World of Tanks || STB-1 – 12,000+ DMG…

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – STB-1. Today GodFather_Hanh1987_ from the is going on a riot in the T10 Japanese medium tank nailing over 12,000 DMG…

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have played and I fully recommend it.


  1. greedy fuck, lol

  2. 3:10 bad aim time? no aim then!

  3. Andrej Ambrenac

    Hahah omg.

  4. Do Quickybaby use a mod that he can see when he is spotted?

  5. Minh khoanpk Nguyen

    Good to see Vietnamese players out there. Get more if you can Quickybaby :)

  6. Its funny how I got my first Kolobanovs medal. I was 2 v 5 and I was
    capping, at 99 seconds my mate died and I win 1v5. I lold so hard.

  7. my most dmg ever is 7299 in the is-3 :D

  8. post a replay of some tank that is not too common or famous… i would love
    to see replays of tanks such as the tier 9 and 10 brit HT or MT or the
    french tier 9 and 10 TD and others…

  9. QuickyBaby you re now an international because i am french ( sorry for the
    fault if i did fault ) ;-)

  10. It’s the 2nd time you’ve uploaded the same video as “World of Tanks the
    best replays”. Not saying it’s your fault and not saying you stole it from
    them, it’s just, you could try sometimes looking around, I think you could
    find out quickly if you searched the name of the tank and dmg done in
    youtube search.

  11. To all those saying that he is using Illegal mods, he is not. I play the
    Asian server, and the mod he uses allows you to auto aim by clicking near
    an enemy tank, its not illegal on that server and quite common.

  12. Muhammad Fadzli Haziq Mohammad Bahathir

    I’ve done 170000 damage in my WT Auf E100 but the tank isn’t fair in that
    MM and the replay is a little boring

  13. Greed Kills.

  14. Nguyen Viet Anh

    Viet Nam gamer

  15. if i want to improve my WN8
    should i do more DMG or more victories .
    btw i do every battle more than my hit points
    will it effect ?…

  16. Hùng Vương Đoàn

    Việt Nam này anh em ơi

  17. Flight Examinor

    This guy has so much RNG

  18. its a shame you would show GNS clan members – they’re a know clan of cheats
    – unless you believe that someone can get a T22 from completing 38 rampage
    missions in a CDC

  19. 4500

  20. Do Phan Long Long

    when thinking about Vietnamese players……..I always feel bad……most
    are really butt hurt……..greedy……..the thing that make me sad today
    isn’t the ending of this replay……but because of what I saw on the
    comments….. how peoples think about us……and honestly…… they are
    right……and……I guess that’s also how players from other country
    looking at me……..

  21. Gabriel Altland

    I did 4500 with my amx 12 t

  22. clown fiesta

  23. Your pronunciation of “Waffenträger” is always a pleasure. 🙂 This rolling
    R is funny! Keep that! :)

  24. Poor T95 reached the battlefield at 3.18

  25. Heartbreak? no, he deservers it.
    that damage greedy is making himself loss. selfish play of WNer farming.

  26. THAT heartbreak though..

  27. Do i get more credits if i buy the is2 now and can i use it as a

  28. u can play 9.15 test server?

  29. 12260 HP FTW boys!!!!!

  30. Konstantin Goudakov

    cool video ! ?

  31. Oh my god…that heartbreak D:

  32. huhuh nice end, i did not expect that

  33. Anssi Koivuranta

    WG FRAUD on Chieftain/T95 ********** scumbags

  34. That was insane. The greed killed him though :(

  35. omg, this ending.

  36. Quickybaby would u just do a gameplay commentary for the leopard 1 there is
    only 1 for it and talk about the buffs in 9.15 pls?!

  37. OMG! you idiot :P

  38. World of Tanks Replays

    Again no 9.15 video?? wtf QB. there has been a new tank on CT for 5 days

  39. im very bad, i have only done 3666 in my sta 2 (wn8 458)

  40. Shame that he got greedy with the E-100. PTO!

  41. You use vietnamese flag ?

  42. Kovács Bertalan

    It was an amazing game anyways i think it was a good decision to farm dmg.
    more cred more EXP (even with losing)

  43. Angana Kalsare Palihapitiya Gamage

    I’ve only done 4k damage and that’s in test sever with the new tank Grille

  44. a lot of Viets especially the good ones carry a lot of gold and are

  45. :O didn t see that one coming… still really lucky the e100 was dumb
    enough not to load HE and bounced 2 heat shots lel

  46. 這越南佬太貪心了!!

