World of Tanks || Stats Don’t Matter?

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Today Alinseby is going to show you why stats don’t always matter in the T10 the .

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Nice video i will enjoy this a lot

  2. I hope you guys enjoy this video and I look forward to your comments 🙂

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW with Jingles and Ik

  3. WR is the stat ppl should stop considering that much…

  4. His aim is all-over the screen, is he jumping with the mouse or something? 

  5. Think of stats as an indicator for variance in performance. You can still
    have a good game if youre bad, the truly good people just have them more
    often :)

  6. 80% of the time they matter all the time. 

  7. Instead of treating 23% games as a loss, take it as a challenge to be that
    23% team that wins. 

  8. World of Tanks is crap and only made for people who are very lucky in this
    game espacialy when you are paying for this, rng is trolling you all night
    long and you also get matchmaked very often with tanks wich are two tier
    higher than you, that just makes it unfair. why should i play against tanks
    wich are much stronger then my one? that doesnt makes sense. 

  9. Just check the Top Clans in 3. Campaign at the moment…only blue and
    purple players. So skill does matter, if u ignore that u are a dumb person.

  10. We were talking about % to win in clan chat recently and how much we change
    our game plan when it is skewed either way. I think it’s time to disable
    that particular option for me so I can concentrate on what really matters,
    not a predictive stat

  11. Statistics only tell you how things probably are. They don’t represent how
    things will be all the time. People often take statistics too seriously,
    but in the real world, there are too many factors at play in any given
    situation for statistics alone to predict what will happen.

  12. Is for XVM say is for red team for to have 77% chance for to win? NO! Why
    for? For is be because is team of stupids! IS7 is see STB-1 for start
    game so for what decide for to do? For to go rush for face hug for to kill
    STB-1? NO! Is decide is for to be better for to climb rock like stupids
    goat for to leave for to be tracked like stupids! LOL! Is for 77% chance
    for to wins but is can’t for drive tank for not hit rock? LOL! For then is
    for to see team of reds is all sits like stupids ducks for watch STB-1 for
    not to shoots back? Is for all red team is for thinks look for us we for
    to be so goods we for to have 77% chance for to wins so for is not even
    have to shoots gun for to win? LOL! Is best for when is lose game fo rhave
    77% chance for to wins is all red team for to get special marks for to be
    stupids on tank for to let all see for 100 game! Is then for be ashame for
    to lose! Is goods game for to be STB-1 is Claus for to be glad is STB-1
    for to kills all stupids for thinks is game for to win for 77% so is play
    like stupids for not even for to remember for to shoots gun. Is for to be
    easier for to wins game if for to shoots gun! Not for to climbs rock like
    stupids goat for to lets be track like stupids! Is Claus is for to thinks
    is right?

  13. What special did he do? Nice score but not by good play. He was in a game
    with two tier X, shot HE while using auto-aim(very lucky he still hit the
    turret), and I can go on.. Just a lot of luck.

  14. I gotta be honest. In the beginning his aiming sucked, and not even auto
    aim helped (Kappa). But towards the end he played A LOT better for some
    reason. Better this way than the other way round.

  15. Win rate and even WN8 or EFF can be skewed by a lot of platoon play with
    much better players so I take all stats with a grain of salt. Also have to
    take into account that most “average” players have a good grasp of basic
    game tactics just fail to always be able to put them into practice. The
    play at the end is a good example, he knew he had the JTiger 88 dead and
    needed to kill the Bulldog. A worse player would have kept plugging away at
    the JTiger and got killed by the Bulldog.

  16. Anyone can have a lucky game.

  17. The high rolls is just plain luck. And many people have beaten stats so
    many times already. 

  18. This guy didn’t make a smart play in the entire replay, missed many easy
    shots and had some absolutely amazing luck with high rolls. If I saw this
    replay without seeing his stats I would have guessed he was a tomato.
    Stats don’t matter? Just like when parents say “it doesn’t matter if you
    win, the important thing is having fun”, when their children are terrible
    at sports.

  19. Stats do not matter because of BOTS! Bots falsify the stats and the

    look at the second IS7. he has a winrate of 47% and more then 36k games.
    after so many matches you should have a better winrate!!!!
    the whole enemy team is full with players were you can assume that they are
    using bots. Maybe not right now in this match, but in generally.

    thats why the xvm calculation is worth nothing.

    just turn it of and have fun!

  20. excuse me?
    he is an above avg player
    meaning he is quite good
    so i expect him to do well
    not badly
    an above avg player will do abover 1000 dmg above tier 6 and will do 1300
    dmg above tier 7 

  21. Ive had 15% chance to wins and win before.

    People really need to give the % thing a pinch of salt.

  22. Wow!!!

  23. holy Bot :O

  24. Stats do matter. They are (after a few thousand games) an accurate
    representation of your ability. If you have bad stats say for example 600
    win8 and a 47%win rate after 20,000 games then yes people can call you a
    bad player. Youre not the worst thats ever existed but its not good either.
    Now that doesnt mean that the planets cant align and everything goes well
    every now and then. Everyone has good and bad games where you were simply
    unlucky or you made a mistake early on that put you in the position where
    you could make more mistakes.

    What stats mean is that others can see if they can count on you to pull
    your weight or how they should play around you. If someone has great stats
    around more people of similar skill I have found that they are more likely
    to push together and pay attention to the game unfolding in every corner of
    the map, where as people with worse average stats seem to be more focused
    on one area and less dependable for assistance.

    Behaviour like driving out alone is another thing I see a lot from bad
    players and less so than good ones.

    of course statistics are ever changing. When I first started I was a 46%
    win rate player by 2000 games it was close to 50% and now nearly at 8k
    games its just about to tip into the 54%

    We grow as players but that doesnt mean that statistics are something we
    cant count on to evaluate the quality of our team.

    Personally I prefer performance in the tank type statistics as its a good
    representation of the players ability in that tank and if they have it
    fully researched. 

  25. Do stats matter? In pub matches, one word, No. This video just proved
    that Tank Play, in any situation, will always carry the day, or at last the

    But, as we know, the Data Never Speaks for Itself.

    Stats tell me what kind of a tanker a person is. Stats will tell me how
    many battles a person has, their average damage/kills and therefore their
    overall competence with their tank and the game itself.

    Do I adjust my gameplay in a Pub based on Stats? Sometimes. If I see that
    my opponents are weaker players, I might take an aggressive line in battle
    in order to get some damage in before the opponents all die. If I see that
    competent players are taking up the correct position for their tanks on the
    map, I will move to support them.

    Personally, my stats indicate that I am a mediocre player. But, with over
    600 CW battles, I have respectable win rate in CW.

    Recently, I have begun to actively improve my WN8 numbers. It’s all about
    staying alive and doing maximum damage with my tank. That means being in
    the right place, at the right time, and keeping my tank’s HP pool safe.
    The result: I have become a better tanker. Taking less risks, letting the
    battle develop around me, exploiting the opponent’s weakness and covering
    my tank has increased my damage rate and my win rate.

    Do stats matter? It all depends.

