World of Tanks || STB-1 – Tactical Insight

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – STB-1. Today I’m giving Tactical Insight into a close game in the T10 Japanese the STB-1.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Do is 7 review

  2. Gotta remember the M103 has HEAT ammunition with 340 mm pen… Very lucky
    he didn’t roll higher

  3. something i don know

    thanks for the reviews its really helpfull

  4. That BC 155 58 player is italian… just another of those italian bots… i
    feel embarassed :(

  5. Quickybaby you should have never feature the 12k damage STB1 game.The
    player you featured in the STB-1 has just been permabanned for rigging a
    T-22 on an alt and his main account. Giving credit to an individual
    regardless of skill level who is a known cheater isn’t really a message I
    want to hear. You probably won’t even read this, but I thought I’d try and
    get you the message about him.

  6. Levente Göröcs

    “The worst thing about this tank is the 0.36 accuracy..” Oh,my! 0.36?

  7. “This looks so familiar… OH I was watching that livestream! :D”

  8. you are pretty good

  9. You got very lucky that m103 was just sitting in cap, and not hiding behind

  10. QB, have you seen Sjin’s wot episode? Cringeworthy

  11. Beniamino Coletto

    yeeey! a video of quickybaby playing! thumbs up!

  12. correct mw if i am wtong but i thought that HEAT rounds cannot overmatch

  13. Stop showing your ugly mug in your videos.

  14. I think HEAT rounds don’t overmatch, but have a 85° of ricochet angle.

  15. quickybaby, since tactics is the subject how about these:

    1) why not use HE for m103 during cap ?
    2) for that last shot, wouldn’t be considered safe if you sidescape in
    reverse, having the turret more forward. ?
    especially for shotting m103 ass side, away of his gun.

  16. Joseph Nicholls

    At 8:45 he calls the M53/M55 the M103 lol, not the first time he mixes up
    names but anyway gg

  17. no homo but I love you quickly don’t stop doing what you do keep being you
    and keep loving peponi

  18. Wotko s Vokurkou

    I learned the same hard way about AMX 50 100 paper side vs Russian 122mil

  19. Great game! Always enjoy these close games where you explain what you did
    and why you did it. Thx!

  20. Александар Бошковић

    Quickybaby,how do you zoom and make that map so big?

  21. محمد العرفي

  22. overmatching only works for AP and APCR, HEAT doesnt work

  23. I am Japanese.your videos makes me happy everyday! thank you!

  24. The troll misses or non-pens this tank suffers from made me selling it. For
    me the AMX-30B is the better tank, or at least less frustrating to play
    with. Tanks like the T-62A have less damage output, but pinpoint accuracy,
    so you’ll hit what you aim for.

  25. I also adore the STB-1. It’s a great tank. Unfortunately I was only able to
    play it on the Testserver ’till now, cuz my grinding stucks at the damn
    tier VIII jap-tank-piece-of-crap where I have to grind to every single
    component. Nothing can be taken from lower tiers…

  26. I just downloaded WoT Blitz on my Android. I know absolutely nothing about
    this game. Can anyone help me?

  27. Destroyer Inazuma

    Good game. Yeah the STB-1 is no e50/50m or pre nerf t22 med, where side
    scraping is effective

  28. +QuickyBaby as far as I know penetration mechanic works in a different way
    than you said.
    70 degrees is autobounce for AP and APCR, for HEAT it’s 80 degrees. The 3
    calibers rules doesn’t apply for HEAT ammo, there is different penetrator –
    in HEAT there is gas/plasma so it doesn’t really matter of caliber, for
    kinetic penetrator – AP, APCR – it does, because of weight and velocity.
    (very simplified)
    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  29. What I thought in the match. Holy shit not everyone who spawned north
    camped north end of city!

  30. Tobias Feldhahn

    Colud you compare the obj. 140, obj. 430 and the T.62A?

  31. Great game mate 🙂 Just bought the E5 from the M103. Should be good

  32. This is a really great video. Insight, tactics, and mistakes explained.
    Very helpful. More at this level please!

  33. What mode do you use for seeing exactly where you were hit?

  34. Qb if you click on compare when you are on the 3d model of a tank you can
    compare the armor of that tank against a chosen tank/spg

  35. I’ve read on the wiki, overmatch does not work with “explosiv ammo” like
    the HEAT or all the kind of HE ?
    Do i remember badly or is the wiki mistaking it ?

