World of Tanks – Stalins Hammer

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Source: The Mighty

Starring the , with special bonus feature – Zoltan, Hound of Dracula!

Confused? Don’t worry, it will all make sense. Sort of.

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  1. Playing games and more

    Lol I’ve had this tank for about a month my fave tank ever jingles you did
    it you made me happy and put the most best tank in the game and put it on a
    vid thx had my first 8 kills in it to and when I first got it my first game
    I got 6 kills and 3000 dam . And it’s not 3400 dpm it’s about 1200. So
    anyone who wants the tank just buy it already. :)

  2. 9 kills Jingles. That is the number nine next to his tank.

  3. Wot and WT just have OP russian tanks

  4. New “Talent” at WG LUL
    that Jingles sense of humor XD

  5. Ur 47 I new u always say ur old but u sound 40

  6. LOL 11:30, Well said sir!

  7. 2:30 Wait a minute. The Firefly Boilmaker can also fit a Vert. Stab. And
    I’m almost certain the T-34-88 can as well.

  8. Actually Jingles, that’s a Radley Walters, and he got 9 kills, not 10.

  9. Manamans Productions

    Did anyone else notice that the SU-122-44 got an HD skin last update?

  10. Ammo rack explosion so close and powerful it shook the tank and threw aim
    off :P

  11. In the middle of WOP WOPS

    why the hell are you promoting this despicable company so much

  12. what’s funny is that the tanks considered the most OP are all tank
    Destroyers… gg wargaming

  13. hey jingles, go you like the stupidity of the film fury or the sheer
    ridiculousness of arpeggio of blue steel more?

  14. the first time I heard the name Zoltan was in the movie “dude wheres my
    car” with ashton kucther when they cult would make a Z with their
    hands yelling Zoltan! lol

  15. isu 122s has a more op gun but is slower and less well armored

  16. I love the SU-122-44 (I’m a blitz player)

  17. It’s painfully obvious the 122-44 driver was using aim assist + with the
    lock on feature, which was deemed illegal with WG’s latest mod policy.

  18. lol love the ending XD ive been debating a ton on if i should get this or
    not, im using an elite isu152 if im playing russian tds

  19. Checking the ‘Fury’ movie to see how accurate is you video comments is
    childish . I saw it , I feel the same , the battle scenes are unrealistic ,
    you forgot the scene when Shermans did attack a Pak and the german gunners
    seems to be blind or have the cannon barrel bended .And ‘Zoltan’ , for you
    general culture , is a hungarian name and very common in Hungary , like
    John or Peter in anglo world .

  20. Stalin’s Strikes the Nail on the Head: It’s Tanker Time!!!

  21. Tovarishch Stalin utverzhdayet!

  22. First time I heard the name, Zultan was Cpl Klinger in M*A*S*H.

  23. Sherman’s versus a KV? It’s Patton’s wet dream.

  24. pool`s medal ??? “only” 9 kills

  25. Fury was great movie regardless of if it was historically inaccurate, WoT
    is far from accurate when it comes to Armour and camo mechanics but you
    still make videos on it.

  26. Its a badass movie though so just shutup and stop complaining

  27. Jingles..I know its “Hollywood”..and I know its a movie but as far as
    recent or old tank films go..I for one thought Fury was a terrific film!
    Full overview/thoughts/review available sir?
    Cape Cod ,MA

  28. Jingles: The name is pronounced FAY-LAWN. It’s Gaelic for wolf.

  29. Namegoeshere Orhere

    I hate playing the 122-44, if I didn’t pay gold for it I’d just sell it,
    most frustrating tank I’ve played yet. You’re right about one thing, aiming
    is pointless.

  30. You harass WOT like only a friend could do or you would be in trouble. I
    hope you are amazing friends for the liberties you just took against them

  31. Shh. Don’t tell everyone about the SU-122-44!

  32. The first time I saw the name Zoltan was In the Witcher 3.

  33. Standard Easy 8 can mount a vertical stabilizer as well…not only Fury.
    Dont go out of your way to trip over yourself, Jingles :D

  34. Zoltan had 9 kills and a Radley Walter’s medal, not the Pool’s Medal :D

  35. Spoilers if you haven’t watched the movie like me

  36. Fury movie is nothing but (((Hollywood))) propaganda bullshit

  37. my father watched all the Hammer Production films like 100 times… im not
    even joking he loved them so much.

  38. stick shame even airplane orange translate exactly separate move brush.

  39. bring back kv2 videos youtube needs another one

  40. actually, Jingles, the fury game had 9 kills and ended up with a redley,
    not a Pool’s… 😉 finally i get to make an “actually Jingles” comment 😀
    feelsgoodman. love u BTW Jingles

  41. AnomalousIntutition

    Hey Jingles – it was a Radleys – not a Pools medal. He only managed 9, not
    10. But I’m sure you know that.
    Also – Stalin’s Hammer is supposed to be the nickname applied to the S-51.

  42. my jaw just fell off and took a vacation, why aim when you can Stalin?

  43. That is different SU than the one in my garage. Mine first telegraph enemy
    my position by hitting ground in front of it – may be I’m aiming too long.
    Snap sho like those we saw… when the hell freezes over. And WG like to
    give me crappy teams too.

  44. Zoltan is a very common Hungarian name:) BTW good vid:)

  45. Stalin’s hammer isn’t as op as it used to be, can’t troll heavy tanks
    poking corners in the city like you used to be able to.

  46. Yes, It is Glorious Is it Nay? All they who Said nay:

    To the Gulag.

  47. God bless SerB he’s the funniest guy ever XD

  48. Jingles I really don’t understand why you get so triggered by people
    correcting your misinformation in the comments section, honestly all people
    are doing is giving you the correct information.

  49. Hahahah Jingles, you silly old crap, the E8 can also fit vertical
    stabilizers :P.

  50. Let us not forget…And aiming is for noobs. LOL ??? Hilarious.

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