World of Tanks || STB-1 – 11,000 Damage…

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_SKE_ tearing it up in the T10 Japanese medium tank the STB-1!

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is a Free 2 Play which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have played and I fully recommend it.


  1. “Don’t cap, don’t cap! Kill tem all!” Idiots again… :-D

  2. Don´t get me started on FV4202, undeniably the worst t10 in the game…

  3. The guy is carying 20+ HEAT rounds on a T10 medium with incredible pen on
    the standard APCR come on he had a very good game but i do not like the way
    he uses HEAT he just spams it on everything….

  4. my favorite tier 10 medium tanks are e50 m and t62 a .

  5. You have already used this replay before, I’m pretty sure at least

  6. honestly, i don’t see players buying a lot of premium rounds (and use them
    in most situations) as good players, unless they are just like this guy in
    the stb, who knows what he was doing and used tactics. if the player just
    spam gold and no tactics, he totally sucks

  7. Wow, how can you aim so damn badly and make that game…

  8. Anybody else thinking this is yet another example of how the high tier
    Medium tanks are OverPowered “Obj 140” “T62A” “STB-1” ?

    I know it sounds like a rant but its annoying playing tier 10 matchs with
    50% mediums.

    Also compare the Leopard 1 to any of the above and tell me it isnt
    unbalance? Leopard 1 should move much much better considering it has zero
    armour… i feel fighting other mediums even from range that it just is
    not balanced

  9. Have no fear, Franz is here!

    These replays show the weakness of (random) multiplayer games… 1 vs. 6
    and still steamrolling… Nonsense!

  10. This is why i want this Tier X med

  11. Kannietkiezen - TheDutchRebels

    Another replay thats shows that this tank is fucking OP……

  12. Great Video!

  13. When he was bouncing all those shells against the JPII, all I could think
    was “he’s not gonna have enough ammo to finish off the other two TDs, what
    a heartbreaker…” but I guess I was wrong. It’s kind of ridiculous really,
    what this video truly demonstrates is that the STB-1 (and tier 9/10 mediums
    in general, I guess?) can afford to snap a bunch of their shots simply
    because the ammo capacity and reload are both so good that you can throw
    over 25% of your shots to rng and *still* manage to carry a full-length
    game. For a moment I found this idea ridiculous, then I realized I’ve had
    games not all that different from this in my E-50 (maybe never actually as
    “big” as this one, but no less tense) and have yet to ever actually run so
    low on shells as to worry about not being able to finish the game. It’s
    strange really, I guess at tiers 9 and 10 shell capacity is a limitation
    that only puts real strain on the autoloaders…

  14. Zachary Haymore

    WOW! What an incredible game!!! This is a great replay to watch to help
    yourself play strategically. Good job SKE!

  15. Good to see a GREAT DANE in such a splendid action :-)

  16. TheWolfPredator23

    I love my fv4202 but the top speed has got annoying and I want a fast med
    so I’m going for the leopard line 

  17. My fav meds are either Obj 140 or STB-1

  18. lucas pickering

    Poi poi poi

  19. Poi.

  20. great replay with excellent performance shown.
    STB-1 is much harder to play well then easy mode russian mediums.

  21. Hello, I have only played about 100 games on wot on the pc (xbox player). I
    have been playing today and had a 52% wr when i started. I played about 30
    games and only won a few games as i kept getting put on the team that
    everyone dies in the first 5 min of the game. It has brought my wr down the
    43%. Any advice? 

  22. T62a all the way

  23. gold noob +2x T54 bigger noobs who didn’t cap.

  24. Every russian medium in the game right now rips the STB a new one. I also
    regularly one shot this tank with my arty or get one shoted. Let alone the
    Bat chat with a 1950 dmg clip, kills this tank 50% of the time from full
    health within 10 seconds. It’s just wrong to say that this tank is the best
    all round T10 medium in the game right now. It doesn’t have the armor or
    dpm of the russian meds like obj. 140, not the speed of the bat chat and
    not the penetration or accuracy of the E50m, leopard 1 or FV4202. The only
    advantage it got over the Obj. 140 is 4 degrees more gun depression.

  25. Another Gold noob… no doubt he is a good player, but really he is only
    doing most of the damage frontally with coward rounds when it counts… And
    when he leaves his team they all die… funny about that.. typical UNICUM
    player… selfish… that’s just my opinion.