  26. The thing is: Players with bad stats do this sort of thing by accident and
    have no consistency.

  27. sorry, I was talking about the IS7 on third place of the enmy team!

  28. stats don’t matter? Then s how me the other 8 out of 10 games where he
    would have lost this kind of match with 20% win chance. The lesson here is
    to play every match to your best ability. Tomatoes will always drag you
    down but even at 20% win chance you will win 20% of those games even if you
    lose the 80% other.

    As for the replay. Lucky. But also skillful. He did the right moves, his
    positioning was great. But at times despite making the right moves he also
    got lucky with enemies missing, bouncing, gettting crippled and him penning
    and hitting his shots.

  29. Yep. N00B support program works 🙂 

  30. Ni,un roman.

  31. Stats do not matter. eBay and sharing accounts does.

  32. Hang on where is his Radley walters medal

  33. this guy is just a lucky noob (who auto aims on a 50b lel)

  34. GG to that stb driver but I had a feeling he was panicking all the
    time.that maybe explain so many misses imagine all his shots was penetrated
    hits. ..
    Anyway nice game

  35. I have pretty much stopped playing WoT, just makes me mad and kinda sad. So
    much people with 10-40k+battles and they are still so damn bad (sure
    some/many are bots) but still. If you spend so much time playing something
    everyday, you SHOULD improve, so you’re at least decent.

  36. Romania ftw

  37. You dont said if Object 260 premium tank is a Money Maker! tell me please
    if it is!

  38. My friend says he is better just because he has a bigger rating but in fact
    he just has good stats because he probably just wants stats and I have fun
    and enjoy the game. I think stats don’t matter as long as you keep playing
    for fun.

  39. It’s over 9000 !
    Sorry I didn’t resist.

  40. You can say stats don’t matter, but in exactly the same situation, how can
    you say that someone with stats such as yourself wouldn’t do better in
    start of the game. Missing relatively easy shots in the beginning of the
    game, with really twitchy mouse movements, which you pointed out in the
    video. However, it’s not like he was a bad player? I assume he is above
    adverage with 1k EFF, which is probably around 1250 WN8? He had a really
    good game, and was lucky at points, but he played really well. If I saw
    this from someone around 800 WN8, then I’d be more impressed.

    I think that stats are useful to see how someone on adverage performs, and
    is really useful in tense situations to see who you can rely on. For
    example, if the game is really close, I will often look at the stats and if
    there is someone on my team with >1500 WN8 I generally feel more
    comfortable with trusting them to make shots count, and most of the time
    they will work with you to help take everyone else out. I’ve rarely seen
    teamwork with people sub 800 WN8, unless they are platooned. In a platoon
    it doesnt matter how good you are, backing each other up you both play a
    lot better, and I find that I get at least 30% extra damage in every game
    that I am playing in a platoon vs playing by myself.

    One thing I hate is people who insult “Tomato” players without even seeing
    them play before the battle. 

  41. enemy leo and lor are only good by high tier…and the STB-1 is a nooob ofc

  42. “Stats don’t matter?” This is an example where a terrible player misses 80%
    of his shots xD No thought went into any of his moves. Well played!

  43. Dear god, so many missed and badly aimed shots, that bot had just luck on
    his side, nothing special!

  44. haha he got some lucky bounces for the win!

  45. offcourse they dont you see people with shit stats usually play for the
    lols and dont care about anything else (i am one of them :)

  46. I am I the one that thinks WOT has become less fun recently? 

  47. Stats don’t matter for those who don’t understand what stats (STATISTICS)
    actually means, especially with the ridiculously big RNG factor that WoT

  48. o_O The alinseby’s tactics and decisions in this game surpassed most unicum
    and even super-unicup players. There was almost none flaws in his game,
    good control of terrain, tank and map.

    And for the stats – in the beginning of game I always look at stats to more
    or less predict what players will do.
    -48% – almost each time they will surprise you with their new tactics.
    49-52% – most common players.
    53+% – in 90% cases you will exactly know what they will do.
    There was so many times where player with ~500 wn8 in scout tank just sits
    behind TD’s and writes in chat that someone should spot for them. And if
    you see that in your team on open map type, in scout tank is player with
    ~1500 wn8, you are sure that there will be good first light, for most of
    game enemy’s will be constant light, no stupid suicide rush, and good
    flanking maneuvers. 

  49. A game every player dreams about, awesome :). About statistics, well there
    are some morons who will use it to taunt other players. Personally i hardly
    ever get discouraged by them and in hindsight i can safely say that my most
    enjoyable, most epic games have been the ones where the teams ‘win chance’
    sucked. That being said i still think they are useful because it gives you
    some inkling as to what to expect. 

  50. I got 1600 wn8 overall but in last 1k battles 3300 wn8 ;-)

  51. So much luck he should of died several times but the enemy was just as bad
    as his team tbh.

  52. Omg !! Awesome game !!

  53. never underestimate the tomato factor!
    srsly, qb, i visit this channel to see some skillful gameplay and get some
    good tipps to improve my game. And not just plain lucky gameplay.
    and btw … stats do matter

  54. So that guy (who can’t shoot for shit by the way, holy Jesus, i mean, no
    wonder why he uses autoaim so much) won a game with a 23% chance of winning
    at the beginning. So, why shouldn’t stats matter out of sudden? A game with
    a 23% winchance is not an automatic loss. Saying otherwise is stupid and
    these kind of people have no clue about mathematics at all; BUT winning
    such a game and proclaiming the irrefutable proof that stats wouldn’t
    matter to be found is dumb as well. Sorry noobs, no paradigm shift, stats
    still show your true skills.

  55. Stats don’t say all : I’ve same stats in my M4 Sherman and in my KV-2 but
    if I use M4 or my KV-2, it changes ennemies team’s chances to win…

  56. Statistics are exactly what they are. Do they mean something, yep, sure
    they mean something. When it says 23% chance its accurate, but does it mean
    to abandon hope? ABSOLUTELY NOT those are just chances. If anything it
    means to TRY HARDER, be the hero your team needs, don’t yolo like an idiot.
    Use stats as a tool, not an end all be all. I mostly use stats to improve
    upon my own gameplay.

  57. “stats don’t matter” is like “size doesn’t matter”: It’s not about the
    stats/size. It’s just about how good you are ;)

  58. great, epic win!

  59. that aim though 

  60. i dont believe in judging a team by its stats its why i stopped using xvm.
    the main situation which made me stop was when i killed an e-100 who was
    that aqua colour in xvm in my 800hp st-1 from full hp using the bl-9 and
    the stock turret (iwas stil dep red in this situation but i had just gotten
    my new computer and going from 12fps on a laptop to 60 really upped my

    the thing that happened in that match which made me stop using xvm was my
    own teams unicum platoon (3 of them) told the rest of my team to leave me
    to die (2 of the rest of my team were heading my direction) and they
    stopped because the unicums said it.

    this pissed me off and i proceeded to wipe the floor with that e-100 while
    those unicums were killed by an is-7 on its own because they were those
    guys who load full gold in t-54s and think their funny. the is-7 simply put
    its ass to the wall and wrecked them. one of them was a unicum who rammed
    an is-7 (70 ton tank) in a t-54 (less than half the weight) what a genius.

    another reason why i dont use mods at all now s because vanilla world of
    tanks is actually really nice now in comparison to what it was like in
    september 2012.