  36. M103 is an artillery…

  37. Lol Quickybaby keeps female crew in his personal reserve.

  38. You’re still epic brother.

  39. need more players like QB who look at their own faults instead of only
    their enemies/allies…I’ll admit I’m one to blame my team mates but I look
    at my own faults as well :P

  40. 92% of the comments about HEAT normalisation…

  41. Hey QB nice video but why much HE?

  42. God I hate the STB. Just a worst leo.

  43. Grinding to this tank tho … Freakin nightmare …

  44. Will u ever do kv3

  45. Granger Prunier

    tactical insight is a great idea. new series QB? great vids. thx

  46. Lamborghini Lam

    Why didnt you put your female crew in your comet isnt it your favourite
    tank weird

  47. This is wrong QB. Overmatch doesnt work for HEAT rounds. The reason he
    penned you was HEAT doesnt bounce at 70 degrees but at 80 degrees.

    Sometimes i gets confusing but since Beta I studied the shit out of this.

    No Norm mechanics at all for HEAT and a nirm mechanic includes Overmatch.

    Moral of the story is thats why people complain about HEAT it pens even at
    79 degrees as long as its enough to pen.

  48. Sciro Promotions

    Why I suck: I blame artillery and call it broken
    Why QB doesn’t suck: He blames himself for not hiding well enough

    We all need to be more like you, QB :3

  49. I hope they will add me :(

  50. So, any more Total War: Warhammer videos coming?

  51. Bert can hit you over a ridge line at close range………..Fear the Bert.

  52. Why in the world do you have the remaining health in %???

  53. #QuickBaby I wanted 1 of the shirts but they only came in 2 xL and I’m a 4
    xL. Next time can you make sure they come in freak size as I’m 6’10” and
    140 kg.

  54. Ah, good ol’ commentary: QuickyBaby Style :)

  55. Great carry…..

  56. Bob skin Productions

    hey Quickybaby if you love thw comet so much why dont you do a special
    episode of one of your games?

  57. Srdjan Stojkovic


  58. 〖ƝƁƘ〗 Monstrous

    IS-3 and IS-8 are very easy to ammo rack to and maus i ammo racked a maus
    with a Foch 155

  59. Here is a good joke to get a laugh at.

    Donald Trump

  60. Have we not seen this game before ?

  61. yet again, an amazing demonstration of on the fly ingenuity

  62. IMO, the CDC is the king of ammo racks

  63. Brendan Herritt

    t 29: Goddamn 400 damage! kv3: eh, 400 damage fv215b 183: SRSLY? 400?

  64. The worst tank for ammo racks in the game would have to go the the
    Centurion Action X. I keep to repair kits just because any pen anywhere can
    rack it.

  65. 420 comments I had to break it

  66. Great video – appreciate the tactical analysis very much!

  67. So I run the ACTION X and I love the gun and the gun depression and its a
    good brawler late in the game.I have a 5 perk crew and while I’m not
    steller in it I’m 51% to 53% 1,200 to 1,600 wn8 just to give you an idea
    of my ability so I do my part in random matches.I want another tier X
    medium and I’ve been looking at the STB 1 but I don’t have a crew to put in
    it but of course I would gold them up.Alot of people tell me to go for the
    OBJ 140 since it’s good for CW’s and such but I’m pubbing more than
    anything and that gun depression is almost a must for me but the gun
    handling scares me on the STB 1.I suppose my question is would you think I
    would be at home in the STB 1 or should I go for an all arounder like the

  68. QB at end the arty will have team kill u

  69. Cant wait until i get to drive this tank, I already know its going to be my
    favourite tank, i love my FV4202 (I play on blitz, the ipad version, where
    we still have the tier X 4202) but i hate the lack of turret armour, and
    the low top speed. Since the STB-1 solves all these issues with the added
    DOM, i cant wait to drive it :)

  70. wow. this is MUCH better then jingles videos. why does he have so many

  71. This is awesome, i really like details
    but everyone do a mistake under pressure.. and everyone would take the
    chance to get a TopGUN medal GJ QB

  72. Quicky has 4 females in his japanese tank but all I hear is a french male
    commander :D

  73. And again QuickyBaby boasts with his STB-1.

  74. HEAT rounds ricochet at 80 not 70. (after overmatch)

  75. How do you tell when you’re not spotted?

  76. It’s the same thing with M103’s turret top. It’s only 38 mm so even, if
    enemies with big guns don’t hit your cupola, they will overmatch your
    turret armor :/

  77. should I get Ferdinand or jpanther 2

  78. +QuickyBaby The mistake is not that you try to sidescrape. You fire almost
    at the midle of the tank. The way he was traked you can easy sidescpape and
    shoot at his drive wheel and becouse his turet is way behind the wall he
    wil not be able to even see you. But when you go over angle and further go
    back, he take a shot.

