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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – STB-1. 1.5.1 is out and the Kharkiv map is back! Let’s check out Stalin_xP rocking the changed Japanese medium!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. nice that he have your cheat modje qb

  2. Yes Peter,

    You are absolutely right, me and my friends have had his mod too, but my friends are blocked, in the end I have also deleted Quickybabe’s mod, otherwise I will be banned too, because I am also not a WOT ass likker!

  3. yes qb is not for the real people but he is only for wot he sel thinks and everthing is good and he always win against bots

  4. Yes, exactly,

    he is paid to promote this funeral knowing that on the right side there are only cheaters and bots who hit everything to make short games and cost the left side players!
    qb participates in these pure scams practices, that is clear yes!

  5. for me i think qb have to stop this shit about wot on you tube , he is to long for wot , and not real to his people that plays wot ,

  6. o yes quickybaby pig noob ,how much many you have this time into your wallet ,bla bla bla tank this and tank that ,i think you are playing ony with super noobs ,andyes then kill here and kill there boom bang ,and then maby 1000 players buy this tank ,and you and your famelie goes nice 3 weeks bahama,s on holyday ,nice drinks cold beers ,and thinging brrrp brrp brrp

  7. that is the same as on the forum that contains those muppets that are also from those WOT licks, to contradict everything the players raise, qb and the wot forumm and wot are just a big scammer mess. Wot was nice but by qb and those muppets on the forum the real problems of the serious players are no longer taken seriously, qb and the forum are only out to rob the players!

  8. few weeks again i meat some friends off you into gaybar ,and the say ,you like a full penatration into your arrs because your bla bla movies

  9. The STB irl can raise one side and lower the other though… it should also get more depression over the sides

  10. yes i think its about bravely and duijm that is more on the forum and only 1 playing in the month , but the always right , thats why people not come to forum

  11. “This is going to be an expensive tank to play”. Yes this is another credit sink, the whole game is moving towards credit sinks, with the premium ammunition rebalance, the hit point rebalance, the crew books and the premium tanks for credits precedent. Even the new blue prints are designed to get players to higher tiers which are credit burning. Hence the new Premium account that offers more credits.

  12. if qb has balls he have to show what realy is going in wot its more lose as win and the fun is gone , so please show us the real videos what people everyday playing

  13. these three musketeers play a game every month and think they have the wisdom on lease, but I believe they are just as weak as qb, they will get credits from wot to spread lies and deception.
    Wot has become a big scam that the normal players put at a disadvantage to scam them!
    And when you see that qb and those muppets on the wot forum are taking part, it says enough, right?

  14. Not just for nothing, but for reality!

    But I do believe that Peter has a point here qb, now come with the truth and stop talking hot air!

  15. Hey QB if you have some free time and need a tank to review, World of Tanks Console edition just released a tier X premium tank called the VK 72.01(K). You need 450,000 free xp to be able to buy it.

  16. I loved playing the Leviathon event on this map! Soo fun to me.

  17. frodo1261 what do you think if qb that do for you a review of the vk 72.01 K .. you think that he say dont buy this tank ? No HE SHOW YOU a video that the tanks is good for to buy . qb is not for you but for wot

  18. Him spamming HEAT into that 705a’s tracks made me cringe. Get those left fingers moving.

  19. Had WG made the hydropneumatic suspension correctly they wouldn’t have get dep problems over the sides

  20. Imo this dude made many many mistakes towards the end vs the arty and the 183 but got lucky to not die.

  21. social3ngin33rin

    Honestly, they should have kept the map out of rotation lol
    Light tanks need a buff, the nerf due to the introduction of cancer on wheels is really annoying.

  22. Where’s the hello kitty online advertisement?

  23. we need the Dragon Ridge map back

  24. The subtitles actually did pretty well QB.

  25. Jeanuard Orbigoso

    Asian server is still a good server because they are more fewer Russian bias

  26. That is not a real Jap tank, it should be censored ???

  27. you should always speak faster. keeps people on their toes.

  28. this is what happens when a English man goes to America and learns that the broken English in America and Canada isn’t because we suck, it is because we speak to fast. now Quickybaby knows our struggle~

  29. So QB, what do you think is the better tank, Stb-1 or Udes 15/16?

  30. When will AMX 30 B get buffed? That tank is useless

  31. QB it was HE… Please

  32. Don’t play russian bias

    Become russian bias

  33. Would love to have this map on the NA server. Does this mean that they ARE in fact bringing this map back? I miss it..

  34. STB-1 Equipments ?

  35. Alexander Superapple

    stalin on a QB replay, when will we get to see hitler play?

  36. Pretty sure the suspension on the stb in real life worked over the sides of the tank. Classic wargaming not implementing something correctly.

  37. Khoa Nguyen Ngoc

    Name: Stalin
    Map: Kharkov
    Playing on the Russian server
    This insult the Mother Land

  38. Another typical gold spammer that has no idea about when to fire HESH , AP , HE rounds… and qb says he knows how to use ammo … lol

  39. Rikard Fjellhaug

    He is using a zoom far out mod. Which is illegal according to WG own guidelines. But I guess they don’t care. :/

  40. Brian Kristensen

    where is your Modpack QB

  41. First time *ever* I heard Kharkov referred to as “Kharkiv”. Interesting. Russian bias now includes names?

  42. wtf is wrong with this guy dealing with that T110E4 ?

  43. Filip Milodanovic

    Where is Levitian? ?

  44. Paweł Pietraszko

    I just hate the fact that QB brushes over the nickname of the player. Stalin during his reign was responsible for death of at least 20 million people. I wonder if he would put the video with someone whose nickname is Hitler.

  45. i am sry but why tf are u featuring a 7500dmg replay

  46. I hate what they done with the middle of Kharkov. As someone that wants a progressive heavy positions, which i mean is that you can advance and have protection such as rocks and rubble. This means you can close the distance and avoid a long range game that just Waits for the flanks or others to intervene and waste the heavys. That would by far be more fun and use more experience. But they moved the house so you can’t engage on diffrent positions. Just makes the middle boring and No progress


  48. Muhamed Mehemdovic

    He shot HE,thats why he one shotted that amx

  49. 11:36
    Do you need viagra mate ?

  50. Irl STB can tilt sideways as well, but WG and their non-constant gun depression fetish…

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