  61. ROMANIA!!!! 😀 Bravo, AlinSeby!

  62. I love how supportive you are of all players (well, you’re pretty critical
    of “pretentious” players) in WoT. As a fairly new player (4k games), it’s
    nice when you bring high level strategic commentary without acting
    “pretentious” yourself. :)

  63. Considering that xvm doesn’t take into account the tier of tank, or tank
    type, just the “skill” level, I think that the “23% ctw” was incorrect
    considering that xvm was basing that off of the bulldog and the bottom tier
    platoon of tds. In my opinion is was more of a 50/50 match that xvm should
    have rated. But once again, xvm doesn’t take into account tank tier or

  64. QB I don’t know if you will read this, but I just got banned from your
    chat. some guy got censored by moobot and all I did was say “#rekt” as a
    joke, and I get banned by a damn bot. why?

    if this how you have decided to treat your fanbase, then I am very

  65. could the leopard 1 do that ? 

  66. Auto aim on full speed FTW, 2% until 2 stars on my KV-1.

    I thought this vid will be about Tier 1 killing tier 10s

  67. stats have no practical bearing on the outcome of a game. they have
    experience, to be sure, and they have good technique, but it’s useless if
    it isn’t put to use. players with higher stats will tend to do better, but
    the result of a battle depends only on what everyone does in the moment.

  68. The fact MM can create a game with a 23% win chance is completely
    ridiculous. The game constantly creates mismatches and while this guy had a
    great game and carried his team this very rarely happens.

  69. Could be an aberration though however it was a good game 

  70. This guy was lucky more than anything….Honestly can’t believe how many
    people he gave the broadside of his tank to..

  71. Wow that SU-100m1 had a good game. Tier 7 in a tier 10 and got 3 kills and
    that tank isn’t to good of a vehicle.

  72. GG with a bit of luck, but doesn’t everyone get a bit of luck. i have had a
    14% and we have won and i am a tomato. ( A tomato that doesn’t play much
    started before quickybaby and onlys has about 6k games)

  73. Omg this team

  74. im not sure . but i think at 2:35 he used his auto aim at the IS8
    and the ingame auto aim dont folow the tanks tracks . so …..

  75. “Stats don’t matter”
    That’s why almost all of the reds died during the first 5 minutes of the
    Scrubs gonna scrub.

  76. My “stats” are low for all bad tanks that I have,
    and because my crew is often untrained.
    After that my stats converge to 58% for good tanks.
    I think premium tanks would give even better results, and working
    with a good team.

    All stats mean nothing to me. What matters:
    1) are crews trained or not?
    2) does the tank have the proper gun for the opponents and map?
    2) does the player know where to shoot armored targets?
    3) does the player cooperate with other tanks and see what is happening?
    4) does the player know tricks like hiding behind bushes,
    disabling by shooting in tracks etc.
    5) Is my computer fast enough for the newer larger maps?
    (10 fps normal, 2 fps in crowded battles).

  77. 23% only means 3/4 games are usually lost, but if you win, you can, mostly
    as a quite good players, have epic games. This epic games are, in my
    experience, more common when you have a low winchance, as nobody will carry
    you ^^

  78. Hey look…All the good RNG goes to the scrub team…

    WG wants to keep the tomatoes playing.

  79. That was just sexy.

  80. Stats do matter. Game odds don’t matter.

  81. Hello QB! What about a KV-1 review – the most noobfriendly tank int this
    game? Many new players dont realy know that. Here is my best game with this
    tank I hope i see you soon on the
    battlefield :)


  83. Anyone saying that stats dont matter is just an idiot. Can you honestly say
    they are irrelevant? And no this game isnt proof that stats are wrong.

  84. Epic carry.

  85. It’s funny 7.5 shell a minutes of a 105 or 120mm is amazing in this game..
    but in real life there is records of 15 shells minutes, like one Canadian
    soldier did..

  86. Of course stats matters. Ppl with better stats tend to handle stituations
    better than ones that have worse. I am speaking as an average player just
    like the STB-1 driver in the video. Efficiency-wise we r very close.
    BUT, an average/bad player doesn’t neccessary mean he/she can’t play a
    decent tank to its strength. And if a “good” player completely dismiss a
    bad/average player who’s playing a tank he/she’s very good at and in a
    relative strong position, and recklessly going after him/her, that is when
    a “good” player start to pay the price. For example a few month ago, an M60
    drove down the ditch to fight my Obj 140 one on one when I was still on
    full health, I side-hug him and DPM him to death without taking a single
    damage. Later I found that M60 was blue player.
    Take home point is, never underestimate ur enemy. And if ur enemy made that
    mistake, take advantage of it.

  87. Wow… that was an amazing match. Nice job Alinseby!

  88. Sooooooooooooo , many mistakes he made in this game to be honest …i mean
    giving his side to every sorts of enemies , rushings shots … was a good
    game but still , can happen , doesnt mean much more than that 

  89. I have had games where I kill five enemies and we still lose, going off of
    W/L is stupid. Sometimes you just get shitty teams. 

  90. The Quacking Klovn Johansson

    Stats dosent mean nofing, its how to play the tank

  91. Great replay. I enjoy running with stats. I’m a pretty new (5k games)
    yellow tomato but I like XVM for letting me know what opponents to watch
    out for on the other team or which ones you can be a little more aggressive
    against. Also which people on my team I can trust not to yolo over a hill.
    I glance at the predicted win chance but I still try to help win every
    game. When I see a 25% chance I try to think of it as a 1 in 4 chance, not
    a 1 in 400 chance. Even still, I’d certainly be curious to know how many
    times the 25% chance team actually wins, my guess would be more like 5%.

  92. I need to know what t10 I should get a t62a or stb-1

  93. Alin Sebastian Epure

    Ty QuickyBaby, i will consider your advice about sniper mode and improve
    it, also this was a game played on my birthday with my uncle and an
    excelent present from you seeing it posted on your channel !!! cheers m8,
    bye !

  94. Stats definitely matter. Win Chance mostly means fuck all, because it’s
    based on player’s WR’s, and WR is one stat you have only so much control
    over. But, there are also factors that go into stats which are “hidden”,
    much the same way terrain resistance stats are “hidden” in WoT. What
    specific tanks a player plays, if they skip harsh grinds on higher tier
    tanks (and/or skip lower tier shit tanks altogether), if they shoot mostly
    gold, if they platoon most of the time…most of these are factors which
    aren’t readily supplied by WNx. Sure, you can find out most of the answers,
    but not of every player every match.
    If the “better” of the enemy players in this match (the greens+) would have
    been mostly top tier tanks this match would have played out completely
    different. As someone who seems to understand stats quite well, I’m rather
    surprised you would go out on a limb to even suggest stats don’t matter.

