World of Tanks || Steel Hunt – Lone Wolf

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Patch 9.9 brings a new game mode: Steel Hunt. Let’s check out the Lone Wolf version where it’s dog-eat-dog 12 players all against each other!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Yeah not too excited about this. 46k credits for winning? And that’s an
    above average amount. I won last night and got about 25k. Not worth it
    for money or experience. Only worth it if you just like free for all.

  2. Огњен Узелац

    I need help plsss, my update is ended and i click play and nothing i click
    again and again nothing i can’t play i restart my computer and nothing
    happens pls help me

  3. Bollo de Bospedo

    This gamode is great and i love it

  4. favourite game mode bacause there is no one to let you down everybody play
    for him self thats kind of thing i waited for soo long :)

  5. guys does someone know why i cant log in on eu test server 9.9 it says that
    i have conection problems please help

  6. My first match I did 15k damage to win, and I didn’t even know what it was
    a solo game mode

  7. I am wondering the crew for the old game mode (don’t remember the name)
    have taken all slots in my barracks now … so it is full, but I don’t want
    to dismiss 100% crews :(

  8. Im just hanging on the loading screen….dont work for me…

  9. Crashed as soon as I started, and by the time I got back in the game I
    thought, “Where the f**k are my team??”. Seems quite good fun tho :)

  10. Philip Oesterle Pekrun

    the tank hunger games!!!!

  11. As you respawn your corpse blows up.
    My preference is to alt between the BC and the Leaop. using the Leoap to
    start with so I dont need to wait for the autoloader reload and then on
    death switch to the BC so the auto loader is filled on spawn. My win rate I
    think is between half to 2/3ds of the time. The biggest issue with my play
    style is that to secure the kill on one of the heavies with my skill level
    I need them to be at or below about half health.
    on the typical loss I earn about 20-25K credits with prem account
    Generally having a blast bombing around the maps shooting everything I come
    across, using my mobility to choose the engagement and then circling the
    opposition to minimize return fire

  12. Not tried this game mode yet, one point though if you alter the tanks so
    they let you move your crews on without penalty you immediatly give an edge
    to those that probably like yourself alrady have good crews on one or more
    of those tanks. Players who already have those tanks already have enough
    of an edge as they have driven them.

  13. It’d be great if you could use any tank. So I can go KV-2 and go against
    tier 6’s and derp someone twice in 5-7 seconds and then butt raped by a
    VK-3001D while I reload… Be so much better if it wasn’t just tier 10’s

  14. I really think this gamemode is a fun initiative from WG but as you say,
    the economy for me, an average Joe, is just bad. I dont feel like im
    getting anything from playing this mode. I havent spent alot of real money
    on WoT but i understand that this is what WG wants me to do to even enjoy
    these events. I dont have tier X tanks yet or even space enough in my
    garage or barracks to keep my freshly trained crew because i have not been
    spending my money on the game. So for me this gamemode is a waste of
    premiumtime that i can otherwise spend grinding my way up the techtree.

  15. I played my first match of steel hunt earlier. I only got 9 points, but I
    still made 6k in profits after using a repair kit (standard account). The
    repairs and ammo costs for the tanks are extremely cheap, so it balances
    out well IMO.

  16. juhana kopperoinen

    I’d want it to make crew xp like chaffee races 🙂 I could use less money
    more crew xp. Currently this game mode is basicly only fun. I am winning
    basicly every round but not makimg too much credits (10-30k) because I
    don’t have premium. It really is not rewarding.

  17. I have had so much fun playing in the new game mode and i hope they keep it
    in the game I’ve won all but 1 of the 10 games I have played in it and even
    won a match against people in platoon requiring me to work harder to get
    100 points instead of 20 :)

  18. Tukaelm Jarvinen

    This guy is pro. GB is cool

  19. +QuickyBaby TV hey QB, quick question. Do you play on US servers in Blitz?
    Cuz I had a battle with somebody who had a similar gametag who claimed to
    be you.

