World of Tanks || STB-1 vs Stalingrad

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Possible tactics you to use in your on the latest map – Stalingrad. Also two Ace Mastery badges in the Japanese medium the STB-1.

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  1. I hope you find this video useful and let me know how you play Stalingrad!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  2. o…..kay

  3. This video than the live stream 😀

  4. Because Stalin…….

  5. QB Whats the best equipment for the M41 Walker Bulldog??

  6. I’m half japanese and can tell you that you did pronounce that completely
    correct! :)

  7. Lol Ik saves your life and you steal all his kills. Sounds about right. 

  8. Морда Билка


  9. I don’t agree with your assesment of the map and the tactics for meds and
    scouts. Fast tanks can use the many twists and turns of this map to find an
    opening in the enemy lines anywhere. From there it is just a matter of DPM
    and fire concentration, if you are in a platoon.

  10. Is comon test 9.5 out???

  11. Quickybaby you’re a beast! Keep up more videos and in no time you’ll become
    the best world of tanks video producer in no time! Iplay World of Tanks on
    my channel but no as awesome as you! 

  12. RSOP ClanWar video?

  13. stalingrad is awesome fun to play i enjoy most matchs on it in any style of

  14. Best use of Fatton? Use its large body to cover your allies in better tanks

  15. this thing fires almost as fast (if not faster) than the t-54

  16. like the E50M no one –_–

  17. Tutorial on how to kill steal in STB-1 on stalingrad. :D

  18. Should i get the KV 1S or the T-150?

  19. I got 10 kills with 1200 dmg. :P

  20. it is 100% possible to just wreck the west on this map if you are in the
    right tank and your team doesnt just let you get over run for example ive
    managed to do over 4k damage in my is-8 on the west in this map and over 5k
    in my e-100 it all depends on how many of your team mates go the same way
    as you like if 9 of your team are up there then you NEED to push or you
    will be picked apart and will lose thats a situation were the hit points
    and armour of the e-100 are extremely useful.

  21. It is great to see so good player in such a awsome tank. 

  22. Has anyone made a fanfiction between QuckyBaby and Ik yet?

  23. Everything changed when the artillery nation attacked

  24. f u google no real name

    i think u did a review on stb-1 when it was first announced. it was like a
    year ago lol

  25. Onigiri is a riceball with filling, and you pronounced it pretty well. 

  26. you are very lucky player + your skill

  27. ilarionas avgoustou

    i dont like this maps are not fun to play.and people say city
    maps are better cuz no camp but us we see on the video QB dont go to the
    city but west

  28. be more active qb…

  29. I need to get a t10 med tank that actually has gun depression lol.
    I’ve only got a 62a and am close to the tier 9 Chinese. When I get some
    time.. I’m going to start grinding the Japanese line. 

  30. It’s name in wargame red dragon is Nona yon shiki btw quickybaby. Just the
    proper jap name

  31. pascucci’s medal………..really

  32. Now, I understand this is a brief case study on high tier mediums attacking
    on the east of Stalingrad, but I must ask is this a strategy applicable for
    the north as well? Is this another Highway, where one side has a positional
    advantage over the other, or is there a way this can also apply to the
    North? I haven’t had much chance to study out this new map, however I do
    know that my medium games from the north by the river have been pretty

  33. STB-1=Sexy Tank Baby.. well done QB I love this tank it is my most played.

  34. im not to sure about tier 8s vs tier 10s. I mean, its the same at every
    tier, but the step up between 8 and 10 is rather substantial.

  35. QB is the IS 7 video in the works?

  36. What’s the video at the end where that Scout tank jumps over the rock. 

  37. you always wait until your teammate shoots someone so you can take the
    kill…… crappy TM

  38. Killstealybaby

  39. lol. I thought that I have something to watch then I realised I have seen
    both of these games on your livestream and still remember them perfectly.

  40. Any news with the marriage mate?

  41. I want one!!!! :)

  42. QB you are in clan?

  43. Wait why is QB in a Finnish clan?

  44. I’m just 50k exp away from STB! Can’t wait for it!
    About Stalingrad, I let others to scout the right ridge, and go straight
    through the city to center on that slope

  45. got a kolobanovs on this map today ^^

  46. When you say click up here, I try and it just pauses the playback!

  47. Quicky you are in clan congratulations but why not FAME?

  48. Can you please do a review on the G.W.E100

  49. Can you actually do a Stalingrad map review where you go in detail where to
    go and what to do.

  50. Kyle IdontWanttogivemyname

    Hows the upper plate and turret armor of the STB-1? I’m planning to get it
    when the Japanese line gets released in the Xbox 360 version :). (Side
    Note: I do have experience playing in mediums. I currently have the FV4202
    and enjoyed the British mediums.)