  95. If I see a guy in a fv 183 and he has a 40% win rate and 300 wn8, I’d say
    he is pretty bad based on his stats

  96. lol i agree with you but you started a shit storm in the comments

  97. QB You re wrong about autoaim, its great thing, if you can get the right
    angle on the corner(even though not seen in replay) and if you re ingaging
    lightly armoured tanks you can take a shot so much faster without aiming
    and giving your enemies hard time hitting you, i use it in t37 and it
    almost never fails me.

  98. I keep stats turned off. To me it’s only a game and I just want to go out
    and have fun. I also noticed that while I had stats on, my performances
    were not as that good, especially as the chance to win went down. However,
    since turning them off, I have seen my performance go up overall. I usually
    average more kills and damage and I die less often, or at least last longer
    in battles. I guess I do better when I don’t get flustered at dismal
    numbers in the enemy’s favor and don’t put as much pressure on myself.

  99. fucking downy using autoaim holy shit

  100. I see this as a perfect example of how XVM is right.
    It said the team would fail but not necessarily this player and it was
    right! The team got steamrolled even with his carry.

    You should listen to XVM but use it to your advantage as to how to play
    that match! 

  101. hey QB, This happens otfen [ 23% chance to win ( XVM ) and they win ]

  102. “Stats Don’t Matter”? That’s an interesting video title. You know I
    remember when QB stopped making videos for quite some time in order to
    improve his stats before making them again. I’m sure the majority of people
    here weren’t around for that. This video title is misleading. Sometimes you
    are going to be in the right places at the right time regardless of your
    skill level and this match proved it. There was so much auto aim this guys
    “skill” is clearly mostly RNG. I did like that he focused bursty tanks and
    loaded HE for the correct tanks but c’mon quicky. Even YOU know that “Stats
    In-fact Matter” and it’s hippo-critical of you to say otherwise.

  103. loved this video was really fun to watch. :)

  104. That’s why it’s 23% and not 0%. And it’s not like a 44% wr tomato carried
    the game. Whoever says stats don’t matter either hasn’t played this game
    enough or just doesn’t care how good/bad they are playing (maybe not taking
    it seriously, fair enough).

  105. Just another auto aim nooblet with some kills. stats matter btw.

  106. OMG, STB-1 stronk and player 

  107. eso es salvar una partida niñoo xD

  108. Stats don’t matter? This is probably the greatest game he’s ever played.
    Games like this happen for you on days that end in ‘y’. Which is all of
    them for the spelling challenged.

    How can you realistically think this video should be titled the way it is.

  109. Clickbait title. This replay is a statistical anomaly, nothing more.
    Superior teams stats-wise sometimes throw games by going ‘herp-derp the
    enemy is terrible’ and doing stupid things because they want to feast on
    scrubs. In terms of this person’s play style, it ain’t great – excessive
    use of autoaim, poor use of scope aim, sloppy angling and manoeuvring on
    corners, definite room for improvement. Lucky game for him and congrats

  110. ‘stats dont mean anything’ says red players lol

  111. Well he had a monster game there such games do not come often. Some of his
    shots had been aimed terribly and he could have done more (Could be due to
    delay since we all dont know on what ping he is playing or fps).
    The difference between him and a more skillfull player is the fact that
    someone with more experience would have connected some of his shots that
    where poorly aimed.
    And the other thing would have been that a better player avoids taking
    unneeded damage and therefore it wouldnt have come down to being a oneshot
    in the end (under the fact that the game would have taken the same course
    of action).

    As for stats I stopped using statistic mods since 9.2 and my conclusio is
    that you dont need them they put artificially unnecessary pressure on you
    or give you a false kind of security. I do enjoy the game way more without
    statmods due to not getting upset dying to someone that is inferior to me.
    In stead of focusing and yolo’ing good players go for important locations
    and take out the crucial tanks (Autoloaders/ high DMP tanks or remove guns
    that are shooting at your team).
    Final advice keep an eye on the minimap and the general flow of battle.

  112. So a random shitter gets put on a team with random shitters and gets random
    shitter RNGesus to bless him so therefore stats don’t matter? He plays
    poorly, can’t angle, position, aim, or pick targets. The only thing he
    handled well there was that IS7, the rest was pure RNG blessing, no skill
    involved. He still sucks, and both this replay and his stats show it. 

  113. His lack of skill in driving and shooting makes me puke…

  114. Amazing how quickly that platoon turned the game from even to nearly an
    unwinnable situation. This guy did a good job using the speed of his tank
    to his advantage and played just as aggressive as he needed. This replay
    shows how you can make mistakes but still end up with an epic win if you
    keep trying.

  115. i use stats but i know thats all it is is a stats and it may not actually
    represent in the game which you are about to play

  116. This game is a bell curve, your stats are merely representative of your
    average ability. To achieve that average you will have some awesome games
    and some clunkers. I have seen many games with win percentages in the 30’s
    and low 40’s turn out to be wins and alternatively seen win rates in the
    60’s and high 50’s be losses. However, that being said, XVM is very good at
    predicting the outcome of the game. Think of it like Vegas handicapping the
    Superbowl. The experts make an educated guess of the outcome and do a damn
    good job of that or else they would be out of a job. The winner is
    predicted more often than not. What I use the XVM prediction for is to
    determine how I approach the game and to identify who are primary targets
    on the enemy team.

    It’s also interesting to note the extremely average or below average
    players in tier 10 tanks from what I presume is an EU server. I thought
    every one of you that owns a tier 10 tank was a unicum from the way some of
    you carry on. Glad to see that you are human as well and not everyone in a
    pub game is a pro. The NA server bashing does get old.

  117. Stats do matter. If nobody in that mach had XVM, they would have lost. Guys
    in a better team got over confedent and they just rushed (brain=off). That
    is why they lost. If they played like they normaly do, he would have been
    killed in first couple of minutes.

  118. Love how people bitch about auto aim. If you’re facing a tank you know for
    sure you’ll pen no matter what, especially when you’re circling him,
    there’s no reason not to use it. It’s more convenient and far less prone
    to misses than trying to manually aim while on the move (only time it isn’t
    is when you’re chasing a tank at med or longer ranges running away from you
    in a nonlinear path).

  119. One in a million!!!

  120. Because he is driving the STB-1….

  121. Well yes and no, generally when you ahve good stats it means you are simply
    a better player, you have better map awareness and skills which make it
    possible for you to win more battles in the long run.

    Of course there is always a “start-up” period for stats to develop, with
    normal speed progress in the tech tree that lies around 6000 battles, after
    that number you can tell if a player is promissing to start playing good or
    not. That number ensures the low tier stats distorting the picture are no
    longer statistically relevant.

    However even average or bad players can be at the right place at the right
    time once in a while and have great games, nothing wrong with that. That
    does however not make them good players statistically speaking, just in
    that battle and there is of course nothing wrong with that.
    We all started out with crappy stats, some changed them for the better and
    some did not change them at all.

    Very nice match!

