World of Tanks || STG Guard – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – STG Guard. Today I’m previewing a patriotic T8 Soviet premium medium the STG Guard; equipped with a 122 mm and rear mounted turret

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  1. At first I thought it was a heavy tank

  2. This tank doesn’t seem to be much op. Looks like Russian comrades have run out of the magical vodka mixed with stalinium for this tank

  3. Oh FFS. another Soviet med tank? Really? And of course another T8 so WG can fuck you over enve more with thier match making that will put you in T10 games 3 games out of 4…

    Of course this tank and all the recent WG policiy is force people to use premium rounds, premium account and premium tanks. FUCK WARGAMING. I have stopped playing more than two months ago and won’t return to this game…

    I wish QB was a bit more critical towars WG but business is business right…?

  4. At least wg learned their lesson with op prems it seems

  5. As I’ve played 30 something games in mine on NA, Its a very balanced tanks and on a note, any shot that pens the rear will damage your ammo rack or ammo rack you, so be carefully driving back wards around corners!

  6. So happy they gave us another tier 8 Russian premium tank instead of 5 new maps. Gosh I sure hope they don’t give us 5 new maps. I’d really hate 5 new maps !

    Every week delivers a new /facepalm. WoT has become such a parody of itself.

  7. Kristijan Bičanić

    It literally looks like a regular front mounted turret tank with the turret turned backwards and the W and S keys switched 😀

  8. Sad to say, I have spent way too much money on this game to give up now.
    Despite how horrendously pay to win this game has become…

  9. It’s TD with turret, not MT…

  10. Being at a 75% win rate :))…….I guess all my tier 6 tanks will meet one of this tanks on a daily basis….. witch will be less than fair 😀
    But this “good guys have to suffer” and the “pay to win” model is starting to piss me off…
    I mean how can a tier 6 can bleed out money with winning and being the top dog of the game……Well He has no premium tanks that cost almost as a AA game or a AAA game on sale =))

  11. Hey qb, hope you’re training for another game or job. WoT is on its way out. It was fun while it lasted, now it’s in the death throws. Blindly grasping and reaching for as much money as it can before the competition drains it of players.

  12. WG brings out 9 new Chinese TDs and it’s largely ignored. A new balanced premium hits the stores and all the children lose their minds whilst complaining there aren’t any new tanks to grind. A massive new map is introduced but they complain there aren’t any new maps. A bunch of tanks get new HD models but it’s ignored because one of their tanks wasn’t remodelled. Less than 20% of the player base plays with a premium account. The company needs to get their money from somewhere.

  13. wg trying to make the most of this game before it dies

  14. when hes shows in europe servers ?

  15. Another BS OP Russian tank

  16. I mean, it might sell but WG has pretty much determined their own path by selling premium tanks like the Defender, the Patriot and the Skorpion. There’s a new “standard” for premium tanks that they have set with those and despite those standards being wrong and way too high, it is still going to effect future premium tanks and their success, as this tank just doesn’t live up to be a Defender or any of those “new generation” premium tanks. I just don’t see how WG would sell someone a Ford when they have already given everyone the option to buy a Ferrari pretty much and that is really bad, as it can only get crazier from this point on I think.

  17. @QuickyBaby
    *Watches Review*
    Huh… okay…
    *Buys Tank*
    *Not Disappointed*
    What an excellent piece of machinery! 🙂

  18. QB plez tell them to stahp making these things

  19. If they want to monetize they should release historic/limited tank skins not release increasingly op tanks every 3 months.

  20. “It’s not OP.”
    Inb4 WG realizes this tank doesn’t sell as much for how shitty it is, or at least as noob friendly as the rest.

    Meanwhile, here I am wondering if this would eventually cost them another community contributor.


  22. Oh god quickybaby you butchered that russian text. It says: Slava Sovetskim Tankistam!
    Not tankerum… lol
    Credit for trying tho…

  23. why that sheet is still not out,you say quicky that is going to be today in shop

  24. At least its not another T-54 clone ._.

  25. Looks even balanced. at first i thought it will be again impenterable turret + impenetrable front armor, like Chrysler GF in form of russian pancake… but it has tragic front armor, weak turret (GL bouncing anything on tier X,). It maybe has best-in-class gun, but with that tier V-like dpm… Feels like old-times premium tank. Much weaker than recent OP prems.

  26. Quickybaby, you let me down :'(, the Guard isn’t coming out today :'(

  27. Just pleasantly surprised it didn’t have 240mm all-round armor to promote gold usage. I’m proud of you WG.

  28. Ah, another OP tank. No big deal

  29. To all the nitwits saying how this tank is balanced- trust me, it won’t stay balanced for long. Once WG see people aren’t buying this they’ll super buff it to become completely OP; so much so that it’ll probably become a staple in the CW meta.

  30. If your complaining bout the skins, go look at the one on console

  31. Fun sized panther 8.8 with a boomstick instead of DPM, all it is

  32. *im glad I played War Thunder*

  33. What a surprise, *ANOTHER* T8 premium tanks.
    “Wargaming: Let’s keep milking the players!”

  34. WTF is wrong with you people? WG needs money to make improvements upon the game! Let them make as much prem tanks as they think is necessary.

  35. Why are all the people bitching and moaning about new premium tanks? Where is your problem?

  36. Skipping it, since tier 8 matchmaking is broken and I face only tier 10 and tier 9 tanks… whats the point of getting it ?!

  37. can someone make a game similiar to wot but without those prem spam ?

  38. is it op though?

  39. Looks like an actually balanced premium tank, I’m impressed! Gun has good pen and acc, but long reload, and the armor is workable but has weakpoints. Nice.

  40. @quickybaby Had a Monster Game this Morning with 5,5k Damage and 2,5k Base exp in a Tier6.

    I hope you dont mind taking a look other than that keep doing what you are doing !

  41. Very expensive screen pixels…WG and its greed, you just got to laugh and keep your money in your wallet.

  42. Why was the WZ-120-1G-FT not sold on other servers?

  43. With the current mach making I don’t buy any tier 8 premium tank.

  44. people, prepare your wallets, wg has sweet for you..

  45. Hmmmm… I might get this tank.

  46. No, it’s not good. It’s not a medium, it’s not an heavy, it’s not a sniping TD, It not a spotter, it’s nothing worth of the money

  47. power creep

  48. Ahhhh All the naysayers!!! Something else to try to play with…. Sure wish you had put the Chrysler in the comparison. I’ll get this tank. Thanks for the review, Great As always….

  49. i don’t see in the shop this tank

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