World of Tanks – STB-1 3rd Mark Session Finish (Dramatic_)

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  1. Christopher Karopoulos


  2. UncannyHoneyBadger

    First :D….. What have I done…… Oh and love the vids man ;)

  3. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    Yes Anfield you sexy beast!

    I have been waiting for an upload.

  4. anfield i just got 2.4K dmg 4 kills and a win in my M46 on a 59% chance to
    win with only one hand to jack off because my other arm is broken so i had
    no hand to play with am i gud player

  5. Awesome video man, keep it up!

  6. Abbadon Despoiler

    Now I see how much of a difference is there between players of around 1100
    WN8 (me) and unicums like Dramatic…But I’m improving, went from 500 to
    1100 watching these kinds of videos.

  7. wn9 oh boi, plz do explain

  8. The_Wrath_of_Neeson

    It looks like he does well to have faith in the gun, aim well, and make it

    For me, there are enough stb games where the gun sucks so bad that I can’t
    be confident in the tank.

  9. >5 dislikes


  10. awesome video! thanks for making/posting.

  11. I just watched the whole 44~ minuts while I work out and it was fun! Good
    work Anfield and Dramatic_.

  12. I play console I just three marked the E5 today your channel has popped up
    in my recommended a couple times I’m liking the videos keep up the good
    work got a new subscriber!

  13. What is that crosshair Anfeels ?

  14. is anything ideal lol?? u said thats not ideal sooo much haha

  15. Nice session, what’s the name of that soft you using to record the match

  16. Hey Anfield nice video today I Aced my Cent AX with 26.k dmg and 2.3k
    dpotting and 2 kills anyway to explain this??

  17. Does anyone sit there during these and think “please, don’t see myself on
    there being a complete spaz-tard”

  18. These videos are great anfield! Also very strong play by dramatic. Great
    commentary so yeah epic shit :D

  19. 3rd mark sessions <3

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