prem tanks anymore I mean prem tanks are always worse then
    normal tanks and since wg said they aren’t going to put in any more
    preferential matchmaking tanks anymore then I think id rather just play the
    free tanks in the game.

  75. with that kind of penetration this tank is dead to me… but also any tier
    9 or 10 heavy.

  76. i think that the STA-2 is a japanese pershing 

  77. Wait, is this from the test server?

  78. People are forgetting that T-44, tier 8 soviet medium has 175mm of
    penetration and doesn’t have pref mm either…

  79. Well the STA-1 is already one of the most horrible tanks. Sure it got good
    pen and a ROF thats very slightly better than other tier 8 meds. However,
    that’s all you get. It’s slow, it’s HUGE, it has a tumor sticking out on
    the turret. It has no armor. It’s accuracy is poor and lastly it trolls you
    so hard when trying to shoot with it. It never goes where you want it to
    go. Even if you’re top tier, you feel like bottom tier.

    So they made an STA-2 premium. They thought: Since the STA-1 is so crappy,
    let’s make an even more crappier version by using the worst tier 8 med as
    an inspiration. At least the T-44 has speed and good traverse speed to get

    The only redeeming factor is that people try to shoot sta’s with HE
    thinking they can pen their HE shells. 😛

    However, I am sure a lot of you skilled players can make the STA-1 work. I
    just can’t and hate it with a passion. 

  80. I can’t wait for the STA-2!

  81. I think the M26 Pershing compares favorably to the STA-2, crap gun, crap
    armor (except turret front on Pershing)
    90mm+ guns auto penetrate the top of an IS-6 turret if i remember right

  82. The big conundrum is that for WG to make a profit by selling premium tanks,
    they have to actually sell the things. The old premium tank meta made
    sense- premium tanks were inferior to regular tanks of the same tier so
    they could not be accused of ‘pay2win’, but had preferential MM so that
    they would still be enjoyable. The new meta that we see with the Panther 88
    and STA-2 of having completely mediocre tanks with regular MM is
    confounding. I understand that there’s practical reasons that WG are
    deliberately avoiding preferential MM, but all the same their premiums have
    to be made appealing in some way or another if they intend to sell any of
    them. They were clever enough to give the CDC clear advantages in mobility
    and firepower, why have they forgotten to give the STA-2 anything of value?

  83. Are you going to do a review of the Panther 8,8?

  84. nuclearsharkattack

    WG is doing a great job of bringing in trash premium tanks lately. Guess
    with the Ruble in the toilet, forcing players who buy this POS tank to fire
    gold will offset losses in other areas. It really looks like WG is running
    out of ideas fo WoT — just at the exact same time as *Armored Warfare* is
    making its beta debut.

  85. infinitelyExplosive

    Great review

  86. Christopher Harper

    QB could you stop testing vehicles with premium consumables as most of us
    can’t afford that.
    It gives such an unrealistic perspective of a tank.

  87. I really don’t see why you keep complaining about the penetration on that
    gun, when most of tier 8 premiums have less pen.

  88. only tier 8 premium medium? you forget t-34-3 and type 59!

  89. Can’t forget about the t-34-3 it is also a tier 8 premium medium

  90. QB, the reason STA-2 looks more like a type 61 than STA-1 is that it is
    part of the development of the type 61.

    In 1957 and 1958, the STA-1 and STA-2 were developed as prototype vehicles
    of a new tank. They used these to test, and then developed the STA-3 and
    STA-4, which finally became the type 61 in 1961. Only one year later, the
    STB project would start.

  91. Looks so not worth the money. Maybe if it had pen then it might be worth it

  92. With ongiri on a premium tank lol Plz snipe but remove ongiri first

  93. How do you tell what kind of shells enemy tanks shoot at you without mods?

  94. Really like the development of your reviews QB, the side-by-side
    comparisons are very handy. 

  95. While I’m a huge fan of the STA-1 and think it’s one of the best tier 8
    medium tanks in WoT at the moment the STA-2 is a weak underpowered vehicle
    at tier 8.
    Certainly for a premium tank it’s currently not ready for release on the
    live server.

    The mobility is ok and the armour is none existent but what kills this
    vehicle stone dead is the lousy 185 penetration on the gun. This is simply
    not acceptable for a premium tier 8 vehicle without preferential
    And then having the balls to give it something like 275 pen with premium
    ammo ensuring that you’ll have to spam premium to win matches while this
    loses you tons of money (why you would drive premium in the first place) is
    just plain wrong.

    Before this vehicle is released in 9.6 the penetration on the gun for
    standard ammo needs to be buffed to at least 210 to make it competitive. At
    the current time I’d advise everyone to NOT buy this vehicle until this is

  96. so this tank has no radio on the back of the turret as a module?

  97. no point of getting this tank! if you wanna train crew, take the Chi-Nu-Kai
    in T5 (better Tier for Tier) – this is a plain bad tank.. a shooting Duck
    in T10

  98. Don’t forget the T 34 3 (when you said the super was the only tier 8 prem

  99. What a stupid and useless tank

  100. I will still see episode mincraft with peppy episode 11

  101. BustRobot's Gaming Corner

    This is damn shame, I was looking forward to this tank and it may not be
    worth the money.

    Some may have already mentioned this but the reason for the gun having
    lower pen looks to be because it’s the stock or middle 90mm gun for the
    STA-1, hence the lower pen but better ROF – I remember the stats well and
    the gun has the same visual model as the STA-1 I did.
    I did grinding through that gun and it was… painfully expensive, lots of
    prem-shells had to be fired unitl I got that top 90mm.

    Well I have an STB-1 so I may get this, but like you say QB, it certainly
    won’t be for making silver – more for crew training.

  102. the general accuracy nerf is being felt…

  103. This tank is just bad,not terrible but bad,no armor what so ever,you are
    not going to bounce tier 8,9 and 10 tanks with pen more than 200,mobility
    is not the best,and engine power is low,if that amx didnt got shot by the
    arty,QB would die,gun depression is good,your turret armor is good,but its
    not going to bounce 200 + mm of pen aiming weak spots,and accuracy for
    medium is not good,sniping is not possible

  104. The STA-1 sucks ass hard enough, and now they introduce even worse version
    of it… and want real money for it. WG has a pathetic sense of humour.

  105. 45 degrees thick? wat

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