World of Tanks || STAT SHAMING

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Type 59. Today I stick up for a 112 who was getting stat shamed by an SPG and have an game to boot!


is a Free 2 Play game published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. The thing that triggers me is the people in youtube comments saying something along the lines of “I can’t play with these 47% winrate idiots, they need a seperate matchmaker untill they figure out how to play the game”

  2. I was in a 2v2 and my team mate in the e4 called nub for being late to help him and he started going on a rank and I was like fine be like that and so I left him to 1v2 and when he died i was laughing and so was everyone else. And after he died and finished the game winning.

  3. Don’t know if this message will ever get to u I it does give me a thumbs up if ya don’t well a need to share this with ya last day winter challenge a got to level 9 buy the tank for just over 5 quid can’t go wrong yup u can a woke up 12 uk time an battered into the tanks a played like a fool played like a hero at 7.30 am a gave up 13 k to go out the 50 a failed for level 10 gutted no to get it for free an the people that did get it for tee a tit my hat to u King sirs an Queens 😉 fair play a need a few days kip 😉

  4. I turned off in game chat years ago.

  5. Dont be sorry, be better.

  6. My stats are a little shameful Quicky, but I just love playing without too much pressure. My SU85B is one of my favourites along with the Skorpion. I do have a couple of 10s but suck with them. You are awesome and will see you soon. 😉

  7. i think there needs to be a skill based MM instead of matching people with 40-50k games with people who have 1k , its completly pointless not to have it, they even have WN8 to use.. its so pointless when you look at your team and none of your teammates have more than 2k games …

  8. Deep reds complain, super unicums train… and shooting premium lol

  9. An T8 112 get beat by 2 T6 tanks (That vk using 105 )
    you know what , He should feel shame
    For be suck so hard !
    Maybe these red monkeys should go back to play T5 low tier game.
    And learn to play wot.
    This is why wot dying.
    Good player get ruin their games by these A-hole who keep buying T8 gold Tanks but without skill.
    And WG don’t give a shit about that
    So the good player get frustrating and quit the game .
    Good job WG

  10. what a guy!He played 41k games only has 638 WN8??Unbelievable!

  11. I stopped using any mods in the last 2 years. It was so depressing when I saw that my team was red and the enemy was green. So now i just try to play my best each time.
    At one point I had a lot of mods, it took quite a few days for the mods to be updated and I felt the UI was so boring without the mods. So that was when I decided to go full vanilla.
    Also WG implemented most of the stuff I modded (the last known position of enemy tanks, the range circles on the minimap, damage dealt/received and ammo used, accurate direction of where I get shot from) and there was no need to mod them.

  12. That’s why i disable battle chat !

  13. So i have to be a community contributor to play 8 tier on top?

  14. I dont know how many people ever seen how people played WOT in a cybercafe.

    But a few years a go I watched an actual person played WOT in a cybercafe. First he bought some food, starts the Battle and just yolo and die. He then just watched the battle while eating his food. Repeat the process until he is done eating.

  15. Well you should have been Mercy !

  16. With so many stat shamers who tell others to delete game…they are. Fewer people to game with, as these bully’s make their own end and ruin their own gaming experience. Thanks for making a difference to online bullying.

  17. i would statshame that 112 and lorr. People like this dont have nothing to say for me in WoT. they dont even understand the game right, they are just damage farms for players like me and the best customer for the premium shop.

  18. Everyone saying “XVM is the problem” is a complete idiot and are the type of people who say “guns are the problem”. No. It comes down to the player. It’s the player’s fault if they act irresponsibly and abuse xvm, for focusing or stat shaming, both of which are toxic for the game. Don’t blame xvm, because you can remove xvm and people will just search players usernames mid-battle on

  19. Christo Engelbrecht

    QB normally i almost agree with everything you say, but I must say i’m getting a bit annoyed about you saying they did not need to buff the Type 59. It is is not a great medium premium at all at the moment. It’s maybe ok, but the gun pen is still horrible and before they buffed it it was turning slow, acceleration was horrible, it really was not competitive at all. I think they should stop making any new premiums and go revise all the old tanks as they are struggling against all the newly added tanks. For example compare the type 59 to a T44. Also you say they did not have to buff it but you complain about how bad the dpm of the type 59 is. Also as this game is losing more and more players, and the +2 MM is horrible, 90% of all your games in the type 59 in a battle with tier 8,9 and 10, sorry if there was any mad grammer or spelling

  20. Tigertjheu SoftCoat

    I have a kolobanov’s medal with an arty xD

  21. Get the same from pro players. I call them stats hunters…nothing beter too do with there lives

  22. And the good players get stat shamed because they didn’t win the battle while they have good stats…


    Respect from me and my bear

  24. QB should have been dead when he crested the ridge towards that m12!!!!!!!
    What is even goin on :-/

  25. The type59 needed a buff as it was inferior in full tier 8 matches or 5/10 tier 9s

  26. Hi Quicky! Play Achilles.

  27. I honestly used to stat-shame years ago.

    But then the more I thought about it – there are people with all sorts of issues, bad PCs, disabilities, kids out there – why the hell be mean to them?

