World of Tanks || STB-1 – 1 vs 8

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Source: QuickyBaby

|| – 1 vs 8. Today Storm750 is going to show you how to carry your socks off in the T10 Japanese medium tank the STB-1!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Good to see a game played where the victor relied on skill rather than
    gold ammo….Later, Matt


    Maybe don’t put the medals on the thumbnail of the video because than we
    can see if he wins or loses before we even have seen the video…! (Only
    suggestion) Great vid. by the way :)

  3. QB/anyone have any tips for me when you don’t know/forget what to do under
    pressure or when an enemy tank being in front of you.

  4. Woow!!! Amazing game!! Cg man :)

  5. Gábor Zsolt Szabó

    total noobs in the enemy team

  6. Amazing game!! Of course he was lucky with the hp of his enemies, but still
    he made some important decisions which led him to this crazy victory!! <3

  7. That T34 forgot that he can turn the tank too…not only the turret…

  8. i need to get to grips and play like that haha maby one day great battle

  9. Storm750 is japanese samurai confirmed :D

  10. “Securing his first kill” – Quicky u were drunk? At that point he had 4
    kills. Also you said that the had game contribution only at his 2nd or 3rd
    kill … Man, please focus~

  11. My clan mirko B-)

  12. Misha “Misha3K” Arciszewski

    Soon 1vs15 game

  13. Awesome game , StickyBaby

  14. Can anyone explain to me what asset make that aiming in sniper mode and
    shooting in third person?

  15. Patrik “jaRys” Jaroš

    Well played with a bit of luck 🙂 great game !

  16. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Well played.

  17. How was this not an ace or not even a 3rd class game. What kind of super
    unicorns play this tank? :)

  18. やっぱりこんなプレイヤーを敵にしたくないww

  19. epicly well played game holy shit

  20. People, i have worked it out! How to be good, Play a tier 10 med of any

  21. Wow, what a game! And the guy even says in the description there was luck
    involved. No such thing, if you ask me. That play at the end against the
    T34 was amazing! I would never have pulled that off in the last seconds of
    the game. After the reset, noticing the clock, I would’ve rushed in
    blindly, hoping he’d miss. This guy kept his cool, very well done.

  22. My theory is the arty at the end was switching between view modes. That can
    cause the aim point to move around quite a bit.

  23. I wonder why epic medium tank games are so often played on Redshire…

  24. I am starting to see a trend with these paper medium carry games. The first
    five minutes or so is spent camo sniping easy targets.

  25. oh my gosh very wp !!!

  26. Super Saiyan God Sushi

    Love Stb-1 made by my fave country and is the sexiest tank in the world of

  27. Why does the damage indicator tell where the artillery is? It just tells us
    where we were splashed from, i.e., where the shell hit the ground. It does
    not tell us where the shell came from before it hit the ground. Am I wrong?

  28. Luis Manuel Molina Torres

    That guy is a beast.

  29. Wow so good player

  30. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    Pure Skill

  31. Nerf Nerf Nerf Nerf Nerf Nerf Nerf!

  32. T30 got ANAL

  33. This video is world of tanks best replay chanel

  34. You should bring back good guys!

  35. this makes me want to start the Japanese line

  36. Little bit heart racing…

  37. Hate to brag but I’ve done better

  38. +QuickyBaby I remember when you did your tank review on the AMX 30 you
    thought that tank might just edge out the STB-1 in many of its “best in
    class” categories do you still believe that? If so it seems your opinion of
    the AMX 30 isn’t quite as glowing as it once was is there a reason or did
    you just not think of it when making the video?

  39. I got the STB-1 shortly after the Japanese med line came out and have had
    some of my biggest games ever in this tank.

  40. Not a fan of these commentaries on others gameplay…

  41. Damnnnn. So good. Much carry. WoW.

  42. Great performance and thinking from Storm. really shows he has skill and
    map awareness even though he fired gold a lot of people need to see and
    appreciate that Storm still has some really high amount of skill with the

  43. best driving ever!

  44. Great game, working towards this tank as my first tier 10 going to be well
    worth the grind.

  45. Tylko Mirko ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  46. What a super game!!
    This game encourages me to go over that super ugly chi-ri…
    Boy when can I get this tank.