  20. “Lone Wolf” you know what that means right? Its a term that ISIS uses

  21. Steel Hunt is so fun!! I like playing the IS7

  22. Tip to all who read: the autoloaders are the bane of the battle…. play
    only them to gain a slightly better chance of winning :P

  23. cool

  24. TheDragonStation

    ya what to you loss and go throw a few tanks there pair will cost you 🙁


  25. What I want to know is if this game mode is permanent. I hope it is, it is
    seriously a lot of fun

  26. I get into the Leopard and track the Objects to use them as shields.

    10/10 douchery!

  27. Won my first round of this so I didn’t have much trouble with it

  28. It would be great if they put in the game mode of gun game, say you started
    at tier one and every kill you got you moved up a tier until you reach tier
    10, and after you get your eleventh kill you win.

  29. This game basically promotes kill stealing.

  30. i would love to see it as a game mode where you choose a tier then all the
    tanks that you own for that tier could be used by you

  31. I love this new game mode it is awesome

  32. Just had a match where a Clan all clicked battle at once to enter this
    mode, they worked as a team against the others, it sucked

  33. First time i playd it i was like ey wers my team ???? Wtf s going on why
    can i onli see the enemy ????? well my sixth game ive won : )

  34. This teaches you to get your back against something because if you are
    shooting the crap out of somebody, somebody else will come up behind you
    and have surprise butt sex with you.

  35. Pretty interesting, but yeah – driving anything that isn’t an autoloader’s
    a waste of time. Maybe they could change the UI to not say “Team” all the
    time, that’d make things less confusing for players just starting out

  36. Lolol QB his free xp is 381.000 xD

  37. Hey quicki not braging or any thing but I just did something amazing I won
    the game for my team I got ten kills and won all alone I would like to show
    you the gameplay!!

  38. The FFA Domination wouldn’t just be slightly better if it had an overall
    credit boost, it absolutely requires it, especially with the way it’s
    formatted to give points for kills on top of damage and the completely
    vanilla spotting system.

    I have no reason to play this game mode when I only get 4k for 3rd place.
    It takes too long, I don’t get research on other vehicles, and I get no
    money. I have to play regular matches to make my time spent on WoT worth
    anything if I’m not willing to drop retarded amounts of money, so why play
    this mode when I get nothing out of it unless I stomp?

  39. Couldn’t agree with the “reward tank” change more, it absolutely sucks to
    play these tanks with stock crews, but I can’t afford to retrain suitable
    crews to tanks for a game mode I probably won’t play much.

  40. Demonkiller Death

    in the begging when you tracked the is-7 you should have called in arty

  41. ppl need to stop pairing up in this game mode

  42. I always wished they would put free-for-all in WoT. This is simply amazing

  43. Awesome game mode. Though it seems like you have to be very selfish and
    dishonorable to do well – basically farming on people who are already in
    combat, preying on the wounded while running from the strong, and also just
    stealing kills in general. Also, Batchat seems to be perfect for this game

    • Demonkiller Death

      i hadnt played solo in the capture one but i did today and how dah hell do
      you win

    • Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

      +UrbanTarzan Duh also thought that the leo was useless in this mode, and it
      is when u play alone, but in platoon its usefull

    • Demonkiller Death

      a good way to win the plat battle is have 1 is-7 and 2 meds so one can hold
      middle and other can cap

    • +Demonkiller Death Honestly, i don’t see how. Batchat is slightly faster,
      smaller and has the burst firepower that is needed for target-focused
      platoon gameplay.

    • Demonkiller Death

      once you do platoon battles leo is best for capture

  44. Looks shit.

  45. You are totally right! The improvements which you talk about at the ending
    would improve the game mode very much! (sorry about my bad English :D)

  46. where do i go if i wanted to submit a video for you to watch?

  47. Its bad fpr players like jingles

  48. 1v1 me n git rekt skrub!!1!!

  49. Wojciech Korfanty

    Why there is no BRITISH tanks?

