World of Tanks – Standard Round Only IS7 and WZ 5A Session

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Source: Anfield

If you’re interested

Discord – https://discord./aY8UEma


  1. A video for those of you that are still uncomfortable with premium ammo, I hope you enjoy, if there’s interest for more I can do that, I stayed up all night playing Civ 5 so there was a lack of sleep lol

    Anyway here’s the session if you’re interested, a decent profit with no boosters on

  2. Fuck Quickybaby

  3. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Is the 5A really “THAT” much better than the IS-7? Yeah well more Gun Depression but the IS7 still got the turret^^ Yes lower DPM but buffed gun handeling. And better Armor 🙂

  4. Central Intelligence Agency

    Stupid question probably, but why all the AP wheres the gold? I don’t mind the occasional gold spam I do it too sometimes

    edit – NVM heard you say why all the AP somewhere in the middle of the video, just for lols

  5. do you watch shishx_the_animal?
    hes a 5k recent player from FAME

  6. WHATS THIS GUYS PROBLEM ? the reason arty was shooting at him was because Anfield’s team had just taken that flank. so why shouldn’t arty be trying to stop them pushing through and encircling the enemy caught in the centre of the map. if anything he should have been congratulating the arty on trying to save his team mates. maybe its because Anfield is a unicum, then hell yeah arty should be trying to get him out the game as fast as they can.

  7. If i was u, stream would end at 2:36 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. Wow gold noob.

  9. hahaha that feelings you want to shout and kill that bastard because enemy arty focus on you

  10. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    Anfield, would you pick a WZ 111 5A over the 113?

  11. Great battles, im curious as to how the fight on westfield with 4 e100s would have been, had you faced them
    I was also curious to see how a fight vs maus / type 4 and 5 and the like would have been


  13. Standard noob confirmed.

  14. Anfield, do u try to prove u are not a GOLD SPAMMER?

  15. Nice to have you on the background grumbling about RNG and arty while I work. More is always welcome.

    But stop playing the IS-7 and making me think it won’t be horrible. I have the 50B unlocked in 40K and if you tempt me into buying the IS-7 before that I will blame you for every single credit I have to re-grind. And if tank customization becomes a thing, like they mention in a recent interview, I’ll put on huge IS-7 wide “Anfield made me buy this!” decals 😉

    Cheers mate, thanks for the video.

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