  47. So thr centurion AX has better armour, same mobility, excelent gun
    handling… That tank is really OP

  48. I know I saw this exact same game somewhere else before…

  49. lol, I already watched this replays xd

  50. Fu@K you Tai Lopez!!! get off my screen Bi@CH!!! lol

  51. shameless plug :(

  52. shameless plug :(

  53. i’m going for Wt aufs.E100,i heard it will be replaced by a Grille bla
    bla(same chasee from E100 with a paper boxy touret like wt auf pz.4),now
    i’m at St Emil half way to get RHM,i don’t think i can make it if will be
    replaced in next patch(i don’t think so)

  54. The STB-1’s mantlet is in fact one of the weakpoints since its armor +
    spaced armor has only 200mm effectiveness. So in the case of facing a hull
    down STB-1, fire straigth through the gun mantlet, even though your
    naturally won’t do that

  55. I’ve got my STB-1 and i’m still trying to manage it properly. When it gets
    is environment it’s a beast but it gets a lot of one shots or high damage
    shots by arty. My maximum exp in one battle was 1623 but you have to get
    lucky like this guy did.

  56. a 1v8 in a tier 10 game! It was a tier 10 tank against 3 tier 9s and 5 tier
    8s there were no tier 10s they all died before except for the WT E100.

  57. if I was the last tank on my team and the last guy on the enemy team had 10
    kills and survived a 7v1 i would let him kill me

  58. if I was the last tank on my team and the last guy on the enemy team had 10
    kills and survived a 7v1 i would let him kill me

  59. I got the kolobanovs medal in my T67.(in wot blitz)1 vs 4.and I was soo
    happy so I went to my friend and told them.but thay are like “so what??”.so
    I looked at the account of my friends and…2000 battles played 4
    kolobanovs.and me?4000 battles played and 1!!!!(am i the un lucky one?)btw
    i have 55%win rate and my friend has 49% (What’s with this game!!!!)

  60. Blue Rules Minecraft

    Hi everyone, a question/asking for tips from you guys. On tanks like the
    Crusader or Cromwell which have high rate of fire but low damage output, it
    is better to try to trade, keep at range, or constantly pop out at your
    enemies? What if you are trapped in close range in Himmelsdorf for example,
    is it better to trade or to pop out every 1.5 seconds?

  61. Excellent game lovely to watch

  62. Hi. Please I want mods?

  63. one of top 5 replays on the channel…text book play right there

  64. great game play . thx for posting

  65. Wow! Great job Storm!

  66. 6:47…7.5 seconds aim time? lmao

  67. I have chi-to and i’m pushing fot the t8 one, i really enjoyed replays of
    stb-1 and i hope to love it so much…

  68. 日本の戦車は世界一ッ

  69. Beast video keep it up!

  70. 6:47 “7.5 seconds aimtime” Really Quickybaby? Is your brain that old? ^^

  71. W moim sercu tylko mirko!

  72. Capping in encounter takes 250 seconds.

  73. Broken Heart Martinez

    so wait i can increase my viewrange to lets say 1000 would i be able to
    spot targets at that distance?

  74. my heart stopped during that replay, nice game though?

  75. waiting for the jealous nerds saying “that wasn’t skill , the enemy team
    was just stupid”

  76. holy mather fuzzer!!! what a geme!!!

  77. Emma Jean Grindstaff

    bring back the good guy pls

  78. What a scrublord needing a t10 tank to do this. I would have done it in my
    Mutz. I’m a ‘yellow’ player. I would use my 13k games of experience to use
    bush mechanics and outplay my opponents. Weak play by the STB. He’s lucky
    he didn’t run into me on that battlefield.

  79. Best game I’ve seen in quite a while; well played.

  80. is 1,100 average damage good for a tier 6

  81. Good replay and nice commentary QuickyBaby, I love ur video’s and your
    doping very good, keep going on and dont quit cuz I would-be cry if u do

  82. Are QB still together with Pepy?

  83. Can you put videos in colorblind mode?

  84. What the hell happened to this map? I have some catching up to do.

  85. i’ve seen this battle before,but i don’t know where

  86. Nice video to see on my Birthday
    Keep up the excellent work QB

  87. You had to speak so fast lol

  88. 3 tier X mm, full of tomatos, not really impresive.

  89. Amazing game. But 1 question HOW to get past the CHI RI. :(

  90. 7.5 seconds aim time! wow the pigs have evolved into mediums

  91. 121 Anyone?

  92. i just got my kolobonovs medal in my CDC i was top tier though with only 1
    arty on enemy team

  93. lol what an epic game but i bet their will be some people complaining ” all

  94. Thomas James (Weir417)

    I swear I’ve seen this replay before on someone channels.

  95. Great game but very badly rewarded after make 10.000 damage without shoting
    gold amo and 11 kills just get 11.000 credits without premium or 55.000
    with premium.Please WG give some good rewarding of credits for high damage
    Credits income in this game is really bad.

