World of Tanks || STA-2 – TRIPLE TREAT

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

A Treat Ace Tanker gameplay in the T8 Japanese premium medium tank the STA-2 which was recently buffed in 9.9!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.



  2. I’m aSTA-2 tank driver. This tank rocks hard! Amazing DPM, amazing mobility
    and awesome and cool lookin tank!! It has all I wanted…oh, and it can
    hull down. Just love it!

  3. Lukas Reissenweber

    haha, in the third game were 6 guys from the same Clan.

  4. love the good guy deathstar

  5. “yr an absolute potato if you shoot an IS-7 here” lol, yeah that’d be me

  6. Ethan Brown-Graham

    do more videos

  7. 15:38 So much of the time it sounds like QB is playing a completely
    different game to me…like that very rarely happens to me on that map xD
    So many examples he gives of his experiences on certain maps just don’t
    match up with my own haha. How can a game like this be so different for two
    people when the only constant factor (the player) has presumably very
    little impact on how the rest of their team play…?

  8. Is the STA-2 competetive with AMX CDC ? I like japanese tanks, and I’m
    doing medium line, but i want to buy premium especially for grinding and I
    don’t know what to choose… Please help tankers ;)

  9. To be completely honest I still think the STA-2 should have never been
    released with this penetration number, there is a reason the STA-1 has 218
    penetration on it’s standard shells compared to the 175 of the Pershing.
    That reason is that this tank has no effective armour on the turret so if
    you peek for a shot it *needs* to penetrate.

    The STA-2 is effectively a straight clone of the STA-1 but with almost
    30mmless penetration for which you have the privilege of paying REAL money.
    Why would you do that?

    The STA-1 does everything the STA-2 does and better while it’s completely
    free. Also, because it has 218 pen you’ll ding far less shots which in
    effect means more profit.

    I know that in these games you did well against T10 tanks but lets be
    completely honest, how many more matches were you utterly ineffective and
    having to spam premium ammo because the enemies were not so dumb to show
    you their sides?


    Nice disco shirt by the way XD

  10. CDC much better then STA-2.

  11. “You only expose you well angled side-armor and then you should still have
    the tiniest shots right here” = You’re vicious basterd :p

  12. I maybe buy this tank now.. Maybe

  13. I bet quicky won’t be very good playing on the Asian server

  14. Now if they would just buff the T-34-3 and the 59 Patton…

  15. The regular STA-1 is fairly similar and very much as good btw, for anybody
    watching this who likes the look of the tank but doesn’t have the money to
    buy it and hasn’t gone up the Japanese MT line (at least to tier 8 or
    beyond) yet. It sacrifices a little bit of the gun handling and DPM for a
    bit more pen.

    STA-2 doesn’t look too bad but I would still be driving a CDC personally.
    More than willing to sacrifice a little armor and dpm for a lot more
    mobility and pen.

  16. new to wot an ur vids greatly help

  17. I love my STA-2, I don’t see anything wrong with it, you just have to have
    the right game style to play it right and effectively.

  18. Thanks for the video on the STA-2 QB. I am working the Jap medium line now
    and was think of buying that tank. Good stuff!

  19. can u add the wot assistant mod into ur modpack

  20. I’ve noticed that in the vast amount of your replays, you’re playing
    against total shit players. Is the EU server just completely full of shit
    players? Because the NA server is much more competitive than the matches
    I’ve seen in your replays.

  21. Vincent “Returd” Vorone

    Sta-2 is one of, if not my favorite t8 premium tanks, even before the buff.
    It is pretty solid but the 185mm of pen can be underwhelming sometimes,
    that’s about my only complaint.

  22. special matchmaking

  23. I know you get asked this question alot but im trying to figure out what
    the best tier 8 prem will be for me and my buddies in a 3 man platoon

  24. Hey QB, great video as always. I eat, drink, and breathe your WOT videos. I
    would love to see you do some WOT Blitz, I am at 55% win rate there and I
    think your input would be very valuable to myself and the rest of us that
    play on our phones/tablets. As always, you’ve been epic, and hopefully,
    I’ll see you soon.

  25. I’m an STA-2 driver and I approve of this message 😛 Mainly got it so I
    could grind my STB-1 female crew before getting enough free xp to go all
    the way up that line, and make the credits for it at the same time. Its
    also my only tier 8 medium (the rest aren’t really worth keeping, maybe the
    416 though). So whenever the platoon wants to play tier 8 mediums then I
    can make a hefty profit. Its excellent premium shell pen also means you
    don’t really lack in performance. So you can do very well in winrate with
    it. And because of the credits it makes you can afford to fire some heat.
    With the changes in pen over distance its armor also got a slight buff,
    small caliber shells bounce regularly on the mantle at range, as a sort of
    added bonus.

