World of Tanks || STG Guard – Unexpected Friends!

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Source: QuickyBaby

– STG Guard. Today I’m going have to become unexpected friends with a on my team to carry the game!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. i want to see how did the T30 do, any medals?

  2. QB got penetrated again

  3. QB you are allowed to say, “God is currently protecting the M103” because he is an American tank xD

  4. Has anyone mentioned his shirt problem? ; =)

  5. well played my guy

  6. T30 just mad by base camp light tank sp1.c because T30 expected spot from sp1c but he just stand with arty at first time

  7. Lol that whole in his shirt…I was so confused

  8. 0:30 at this moment T20 knew, HE FAAKED UPP..

  9. Your chest can get overmatched by any shell.. put some spaced armour brahh?

  10. Quicky, the tank that rushed lake Rd, lit everyone . They were blind firing the spot you drove to, the t30 had pulled back and wasn’t lt. he would have to fire from there to get lit again. You could see just before you got hit, a blind fire shot hit just below and back of where you moved to. So, it wasn’t the t30, you didn’t pay attention to the probable blind fire to that spot. Which I always do, lit or know. Gg

  11. No consumable sales!

  12. You were at 501/1350. That means what you lost was not over two thirds of your hit points, QB. Just going to throw that one out there….

  13. people are so impatient, it’s amazing… the t 30 wanted to rush in when there was 2 and a half minutes left xD

  14. Starting to really hate this map. It used to be a favourite but on the NA server this map seems to be one that lately has some awful decision making by my teams. I don’t know why but this video is triggering me to scream.

  15. Start did not look good with that noob in the guard wandering around aimlessly in the start area.

  16. I had a game recently it was me in my VK 28.01 and a Dicker Max vs 7 enemies we had great communication together at the end of the game, and managed to pull out a win. Communication is extremely important near the end of the game.

  17. Did I say fu Spast..too long and nothing real..

  18. its kinda funny that qb says this is one of his most consistent tanks when he usually like dpm instead of just alpha. im the opposite i usually prefer low dpms as long as the rest of the tanks makes up for it but then i started using the fv4202 again. a tank which i used to hate in its earlier tier 8 prem forms but the tank has a half decent dpm but right now its one of my go to tier 8 prems because its so insanely consistent.

  19. rest in peace t20 at the start of the game

  20. _ daBoss37gamingHD _

    smh there is a tank shaped hole in your body mister quickybaby

  21. RocketFingers vs Quickfingers

  22. little gold spamming shit at a lower their heavy tank..

  23. Holy shit, that T20 tho

  24. The camo rating of that tank on his shirt is OP. Plz nerf.

  25. Called you making that match a YT video during the Twitch stream 🙂

  26. There is a hole in you again

  27. But he can’t be friends with other competitive streamers aka skill4ltu. Kind of a hypocrite

    • I hope you see this, why they cant be friends, what happened? Have seen things about this on skill stream but Idk why they cant get along?

  28. Horrible start, beautiful ending. GG

  29. Nice money shulking QB.. making a guard video when it’s being sold, when you never make guard videos, just a desperate attempt to get people to buy it.

  30. Thanks dude. Love your vids – any chance you can use colour-blind mode? It’s the one quite negative thing stopping me watch (I am red-green colour blind and can’t tell enemy vs green bush). 10% of all adult males are (and 1% females) so might be an easy way to reach more people?

  31. Michel productions

    I know this replay it was in the stream on the stream yesterday (twitch)

  32. Michel productions

    No it never happend to me on that way because i maka a fault or just want to rush or my whole team is a idiot.

    But i watch thus videi’s also to learn things

  33. Greedy Unicum goes to obvious blind shot spot, gets shot, blames team mate. GG

  34. Hey! I’d like QB to see this post. Could you help me?
    I had a great game with 2 unexpected friends. We were left on our own against the enemy team and still brought it back We had 15 KILLS between us 🙂 I’m posting a link below so You can judge whether it deserves showcasing.

  35. Much more interesting replay other some other recent one with premium round spam.

  36. HTF is it the T30’s fault you got nailed at the start, your so highly critical of it throughout the game with comments like ”screwed over” etc, when it was 100% your fault Quickypremium that you got nailed, obviously the friendly T30 would of been spotted after firing his main gun, but you pushed in front and took the hit that was meant for him. Even through ”praise” at the end of the game, congratulating and thanking the T30 you still seemed bitter and it showed. POOR SHOW

  37. QB Goldnoob confirmed 😛

  38. At 00:32, the enemy scout spots the T30 and both Scorpions on his suicide run. They pull back and a second later, a first enemy shell hits the ground near their location, right in front of you. You chose that moment to drive onto the elevated ground… and start turning sideways. As I was seeing this I fully expected you to get hit and you did. In fact, that scout had been only a moment from spotting your STG as well, and then you might have been dead from both those shells. There was no reason to blame the T30, nor to keep blaming him throughout the video. You played very well afterwards though, considering the matchup.

  39. Hey Quickybaby where did you buy your Invisible Tank Tshirt xD

  40. Funny how the original “unexpected friends” was on Lakeville too.

  41. This is second video with apsolutly same name or whatever ..

  42. I simply adore when QB hits tracks by accident and then he says: ‘oh yes, that is what I wanted’… LOL

  43. So a UNICOM and another very skilled player win another game against a Tomato team .. Impressive ,, People like me maybe wouldn’t be so critical if while you are recording the replay turned off XVM and maybe lead us to think that both sides where evenly matched

    That’s just a thought there QB

  44. Already done a video named this..

  45. Enemy team after clearing town “no cap kill all”. Great call.

  46. Слава Советским танкистам

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