  96. QB i fucking love you!!!
    you are so funny!!!!

  97. Hellow QB, I have recently started putting out videos and I was wondering
    how you get your videos to become so smooth. My system specs are more than
    acceptable to run wot on max graphics with 120+ fps, but when i check back
    on the recording, it is jerky, any suggestions on render software? (Pc
    Specs Intel i7 6700k Gtx 980 ti Corsair ddr4 ram 16g) Thanks

  98. Badass game well played sir!

  99. I would’ve used bushes to kill the capping tanks and track the t32 and also
    HE-kill the wt. Very weak play.

  100. You forgot the AMX 30 B, 9 or 10 gun depression…

  101. this is a repost or what? i remember this video i think i have seen him
    before :(

  102. Great game!

    Still waiting for my HD STB1 though… :(

  103. Awesome game!

  104. Actually, QB, the M48 has 7.19 RPM on the gun. I left my body armor over in
    a bush near Jingles’ place because I know you won’t shotgun me!

  105. How did you get that arty screen view on your stream >?

  106. I saw this video 2 weeks ago… It`s not first time… or maybe i have deja

  107. Lucas Ribeiro Nunes

    awesome game great replay QB thanks a lot once again for this great carry
    by the player keep going QB !

  108. Lucas Ribeiro Nunes

    awesome game great replay QB thanks a lot once again for this great carry
    by the player keep going QB !

  109. Sick game.. finnaly a monster game that is not based on luck. well played

  110. YES let’s go kill that rng!

  111. Great vid bruh.

  112. reminded me of fury (when they fought the tiger) at the end!

  113. I came here to read how everyone would have played this better.

  114. I can’t wait t’ill another ARTILLERY replay.

  115. OMG epic battle

  116. Qb? Did u now that u are pretty famous in dutch? Netherlands? Probably
    50.000 Subs are dutch

  117. Another great game becuse of no gold!

  118. Gratz storm!

  119. This replay has already been posted by another wot account. Good vid but
    sadly it wasn’t new

  120. i like this tank ? and very nice game play

  121. I find this tank has the worst team luck in the garage. I have never
    carried this hard but dozens of times I have ended up 1vs8 or worse in the
    first 5 minutes of a game. If you ever want the opportunity to carry your
    team talk the STB-1.

    So many times I have been the top scoring tank on a losing team in this
    thing. Good thing is the games rarely last more than 5 minutes so you can
    play a lot of games.

    You know how sometimes you have a losing streak with a tank, seems to
    happen more often in a STB-1.

    But I still play it because it is a great tank, and when you have a good
    game it is a great game.

  122. Tier 10 vs tier 9 and 8 is easy

  123. Quickybaby, someone once told me this had the best DPM in the game, Is that
    true? If not could you tell me what does? :D

  124. Unlike a many 2nd hand replays on this channel, this was well played.

  125. so MUCH fps how

  126. I just can swear I watched this game before. Is my mind playing tricks or
    Jingles or maybe QB before actually uploaded this battle?

  127. A real pro, knowing what to shoot and when to do it!

  128. quickybaby you forgot that the STB-1 has the worst gun elevation u can’t
    hit the tank from above

  129. 7: 55 “using the great mobility of the T32″

  130. Hey QB is wargaming taking the WT E100 out of the game? I have heard some
    guys in pub matches talking about it. Thanks and keep up to great videos.

  131. lol again into the 301 club I was in the 301 club in the Jingles vid of
    today so yeah… I feel.. Thug Life

  132. This was a pleasure to watch

  133. 12:00 arti didn’t panic there, that s just bad mehanics for Howitzer guns
    in this game CPU calculated that he aiming “20 miles” behind because he was
    aiming in air where our friend should pop out so gun elevated automatically
    to range that “20 miles.” ;)

  134. MattTheRainbowUnicorn :D

    the STB-1 is quite OP so if they’d buff it’s gun handling stats it would be
    the best tank in the game (it is probably in top 3 anyway) but imagine this
    OPness if you would play it correctly like Storm750 has shown it would be
    literally unstoppable


  136. Tallk so much… Noise..

  137. STB-1 nowadays is more similar to Centurion AX than either AMX-30B or
    Leopard 1. Same top speed, similar acceleration, agility, poorer gun
    handling for better DPM, similar armor profile and gun depression.

    Oh and if u r fighting a hull-down STB-1 in a tier 9/10 tank, shoot
    straight into its mantlet, it’s less than 200mm.

  138. QB u Skrub. Do a video on the FV215b :D

  139. 12:43 how can you ask that this game will be a heartbreak, when the
    Thumbnail shows a Kolobanov´s medaille?