  79. leopard 1? doesn’t he mean leopard PT A? leopard 1 isn’t that bad for ammo

  80. the game looks rly smooth, i play on vsync60fps and sometimes without vsync
    120~fps and i dont have so smooth gameplay, its thanks to monitor he use or
    just recording is better then game 🙂 ?

  81. So tell me this: Why do I have a much higher win percentage with some
    medium tanks of the same level than with others? It just makes no sense to
    me. With my Pershing, even when I’m doing great, dishing out damage, my
    team loses most of the time. In my STA3, even if I get killed in the first
    45 seconds, my team wins. This is very consistent. I do not understand it.
    Does it have to do with matching? I play mostly random multiplayer games.

  82. QB you muppet, you keep talking about overmatch but the M103 fired HEAT
    which doesn’t overmatch. He still could’ve bounced you but you must’ve not
    quite been at auto-ricochet angles

  83. Alessandro Depaoli


  84. Balc0ra's Gaming

    As you can see by your damage panel. He used HEAT on you. HEAT is basically
    HE with more pen and thus don’t overmatch or normalize as it also has 0 pen
    loss. His AP shell might have gone in to, as if the overmatch is 3x more
    then his caliber, then even the 70 degree angle is ineffective as you
    pointed out. So I suspect he would have penned you either way IF he hit the
    same spot. If he had hit a tad lower down, your tracks would have eaten
    that HEAT anyway.

  85. Victoria “Lightning” Slavinsky

    I’m wondering why he used the female crew member?

  86. can u play whit foch 155?

  87. batteries incuded

    Ammo racks eth? Tiger 1 with a bl10 autoaiming its side.

  88. HEAT can’t overmatch, tho…

  89. When the pussy too good

    so, if a tanks damage vs modules is higher then the ammo rack health, will
    it always ammo rack it if hit?

  90. Mattie Dumbrill

    QB did u watch Alice in wonderland on Saturday evening?

  91. heat can go though angles up to 80 degrees
    that’s one of the differences between ap/apcr and heat

  92. Thats not quite true, if you overmatch armor the automatic bounce moves to
    80* instead of 70*. Thats why you can bounce off tanks like the scorpion.

  93. darrin gerringer

    This morons says 45 degrees of angling and now days 70 degrees. No one
    listen to this idiot and stop watching his terrible videos

  94. Natanael Ivanusa

    Autobounce for HEAT is 80 degrees

  95. The Pilot Penguin

    it wasn’t as in-depth as i thought it was but im coming from sir havoc’s
    anatomy of great games and he breaks it down to the tiniest thing

  96. kill the M103?!?!?

  97. Hillarious seeing all these “experts” in mechanics in the comments.

  98. Sanjith de Silva

    + QuickyBaby how do I send u a pic

  99. Sanjith de Silva

    +QuickyBaby how do I send u a vid

  100. XxNightCorexX Blitz Guide

    is it me or is this a old vid lol I could have sworn he uploaded a video
    just like this before lol :p

  101. Sanjith de Silva

    +quickybaby how do I send u a vid

  102. Harrison Rawlinson

    +QuicklyBaby if I send you a tier 6 strongholds battle, will there be even
    a slight chance it will be featured?

  103. Lol I remember watching this live

  104. Does anyone know how he flies in replays like that ? Like what button/key
    does he press ?

  105. Cheeseburger Freedom Man

    STB 1 is awful

  106. has QB got a big case of the jingles?

  107. Does overmatching work with HE? You telling me he could’ve put an HE shell
    at the same angle?

  108. Nathanael Jones

    Do you lay War Thunder and World of Warships?

  109. Shame I’ve seen this before live on stream

  110. rodrigo navarro

    but QuickyBaby has already uploaded this video

  111. 2:40 did he call a silo a pillbox?

  112. I dispise prem shells

  113. Time for new intro QB!!!

  114. Qb.why you don’t future IS_7 in your channel :(

  115. 9 HE rounds in STB? o.O

  116. Idk how long ive been following you, but everytime its entertaining <3

  117. the mighty GIONI

    you nuub, go play tetris :)))

  118. Wait – did 1400 exp not yield even a 3rd class mastery badge? Am I missing

  119. and talk about overmatching and ammo choice, it the M103 had loaded HE and
    overmatched that side armour, you’d die.