  50. Going to try it out

  51. 2 x in one battle , somebody spawned right next to me , less than 5 metres
    spawn system needs to be improved, + not all things promised entered patch
    9.9 🙁
    Also theey should bring back the scout panther 🙁 fun tank

  52. This mode is basically: autoloader or gtfo

  53. The WoTer 3: Steel Hunt
    In the vast world of tanky tanks, join with Quicky of Britannia, aka the
    Lone Wolf, in his thrilling quest to cleanse this world of filthy beings
    such as skypigs, donkies, raging snoobs, and vioplet stet pedders…

  54. Steal Hunt :))

  55. Is the music at the beginning from infestation ? 

  56. btw the crew will tke barracks places but if you have 4 places free and 20
    crew members are sent to the barracks youll have -16 room and you cant sent
    a member there untill you removed at least 17members from the barracks

  57. not a cluch ending if time runs out the player whit most points

  58. i had a match with 23k dmg and recieved 6k dmg still lost 24k credits, WTF!
    dont play this itll cost you all yyour credits

    • oh thx mystery solved lol

    • +remco moerland airstrike and arty strike DMG doesnt count to
      points….look closely at QB’s replay again and youll see he killed the Obj
      with airstrike but didnt get points for it… oh and more
      importantly…..STOP SPAMMING GOLD cause thats the only way you can lose so
      much money in the new game mode…. or your consumables.

    • Killed 1 guy with ammorack final hit the guy he was fighting with 1k dmg
      using the air strike

    • You can’t get 23k dmg in this… that would be 23 points and you would have
      already won Dumb ass..

  59. TheGreatMrBobinsky

    When you play a game and after finishing a mission or level you want more.
    That is great. After one game in this new mode – no such feelings for me.
    Economy is very bad and not more fun than in random battle. Plus very
    confusing situation with all this new crews. Additionally 9.9 brings huge
    new graphic bugs.
    Maybe a good time to take a break from the game – Done.

  60. You can onehit tanks with those atillery strikes!

  61. sorry. one big shit !

  62. Would be cool if after someone used a repair depot it re spawned in a
    different area on the map. This would keep tanks moving all over the whole
    map instead of hovering over the same spot…

  63. lol ure gold

  64. I love not having a team

  65. Legion The Comrade

    I only aim for engines and ammo racks in this game mode.
    No repair kits or fire extinguishers after the first time 🙂
    Hell most don’t even use them the first time.

  66. 100th 

  67. 12000 dmg seems to be an okay result for a tank that basically does 1950
    alpha every 40 seconds.

  68. You should review the ARL 44

  69. Lone Wolf? Unlash your inner Predator?

  70. This gamemode looks amazing. I like the 1v1 but its kind of wrong since wot
    is a teamgame

  71. The bad with Domination mode is that you cant grid your tanks! Why play 10
    or 15 minutes for win low free exp and credits? In 10-15 minutes I can play
    3 battles and win much more exp and credits for my tank. Of course
    domination is funny, but….

  72. Agh.. Personality you get a lot of money so its OK

  73. How is the steal hunt game mode,I’m in Germany so I can’t play it.D:

  74. shit game mod !!! WG only thinks about how they can take our money .
    WoT is going down …. in 1 year will be only polish and Russians playing

  75. Game mode for those who hate playing in teams and always raging about the
    team in randoms. Here they can realise that they are the ones who suck :D

  76. WG obviously running out of ideas, thank fuck I quit over a year ago. Siema

  77. I could use your help guys!
    I want to install WoT but every time I click on the WoT icon nothing
    Does anyone know what could be the problem??

  78. The game mode is fun but wargaming needs to iron out the spawning because
    in my first game a player respawned in front of my bat chat… poor guys
    didn’t even see it coming. it also happened twice in the same game..

  79. that “PROBLEM?” thing isnt wanted there the texture is just missing ^^

  80. Rollo Tancredson

    I enjoyed the game mode. TD was never a good idea. The only thing that I
    hated was enemies spawning behind me right after I spawned. And like you
    said, not finishing first isn’t worth the creds. It’s a good game mode to
    go into to take a break from grinding in randoms. It’s also good to work on
    your driving and shooting weak spots. Basically like a dog fight trainer.