  122. I love seeing unicums raging about the title ^^

  123. he is a Romanian player and I am proud of him.

  124. IF xvm team stats are bad it creates fatalism – if they are good

  125. That is not a play of 1000 WN8 . I think it is a very good player on a
    different bought /rented account, i’ve saw enough to know this is a trend
    in wot these days in such way you get ignored by the enemy as good players
    are always prioritized by arty/enemy tanks. So yeah…

  126. I’m not a particularly good player, but I ALWAYS try. I figure if nothing
    else, I can work on my OWN stats.

  127. Sorry quickybaby but you can’t side scrape with the stb1

  128. QB lost all credibility saying stats dont matter what a fucking donkey 

  129. What a game!
    Great tanking!

  130. Unbelievable gameplay !

  131. Well played Alinseby. Nice to watch particularly from 10-12 down in the

    For me, WoT is much more enjoyable ever since I stopped using xvm; no more
    chasing of stats.

  132. TheMusicFanForEver77

    Well, statistics are not all that wrong, he did play like an average
    player. Auto aim is great in a tier 6 light tank, but it should not be used
    in t10 meds.
    Nevertheless, he got lucky and played well in the end. GG

  133. agree >w</!!! a whole of ppl care there stats a lot

  134. Nathan Guindon Durocher

    can you explain me how the e-75 just got 1k game

  135. Stats do matter. You just can’t forget that it’s a 23% chance to win which
    means 1 in 4-5 times your team will win. It’s not a “yes or no”. If
    you want proof ill link you a forum post on it.

  136. I miss the game(pc out of order-bad marks). My stats aren’t that great
    (bt-tanks and t-28 and pz III A pz1c rushes/low dmg games) and I am now
    grinding to kv-2(to increase dmg/battle) although I have is-3 and most t6
    some t4(that f******g covenanter) and 7_ _ eff./wn8 ~6k battles 50% wr and
    I am not good/not bad but every battle I am called tomato(one “green” is
    calling the whole team/ maybe twice it was addressed directly to me) and
    last games I played I was either killed by arty/ by gold noobs or i was in
    team of idiots, I don’t say I am something like a super-pro but the team
    are like brain-less( enemy shoots at them and its alone ally has 100% hp
    and support but goes back WTF?) gold noobs-there isnt a game in which I
    dont call somebody a gold noob if he fires gold and kills me-why, because
    lets say you are in a kv-1 you spot a b1 without support but you are at 2
    hp you think-easy kill and as you are approaching to take a clean shot the
    noob fires gold instead of aiming for the weakspot and kills you but he
    loses anyway. Low acc. guns- I love being snapshotted by kv-85 with derp in
    my elc moving at full speed,turning the turret and baam u ded. I noticed
    it’s better to take a snapshot instead of not fully aimed one in my panther
    2 and the shots like going in the ground instead of hitting a target at
    300-400m. Light tanks- Chaffee is the most fun after the 1c elc is good but
    that reload and aim time make you either go full speed or camp(which I did
    and I was blamed for the lose).

  137. +QuickyBabyTV – So nice to see Joe Average have an amazing game and have it
    shown off. It’s great that you could show this, as nice as it is to see
    some super unicum pub stomp but we always know the outcome of those and how
    the game will go. This is a fantastic change of pace, thank you.

  138. Nice replay, showed how capable that tank actually is when you don’t just
    rush up front or hide at the back. Good commentary and I’d agree, he’ll
    improve no end if he learns to rely a bit less on auto-aim and a bit more
    on sniper mode but every day is a learning day. For the “best players were
    in low tiers” crowd, yep they were.. the top tiers weren’t donkeys though
    and the platoon with the SU just needed to not have brought a tier 7.
    However it still to the guy driving the STB to make the win as his team
    melted just as well as the enemy team did. GG

  139. Actually stats do matter. Alienseby is a GOOD player. IF you take a look at
    his stats NOW you ll see he has 1500 wn8 for last 1k games and 1667 wn8 for
    his last 800 games. He was a player on the rise at the time of that replay.
    He took a while to learn the game and improve and he did it.He was not
    average at the time of that battle. His stats were average. He already was
    a GOOD player. A green one but still good.

  140. The stupid doing stupid things that are actually the right thing to do.

  141. Try out WOT Blitz 

  142. this xvm and stat bullshit will be the downfall of the WoT

  143. 22 percent chance to win doesn’t mean you cant win. It means that 39 times
    out of 50 you will lose. You can still win 11 out of 50…but don’t bet on

    To exaggerate, that’s like saying, “Who says stats don’t matter? I’ve been
    in a plane crash, and I’ve won the lottery, and I’ve been struck by
    lightning!” Stats exist for a reason and statistics aren’t hard numbers.

    This guy absolutely was an average player, and he showed how on many
    occasions. If he was in a tier 9 tank he would have been annihilated early
    on just like the rest of his team.

  144. Personnally, i think that stats do mean something, but are not accurate and
    shouldn’t be relied on, only being used as an indication of what you can
    expect on average from a player but by no means a sure factor.

  145. Quickybaby just so u know, i think that the guy is romanian, i know this
    because I’m Romanian and his wot name is made of 2 names, alin and seby 

  146. It’s not bullshit what XVM’s prediction sais. The only thing you can whine
    about is what formula xvm uses to produce this percentage. But asides that,
    it’s statistically correct. You DO have 23% chance to win, what means that
    on average 2 out of 10 games, you will win (like in this case).
    BUT on average 8 out of 10 games, you will lose.

  147. Wait he has 15 heat Shells

  148. All the time i was thinking that he got lucky as all hell in the game. That
    IS-7 played like a donkey. And he got VERY lucky in enemy positioning. So
    i’ll say it first. This was not a skill based thing. Just a flip of a coin
    and he got lucky.

  149. A high WN rating tells you that someone is likely to be a skilled played,
    but skilled players know as little of tactic as badly skilled players. To
    understand tactics you have to be a bit intelligent and also experienced. A
    lot of matches were lost due to stupid tactics by very skilled players.
    Unskilled players and skilled players randomly play tactically intelligent,
    when they go to the importent positions and remember to play as a team.

  150. Can you show us a tier 10 carry where there’s atleast 5 non tomatoes at
    tier 10 (on the other team). And almost all the good guys in that match
    were bottom tier. Look at the fucking TEAMLIST and don’t the win % for
    fucking GRANTED! Why isn’t anybody pointings things like this out? Tier
    difference by 2 is alot, even good players can’t cqrry while bottom tier.
    But this guy had all the HP, dpm and armor advantages in the world. He
    surely can flank enemies, but he can’t use atmor and REAL aim.

  151. @Rirgul I agree for a while my stats were pretty trash before I figured the
    game out and before my stats had a chance to recover players who had better
    stats then me would always just rush me and become angry that I in fact
    wasent a complete idiot

  152. If you have a 23% win chance, the enemy team has a 77% win chance, which
    means they get overconfident and srat doing stupid stuff andmistakes. Also
    on thoose 23% games there is the true honor and fun in WoT, but only for
    winners. Because quitters gona quit and winners gona win. To achieve a
    result like in this replay, one definately needs the willingness to win.
    Complainers and winners mostly or never get this far.