  26. I d be rekt like 10 times by arty on sand river there where you spent early
    game… Dont know why they failed to try to shot you at all

  27. how does it compare to the cdc?

  28. I’ve been considering picking up the STA-2……considering just that
    little bit harder now ;)

  29. I have one but haven’t driven it in months. Its just not quick enough to
    move like it needs to.

  30. Great Video. I like it!

  31. The map analysis as always is incredibly helpful

  32. I must disagree about erlenberg. This map has to be one of the most
    unbalanced maps at the moment. The north spawn has a hudge disadvantage
    because of the G1 location.
    Usually the south team wins on both flanks, just because of G1, where you
    cant see the enemy before he fires, and they are pretty much hulldown all
    the time and impossible to dig out.
    While on the other flank the south team has a really easy time too. Then
    the north gets flanked from every direction and its over…

  33. i think erlenberg is alot better now QB, but i learned the hard way that if
    you spawn north never go to east you’re just gonna die there.

  34. 10:46 Actually QuickyBaby, there are at least as many ways to damage
    enemies without them having even a chance to damage you back as there are
    SPGs to choose from in the game.

  35. on NA erlenberg usually seems to spread the same way ur game went


  37. nice shirt

  38. well played!

  39. what is quickybaby’s win rate I can’t even see it I know its high cause its
    purple but I can’t make out the number

  40. can you do one of these videos on the pershing

  41. My Most memorable STA-2 game came using the exact same hull down position
    that you used in the third replay. 5.5k Dmg, 2 fires but ofc… that was a
    defeat game -_- Mediums are one of my least played classes, but the STA-2
    is one of my favourite tanks in the game.

  42. Here in NA everyone splits in half in Erlenburg, and the 3 of the games
    were against noobs. Wouldn’t end well if you played in NA as every team has
    at least 2 blues and 1 purple :'(

  43. Cool Shirt Quicky. Must be a premium shirt only

  44. To me playing the STA-2 actually feels like the T-127 in a bad matchup…
    of course, I have both and they feel the same :)

  45. Render issue. Vid doesn’t flows well, it falters and and sound is out of
    sinc. Better rerender an upload again.

  46. Does a tenth of a second really make that much difference in aim time? It
    seems to me to be a bit negligible, but I might be wrong

  47. lehväslaihon = levaslaion :D

  48. juan fernando pacheco maldonado

    this tank is awesome i drive it most times and i guess is a good flexible


    They are changing update 10.0 to reflect all of the feedback they received.
    This includes the removal of the inscription and camouflage crew bonuses.

  50. I really enjoyed this video, QB, thank-you. Not only did I have fun
    watching but I also learned a lot too. I had no idea about the spaced armor
    on the is7, as I’m still a novice player in WoT. I really liked how you
    also talked about strategy and smart plays as well. I’ve been watching a
    lot of your videos lately, and this by far has been one of the most
    informative I’ve seen recently. Please keep up the good work and also
    thanks for being a good teacher as well. :-)

  51. I admire you for your ability to keep calm as you did in that last match.

  52. Hey QuickyBaby, this is a good video from you. I like your style of
    explaining and giving advices. So please go on with that.

  53. 4:52: “Absolute Death Bus – Coming soon to a theater near you!”

  54. Jesus, all those tomatos in the first match!

  55. It don’t half make me laugh when you get people commenting on your vids.
    Saying, you should of done this or that. And I bet their win rate is
    nowhere near as good as yours. Do you ppl realise how stupid you look,
    telling a super unicum what they should be doing. Or calling him a hacker
    because he knows the mechanics of the game. Like the one guy saying hacks.
    Because you shot through a wall. It was a recent update tard. You can shoot
    through certain objects now.

  56. Sand river assault is broken

  57. So QSF main guys rigging heavy tank missions now? Disapointing.

  58. Tim Mason Rodriguez

    i love my sta 2 :))))

  59. Does anyone here know how to get to the A1/A2 island on derpenberg?? I have
    seen it done already a couple times, once even by an IS! Not a joke. I just
    cant figure out how they do it, how do they cross the river?

  60. do you have any tips on how to play a Bat-Chat 25T? I just bought it and i
    kinda suck in it. also what equipment do you recomend for it?

  61. 18:12 well.. that’s a bit of an extreme reaction isn’t it?

  62. You should have started in the field to begin with. I question your
    decision making sometimes, (like that shirt).Just …..well, bad.

