World of Tanks || STB-1 is now EPIC!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – . In update 1.5.1 Wargaming are significantly changing the STB-1 – here’s all you need to know!


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  1. Christian Kroemer

    Even with the turret armor buff, I have heard many people saying that the turret is still not strong enough to be usable. I’m not on the test server, so I am interested in everyone else’s thoughts.

  2. I thought in real life the STB1 could use the hydropneumatic suspension separately, so it could depress down right and left easily

  3. I’m not a big fan of this. Before the funky suspension seemed special to the Swedish tds, but now it seems like every Russian vehicle will get it next

  4. 7:37 thats a really odd looking stb-1 quicky xD

  5. Yeah. I already like the previous version of Japanese tank crew voices. If only there is an option to change it.

  6. Vitor Filgueiras

    Watch Girls und Panzer, QuickBaby

  7. Youbetter Backoff

    WTF, SNAFU! Its ok, we all go sideways sometimes.

  8. epic. For my M53/55 to shit on!

  9. Youbetter Backoff

    In case you missed it QB, the old stats are on the left and the new are on the right.

  10. WG sure knows how to make a new tank line irrelevant very fast xD

  11. The STB’s hydro suspension was able to tilt the tank from side to side, as I recall. Wargaming should really implement tilting across all angles of the tank.

    • They really should. I’m disappointed that it only tilts the tank from front to rear.
      Actually, I’d also have preferred if the STB-1 were moved down to Tier 9 and the production Type 74 placed at Tier 10, so that there would be more than just one tank in the Japanese line that gets the hydropneumatic suspension.

  12. Ngọc Phúc Nguyễn

    how about Cen AX buff ??? Turret useless to Prem shells even using 10 degree of gun depressions ? Hello

  13. You should play world of warplanes with Veebat… he is the QB of warplane videos.

  14. Way more concerning than the changes to the tank. He had a 6k damage game with some assistance. Yet he only made 53k credits even with a premium account? Dafuq?

  15. Dude, this tank was junk, is junk, and will always be junk…. until they actually fix its gun / gun handling. Not to mention it’s paper-thin armor. How much do they pay you for this shit, Mr. “I don’t get compensated by WG’ing”…. smh

  16. dont worry qb they will give the obj 430 360 alpha next patch

  17. now its time to buff the american heavys

  18. If I sat in that position arty would bail me or the enemy would yolo me with no support from my team because I’m not quickybaby.

  19. Joy another mediu.
    M Hull down with magic armor.


  21. Eh, I’d still rather have 10° without the clunkiness of the hydro. It just makes a tank more flexible in many situations instead always having to face directly at your target, adding extra time between positioning and engaging in some scenarios.

  22. its worth to grind that line of tank

  23. Liivetook myname

    Can we please see the new Leo 1? I’d love to know if it’ll be worth buying it back

  24. You know what can’t work a ridge when it should be able too, The T11oe5, actually, it can’t do anything since almost every other tier ten tank does everything it does better then it.

  25. “For all intents and purposes”-QB 1942

  26. Wtf, is no one gonna mention how he’s calling the base tank the update tank?

  27. Piotr Brzezicki

    actually, stb-1 right now is good, playable tank, shell velocity will be huge disapointment

  28. And what will happen to the AMX 30B?

  29. Maybe not a flat out buff, but definitively more interesting ! I will grind it up!

  30. Apparently in real life the stb1s suspension allowed for depression over the sides as well. Shame wg isnt putting that in as well

  31. Looking carefully at 6:58/7:00 you can see the problem wargaming has with marks of excellence STAYING ON THE DAMN BARREL.
    Also, 7:34… Chancy shots at the STB-1 when you can clearly see its a 183?

  32. I have bond vents and rammer in STB, maybe I’ll keep my vents 🙂

  33. Qb makes all Tanks look OP and all nerfs like a buff. Browler without armor. Gfy wg

  34. wow did they actually buff my only T10 tank 😀

  35. I dont know about the suspension and the change in alpha, but i am really glad they buffed the mobility and the turret armor. I never understood how something this bad armored could be so sluggish.

  36. So no ones gonna talk about the flying stone somewhere at 9:10? (ridge, AMX 30 B)

  37. Only thing I do not like about these changes is the lack of gun depression over the side, this *GREATLY* reduces the STB-1 effectiveness as most key locations do not give room for multiple angles, you have one slope you can use.

    Otherwise it’s a good buff to a tank that thoroughly deserved it since the STB-1 was still balanced to WoT in 2014, not 2019.

  38. What wot is saying is .. don’t bother playing HT, TD or SpG. We are buffing all mt’s. Just play them … Others are insignificant

  39. No, thanks.

  40. …. 😉 Hope it stays like this.

  41. I wish I could commentate like QuickyChatty here

  42. @quickybaby you know that the amount of damage cause to the tracks of a tank is determined by the gun’s module damage? And that mainly depends on its calibre. So the stb1 will maintain its 150 Module damage, even with only 360 “structure” damage now.

  43. Buff kanjpz-90 ?

  44. hey qb! i got the black dog in the black market and i’m really struggling with the shell velocity of the standard rounds. any tips on how to improve my gameplay without suicide runs and firing gold? keep up the terrible content. cheers!

  45. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Will they add the side suspension too? I mean, it could also lower or raise the tracks of one side on a similar fashion how the suspension works for front backwards

  46. ‘360 alpha damage is a sweet spot for being able to consistently detreck opponents’? Module damage has nothing to do with alpha damage, QB. It literally said on the comparison list that you were looking at that both pre-change and post-change versions of the gun do 150 ‘module damage’.

  47. ThatAussieBloke

    buff 121

  48. Honestly, these “buffs” are MEH.

  49. Uncheck Centurion AX as primary…

  50. wait… one millisecond is *actually* 0.1 seconds? 0.0

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