  153. The power of autoaim.

  154. That men is a pro :)

  155. This replay doesn’t really show that stats don’t matter, quite the
    opposite. He didn’t play horribly bad, but he made several mistakes that
    should have cost him, but he had the luck of the Irish on his side.

    1. His attack on the Lorraine 40t should have cost him more HP.
    2. The IS-7 should have wrecked him, instead he gets himself into the worst
    possible position.
    3. The guys he shoots in the side completely ignore him.
    4. He aims for the only part of the IS-3 he can’t pen easily, the tip of
    the beak. He gets no return fire.
    5. If the 50B would have been where he thought he was he would have been
    dead. He happened to be partially hulldown relative to the 50B out of luck,
    50B wastes his shots.
    6. T95 totally out of position AHEAD of his teammates. That’s actually an
    7. Gets lucky that he didn’t take more shots rushing the Leo Prot and
    8. Borsig could have easily vaporized him, but fails.
    9. Rushing/closing in on a tier 10 MT with a slow casematte TD that fail
    platooned it’s way into a tier 10 battle. GG, was close.
    10. The snapshot on the Bulldoge could have gone wrong aswell.

    He should have been dead several times, but he got lucky. Not a problem,
    everyone gets lucky at some point. But this isn’t even close to prove that
    stats don’t matter. They do matter, but need to be taken with a pinch of

  156. What a cracker of a game. Absolutely amazing. Well played to Alin.

  157. Well done Alinseby.

  158. 23% is 23% not 0%…

  159. Stat whores everywhere!!!! Just play the freaking game and remember we ALL
    started out with bad stats. ITS ONLY A GAME FFS

  160. Stats Don’t Matter? Thats why Quickybaby has a 60% winrate and 1500 or more
    efficency. Just because a bad player has a good game does not mean he is
    good. Im not i good player, but i still have a few really good games.

  161. Stats don’t always matter, I know there are people that lend their account
    to like their children end up with tomato stats, which don’t reflect the
    player. Also there are people that are just obsessed with their stats that
    they just stat pad, obviously making xvm overestimate what they can do in a
    battle of higher tiers…

  162. his aim is really really bad he misses too much shot and in a match making
    like that the 23% team will win 1 out of 10 times this battle was that 1
    time stats do matter and only noobs say that they dont so they can feel

  163. 15,838 WN8 that was an outstanding game by any stretch of the imagination
    and very well played, he wasn’t harvesting DMG or camping sniping etc., he
    outsmarted that team plain and simple.
    Lately I have seen more than my fair share of Violets contribute absolutely
    nothing to the match and bully the survivors the rest of the match in chat
    like complete imbeciles, they need to go to the garage and just STFU if
    they aren’t going to actually assist a win…certain clans are more apt to
    act this way which I will not mention here.
    In the end this is just a game and the fact of the matter is you won’t get
    a job as CEO of some big corp by placing your WOT’s stats on the resume, it
    simply is not a world changer IRL.
    Great game once again to this player, I enjoyed that.
    BTW I also got banned on your Twitch stream today for god knows what QB,
    you may want to do something about that, you seem like a decent guy and I
    enjoy watching you play, you are a purple player unlike that whining
    scumbag Orzanel.

  164. QuickyBaby, can you start showing the very last screen of the stats in the
    replays? The one that shows how much money they made or lost. It would be
    helpful to see just how much they would make or lose off of a game like

  165. Wow! That was a great game!

  166. Stats don’t matter? Why do you feel the need to state your WN8 in your
    stream titles then?

  167. To me the moment that really showed this player’s skill was right at the
    end. When he killed the bulldog while still circling the Jagtiger. Alot of
    players would have just gone straight for the bulldog or ignored the
    bulldog and focused on the Jagtiger. The fact that he adjusted his attack
    on the jadtiger to allow him to kill the bulldog while still circling the
    Jagtiger shows this guy is really good. Stats don’t matter because they
    cannot show skill, they only show how many games you won etc. Really liked
    this reply quickybaby ;)

  168. Stats dont tell you how and WHy, SOMEONE DIED. Scouts dont last long
    against a good enemy. Match maker can really mess up, and you dont always
    get a Fair team..
    In real life the life expectancy of a tank was NOT very long..
    If i see someone with HIGH stats, I consider someone hacking..

  169. lets just say that last 1k games are the best judgment of the amount of
    skilll u can axpect a player to preform with

  170. The ammount of missed shots. Thats the reason he is only an average player.
    Still, Luck was on his side and he made great use of it.

  171. Stats do matter, but don’t count on them. I have a 950 or so WN8 at the
    moment, but my last 300 games have been 1600 or so. It can give you an idea
    on how players will act most of the time, but don’t go; “OMG, 20% Chance to
    win! GG.” Play your best, help your team, and maybe you can pull the win

  172. Stats do not matter at all.
    Stats only indicate how that player might play generally, but it does not
    indicate what will happen in the game you are in.
    The win chance is something that depends on way too many factors to be
    considered in any way relevant.
    Any stat, once you know the formula behind its calculation, can be
    artificially inflated.
    The only stat that could possibly have relevance is the number of games
    Experience should matter more than anything.
    If they haven’t learned what they are supposed to be doing after 10/20/30+
    thousand games, that would indicate a bad player. (as does having more base
    cap points than defense points, but that is just my opinion).

  173. you can´t watch this everytime come on to much luck !!!! i wish you can
    see all of my games 20 to 40 % always no matter what tier this is the
    result :/

  174. Statistically speaking, statistics matter.

  175. Alin Sebi. Wp sir

  176. People flame me for having a 45%, I hate it when the “better players” say
    that I should go kill myself at the start, though I average about 2k dmg a
    game when they die at the start, I have been team killed just because of my
    stats, I personally do not care about stats.

  177. stats are also bound to the tanks people are playing. just play the best
    tanks in game to raise your stats. and there are many players going this
    route, sadly.

  178. I love how some of the highest colors you see on the EU server are the
    american average lol

  179. Auto aim and showing side?
    this is why he has poor stats 

  180. I wish xvm didn’t show the chance to win. all it does is cause the
    majority people to play stupid. It doesn’t matter if they have a really
    high chance to win or a really low one, it causes people to play stupid. 

  181. Stats fail to show recent, but rather cumulative stats.
    They can’t be trusted.

  182. weakpoint huge as half of tank? lets autoaim an autobounce hull. amazing

  183. Sadly most xvm users focus on the stats to much. I always see a low win
    chance as a challenge, and a high one as a need to stay focused.

  184. Statistics don’t lie. They are just numbers. How you interpret them is up
    to you and your understanding of them. Telling people that they don’t
    matter is telling them that their previous performance didn’t matter. If
    you are playing the game purely for entertainment, I totally agree. If you
    are playing the game just to get better, statistics could provide you a lot
    of information on where you can improve.