  47. Hah ! Loved it. Lesson is don’t get greedy ! But then instead of being epic
    it would have only been great if he had capped? I dunno winning us areas

  48. greed killed him and my top dmg is over 8k with wt pz4

  49. Selfishness at its dumbest!

  50. You got greedy, Martin!

  51. I play blitz and once did 6 k damage in my ST I and im not very far on ps4
    but i did 3k damage in kv85

  52. Nguyenthanhloc Nguyen

    name vuquanghanh1987 by vietnams tanks vietnam kakaka


  54. i recognize hack mods: fallen tree..aimbot..laser..hitskin

  55. noob down :)

  56. QB..he pulled a trick on you

  57. this guy is cheating with hack mods..shame on him

  58. That flag on the tank gave me a boner.

  59. I see Viet Nam Fa

  60. he deserved this loss. greedy bastard

  61. WTH was that E100 DOING!? Oh my…

  62. he comes from Việt Nam bro !!!!

  63. And the E100 was left on 1 hit point which makes it even more painful

  64. He’s vietnamese yayyyyyy xD 

  65. Quốc Sơn Nguyễn

    This guy is from Viet Nam

  66. @quickybaby did you know this clan is notorious in the SEA server for
    rigging and using illegal mods?

  67. The most I’ve ever managed was 7139

  68. jochem broekhuis

    my most damage done is 7k in an tier 10, but where i am more proud of is my
    5k damage in my E25

  69. vietnamese. ai vn điểm danh phát

  70. QB, just wanna tell you that Nix1a is one of the most famous players in
    SEA. He is comparable to you, in terms of winrate :)

  71. Eagle Chieftain

    that was a pretty sweet replay! my top damage was 9,800 in the centurion
    action x, with my e 100 coming close at 9k. you can watch the centurion
    action 10 on my channel :D

  72. Is he vietnamess???

  73. 2.3s aim time seems very ok when you think about the 2.7s of the batchat
    and 121

  74. Brittneyy Smithh

    pls do a ms-1 review


  76. i love you viet nam

  77. xxsl3nd3rmanxx mccorkle

    I like how I watched this today on top replays lol and now quickbaby
    reviews it

  78. Hope you could make a video about the Grille 15 though QB.

  79. 9k batchat25t (still didnt get an ace badge)

  80. SeaTehNoobWorld

    The irony of the SEA server which I play.

  81. Lol, the most cancerous clan in an already cancerous server.
    These vietcong cunts are notorious for using warpack and rigging clan wars.

  82. Heart break?

  83. good to see FLEX giving those GNS pricks the good news :)

  84. We all felt that heartbreak

  85. good video….great ending battle

  86. The Japanese tanks in this game are beast #japanesequality

  87. After 4 years of playing, my best is 9400 damage with e50m. Got a plenty of
    8000+ damage in various tanks. I just want to break the 10k barrier..

  88. demilios fercudo

    @QuickyBaby Its WoT Asia, has other countries also, not SEA only

  89. what a monster player….

  90. Aiden Jager- Crneck

    you know whats a good tank. the vk 36.01h. i managed to get 12 kills in it.

  91. day la nguoi vn

  92. liem thanh Nghuyen

    i know this guy
    he come from vietnamiss
    you guy can see the country flags :))))

  93. Fucking greedy.

  94. lol death

  95. Kristopher Koperski

    i did 10,500 in a jgpze100 hey that rymes!

  96. Robert Bergström

    This is why you shouldn’t be so greedy

  97. need more SEA server replays :V

  98. vu quang hanh vietnamese player :v

  99. Never seen a match on SEA with less than 50% tomatoes. XVM hax!.

  100. how saw this heartbreak comming? i new when i did see the total damage
    count before he was capping

  101. Rainbow Assassin

    FLEX plays with his meat.