  120. Please can you upload more object 140?

  121. my mods still doesnt work :)

  122. Talking about ammoracks, i’ve never seen such a fragile tank as the russian
    T-10: they hit my ammo almost every match

  123. Why do you take so many HE shells?

  124. em the leopard PT gets ammo racked not the the leopard 1

  125. “Boom head shot off goes his head off with his head off indeed .” lol

  126. can u put sam videos when u di in 1 min of the game ?? or first 5 min

  127. Yentle Van Iperen

    Quickybaby, how do you see your amount of WN8 in the post game stats and
    your chance of winning? i downloaded your mods but i dont see it.

  128. Am I the only one who just dismisses female crew ?

  129. Rens Willem van den Berg

    Heat bounces at 85 degrees not 70

  130. it started well with the eastern flank empty! that med platoon really

  131. That M103 was firing HEAT at the end, so no overmatch occured. Regardless,
    that’s not how overmatch mechanics work. I used to think the same thing and
    was surprised to find out a while ago that I was also wrong.

    In short, if a double overmatch occurs then the equation “basic
    normalization * 1.4 * shell caliber / nominal armour thickness” is carried
    out. If the M103 was firing AP, then it’d be: 5 * 1.4 * 120 / 35 = 24. That
    means that the M103’s AP round effectively hit you as if he were 24 degrees
    further to your left, obviously reducing your armour thickness massively. A
    triple overmatch refers to the same thing, except if the angle after the
    calculation were over 70 degrees then a ricochet would be impossible. Note
    that applies only to Ricochets, the shell can still simply not penetrate
    the armour if the penetration is too low to get through the effective
    armour post-calculation (though this is very, very rare).

  132. Actually heat rounds do not overmatch past 85 degrees, so it is actually
    possible for an e100 to bounce off of a wte100 turret with heat, but it
    will always overmatch with ap shells

  133. Amazing! :E

  134. quickly baby im sorry but i need to vent…. i hate life and everyone in
    mine, life is pain someone pls fucking shoot me

  135. he should be called Goldfingers with the amount of free APCR he gets from

  136. MinesAndDesigns

    kept calling the arty m103

  137. The heavy is better

  138. I played with the T34 (tier8) and after the battle i see its an ace tanker.
    I was wondering how can it be an ace when i killed 5 tanks and only did
    2500 dmg… than i saw that 5000 spotting dng…. in a battle when there
    was 3 light tanks… (in our team)

  139. Fk off man, another stb-1 vid, pls stop it

  140. The_Rebel_Tanker

    “But our artillery are still in tact.”

    One arty dies straight after.

  141. SuperChewiebacca

    I dont even play WoT but I still watch every single one of quicky’s videos.
    I dont know why but i do.

  142. QB, I think the word you were looking for around 3:40 is defilade

  143. QB it’s almost time to prepare the 400k competition, just keep up the good
    work!!! And just a small average player opinion here, but I find centurion
    AX platoons the hardest to deal with currently in-game, maybe an AX replay
    next week? :D

  144. Hey QB, just wanted to know how much camo difference does shooting BEHIND a
    bush has compared to shooting IN a bush? Your vids are awesome, thanks!

  145. InfinityFighter

    Two-hundred twelfth!

  146. i get ammo racked more in my IS-7 and IS-3… and i’m hulled down… how
    does that work

  147. Wp once again medium taks are op like heavy tanks does not stand a chance,
    or they can get nurfed in hp, speed, armor, penetration, view range, radio

  148. Justagermannerd

    “im not the most practiced in the stb1” bruh u have 2 MoE´s

  149. wow, 7k damages, not even get a 3rd class mastery badge !!!

  150. HEAT doesn’t overmatch, you scrub. It does have 80° as autobounce instead
    of 70°, though. You’re still talking shite.

  151. I want stb1 but the grind towards it is horrible right now I have chi to

  152. Gj and nice honesty :)

  153. Carlos Valenzuela

    I put my female crew for my wz111 and i regret it because everyone tells me
    china is bad

  154. Hey guys i have a qestion i am now a proud owner of a batchat but how much
    dmg is good in a game ? normally i got about 3k but the problem is i stuck
    at 57% of the gunmark soo how good must i be like what musst i doo to be a
    good player in it ?

    Thx for the help :)

  155. I feel like you and the m103 would have killed each other if he rolled
    enough to kill you. Your shots seemed very close.