  26. Why is it that you always see people in ST-Is and KV-4s wrecking face, but
    never see T-150s, KV-3s and IS-4s? The T-150 and KV-3 are very strong, the
    T-150 more so, and I’m not sure about the IS-4, so what is it?

  27. What sniper zoom mod is that?? I need that extra zoom!

  28. Thankyou very much for this reply. i am very near to get STB 1 and this
    reply ll help me alot.

  29. “best all around tier 10”, I don’t think the people that come up against my
    140 would agree, as I have no problem at all picking them apart and making
    them look silly.

    • Aaron William Ching

      +mynameisray Well it has good gun depression and gun stats, terrain
      resistance is fairly good too. Just my opinion tho 🙂

  30. +QuickyBabyTV I’m Borntokill83 (T54) thanks to the video ;-)

  31. M48 Patton is my favorites

  32. Holy gold ammo, Batman.

  33. is it just me or did quickybaby have a few quicky drinks before making this

  34. that is how you increase your wn8 and wr guys. Let your team die,dont cover
    base,use gold ammo and make misplays.Totally the best way

  35. Gotta say he would not have had to carry the game if he had not wandered
    off with the VK leaving the rest of his team to get slaughtered. Would
    have been a far easier and different match if he had stayed and supported
    his team

  36. fantastic game!

  37. 121. the gun just really does it for me. same for the hidden stats

  38. Fv4202 has better accuracy so it makes up for having no mantlet

  39. Andrew LaPlante


  40. perfect!!

  41. SirJoel Ofsweden

    My favorite Medium must be the 121. I like high alpha damage guns and well
    armoured but not slow MT:s. Compared to the E 50 M, I like that extra
    turret armor and alpha damage with a very good DPM consider to it’s alpha
    I took some information from your 121 review by the way…

  42. Can you make a video showing us the best way to make money on world of

  43. Yuudachi-poi?
    Lucky star?
    In a Japanese tank?

  44. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    he got lucky

  45. QB i have confess… when you shook y had and signed my painting i pee’ed a
    little :3 

  46. He is a great player, that’s sure, but just, use less gold; it’s
    unbalancing the entire game.

  47. I DIGRESS !!! you like that word don’t you ? lol

  48. WorldOfTanks Gaming

    T-62A coz its small and and not very big like the german tanks coz my
    playing style is aggressive and i cant play with big mediums.. 

  49. You guys need to back off the stb1 videos! I’m just starting to mold with
    my sta1 and with these videos they will nerf the stb by the time I get it!

  50. Pretty much flawless play though, I think the STB-1 is slightly
    overpowered, I mean the only thing bad about it is the aiming time/
    accuracy of which the aiming time can be fixed with crew skills, equipment,
    or consumables. I don’t think he would have won that in any other t10
    medium because they’re simply not as good as the STB-1 

  51. Awesome replay, this guy plays the STB like a boss!

  52. Lucky *cough* gold *cough*… Outplayed *cough* gold *cough*

  53. Just for sheer flexibility the STB-1 is epic. If it gets the accuracy buffs
    it will be just perfect. I even have a female crew in mine.

  54. Dear, QuickyBabyTv when will you post more with you and pepper taking lead
    in the scoreboards?

  55. Meeting QuickyBaby and the other youtubers was an emotionally experience I
    got my photo with him and he signed my program as well as relising he is
    just as nice in real life as he appears in his live streams and videos. I
    will treasure the moment I met QuickyBaby for the rest of my life and will
    never forget him and the others. Thank you soooo much QuickyBaby and keep
    up the truly awesome work.

  56. I like the leopard because of its speed and troll mantlet :D

  57. lol the batchat’s name, Yuudachi POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI !!!!

  58. By the way, I am sure that there was no engine damage on the jagtiger…
    This was just the crappy wot mechanics that is still present on lost of
    such locations around the different maps. I just can’t remember if this was
    a problem before the introduction of the “new” physics…

  59. Good lord…Super Unicums platoons…we all know how this turns out
    xD…and they are firing heat…that’s why I watch Taugrim…cuz we don’t
    use heat…

  60. Fav tier X med is the M48 for me, It was my first tier X, its sexy, its
    allround and I do rather well in it. Managed to get some radley’s. 8k / 9k
    dmg scores. Stuff like that.