  102. How often are you on 9900 damage and just need that extra juicy shot to
    breath the five digit mark…. so I guess it was a little bit too tempting
    .. so let’s have a look at the post game stats – Death of a greedy bastard

  103. Love to see somebody get greedy and lose the match.

  104. 7 365 dmg with ISU 152

  105. I DID 40,000,000,000 DAMAGE IN MY E-10,000 ON M,ALI,NOV,KA0,000 and got
    99,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 credits AND I ONE SHOTTED A TYPE 7

  106. Giancarlo Juarez

    it looks sort of like a T54 with a much flatter turret and the Jap quality
    over armor.

  107. 12000 damage!?! He’s a monster!

  108. 1% hp? Wow I would be so tilted.

  109. Absaalookemensch

    I thought you were saying the STD-1.

  110. Thank you for no spoilers mate, this was perfect! I know you’ve asked your
    fanbase how you should do it, and this was excellent

  111. how do you change your name

  112. average e100 player, brainless af

  113. Samuel Parrigon

    can you put the link to the videos you say to check out in the description

  114. um, is this reupload or am i having a deja vu? cuz i’ve seen this vid a few
    weeks ago in quicky channel not anywhere else…..well, except for the part
    about the player name tho..

  115. Damm I’m Vietnamese too…..but I suck….

  116. would you take wot replays from the xbox?

  117. doesn’t jingles or quicky baby care about 9.15 test server :O

  118. feel happy when the e100 put the last shot in. but well play both.

  119. holy shit my heart was racing towards the end.

  120. I kept shouting “WOAH!” whenever the E-100 take a hit on him. 2
    consecutively hits on Godfather Hanh’s track, that is lucky. That was an
    exciting ending. Too bad he lost that match.

  121. I had 6600 damage in my t54 once. Didn’t fire any heat!! But I’m most proud
    of my 4935 damage in my kv2

  122. Matthew Wadwell

    Good game, but I’m getting a little tired of the Heartbreaks. See a
    game where someone plays a good game and actually *wins* would be
    nice! Later, Matt

  123. *Should have thrown in Frank Klepacki – Fight, Win, Prevail! for the ending
    music. Would have made the “outcome” even better.*

  124. This deserves the best flank in world of tanks

  125. well i would of quit wot

  126. im an Xbox player. The most damage I’ve ever done was 9,234 in my 48 patton
    on Lakeville. the rest of my platoon died and so did the rest of my team. 1
    v 3 carry against a 183 e100 and a panther II. my first pools medal game.

  127. Is it Just me or deos the asian servers have way more good Players the the
    Na servers?

  128. R.I.P GodFather

  129. that gun is beast

  130. My most damage is 5.5k, but i dont even have a t10 tnk and my only teir 9
    is an ST-I

  131. i like that quicky didnt name this replay a “Heartbreak” so it wont spoil
    the outcome

  132. This guy is using an Aimbot. If you pay close attention you can see it a
    few times. Shame QB didn’t see it.


  134. i’ve only ever done 9k and it would have been more had i not been so
    unlucky. it was in the E100. also when the fv215b 183 came out i played it
    on the test server and did 9.5k

  135. QB, I hope you realise your featuring a replay from a clan player who’s
    clan is involved in illegal mods………….GNS, VPA, VNF and GNSR all use
    Warpack on sea server….

  136. lol mine is only 3850 (I only have tier 6)

  137. Did Quickybaby get a new haircut

  138. idk why but i am borderline obsessed with his voice, its just so awesome!

  139. Most damage I ever did was 7.8k in my E-100. That was a pretty fun game

  140. i done 11958 damage with my chiften/t95

  141. thats what happens when you get greedy.

  142. Do you mind playing the FV215b 183 🙂 would be great to see the moster of a
    gun again

  143. Wow I cried at the end

  144. Free tier 10 gear. Got a few things to give away. text me saying why I
    should give it to you! 337-391-9497.

  145. Is he Vietnamese?

  146. 8 damage.

  147. Wanna get bored fast? Find a T26E4 replay on QB’s channel.

  148. The most damage I personally have ever had was 6,606 damage. I have only
    played 3,554 games though and I intend on getting better and better and
    improving all my stats.

  149. These heartbreak videos are a hate/love relationship for me

  150. bernardo campos

    they’re flags i think

  151. gameplay starts at 0:05

  152. in the real video at 3:38 when he stop moving, he is saying stupid t95. we
    just dont see his words because they are hidden. so we cant say anymore
    that he is a very good player if he cant accept his team decison.