  156. David Leatherman

    I two shot an stb 1 with my O Ho 🙂 very satisfying

  157. The last shell you received was a HEAT Shell, it receives no normalization
    OR overmatch bonus.

    What allowed it to pen you was that HEAT ricochet’s at 80 degrees, instead
    of 70.

  158. Wait, what? I didnt knew that about the gun caliber and the 3 times the
    side armor. Can you make another video explaining that? I have never heard
    about it!

  159. I want so bad. but the premium medium sucks. gonna take a long time.

  160. Heat not only has less normalization than ap or apcr, it also doesn’t

  161. günter jünter

    10:20 It’s APCR not AP

  162. Always love the videos! For some reason this one is super low on volume

  163. 7:32 QB You should mention something important that that bush using tactics
    doesn’t work if your tank has low camo rating, or if enemy is close enough
    and has high view range.

  164. QB, I’ve always wondered this but I’ve never asked it. Is there a reason
    you show percents of enemy health instead of their HP?

  165. Leopard PTA and AMX CDC get ammoracked way quicker than the 907 :)

  166. can you do more of these kind of games that show all kinds of information
    of a single tank while showing a replay. If you got more of those replays
    of course. But its very interesting nice video, keep it up

  167. Hey qb would you please enable the reload timer so we can see it. If it
    does not fit your playstyle or you dislike it i dont force you :)

  168. I hate when people dont put pressure on enemy tanks… just the other day I
    watched a medium go 1v1 against a KV2… the KV2 comes around the corner
    puts a non penetrating round into the medium and the medium just sits there
    and waits for the KV2 to come around again to put another shot in… I am
    like WTF are you doing rush him dont be a bitch he has a 20 second reload
    left and the dude is just like ehh… fucking pussies…

  169. awesome vid ! orgasmic !

  170. doesn’t alt show you enemy hp ?

  171. Marte van Vechel

    Will you ever play warthunder again now ground forces realy work.

  172. i buyed on of the t-shirt but i get it at the end of the month.. :(

  173. you really need to do artillery because they can change the tides of the
    battle in just 3 shos one shoting tanks so give us a review on how to
    best accurately like on a hill. because its not impossible.

  174. Ślązak Grzesiek

    11:55 Fajny nick miał ten M103 ;)

  175. is anyone else hoping that WG nerf gold ammo?

  176. 907 get ammoracked. didn’t see that coming at all … LeL was obvious :p

  177. heat rounds dont ricochet at 70 degrees, i dont remeber how much it is, but
    i know its more

  178. cykas sjlob

  179. Robert Espinoza

    I wanna upload a replay its on the Xbox one tho is there a way to? I use
    tiger p because I still got no tier 8,9, or 10 but I do excellent every
    round scoring 1400 dmg or more every match I even have 3 mark of excellence
    and a mastery badge

  180. Absolutely loving your content lately quicky, keep it up bro!! :)

  181. ProjectBrainError

    Could you make a video about the Löwe? I’d like to know what you think
    about it.

  182. I love my stb-1 and i have my girls in it as well. But almost every round
    ends by being 1 shotted by an arty. I like how he had almost 8k damage and
    high caliber and didnt even get 3rd class mastery???

  183. Astor Martin Perez


  184. A Review about GW Tiger next time?

  185. ken poi Carcedo

    btw quicky did u name ur female crew girls und panzer characters?

  186. i thought heat shells couldnt overmatch armor

  187. haven’t you already uploaded this video before?

  188. Who else commes here to the comment section first before watching the video
    just to get an advantage?

  189. ken poi Carcedo

    girl und panzer + wargaming cooperation = japanese best all round tanks

  190. QB you are bestt <3

  191. We’re all human QB 🙂 I would have done the same :)

  192. Damn QB, You say you made bad plays but it wouldn’t matter if you lost
    because you carried the absolute fuck out of that team!

  193. ThePeople'sPanzer

    Quickybaby, HEAT doesn’t get 3x over matching either, and it also bounces
    automatically at 60 degrees not 70 like AP. Frankly based on the game
    mechanics he shouldn’t have penned you. However the game mechanics don’t
    always work. I’ve bounced 122mm shells off the front of AMX 13 90s (40mm of
    armour so 3x overmatch) so really the game was just trolling you like It
    trolled me. The mechanics choose when they want to work or not.