  61. What’s the bet that Yuudachi_Poi plays WoWS

  62. If i were ro choose a tier 10 medium tank it would have to be the e50m
    because it has nice speed and amazing armor

  63. m48 patton and stb-1 in are basicly the same i think

  64. 9:25 greed for kill, for dmg, i personally hate this kind of retards

  65. There is nothing more to say than “Well Played” ;)

  66. Thanks for the meet up at tankfest!!! I enjoyed meeting you was very
    delighted 🙂 your such a good person!

  67. WOT Marcldercoolepenner

    BC 25t is the best

  68. QuickyBaby could you please do a tank review on the T30 (American Tier IX
    Tank Destroyer).

  69. Yay for Denmark!

  70. Miguel Garcia (GOODMG500)

    Cool channel

  71. I would have tried to cap with those 2 slow td’s left…but that jagdtiger
    was unspotted for so long and didn’t cap he must have figured he was coming
    back to defend…not sure if he was though. I’ve played 12k games and only
    ever gotten one kolobanov’s medal so capping probably would have been the
    wrong move.

  72. wwwwwooooohhh…….100fps……..

  73. Cool tonk

  74. 15:02

    Yeah, I’m gonna be that person and call you on it QB, but I don’t think
    mediums can mount 150mm cannons. I know the one US Light has a 152 short
    barreled arty cannon, but still.

  75. Just saw you reporting a guy for “homophobia”.
    Do you also report for “necrofiliophobia”, “bestialityphobia” as well?

  76. Another AMAZING video of world of tanks, I always wait for these uploads

  77. Half the loadout is gold.. in tier 10.. all skill.

  78. goooooooooooooooold nooooooooooobs

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Jonesdude666 Pay in-game money to win. Doesn’t have the same sting to it.

    • +Anthony Ngo
      Using gold where you need it? What kind of logic is this? Go ahead, cheat
      if you want to win.
      Game Balance was done with standard AP and HE in mind. So by loading gold
      you just buy the skill you clearly lack. Gold is what makes this game pay
      to win.

    • +Anthony Ngo yeah those 90 mm frontal armor on the jagdpanther were just
      impenetrable with only 258 mm pen on standard ammo. Same thing with me
      yesterday as I immediatly switched to HEAT when I saw that RU 251 comin
      around the corner. Them 20 mm almost as beast as the jagdpanther.

    • Using gold where you need it doesn’t make you a noob

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +m&m You are just a noob.

  79. Why arent you make video series where You answer to our questions? :)

  80. GG comrade, and good commentary QB! Big LIKE!

  81. Can u make a review for e50m?

  82. No tank fest vid?

  83. Michael Riabtsev

    i spoted 14k damage i didnt do something interesting but its very fun to
    see. i can send you is you want

  84. we dont want to see gold noobs QB …

  85. this loss brought to you by the kill don’t cap muppets who’s skill can’t
    match their ego and greed

  86. Ya know,instead of showing remarkable Replays from remarkable People I wish
    Quicky would bring more educational Videos for the average/below average
    player and I don’t just mean Tank reviews or basics like using bushes or
    good angling.
    Like a general Video about Weakspots (Lower Glaces, Commander
    Coppolas,Machine Gun Ports,what to do against sidescrapping Heavies)
    A Video about how to avoid getting hit by artillery when spotted.
    A Video about how you get your gun down over a ridgeline in a Tank with not
    the best Gun-depression
    A Video about what to do when you are a bottom-tier Heavy.
    or at the entertaining side a Video about a random partnership about two
    not platooned players who managed to winning a 2 vs 7 because of blind

    Maybe I’m wrong but I think over 60% of your subscribers subscribed because
    they hoped,they would learn some things about being better at this game and
    those Replays of awesomeness are not the best thing for it^^

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +TheMaleLynn I can answer to all this, no need for a video.
      -> weakspots are the same on all tanks apart from a few exceptions (VK4502b
      -> dont shoot the lower plate, shoot gold through the turret front, or
      flank. T110E3 -> dont shoot the machinegun/cupola, not gonna go in. Flank,
      or gold the lower plate.)

      -> how to not get hit by arty when spotted? simple, never get spotted where
      arty could possibly hit you. Always engage /get spotted with something to
      prevent the pigs from taking a dump at you. If you are spotted in the open,
      arty will hit you, nothing you can do about it. Only move from cover to
      cover when you know your are not gonna get spotted.

      -> bad gun depression? never go on top of hills, always use the bottom of
      hills, which is usually flat to shoot with the hill covering your side. Or
      “reverse-depress” the gun by climbing small inclines with the back or the
      side of your tank to use your gun elevation as gun depression. Tricky to
      do, but gets the job done.