  153. I became depressed after this video. 12, 000+ damage game lost by a single
    click. I’m going to drink bleach now.

  154. What a great game shame on the loss. most damage I done one shot – killed a
    maus full health with arty!

  155. nuclearsharkattack

    My highest dmg game in 3 years of WoT is in the STB-1, 8.7k dmg on Serene
    Coast. There is no better tank in the game for master of the ridge than
    this tank. Incredible RoF and dmg output in a shockingly short period of
    time in the right situation. One of my favorites to play along with the
    Leopard 1 and BatChat.

  156. what an heartbrake :O

  157. no offense man, but u need a new intro

  158. And I just had a STB-1 teammate who sat on the hill on Karelia assault
    whole match and did nothing.

  159. I did 6000+ in my lS7 :p

  160. bruh

  161. ???????why you dont feuture IS_7 in your channel

  162. very well played, but he simply deserved the lose for his play at the end

  163. Hi quicky, great video once again!
    Lately you have been talking a lot more and a lot faster in your videos
    making it very difficult to understand what you are saying (for me), would
    you please take like a 1-2 sec longer break between each sentence please?
    Don’t get me wrong, I think you do a great commenting job for the replays;)

  164. Moral of the story, don’t be greedy

  165. The Mythical Snake

    I love that you won’t have the conclusion of the battle in the title! Very
    exciting this way

  166. nooooooo :(

  167. What a game, jesus christ.

  168. En Svensk Grabb


  169. My most damage done in one battle is 7000, Jagdpanzer E100, 7shots, 7 hits

  170. Nicholas Ankney

    What camo is he using?

  171. 4700 with my amx 50 100 (i dont have tier 10)

  172. 3rd time is charm

  173. 9000 in fb 183

  174. I am Lord Gaben!

    You can get the fire rate to 9.48 up from 7.82

  175. Seriously… QB seems to only post Replays of guys that spam one tank only
    and have 3 gunmarks…
    Someone who has this 3 gunmarks is not much a Surprise if he can handle his
    favorite tank like in those videos…
    What about showing some Replays with some normal players without 3 gunmarks
    but still got a nice game?

    Its no Surprise whatever this so called Godfather made 12k dmg in a tank he
    has 3 gunmarks and knows how to play it… Dont get me wrong guys, its
    still very impressive to see so much dmg in one game by one guy, but i
    would be much more impressed if someone `normal` had a fantastic game. And
    i would enjoy it much more to watch that.

    The last videos QB does is only with Guys with 3 Gunmarks on his tank…
    And it does give me the impression that nothing else is `worth`it to be
    shown at his Channel…

    Again, dont get me Wrong QB, i love your Videos and i really love your
    reviews and your knowledge about this game! Most i know about WoT i know
    because of your reviews and Guides, but pls try to show a bit more from
    your older format.. Really miss it at the time.

    With Friendly Greetings: Ina

  176. 10 500 dmg with T110E4!

  177. My highest was in my E-75 with about 9300 damage. One E-75 vs 3 tier 9
    medium tanks, including one of my ex-clanmates. Ended up with about 10,000
    damage blocked and the win, highlight of by WOT career :D

  178. Nevertheless, his RNG was HORRIBLE vs that e100. On average with 7 shots,
    he should have been able to do 2730 to that E-100. Poor guy just got

  179. Where is the 9.15 video?

  180. FlamingZombie626

    This stressed me out to watch, jesus


  181. 5666dmg

  182. Speed and power!

    This shouldnt be about the STB-1 but, the platoon play!

  183. 6.6k .. :(

  184. Clive “Marksman” derp

    I have 5k battles and today I managend to do 4.5k dmg in my ISU-152!? bad
    or good? and best before that was 3.9k in T-54 mod. 1

  185. Gill van ooteghem

    Whats tunnel vission? Thx for answers

  186. MAN he should have won this ! that E-100 you came in full HP get out of the
    tank and give him the kill damt ! but really i saw a comment and i realized
    that he really he fucked up at the end !! instead of peaking with his front
    giving only little place for the E-100 to shot like he did in all the shots
    except the last one where he actually peaked with the back of his tank
    giving the E-100 more than enough large thin armor to shot

  187. clarkeminusthee

    I would have punched a fucking hole in my screen

  188. well played to the E-100!