  185. I consider an avg. player to have about mid 800’s wn8 and 49% w/r I
    have high 900’s wn8 and 51% w/r so i consider my self slightly above avg. I
    play on NA server so often my stats are are like the top 10 in the game.

  186. It bugs me when people call me a noob. I don’t claim to be great but I’m
    ok. I know how to play the game. My WN8 isn’t stellar but over the last 3k
    battles I’ve improved from 650 to 1000.

  187. Alinseby has big penis…

  188. I find that stats are depended on wayyy to much 

  189. Proof of lemon master race! woot woot!

  190. Stats don’t matter in any games unless you’re a statwhore :P

  191. Loved the replay. My personal feelings about stats: I think WoT would be a
    lot less toxic if wn8 & other stats were only viewable by the individual
    player in their tank garage. WR shouldn’t exist as far as I’m concerned.
    There is enough egomania and epeen swagger in online games as it is without
    these things.

  192. I don’t personally care about stats I just play for fun cause you know,
    video games were made for fun

  193. Horrible driving, horrible aiming, much luck.
    Nothing special here. Just the usual “bad player got a good day” scenario.
    There were only about 3 moments when he did something that requires basic
    knowledge and a good decision.

  194. dat hair though….

  195. I really feel like that winrate ratio should be removed or banned within
    the game, only a very few will actually use it for what it is (to determine
    your initial strategy at the start) but majority of the WoT player base
    abuse the thing and just promotes severe toxicity within the game. The
    abuse I am talking about is that most would just look at the ratios and if
    not in their favor would throw the game away… I remember back a year or 2
    and every game I played then were mostly close games with near even number
    of tanks being destroyed on average but now I am seeing really often these
    so called “steamrolls” or “perfect/near perfect game” where one team only
    looses 1 or 2 tanks. This game has become alot more frustrating ever since
    xvm was abused in such a manner. All I am saying now is either for WG or
    the makers of XVM to remove the win/lose ratio, keep everyone in the “want
    to win” mindset at the start of a match. This change won’t even be that
    major in terms of coding but it will bring some improvement in terms of
    player morale.

  196. have rolled to many pub teams with a 36% win chance to care about stats
    lol, all it does is give idoits an ego and then they play stupid and some
    how casue their stats are “good” they are good….yea….have seen way to
    many 50%+ guys play awful

  197. if you judge by stats your an ass. the games about fun, not hating and
    discriminating “poor” and “avrage” players.

  198. Stats can only give you an educated guess of how “good” a player really is.
    They can be accurate, but there’s no feasible way to determine whether
    yours are accurate or not. WN8 and EFF may seem precise because they
    incorporate many numbers into a complex algorithm, but what determines
    those numbers is even more complex. For example, luck is real, but I don’t
    use that word very often because people like to jump to conclusions and
    associate it with “magic,” which is a whole different story. I like to use
    the word chance instead. Stats and skill are clouded by chance. MM is very
    unbalanced; some might argue that MM is balanced by playing the
    “probability” card, but who’s to say that probability will always give you
    that perfect 50/50? Sure, it’ll usually be on par with it, but just a
    little deviation, such as 47/53, can really throw off your stats. Tactics
    are not foolproof, they can be countered by even the worst of players just
    because they happened to be in the right place at the right time.

    At the end of the day, stats really don’t matter. WoT is a game, and in all
    likelihood, a player of 2 years and 3k battles has better things to do with
    their time than a player of 6 months and 30k battles.

  199. Amazing gameplay ! The stats are just stats : 20%= 1chance/5 to win , it’s
    just huge . All the games can be win !
    Thx for this replay :)

  200. PS hows Peppy doing ???

  201. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    Yes, its a 23 percenter. And yes, he won it.
    But i bet more than 77% of the 23 percenters are lost by “bad stat” teams.
    Thats why its 23% and not 0%.

  202. Try telling all those people who complain about having “tomatoes” on their

  203. That was a badass ending!

  204. Reds paid the price for fail platooning. Amazing game though.

  205. Wow Quickybaby even plays Command and Conquer 4? Worst CNC game ever

  206. That’s the difference. They don’t ALWAYS matter.
    On average he is roughly average on the bell curve for WN8 but that doesn’t
    mean he can’t have a good game every now and them.

  207. stats that you doesnt need to mind is Win and lose rate and the stats that
    you need to mind is Combat Efficiency rate!!!

  208. Wow, some of the aiming made me cringe, (maybe he has a shity mouse?) but
    otherwise great play, he really looked like he new what he was doing
    towards the end and a great game!

  209. Stats dont matter IF rng says : ALL STATS -25% for all attributes then 100%
    you are screwed and if you pay attention you will see most the games have
    at least 40% heavies both sides or more and if heavies fail almost aways
    the team lose and I ask you guys , any developers there can´t see this ?
    Its just retarded !!! I will REALLY stop playing this … 

  210. Stats does matter. My xvm config is showing me average dmg per current tank
    in battle. So if for example i see a bat chat with 1300avg dmg, I can
    expect him to yolo and to be prepared for that. Or if there is a TD with
    low average dmg, i can presume that he will camp somewhere far back from
    his team and than i should not yolo his team as he will be covering them,
    so first clean them up frontally or lure them to trap, than work on camper
    etc… Average WN8 can be padded especially with light tanks or your
    comfort zone tanks, like old kv-1s or hellcat.
    … So , win chances are only usable as fear factor which lowers the moral
    for the team with less chances. Sometimes randoms when sees low chances
    just give up on the start and go and suicide, and sometimes they camp die
    Long story short, for me, only average dmg per tank is good parameter to
    give you the predictions what might happen in battle and you are the one to
    do the calculations. :-)

  211. I’ve been in games where our team sees a great win chance on our side, and
    proceed to throw the game by playing recklessly, thinking they’d need to
    secure as many kills as they could before the enemy team is routed.
    Typically ends in disasters.

  212. That was a pretty awesome replay.

  213. Stats doesn’t always matter. I used to be an average player 1 year and half
    ago ( yellow ) but I stop playing for 1 years and when I started playing
    again ( 2 months ago ) I had forget a lot of things and there was a lot of
    new tanks/map so I became orange and then I started to look jingles,
    quickybaby and circonflexe’s videos to learn to play again and now the only
    two tanks that I play since 1 and half month are the Cromwell and the E25
    and I have 58 and 60% winrate with them and my WN8 doesn’t stop climbing
    and I can fight green players without any problems so that don’t be too
    confident when you’re facing a orange player 

  214. The statistics suck

  215. Consider this: If Alinseby had scored any fewer than the 11 kills that he
    managed in this replay, his side would have lost. Remember that it was a
    23% chance to win, not 0%. The fact that most of his team did so poorly
    only vindicates the XVM appraisal of the match. Besides that, the enemy
    team only had a scant few statistically strong players. If the RNG happens
    to bungle up those few, anything can happen.