  81. There. World of Tanks is looking more and more like Call of Duty…

  82. I love this game mode

  83. Lol wit only three comments!!

  84. ya its good if u like to play it alone

  85. i dont. wanna wasting so many time to just focus on one tier x tanks i hope
    i can get it free :)

  86. I don’t play these game modes very much simply because I cannot use my
    existing crew in these tanks without retraining or penalty. If they want
    us to like these games I 100% agree with your suggestion about that!

  87. 98th comment!

  88. could this game mode mess up your win rate?

    • +Richard Komendanchik
      right on, thanks for clearing that up

    • Richard Komendanchik

      +Sleepy .Time this does not count towards any of your regular stats and
      will not affect them just as a tsnk company battle wouldnt and how
      strongholds have a completely different set of win rates

    • +simmons865
      i have not yet played since 9.9 came out but id find it hard to believe
      this mode would get unique stats or none at all since stat deflation is
      their major incentive to get people buying gold and premium time

    • +Sleepy .Time i didn’t know if there was a separate win rate for this, or
      if it was even included.

    • +simmons865 with 1 person getting a win and everyone else getting a loss
      how could it not?

  89. i hope i can get tier x tanks for free :/


  90. i wish WOT would get rid of arty and implement a class like armored cars
    and light armored vehicles that have some guns but the primary role is to
    drop airstrikes and off field arty. that way you dont have people camping
    at the back, they would be up front on the second line and would make the
    arty players feel more involved and respected members of the team

    • filip korthals altes

      +simmons865 it’s a good idea, but i don’t really mind arty uptil tier 6,
      they should make something against splash dmg, i get splashed for 750 dmg
      in my IS3 by an m40/m43 on the move to my position…. That just ruins the
      game, a qonqeurerGC once splash KILLED me when i was in my RU 251.

    • +simmons865 That would be so much fun! It would also be more realistic
      because real arty was never that close to the battlefield .

    • thanks, it would definitely be a change in the right direction since they
      are moving towards a more mobile/faster paced style of play

    • +simmons865 That’s not a bad idea, actually.

  91. The whole XP system is flawed, not just this game mode. It sucks that
    someone can play really well on the losing team and get less XP than
    someone who did next to nothing on the winning team.

  92. You forgot to mention that its a great way to farm free exp.
    If you win you get 2.2k free xp, which is alot :D

  93. I agree i paid 80,000 credits to add a crew to the tank and its just silly.
    The tanks should be like gift tanks. Id play more tanks but im not
    bothering to train more crews when i dont need them or pay Gold or Credits.
    Id prefer to keep training the crews i have, i dont want to waste my time.

    I have a Leopard 1 crew and put it in the Leopard 1 D and it acted like id
    put a light tank crew in a heavy…

    • Personally i do feel its a one sided game, ive had good results won around
      13/20 matches so i enjoyed it. But the main annoyance is the crew i have a
      4 skill leopard 1 crew but im not paying to move them, not to mention the
      XP they would lose.

      I just dont see how QuickyBaby could come up with a better way of working
      this in a few mins of gameplay, than an entire team of developers (Perhaps
      the Devs dont play the game anymore)

  94. Denzell Rodriguez

    I think its a novel game mode that encourages noobies to make a goal for
    their preferred t10 tank.
    Its fun for all and really helps with the little trickle of creds.
    Of course it would be great if you can switch the crews but reasons.

  95. They should add ‘Steel hunt missions’ with rewards being credits, gold,
    premium time and a vehicle at the end, like the normal personal missions.
    This would give real incentive to play this game mode, as it is right now,
    it’s just another “just for fun” mode where you don’t have any sense of

    I believe that if WG wants to actually make a successful game mode they
    need to include more of the player base.

  96. I wish they would make dying matter more perhaps only allow 1-2 re-spawns
    with different tanks only

    • +EirikXL I’ve played 4 games, 2 I won, 1 draw (me and another both “won”)
      and 1 second place. trust me just play autoloaders and you’ll win.