  189. Yay, haven’t seen a good game from a tier 10 medium in a long time……
    Also, greedy players will lose eventually

  190. When will you choose your new intro? I am looking forward to the great
    work, your fans did! ;)

  191. Hey, a decent game out of the SEA server…

  192. 12k dmg and trying to cap it out? Yeah….fuck full xp, lets have a penalty
    instead. Killing the E-100 was the only way to get the reward for 12k dmg.

  193. just poor decision at the end… overconfident probably…

  194. i think he should have tracked and circled e100 rather than try to kite him
    again around that rock in reverse speed. Even with the good repair crew,
    e100 turret is too slow to follow.

  195. Panos kolokotsis

    my most dmg ever is 6.982 dmg with leopard 1 (my only t10)

  196. Epic angling at end

  197. amazing brawl
    despite the loss; great game, great fight

  198. The E-100 could have loaded a HE shell and splashed round the corner… or
    just splash him anywhere on the tank, he only had 276hp…

  199. Almost of VN players are super selfish player of Asia server.

  200. I clicked on this video and was a bit disappointed to see that I’ve already
    watched this video on another channel. Oh well, still watched it anyway.
    Oh and btw, QB, you know how you’ve been getting those dating site ads when
    you go to your Youtube videos? Well, I’ve been getting one for Arab singles
    (dafuq?) every time I watch one of your videos. You might want to talk to
    someone about that. lol

  201. Chitibura Tiberiu

    2750 in AT 7

  202. so my most dm was about 6000

  203. poor guy, so near….

  204. War gaming should change the marks of excellence to lower , so 3 stars 90%
    , 2 stars 80% , because me and friends have tanks at 93% and never really
    can go forward , so war gaming should make it more achievable ,( i do have
    a 3 mark tank)

  205. Only 8.5K with 1900 WN8, fuck it

  206. João Gonçalves

    Yeah good game take care folks i’ll be picking peaces of my heart from the
    floor before someone cleans it up…

  207. I noticed at the beginning of the replay he was over qngling his tank
    against that E50m, he did the same at the end but against a guy pre-aimed
    on his position, i seriously expected something like that when he started
    over angling to shoot the E100

  208. marius petersen


  209. marius petersen


  210. good job E-100 you make my day

  211. xXketchupsenfXx

    My highest damage dealing game was with only 7k dmg /_
    That was with the Centurion 7/1. Lost it too…

  212. i wonder what would have been the amount of credits he would have made if
    that was a win

  213. omg

  214. What a throw
    But i think he deserved the loss for being greedy

  215. I saw this relplay somewhere befor

  216. I’m from new Zealand and started off on the sea server and half the people
    are bots lol I’m like 1900 wn8 on us server and over 3000 on the sea server

  217. qb can u do more tank reviews

  218. Ouch

  219. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    with my jpanther

  220. q.b is maus good??

  221. Day 8: Losing confidence…still waiting for a 9.15 preview. Trying not to
    give up, must stay strong!

  222. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    because i am a bit of noob is 4.500 dmg

  223. Augustus Brandt

    Are you kidding me the enemy tank had 1% health and this is typical
    wargamming ridiculousness.

  224. Damm good

  225. Some Aus players and some others at SEA will come and yell “Warpack
    player”, “Cheater”, … bla bla bla …
    They hate when a part of Vietnamese players play better than they are.
    You guys won’t believe what they said warpack can do. Autoaim, instant
    spot, increase firerate, camo, make shot highroll and hit lowroll, also
    increase armor thickness, higher chance to ammorack … Yep, that what they
    said. I only can “WOW” …

  226. I saw this video, but I had to watch Jessica Nigri’s dad freak out for
    getting 8k damage in his WT E-100

  227. I’m going to try something new now: *Constructive criticism*
    The replay was pretty exciting, but I feel like all of those videos turned
    into “The most damage done in this vehicle”
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to use them, but what I don’t like, it’s how
    it’s basically a commentary of the replay which I suppose it’s the idea
    behind those videos.
    I want something more than:

    -Today we have this player playing this tank.
    -This tank is good at that and bad at that.
    -Then commentary about the action.