  216. I think the only stats that are worth considering when you press the TAB
    key are the Damage Dealt vs Damage Received and Kills vs. Deaths in each
    vehicle. I have for example in my E50 over 1.5 in damage ratio and almost 2
    on kill ratio, but my Win Rate is 44% in almost 400 games. Bad player?
    Nope. Game carrier? Yes. What about the team? Crap players. In fact such
    stats like those give me an overall win rate of 49%. But the overall damage
    ratio is 1.4 and my kill ratio is 1.2 in 6,4 K games. WN8 and win rate are
    an obsolete way to peek behind the scenes!

  217. Lately it seems that my games where my team has the extreme advantage
    everyone on my team plays as if they won by logging in, and we just get

  218. Yeah stats don’t matter thanks to cvs bully got easy for them just because
    they live on a dumb % u win as a team not as a player

  219. its all about where your team goes but most of the time stats and win
    percent will overwhelm that

  220. Wow the use of auto aim in this video is just sad… he could of done so
    much more damage if he didn’t auto aim. Just goes to show that stats do
    matter for alot of the reasons when looking at a players so called ” skill
    ” makes me sad watching this guys play in this video, if i had to grade him
    for my clan on recruitment i would say no just off this video… 

  221. Learn what statistic means. It is not about one battle. Stats do matter!
    The correct title for this video would be: “Win chance does not matter!”
    And this Video just confirms one rule. That is that only a handfull of
    players decide the outcome of a game.

  222. Cartman bra!!!

  223. That final move to get the Bulldog and continue circling the JgTig was a
    thing of beauty

  224. This game brings a tear to my eye…Great job!

  225. Ah, the stats-discussion…I think it’s like with all other things – having
    more information is good, but putting too much emphasize on it is bad. If
    the enemy team consists of below average players or worse, you can expect
    on average (!) worse gameplay from them. But if you equal “bad stats” with
    “bad gameplay all the time”, then what we just saw will happen. I have bad
    stats and I have had great games where better players simply ignored me
    until it was too late – just because they didn’t see me as a serious

  226. The stats I pay attention to are hit rate and damage. The win rate stat
    that all the ‘good’ players care about is completely worthless.

  227. What a game!!

  228. Stats don’t matter? The only reason why his team didn’t get completely
    obliterated was the fact that they formed a lemming train. That’s all that
    matters on these dumb peek-a-boo corridor maps. Skill is pretty much
    irrelevant on these new maps. Put these teams on Malinovka or Prokhorovka
    (or any of those last few open maps where maneuvering, vision/camo games,
    crossfire and all other skill-related things are actually relevant) and I
    guarantee you a 5:15 result.
    Also, the player here is a yellow baddie. And just check how many shots he
    misses or just donks due to stupid use of autoaim. He penetrates only *one
    third* of his shots in extreemly close range combat. His mediocre shooting
    seems to match well with his mediocre stats.
    So yeah, stats matter 🙂

    The fact that some baddie got one lucky game in a dumb corridor map proves

  229. this was a romanian player, gg to him :)

  230. Terrible aiming…but very well played nevertheless!

  231. may the odds be ever in your favor… ;)

  232. Planets align even for the braindeadest of the zombiest once every 15k
    games. The only good “plays” he did the whole game was the HE switch for
    borsec and shooting the bulldog instead of the jg88 at the end… and the
    only reason they won the game is because the good players of the opposite
    team didn’t want to cap, cause thats what good players do, they go for the
    damage/kills instead of tomatocaping. And yea stb very stronk against t7/8

  233. That T34 staying in front of the T95 was a complete retard

  234. schön zu sehen das stats nunmal nicht alles sind,besonders bei den ganzen
    winrate flamern xd

  235. this was a beautiful game 

  236. excellent play

  237. 23% =/= 0% ;)

  238. That IS7 lost the game…Rep kits overrated….

  239. i play wot with no mods so i never know my chances :D

  240. Stats don’t drive tanks. I prefer to play with yellow players rather than
    purple d!cks. PRO attitude and feeling of total superiority destroys often
    their focus on the game and they usually don’t take enemies seriously. Then
    you kill them and they rage 🙂 Stats should be PERSONAL only and tbh if
    they were counted only from three highest tiers played by you it would be
    more fair. Less stat-padding on tier 2-3 for some ‘pros’ ;)

  241. Stats do matter,this game was pure luck and was probably one of the best he
    ever had.Xvm is not always right but it`s right most of the time.OK sure
    they won that game but he had to do most od the work.

  242. Was that guy Romanian? It would be awesome if he were.

  243. The only good play in this replay was quickly switching target to the
    bulldog in the end, apart from that it was pretty terrible, especially his
    shooting that makes him miss or bounce way way way more shells than

  244. stats do matter…
    Its your performance, its shows u how good u are…

  245. Congrats to alinseby for that battle. Great results.

  246. Nice replay alinsby

  247. Very great game, congrats for this epic result!
    From my experience…and it is just my personal feeling… if XVM tells you
    something about 60%+ win rate, it is in most cases a terrible loss. Why?
    Well, glad you asked (sry @Jingles, this phrase is just too good to not use
    it ^^)! I have the feeling, that most “good” players get somekind of
    “over-confident”, starting to play super aggressive and getting shot down
    in seconds by the enemies. If I get into a game with 20-30% win rate, it is
    vice versa. Just my personal observation and feeling, but statistics tells
    me, my suggestion might be correct.

  248. XVM camo is a thing for some good players so that they dont get singled out
    instantly. Good players, but play lot of “bad” games for shits and giggles
    to keep their stats low.

  249. Jhon Albert Lijeron

    U play C&C ZH woow thats a great game

  250. I deleted all mods because I just couldnt belive in humanity anymore…
    also the one mod i still play with is the Haetzer Flamer mod. With that in
    mind i dont flame as often anymore and dont see how good players are, wich
    helps me out in the battle… however stats really mean something in the
    game. However, especially in randoms anything CAN happen.

  251. Stats matter. 99 proc. of battles like this leads to one sided massacre.
    Thats why so many players bitching about MM.

  252. I dont depent on stats too much, i´ve seen players with high stats doing
    worse than players with low stats, instead they doing better sometimes. I
    also have low stats, but also 3 Marks of Excellence. And one is on my ST-I

  253. I’d like to clarify that the title of this video is intended to provoke

    Statistics do matter, over a large number of games, but they can be
    completely negated by an anomaly; in this case, the underdog, Alinseby

    And I loved it.

  254. No offence, but this guy has rather bad skill…

  255. True story … sometimes :/

  256. It does matter! Why are people so ignorant? Doesn’t people understand
    statistics?! If it’s a 23 percent game, that means the inferiour team will
    still wins 23 out of 100 games. Of course stats matters! It is way more
    likely, that the better team will win, but it’s not a given! “But hey..
    maybe the better players play worse, if they think the game will be easy?”.
    Well then the stats REALLY matter! *Sigh* The chance of hitting 6 with a
    6-sided dice, is also still 1/6 even if you hit 10 6’s in a row.

  257. Daca ai ajuns pe canalul lu’ QB… tre’ sa fii mandru.

  258. WEW! What a game! I can’t help but give this guy an ovation. Brave and
    smart maneuvers. 

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