    • +Ben A yeah the first time I played this mode I thought you could only play
      each vehicle once, therefore I chose to spawn in an IS-7, and then when I
      died I saw that I could respawn in the IS-7 and from there on out it has
      been all Bat-Chat/57 heavy every game since they are the most powerful ones
      by far.

  97. Hey QB. What brand or model computer you are using and how many RAMS does
    it have?

  98. Balc0ra's Gaming

    Fun for 1 battle. Then boring as all heck. It’s nice that the repair costs
    are next to nothing this time vs the last time. But still it not rewarding
    at all. As 15K damage in one tank was only enough for the crew to go form
    0% to 5%. So thx WG for the free 100% crew. I’ll train em in my premiums
    instead. As that is 100x faster by the looks of it.

  99. Mario Kart FTW!

  100. 13:35 QB’s phone needs recharging XD

  101. I think it is great! The more variety WG can get into WoT the better

  102. consumable to see top scorer? yeah lets punish people for doing good,

  103. I dont like new mode

  104. fail mode , you have to play autoloaders only to win and get a eclipse of
    the anticipated XP , the other 3 tanks are useless

  105. Will your win rate go up and down in this game mode ?

  106. “1v1v1 x12”? That’s called FFA lol

  107. Batchat is key in this mode. Best for stealing frags and owning noobs in
    another batchats :D

  108. Hey QUickybaby do you have any inside info on whether or not we will be
    able to use our own tanks in the future? Because I see no point playing
    this gamemode with tanks that will probably get deleted someday. Even
    though i seems like fun now raising a crew that would eventualy get deleted
    would not be fun then.

  109. Quickybaby! It’s not killstreak abilities, it’s actually based on you
    damage out put. I think the scores are, too.

  110. Hey love your videos I have been watching since September 

  111. just seems like an excuse to get people trying new tier X tanks so they
    will want to grind/buy premium/buy gold to get them or why else not let us
    play in our normal tanks

  112. 18th xD

  113. You said the points thing twice

  114. Well, I have a leopard 1 crew, does that mean I’ll just have 2 crews?

  115. my world of tanks gets stuck in the loading screen every battle since this

  116. Meeting you at tankfest inspired me to try youtube, thank you :)

  117. When we played last night there were 4 teams of 3 and 4 individual players.
    We not only got points for killing enemy tanks but also for capturing the

  118. Darude – Sandstorm

  119. Jack Huo (TimeMasterGaming)

    The problem with the solo mode is that there isn’t enough time to win.
    Often, someone (usually me, everyone else are auto-aim addicts) is winning,
    the timer runs out and no one wins ;(. I hope WG adds more time to the
    clock because even though it’s fun to wreck noobs, it’s not fun in the end
    when no one wins :/

  120. Crogamer productions

    First :P

  121. First comment. Join me inthe hype train 

  122. is-8 TIPS??

  123. first HEY qb

  124. What do you guys think of the new game mode?

    I’m livestreaming RIGHT NOW /w Ikzor and Zaonce!

    • +QuickyBabyTV I had this too..I couldn’t even get in this game mode, it
      was stuck in the load screen.. even after restarts…..

    • +QuickyBabyTV I couldn’t even get in the game, it was stuck in the load
      screen and kept doing a CTD.

    • Philip Oesterle Pekrun

      +QuickyBabyTV sounds a bit like hunger games 😀

    • +QuickyBabyTV I’d really like to try out the new game mod, but it doesn’t
      work for me. If the game doesn’t crash while I’m in loading screen, I can’t
      leave the loading screen. It does seem like there are several people having
      that problems, if one takes a look at the forums. My ticket was answered
      yesterday, but what they told me to try didn’t work out so far.So it’s
      normal games for me only so far (which curiously work!).

    • Vũ Lương Lân

      +QuickyBabyTV I never uses artillery strikes, but i always win #boss

  125. Tapsu10 - Videoita suomeksi


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