    I want more talking about the tactics, how the battlefield is changing and
    why, more talk about what he is doing and if it’s the right decision!
    For example, in this battle his team won the hill: why? How did his team
    deploy and how does that affect him, should he have done something about
    it? What should you do when you find yourself in those kind of situations!.

    Like when he was running away from the T-10 leaving the T95 alone, was that
    the right decision? should he support him? I don’t want you to talk about
    what he is doing I want you to analyze what he is doing and say great idea
    or he should have done that and this is why:… like what you did when he
    shot the T-10 tracks.

    The perfect example, I think, is at the end when he was fighting the E 100,
    you did what I would say it’s the perfect combination of commentary and
    analyzing his decisions but you always stay just behind the line of “he
    could also have done that”.
    if you didn’t get the point

    At 9:49 He talks bout the repair crew, He is analyzing what is happening

    And then he says, “and puts another shot” I know he did, I can see that,
    but why don’t you talk about what he could have done instead? Like tracking
    him and then circling him Or tracking him and hide behind the rock so he
    can buy some time for capping?

    But maybe I’m asking too much for an unedited and without a script
    Reaction-Live commentary.
    But i suppose it’s why i say it’s “Constructive criticism”
    Hopefully you find this useful, hell i hope you even find this comment at

  228. That ending though. He is a far better player than be, but I just screamed
    at my computer at the end.

  229. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)

    i think that E100 was using HEAT ammo, the way he failed to pen twice

  230. Pozdrav ljepljiva beba s druge strane. Želim ti skupo doći do moje kuće da
    igra. Želim ti pucati sa svojim spremnikom na mom računu s mojim oklopnog

  231. Fackin selfish vietnamese player . They like spoiling every game . Thus
    they are racist . If you play in SEA server, you can see what vietnamese
    and thais play in a game .

  232. Electronx Gamer

    Haven’t broken a screen on the like button this hard in the past 5 minutes.

  233. What a game!

  234. 9,857 damage in a Waffentragger Auf. Panzer IV. The match ended in a

  235. Greedy greedy bastard

  236. Dont Worry Be Happy :)

  237. Very Very Big HeartBreaking Man :(

  238. I saw this replay somewhere

  239. Why didnt the E-100 shoot HE at the end? Both tracking shots would have
    killed him, considering his hitpoints

  240. And again another GREAT example of why this game SUCKS! 12k damage and
    still can’t win.

  241. Nice haircut

  242. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  243. Niffer Abderrahman

    grille 15

  244. waste of time
    if your not first your last

  245. Jussi Raitoniemi

    and that was a good example of selfishness winning over brains

  246. GNS is a famous clan using Warpack.
    I’m certain that he uses it, too.

  247. well he got lucky alot of times and yet he pushed his luck, no wonder he

  248. Augustin Doucet

    Why didn’t he circle the E100 ?

  249. Omg WTF WTF fuckin E100 :,( Realy great battle men :(

  250. I would eat keyboard without senf after that end, but he was greedy and
    cocky, I would not risk because of my team.

  251. Dumitrica Adrian

    i did 12360 with IS-7 in patch 8.9 so …. highest damage with IS-7 ever ;)

  252. You have no armor, you have 250something HP, and you ding 2 times (“tracks
    eat the shot” RNG shit).Too damn lame to believe that RNG gonna save you
    for ever….

  253. Seldom to have rp in SEA

  254. 8.7k damage with bat chat

  255. greed cost him the win

  256. what a greedy idiot..

  257. you could do a HeartBreak video…

  258. this dude has ridiculous luck hitting all those unaimed shots

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    dictating how he has to play. now i’m fine with teamwork or team
    coordination but you have to ask nicely or at least don’t be a douchebag
    like this stb-1. he called the t95 stupid and noob for not going back to
    base. t95 was actually in good position up the hill and he’s less likely to
    be circled around. it even bought that stb-1 some time because those
    heavies in their base were focusing the t95. as his name implies, he’s in
    his late twenties who’s supposed to be mature but it’s actually the other
    way around. no sportsmanship with this scumbag. well deserved heartbreak.

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    as those other hi-dmg ones, as i was just steam-rolling thru enemies. I
    just did not give them the chance to kill my team before i slaughtered them
    😀 Tho i got some more thrilling games, this, as it was the 1st time(and
    only time) i broke 10k mark, is so far the “game of my life”

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