  194. Varjo Hörrikyn

    You could have reverse side scraped. Since the turret is in the front of
    the tank, it would have left the M103 with far less (if any) area to shoot

  195. I try to do everything that I can with this tank, and still 27% winrate lol

  196. I like everything about this tank and its techtree but i stopped playing
    WoT :(

  197. QB can you stop snatching the camera all around the map and clicking the
    tab button to see player names and stats so much during the battle maybe
    after the battle but not during

  198. Hey QB can you make a new video about the t54 please?

  199. Supersonic Arrow

    13:53 – why it says IS-8 instead of T-10?

  200. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  201. Vector Signorelli

    at 2:55 centurion action X teamkilled someone

  202. Is it me or almost every game someone gets ammoracked

  203. Why can’t Warthunder have a replay Reviewer like QuickyBaby?

  204. 350 sold T-shirts? Doing some quick and crude calculations…………….
    and a little bird says me you are going to sell more T-shirts in the future

  205. The_flying_squirrels and_narwal

    do a review on the 59 Patton

  206. qb ur energy seemed way down in this video, just wanted to let u know

  207. HEAT shells, like HE, cannot overmatch. Simply the m103 penetrates the side
    armor of the stb1

  208. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    nice vid m8

  209. Overmatch does not apply to HEAT shells, and autobounce angle is 85 degrees
    not 70. He did not overmatch your side armor, he just penetrated you
    because of the huge HEAT penetration and weak STB-1 side armor.

  210. my beloved tier X MT lol

  211. love your videos always hitting the thumbs up !!!!!

  212. Could you do a video on the Tiger II?

  213. Alessio Bubbles

    who else watching the stream?

  214. u are wrong qb u sey ap but ist apcr its isnt a same

  215. QUACK!!! says the AMX 40

  216. Can I have likes for no reason?

  217. I can remember this game from one of his streams

  218. yoa are very cool pls play one round with me on my Birthday. Can you add
    candyman and timon123456. This is my best Birthday present

  219. Thanks for censoring the Chat, it keeps my 17 year old mind clear of any
    bad words

  220. MAKE A TIGER 1 REVIEW!!!!

  221. Quickly baby why don’t you show epic reply by non popular tank? I think it
    would be more interesting then the same tank every feel weeks

  222. Henri-Olari Lill

    oi 1k views

  223. Level up with Doruta DIY

    Another great video! Thank you! Great respect from WoT Romania comunity (y)

  224. I have watched this on your live stream

  225. Can you do a review on the STB-1?

  226. I have a question, i own your Modpack but when i get spotted there never
    comes the “its a trap”sign! WHY

  227. Make a 100% stock ST-1 video

  228. T1 Cunningham review next please?

  229. very lucky i didnt die… has 448 health and M103 has a 400 dmg gun, and
    usually they dont roll that high

  230. Great work! Keep it up!

  231. Easiest tank to ammorack is bulldog imo

  232. uploaded 6 mins ago, a 15 min video and 2 dislikes already lol

  233. Ein wildes Tails

    Only 10k away !

  234. #MakeWoTGreatAgain fuck xvm real man play without mods!!!

  235. IArcticLeopardI 3

    I honestly hate this tank. I can’t handle the derpy gun handling compared
    to other tier ten mediums that all for the most part have very reliable gun
    handling with the exception of the bat chat and obj 430

  236. nice

  237. Quickybaby, could you make a video about all the maps that have been
    removed from the game? Many maps have been removed without I realised it
    for example pearl river, wasn’t that a nice map?

  238. does anybody know a good tank for me. I like the m4 Sherman the only thing
    I don’t like is the inaccuracy and turret front armor

  239. Luuminyarty _666

    STB = Super Tactical Beast

  240. sweet, i got view # 420…

  241. Nobody here saw the ending yet XD

  242. thx Quickybaby for all the tips :)

  243. I want one

  244. Daniel Schwarzenberger

    These comments …

  245. Hurry up and make a big deal that you had nothing better to do than sit and
    wait for QB to post a new vid…like me (I actually wasn’t waiting I just
    happened to see it while browsing)

  246. Get a new intro!!!

  247. 232nd view

  248. Nice vid QB

  249. I named it :)

  250. qb 666 vids on his channel devil qb confirmed

  251. Emanuel Johansson

    do more you are best! Love you

  252. Heeeeeey, that’s pretty good!

  253. 9th :D

  254. Hanco Wiesemann


  255. Haide Goldsmith


  256. first

  257. Quickybaby has 666 videos in youtube… Illuminati confirmed

  258. sovelis holimion

    smashing the rfresh button so hard

  259. 2cd comment

  260. FIRST

  261. second comment!!!

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