  63. TBH, I almost shit myself when I’m driving my KV-85 in a tier 8 game and
    see that tank.

  64. I really dont understand (and I see it about every 3d game ) people like
    that IS3 in the last game, who are just AFK, no problem with someones game
    crashing or his computer or whatever, but people like that guy have
    horrible stats indicating that they are AFK often. If your computer or your
    internet is so shit that it crashes all the time, why even bother playing,
    why not just play some offline game???? What is the point of playing a game
    when you dont have the hardware to actually play it???

  65. this tank is still shit…

  66. That shirt though! :D

  67. you played really well in STA-2, but i wont buy that tank… im a player
    who likes penetration rather than relying on premium ammunition. if i wanna
    play support tank i will take my Centurion 1 over the STA-2 every day of
    the week :D

  68. This is bešt tank in game!

  69. the STA-2 looks like a better tank then the Pershing i got, the 90mm gun on
    that tank only has 180mm of pen, and a lower rate of fire. why is a premium
    tank so much better then a normal tank of the same type and tier, does the
    Pershing need a buff. and speaking of buff, i think the premium tank that
    needs a buff is the T34.

  70. Thanks again for your video.
    I dont have intrest in this medium japanese tank.

  71. “Daddy Location” that sounds so wrong.

  72. T34 or IS-6? 🙂 who is better? 🙂 who makes more fun?

  73. Finally, some good gameplay instead of the lucky games that you made videos
    about recently sir! Like it!

  74. If only I had such low latency…

  75. Its japanese m47 patton?

  76. I have a is-8 and I am struggling to use it. I know it is a great tank so
    will you show me how to use it.

  77. He-Man power!

  78. You are a very lucky player.

  79. Nice QB MM 4HeAD

  80. Comhghall Geraghty

    sta2 or panther 88 ????

  81. I miss the rock that was on the upper 2 line on Erlenberg. It was a good
    spot for my T32.
    Why does Wargaming always have to screw with the terrain when all they do
    is change other parts of the map?

    Im not a good player… no i’m far away from a pro, but that TD at the end
    of the game xD you will see what am i talking about. :P

  83. 12:00 minutes in, and he’s literally done exactly double his health in

  84. I even managed to penetrate the side of and IS 7 with a stock T71 with 128
    pen ^^

  85. Geometry Dash DarkZoneTV

    Qb , i wanted to ask if we’ll get an tank review soon ? i really like your
    tank reviews and you could also make strawpoll or something like this and
    reviwe the tanks that the community wants to see

  86. I like how you started using much less gold.

  87. QB – Great stuff. I’ve enjoyed watching your vids over the last couple of
    months, and IMHO the pauses and strategy tips really make a difference.
    They elevate the video from “entertaining” to “really valuable & a
    must-watch”! Hoping for more (though I recognize they take extra work to
    produce) in the future. Thanks!

  88. Sand river Assault is now almost impossible to win when attacking. What
    exactly should you do in anything when you know a tank will be peeking in
    that OP spot and raping you?

  89. QB, one question! Do you have ONE Tank where you dont use ANY
    Gold-Ammunition 😀 ^^ ?

  90. I wanted to get this tank for a while. I wanted to like it but after
    looking at the stats, I can’t justify myself buying it. I mean, yeah the
    Super Pershing has a 170mm of penetration but it has pref MM. If this thing
    had pref MM then I would buy it in an instant.

  91. thats cool I have a T54 mod 1 my in game name is deathasis

  92. Wtf is this MM you only get full retard teams

  93. are u painting your house? *or eating

  94. GG Quicky !!!

  95. Great buff QB, I didn’t buy this because of your initial review. I may have
    to revisit that decision as I’m NOT enjoying the M59-Patton. A faster aim
    time and rate of fire might be the way to go.

  96. Arnas Kazanavičius

    QB please make some more of those long videos I accualy enjoy to watch wot
    gameplay I allways go to twich and see what kind of tankers are online I
    never miss your stream :-)

  97. Robin van Renselaar

    17:50 Fewer* (channels inner Stannis)

  98. 0:05 SAUSAGE!!!

  99. first

  100. camp off on derpenberg? well thats console version spawns…

  101. Sand River was reworked so that the deff-ing team cannot deff that map so
    easily but I find it easier to deff it now, more than ever before.. I’ve
    deffed successfully even the 30%ers but likewise lost attacking some

    Considering the STA-2, I don’t know, after your 112 recommendation (which
    is pure garbage and I’ve never seen you do well in it on live-stream), I
    tend to think you’re putting some good words about mediocre tanks ’cause
    they sell rather poor… just my opinion..