      -> when you re a bottom tier heavy, follow the big boys and try to make
      sure they dont get flanked and put some shots when the enemy heavies are
      reloading, without disturbing you own heavies. Dont take hits yourself. If
      its an open map (malinovka/prokhorovka), theres not much you can do.
      Heavies are probably the most useless class when bottom tier anyway, their
      main feature is usually armor, and armor is irrelevant when bottom tier.
      You can still bait a few shots with your side, but most of the time you re
      just cannon fodder.

  87. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Great play by the STB-1, really using it to the best of its abilities.
    Those T-54s were not good players, they just demonstrated what you can do
    when you have two Russian mediums shooting all HEAT and rushing the enemy.

  88. I got my first Kolobanovs in the M26 Pershing the other day.. i know how
    satisfying that last shot is now! It is no longer something that i had to
    dream about ^^

  89. are u going to be posting a tankfest video this year

  90. Sweden?

  91. Dang! idk how he gets 3 marks on the STB! That is impressive seeing that it
    is one of the hardest tanks to have 3 marks in. Well done SKE!

  92. That JagdTiger was a noob. It was obvious that SKE was going to fall back
    and flank as that was his only option he should’ve been waiting guarding
    their flank instead he followed the JPE-100 like the puppy he is and lost
    the match for his team.

    Never leave the fate of a match in the hands of a tomato, they could drop
    the ball even with super glue all over their hands.

  93. Don’t want to meet him in battle….look at those stats and the loadout of
    his tank…..he must be pro 0_0

  94. Second best medium tank is the m8a1patton

  95. I LOVE BOOBIES! Like this comment if you do !

  96. WindmillStalker

    “The Jagdpanther II is in a very interesting location”

    Is that QB-speak for “What the fuck is this guy doing?!”

  97. World Of Warships is available now guys, check the website!!!!!!!!!
    NO JOKE!!

  98. A win against 2 tier 10 td bots

  99. 330mm of pen? talk about broken game mechanics. all you need to do is hit
    “2” and you swing the game balance in your favor.

  100. A STB-1 doesn’t need so much HEAT-Ammo. … well, of course good play.

  101. I think it’s time for a new intro quicks!

  102. I would gladly like this video

  103. QB,
    Saw you on Saturday and would just like to “tank” you very much for your
    vigorous enthusiasm when meeting all your fans, including me. Being at
    Tankfest 2015 was a pleasure but seeing you there and meeting you made my
    day. My photo is now my screensaver and I have my signed copy on my table.
    Thanks for being awesome!!!!

    Ultragamer659 (Rhys – “Gosh I’m so tall”)

  104. Daniel Verissimo

    Really?another coward flanking slower tanks,cowards…they are all over
    world of tanks…were are the mens who fight everything fron the front and
    win,this replay makes me puke,be a good youtuber and upload a replay of
    someone who fights in the frontline like a real man

    • Aaron William Ching

      +Pavel Volkovoi He’s butthurt Pavel

    • +Daniel Verissimo This just in! Using medium and light tanks against tank
      destroyers and heavy tanks the way you are supposed to; flanking around
      them to bypass their frontal armor and powerful guns is now cowardice!

      This game is not, and should not be about heavy tanks having jousting
      matches and slinging shots into each other’s fronts while TDs snipe at each
      other from across the map.

  105. This video makes me glad I started the grind towards the STB- 1 , At the
    STA – 1 currently. Good video as always!

  106. lol he had 11 111 dmg before the last OCD would never let me
    finish that JagdTiger :D

  107. ruined the 11111 dmg :(

  108. Richard Gustafsson

    1:23. You know it’s not the accuracy’s fault when you shoot the side of a
    Is-7 ;)

    • Richard Gustafsson

      +Frederick Schulze I know that. Was inteded to be a joke though as the
      russian tanks have magical spaced armour

    • Frederick Schulze

      +Richard Gustafsson It is the accuracy’s fault because he hit the spaced
      armor instead of the strip between the extra armor an the tracks.

  109. Jochem Groenewoud

    Epic, tnx QB!

  110. Hey Quickybaby!
    Can you do a review about the 113?

  111. Yuudachi Poi lol~~ making people go poi poi poi

  112. STB-1 monster

  113. awsome…….

  114. I think ive run into his buddy yuudachi_poi in WOWS lol

  115. Can you play more rounds with your acc :-)

  116. At the end he played pretty well but he is a typical unicum.. Leaving the
    team alone dieing and goes on farming Dmg.. I hate this playstyle.. But at
    the end he played well indeed.