  140. knocking down the trees is a stupid thing, yeah true
    I was playing with my SuperPershing (attack karelia), being 1v1 aganist a
    T71 I had enough time to cap, I went into it, to force him to go after me
    he had ~400 hp I had ~1000 so he just had to reset and win (~70 points on
    cap ~2mins left) I was turned to the western flank, and I see him knocking
    down a tree I face that way, he’s got suprised, I put 1 into him he bounces
    3 times he’s about to flank me, and boom I finish him off.

  141. Can you make a new intro for 2016?

  142. Awesome game finally. Very well played by the end as well. That one surely
    did played better than his stats would suggest. Soooooo much better than
    that crap t30 stomping video :D

  143. It’s my birtzday today, who wants to give me subscriptions, but if you like
    my channel only?! 🙂 🙂 :)

  144. LoL

  145. Great job! I might want to get the STB-1

  146. All i want from you is a new intro

  147. QB: “can i have one of those 1 versus 8?”

    Please no, you dont know what youre asking for… i get those all the time,
    its frustrating as hell lol
    Unless youre into gangbang, not my kind of fetish though

  148. Hey comment section, I would like help in a decision…

    I’m deciding on a T8 premium, and I’ve narrowed it down to the IS-6, T-54
    Prototype, and the T-43-3
    The question I ask , which is the best for versatility, performance,
    reliability, and game-play?
    I’m also mentioning I’m experienced in medium tanks, and have strong
    experience in the British and German heavies, and some experience with
    Russian heavies

    I appreciate all help

  149. no play qickybaby

  150. wow nice replay

  151. You know sometime I wish that quickybaby moves his cam to the right so I
    could see what the enemy or friendlies are saying again to each other

  152. Jesse WhoEvrIwant2b

    Does artillery show you where the shell came from or the side it landed on
    when you get splashed? I thought it showed the direction the damage came

  153. If QB was not doing youtube hi would be exelent teacher


  154. There were so many shots that missed him, saving him the game. Like that t9
    waffle… like wtf?? But anyways quite well played and an amazing result.

  155. this replay is already old for me

  156. what nerves damn that guy

  157. 8:06 what is that word????

  158. Is this a re-upload ? I swear i saw this replay like a month ago ..

  159. good tank!

  160. I love redshire ;)

  161. So, This tank should be fitted with; Rammer, Vents & GLD? or Rammer, Vents
    & Vertical Stabilizer?

  162. Love your commentating battles QB
    you are great commentator…
    when I listen to your comments like I watch Superbowl 🙂 :)

  163. What a game!

  164. Btw for tier 10 tank exp is useless :P

  165. Good game but if this is done with big slow heavy tank will be super hard

  166. there is no show of skills

  167. it shouldnt be on ur channel qb cuz this is pure RNG this guy was very very
    very lucky

  168. hi QB can you pls make a recview about Churchill GC

  169. very well played game. and it is one of my favourites because he never
    fired HEAT <3 ;)

  170. my fav tank in game *_*

  171. Daniels Ivars Ramulis

    great video but do you ever play the game or you just wach replays

  172. Daniels Ivars Ramulis

    great video but do you ever play the game or you just wach replays

  173. I have seen this replay somewhere else before, i just don’t know where.

  174. 8:06

  175. obviously this map in the STB-1.

  176. Quick! Say something stupid!

    I like the M3 Lee

  177. Hi QB! I’ll give back the baton and not give a harsh conclusion for you ^^
    Also you’ve been reading a lot of my stream chat messages lately ;)

  178. Great vid, lol, it came out 5 mins ago, no-one has finished!

  179. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    always the Same t10 op Mediums… pls take other replays aß well

  180. AMX 30 B is better than the STB-1 .

  181. yes, new quickybaby video!

  182. hey guys is quickybaby and welcom back to world of tanks, this time we havd
    the stb-1, a tier ten japanese medium tank

  183. Really nice replay!

    Jap MT really good, but the HT tier 9-10 are a bit, how to say, not enough
    in almost every aspect, even the armor isn’t that good (talking turret)
    that’s why I can’t understand ppl complain about Jap tanks being OP…

  184. 125th

  185. Stb Madness

  186. norwegianminecrafter lynnes

    Hey, im cool…. :F

  187. That was awesome.

  188. Ricky Spanish

  189. first. by the way war gaming are trying to get YouTubers to play world of
    tank, for example Vikkstar123. What do you think of this because i can see
    war gaming trying to get people to play world of tanks.

  190. got it !

  191. first

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