  102. Shoot through walls? The Hax!

  103. Hey QB.
    I started playing world of tanks again after a few months
    I did this a few times and came back better everytime 🙂
    What i want to say is that i had an insane round with a friend (tier 6)
    we both had an ace tanker and won 2 v8 with a few mates but they did nothing
    We both had 2k dmg and i had 2k spotting
    I dont know if u are interested in it because u normaly take replays with
    good solo performance.
    But u had uploaded a few teamplay videos and this was awesome.
    Let me know if u want to see it.
    To anyone :
    Pls tell me if i should upload it on the QB replay page if u want to see it
    Sry for my english i come from germany

  104. Arnas Kazanavičius

    im used to so the same ammount of dmg just with ELC AMX witch realoads in
    10.80s (with full crew and medium calliber gun rammer) =)

  105. did you say 90mm rate of fire?

  106. +QuickybabyTV I have had this tank almost since release and have had over
    500 games in it. I have always enjoyed it even before the buff. I didn’t
    realise it had been buffed until I saw this video although I had noticed
    that my performance has become much better in it recently. I guess that’d
    be why. I love the tank, think its a really solid med and is my main
    credit earner

  107. QB. Can you maybe do more of these videos on tier 8 premium tank? For
    example the T-34-3 because i want to know if it is a tank i should pick up
    or not. By these kind of videos i can learn alot about specific tanks while
    seeing them in action. You should defnetly keep these kind of videos up!

  108. I do love the credits that you get with this tank. Nice.

  109. Серега Черкас

    Итог: Танк тащит, если вы статист и в верху списка….

  110. idk y but i was laughing when he said if you shoot here youre an absolute

  111. t-54 mod. 1 is getting a gun handling buff in 10.0 as well

  112. Hey QB great video it would be cool that you made a platoon video with the
    three russian tier X medium tanks triple threat you phil and ik

  113. Is the sta-2 better than the AMX CDC?

  114. I love my STA-2. A lot of people trash talk it, but I find it rather
    enjoyable. Like you said, it’s a great ridge line medium and that’s how I
    play it. I bought my STA-2 during 9.9 so I can’t comment on how it played
    before, but I’m a big fan of how it plays now.

  115. can you do map tactics again??

  116. QB that shirt is like your dream: in high high up… another galaxy…. are
    comets (tanks) and another tanks flyng…

  117. sta—2 for me is one of the most beautiful tanks of the premium shop so is
    one of the worst too xD

  118. Ground resistance is available to you if hover over the tank in the garage.
    No mods or tricks required to see this.

  119. I consider buying either STA-2 or AMX CDC. Could you tell what are the
    advantages and disadvantages of those and help me with choosing ;x

  120. QuickyBaby, can you make a video showing the difference between the Grant
    and M3 Lee? My friend keeps saying they are exactly the same. I disagree.
    Please prove one of us correct!

  121. yet another game of dark purple vs dark red tomatoes -.-

  122. all of suddent i fell like play STA-2

  123. Did you dis my obj 416?

  124. STA-2 is still crap just because you had some good games in it 🙂 Not worth
    the money at all, go spend your money on something op like E25

  125. you should play world of tanks blitz. plz !!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Nom nom nom

  127. Hi Quickybaby, I’m an awful World of Tanks player. Could you please do some
    videos on how to play well in each different tank type. That would be great
    and probably help a lot of noobs like me ;)

  128. cards? what card icon?

  129. 10:50 or you can do it by playing arty. Because balance is not a word serb

  130. When was this tank added? I’ve never seen it……

  131. God the STA-2 is such a bad tank. CDC all the way.

  132. hi quicky is there any chance that my sta-2 replay with 5k damage can
    compete in your contest? sorry for my english

  133. Trick or gold!

  134. Thought the title was triple heat, I was ready for the penetration.

  135. 52nd like :)

  136. James “Jamo1611” king

    Well I’m early… Better tell a joke

    QB’s shirt( don’t hurt me plz)

  137. I need help, I have 9k free exp. and i cant use it! When i try to unloc it
    says to buy more free exp via gold…. But I have EXP 🙁 Can Anyone help

  138. holy shit I saw you in a random battle? youre my favorite youtuber!

  139. gg but you see that the enemy team is super bot (tomato)

  140. lol video…. tier 8 vs tier 6 ???!! shows nothing

  141. i cant get a good game to sendto Quickybabes 🙁 and m the sixth yay

  142. 9th comment 245th view and 5th like! Moving up in the world yea!

  143. Bradroy - a Kenyér ツ

    *Sexy shirt :D*

  144. forth

  145. second!!

  146. yayyyy first one!

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