  117. STB-1 best.. is to op

  118. Why so many premium shells in a tank that already has amazing
    It’s more than enough to deal with whatever you are gonna meet.

  119. Stop talking like a news reporter…

  120. That fucking snap zooming…. danskt rövhål…

  121. +QuickyBabyTV Can you please do a tank review or anything on the E75 German
    Heavy Tank please? I just unlocked it and I want some advice on the beast!
    I am running on the gun (10,5 cm Kw.K. L/68) and FUG 12 Radio, but others
    are stock… [ E75 Ausf. A Turret, Maybach HL 230 TRM P45 Engine and stock
    tracks] :'( Do you think I should spend some money to get some gold and
    convert some for free experience to unlock it faster? Thank you QB! o7

  122. Thanks Qb I was a nervous reck when I met you 

  123. Lol… Im in that video 😀 The VK 45.02 B in STB-1 team! But my tank was
    stock so i doesnt done a lot of damage :/

  124. I’m Omid.

  125. Casper Bolding Kampp

    jeg ved godt han er en ske men han virker mere som en kniv
    nice game greetings from denmark

  126. A2-A3 Camper tomatos ….

  127. How did he do financially ?

    • Frederick Schulze

      +StoreBrand Players with that many games played tend to have huge amounts
      of credits stored up since they have researched almost every tank they
      want. He is a unicum in a clan with other unicums. Probably has huge
      amounts of gold from clan wars too…

    • +StoreBrand I think he though my question was how did he afford the STB -1
      which it was not 😀

    • +Robin Frick How did that answer his question?

    • +Juggernaut 46k games played, thats the reason.

  128. I much prefer the Leo than the STB, the extra mobility, more reliable gun,
    comparable depression and extra view range really makes the Leo a more
    suitable tank to my playstyle

  129. Aside from leaving that flank early, absolutely masterful game. The bounces
    on him were almost all due to proper angling too.

    Unlike the T49 video, this was almost all skill and a little luck. Damn
    jealous xD

  130. Sebastian "Schige" Ghariani

    spam more gold pls on t8 td

    • SirJoel Ofsweden

      +samuele inzaghi I completely agree!

    • +samuele inzaghi thx but … I know how the game works :p

    • samuele inzaghi

      +SHYVA PRIME he was shooting down on the jpII,which means the effective
      armor the superstructure was well below 250mm. APCR was the better choice
      in that situation and distance.
      However i think he was just too busy trying to win the game to bother
      switching out ammo for every target.

    • +Sebastian “Schige” Ghariani pretty positive he just wanted to win and not

    • +SHYVA PRIME actually firing gold to a JP2 was a very bad play there… JP2
      has a lot of spaced armor in the superstructure making APCR more effective
      than HEAT. He bounced 2 shots off a tier 8 td and it was a total waste of
      time in such a hard situation, if he had fired APCR, those shells would had
      have more chance to damage and take the kill (9.40)

  131. Sveta Djordjevic

    0:05 sausage!!

  132. Pawan Jayakumar

    When ur not jobless enough to get the first view or comment

  133. I prefer the object 140 for the all round better armor and because his gun
    is just brutal , you can permanently track tanks. And even if they use the
    repair pack , it’s too late because the next round is ready to be fire.

    I also like the fact that the 140 has INSANE ground resistance. So even in
    swamp terrain he can use his really good mobility .

    The weakness of this tank his still the gun depression , yes it’s better
    than 5° but it’s not great , and the weak to turret is a shame …


  134. AssassinsZombie7 - Gamer 4 Life


  135. SKE – Sakae ?

  136. Håkon Eidem Christiansen (Haggon)

    Spectacular round sir.
    How did he come out financially?
    Looks like he carries a big stack of premium rounds in his STB-1.
    Is that something you guys also do?

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +Håkon Eidem Christiansen with 11000 dmg he probably made a profit, even
      with all that gold.
      But 20 heat rounds is too much in my opinion. Not because “gold spam noob”,
      but because heat is shit and very situational.
      Slow velocity, get absorbed too easily in tracks (i remember boucing 4 out
      5 heat shells from a batchat in a centurion 7/1, because this idiot was
      shooting my angled side). Heat is only good against boxy (german…) tanks,
      for maus E100 jagdpanzer e100 turret/superstructure.
      apart from that apcr/ap is just more reliable.