  51. Can you make some tank reviews?

  52. The problem I have when I try to play like QuickyBaby is I’m not
    QuickyBaby. :)

  53. ik is the best guy u platoon with QB?? someone tell jingles about this shit

  54. Could you make some map tactics for 9.4 please?

  55. You were a bit of a dick to not fire at that GW-E100 and let IK shoot first
    so you could get the kill…from someone like you with the reputation u
    have, that was a poor and dickish move. not impressed.

  56. i play mostly heavies and i always push the west side on this map, so much
    cover to work with there really is no reason a tank like a VK45.02b should
    not be played aggressively

  57. I’ve had some really good games going down the 7 line, playing in the
    middle grounds, games around 6k damage in a leo1

  58. I managed 8 kills with 950 dmg xD

  59. Stalingrad is a very tactical map. If you screw up…..your dead.

  60. no u said it very well onigiri!

  61. Your platoon mate fires HEAT at a friggin WT auf pz 4, you should teach him
    how to play.

  62. I dont know how to get to tear 8 Japan tank bcs tear7 and 6 sucks…

  63. I also play Stalingrad this way in LT and MT as long as my tank has
    reasonable depression and speed. but I can’t even play HT and slow TD in
    the city…somehow

  64. U wot m9 u wnt 2 git rekt??? i swer on me mum


    1.Highlight the numbers
    2.Press CTRL+F
    3.Press 9
    4.Read the message

  65. Thx I needed it 

  66. can the WZ-111 1-4 do the same thing? cause the hull is not much reliable
    and i have to use my turret , pls reply

  67. Ikar is a very nice guy. I am going to subscribe to his channel

  68. but…but…but…the Chi-Ri!D:

  69. I want a battle buddy like your friends quicky :(

  70. i like how he calls kill steals….secure the kill …. 

  71. only problem is to get to this tank you have to go through seven tiers of

  72. For the most part this is how I’ve been playing my meds on Stalingrad,
    though I don’t take quite such an aggressive position, since I know I’d
    have some serious trouble holding it without reliable backup. Platooning
    with someone like you did in both games seems like it would allow the more
    aggressive position much easier, since you can have reliable backup.
    Generally though, going so aggressive would turn out much like the second
    game, and your average pub player can’t be trusted to protect you as well
    as Ik did.

    Generally though I see the people that move along the rails on the east
    side get annihilated, while the people who hug the hill tend to be able to
    push much better as well as counter the people moving along the rails. And
    anyone who tries to come up over the top of the hill on the meds sitting
    below tends to fail spectacularly unless the flank was already won for them
    by that point, and they have a clearly superior firepower to whoever
    they’re going aggressive against. So that hill really does seem like the
    sweet spot.

  73. Why cant I play the video in 1080p max is only 480p.Other
    videos can be played in high quality
    .please give me an answer guys.

  74. My god, those 2 games were so high paced. Enjoyed watching.

  75. PLS stop zooming in and out like you did in the second gameplay, when i
    watch it in full screen it make me sick :). 

  76. Where is peppy

  77. 480 res ???

  78. Nothing special about this replay since enemy team are full of tomatoes,
    not even a single green player whereas there are 1 purple and 2 blue and a
    few green on other side . Of course, it is easy win.

  79. I`m currently at Chi-Nu. The grind of that tier 5 tank is horrible because
    of its gun>< I really find myself doing the same thing every time I use Medium Tanks in that map QB 

  80. Another brilliant game example, QB. Good Tier 10 play. Thanks for sharing. 

  81. only 480p! why???

  82. what happend to the HD? only 480p?

  83. Nice and fast game. Really good play by QuickyBaby.

  84. The STB-1 is what the M48 Patton used to be before it was nerfed.

  85. how do i play stalingrad ?! PLAY IT find your own way dont ask somebody hes
    telling you HIS way not your best way

  86. Where do you suggest i go in a medium like that if i do not have any
    support on the East?

  87. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    Nice results, QuickyBaby. You conviced me to buy STA-1 on upcoming discount
    and continue researching japanese tech tree.

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