    It’s like kicking someone while they’re down.

  28. Its perfectly fine to shame 10 IQ Pepega players if you are a green + player

    If you were to sit on your spawn location and shoot people if they come close enough everytime you would have more wn8 than most people, some people really deserve the shaming, literal bots are better than them

  29. The noob callers are a pain in the neck, really spoils the game. They don’t complain when they stat pad the Lower exp players on the other side. New players will will keep this game alive.

  30. 700 battles is not enough you need to play more with your f2p account… the begin and the lower tier tanks are less competetive then high tier tanks

  31. How many of you have started a second account to have better stats? I’m considering it, now I don’t completely suck. Issue is, my first account’s stats are unsalvageable.

  32. This is why you shouldn’t promote xvm.

  33. Nice battle!

  34. @QuickyBaby please get rid of this mod. You are promoting it every time you upload a video and every time you stream. Here 100k in this video and several thousand on stream every week. This mod is one of many reasons why the WoT community is so toxic. Your argument of ‘feeling’ to lack an advantage is just that, a feeling and not a rational reason.

    You are indirectly responsible why this mod is used and why the community is so toxic. It is very likely new players that want to learn the game will find your videos first. Showing them this mod is not helpful learning the game mechanics but add a complicated element that they don’t understand but think they need because a good player is using it.
    You are just adding to the toxicity and frustration of inexperienced players and people who think there xvm stats matter.

  35. I remember that TRACKPAD video were you made fun of a bad player. hmmm?

  36. I hate the fact that someone with 400 wn8 plays this game at all, I rather they got their mental illness sorted on their time and not mine. And then you support him when he camps like a fool beside the arty, just wow.

  37. SPG should be ashamed of being a SPG

  38. Quickybaby – always sticking up for the small members of the wot community! 🙂

  39. XVM is not worth it. I also have chat disabled and use mods to remove minimap pinging and turn off interface sounds.

  40. i dont stat shame (in game anyway, on the teamspeak it might be a different story when playing with others). But generally i let them speak action over words. Often it is pretty easy to spot the competent and incompetent players even without XVM. But generally i keep my mouth shut in game and let others play the way they want to. The player in the game with a low WN8 and low WR with 41k games, he is just an asshole. talking shit about others while not being better himself.

    once saw a game where i had no XVM, someone on my team got called a potato, i just had him follow me and together we fought of 6 enemies. In the end we won. He was a valuable team member. After the game i saw he had 230 WN8 (with 300 games). So i really couldn’t blame him for his stats.

    Anyone that has >10K games and <600 WN8, i generally see as less usefull and someone that cannot always be relied on when the situation asks for it. Generally 1400+ WN8 you can rely on a bit more to make certain plays. (all of this still warrants inspection on actions during the battle, some blue players do nothing but snipe all game, where some action at closer ranges is needed, independent of the tank they are in).

  41. I think player stats visibility should be optional. Stat mods brings significant imbalance to the game. Player focus, teams being super aggressive when win chance is high, players giving up when low win chance etc. etc…

  42. your xvm mister QB turns good players into priority for arty and other players it happeds to me always when from a cluster of tanks that are a tier higher than me or a tier lower than me even when i’m not in a tank that could have simnificative impact on the outcome of the game the enemy are focusing me and they even rush on trying to take me out even arty when also from the whole team they select to shoot me i mention that i’m not a awsome player like you but i’m a decent player with 52,68 w/r

  43. Stat shaming is good to me

  44. i wonder if this video was to attend the stat shaming or just showing off a good battle.. But Well played mate 🙂

  45. Funny thing is that someone in my team insulted me for dying quite early in the game for trying to hold the ridge against 6 tanks, and after the match he sent me a follow up insult saying that I, “A beta tester”, with years of playing the game that I only have 29k battles and a wr of 56% have died so quickly, I mean what did he expect if I’m using the Kranvagn against 6 tanks with 2 med support against six enemies and two of them are Tier X’s it also didn’t helped that after I unloaded 4 shells they went and rushed me. The complainer only started 3 years ago having 40k+ battles with only 46% wn and has the balls to complain about my gameplay.

  46. “non auto loading”, truth with a twist one could say 😛

  47. XVM = Cancer

    also the lorr player is someone who XVM focusses people in his SPG

  48. It’s very easy to fix XVM toxicity. Armored Warfare has options for Public, Friends only and Private stats. You can set it on private and nobody can see your stats if you don’t want them aggregated by services such as XVM. Wargaming refuses to give us Private mode. They have said numerous times they won’t do it. Even if it helps reduce toxicity and retain players. So dumb.

  49. your T shirt is on green screen action =)=)=)=)

  50. XVM is toxic and has no place in the game QB ?

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