    • You always need some of those round :p and you can do benefit if you played
      well , and doesn’t miss shot

  137. Matia Kosevic1605

    I have stock is3… help

  138. The Raging Storm


  139. I love the STB so much <3

  140. Why are all the low tier Japanese tanks so unbearably bad, i mean tier 8
    -10 are good but everything before is pretty abysmal

    • chi-nu has a good gun, i played it as a sniper support tank (the chi-to is
      just a fat chi-nu and the chi-ri is a auto loading fat chi-to)

    • I did 11 kills in Ke-Ni….they are not that bad

    • +Mirza Ajanovic thought the same thing… People are not really aiming for
      that anyways

    • +Mirza Ajanovic​ It is a problem if you are hulldown. It negates one of
      the strenghts of the Type 61, its gun depression. You may be hulldown, but
      that giant cupola is still visible.

    • +Colonel Radec who cares for giant weakspot on the top if you just said
      that it’s paper tank :S

  141. Tuomas Heikkinen

    this has been here for 15min

  142. Christophe Loiret

    Who can buy me a premuim t8 pls ?? thx for your contibution my nickname is

    If you really do its means I have super powers MOUHAHAHA :)

  143. again gold gold gold and some more gold… these arent entertaining to

    • +Bernd Röhrig yeah I’m just saying it’s kinda unfair to tanks like E100 or
      any tank that is considered ‘good’ for it’s armor. Because that advantage
      is reduced by gold spammers. Don”t get me wrong, firing gold is fine. But
      it’s not when u fire so many. Just makes the game a little less fun.

    • +codbabolat it would be to risky if he had swiched his ammo in battle

    • +Weener Boop yeah he played really well that game. But the extra
      penetration really did help alot. Penetrating the jg E100 cheeks and other
      tanks, accumulating a lot of dmg . Shooting a few prem shells is fine, but
      when it is shot that excessively….

    • +nisooo:3 geht had no time to aime. ..would you aime for the weakspots of
      all jp e-100 if he has pointed historischen gun directly at you?

    • +Weener Boop I know, so why does he ruin it by spamming HEAT around.

  144. A great Job 

  145. 11K damage? You mean way too much damage? 😛
    Also, do you/have you watched kantai collection, QB? If so, you’ll
    understand yuudachi’s name.

  146. QB, WoWS is in open beta now

  147. POI!
    Kancolle fan.

  148. I just saw few people with green 8-bit camo on their tanks and i can’t find
    it in my exterior shop :/
    ~How do i get it then ?

    • +Daniel Ouwendijk It has nothing to do with nation of tank. When you earn
      that reward camo the game gives you an option to select a nation. Then you
      can put it on any one tank within that nationality.

    • Daniel Ouwendijk

      i think itz because of the nation, every nation has different camouflage

    • +Mirza Ajanovic You get it by completing clan tasks. The tasks are in a
      chain and you have to complete 7 consecutive tasks before receiving the
      camo. You can put the camo on any tank in the game but its a one time use.

    • i think its on every tank

    • e100 has it

  149. Was it really a lot more though, really?

  150. Nice 

  151. Christian Andersen

    Nice! A danish player in this one!

    • Aaron William Ching

      +Aroused Squirrel Proof?

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +vaulthecreator I can. I am a serious nerd. Every country’s flag.

    • +Aroused Squirrel No, in fact it is not shameful at all since I have
      absolutely no need to be able to recognize it instantly.
      I’d bet good money that you yourself could not identify every single flag
      in the world without looking it up.

      Being an Aussie has absolutely nothing to do with it either, put simply I
      need no excuse whatsoever.

    • +Christian Andersen No worries mate 😀

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Christian Andersen All flags are.

  152. FIRST COMMENT!! QB is the best. Watched it before 301+ views…

  153. 11th…….


  154. Huzzah! New video! This will keep me occupied for the next few minutes 

  155. poi~

  156. I like Turtles ;)

  157. Howdy QB

  158. Matias Martikainen


  159. What is ur favorite type of pie>

  160. Matias Martikainen

    4 sex on

  161. Kuu Hanekawa (羽川空)

    New video~

  162. Hey guys I hope you enjoy *SKE* murdering the opposition I’m back from
    Tankfest where I met 500+ of you guys, you are AWESOME thanks for being so
    lovely 🙂

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  163. +QuickyBabyTV , could you do a review on the T110E4? I want to know if it’s
    worth finishing the line – I’m at the T30 right now.

  164. Matias Martikainen


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