World of Tanks || Still Learning

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. Even after 40,000+ games of I’m still learning and happy to admit it! Here’s a rollercoaster of a game in the british the Centurion Action X!

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  1. I’m still learning too dude. .. on xbox

  2. My highest damage was 9696 in the WT-E100 when it had 5 shells in the

  3. this tank looks so awsome!??

  4. nearly 4k damage in KV-2 xD

  5. I’m not a big damage dealer sadly. One of the problems I have is staying
    alive. That’s something you do very well.

  6. hey quickybaby can u do a AMX 50 B video review

  7. QB didnt you think that Wg are poor and didnt want us to make credit XD ?

  8. GJ 50 120 🙂 I am a blue player when I ask someone green or yellow to do
    something with me for a good play when opportunity arises they rarely
    support me and I have to hold back my action. But when we work together in
    WoT with a bit of thought we can be successful, no matter what stats we

  9. One day, I will be a good player. But that day is not today!

    My highest damage was probably one of my KV-2 runs. The thing is crazy.

  10. 8k+ in my beautiful beast, the e75

  11. Why the t110E5 shot HE …

  12. I want to know what the 50 120 was saying after your swan

  13. 11:01, lol

  14. 5000 damage in the SP I C but i just have 3 k battles

  15. Is this an older reply or do you change something in your MOD ? Im using
    your mod but i cant see the recieved hits..

  16. Maarten van Roest

    6600 dmg in T110E5

  17. raging 10 year old

    Highest damage game was in my leopard 1 6.2k dmg

  18. Yay 90kth

  19. my best was when I dealt 6500 damage with my Lorr. 155 52

  20. I remember the Days when if I did one Time damage to Enemy I tought I had
    good game lol and if I got kill or more it was Super awesome game lol.
    nowdays I at least have to get 1000 dmg or Else I think I had Super bad

  21. 7.1K dmg in T110E5

  22. so lucky with that stupid E5 at the end x’D He should never be out of ammo
    since 42 shells is enough to keep on firing for 6 minutes in a row…

  23. Adam “MrSnobben90” Hlali

    6800 with a Jagdpanzer E100 on WOT Blitz…

  24. My highest damage game was 8,630 in the T95. With an ace tanker!

  25. highest dmg done: 8126 dmg in my Lorraine 155 51.

  26. Dalibor Stamenkovic

    Highest damage done on the test server 6.8k jg. Pz. E100

  27. I use small and large repair kits in my E5. My highest dmg a bit over 6800,
    Jagdpanzer E 100

  28. Nah, that swan dive wasn’t a mistake. It’s a bug. I’m more familiar with it
    in WoWs, though, where it’s referred to as the “Teleporting Island” bug.
    Nasty stuff, with islands appearing right where you’re driving. Didn’t know
    it also applied to ponds on WoT. WG, fix your games.

  29. I have done once 8000 dmg and 8 kills in my B-C 25 t on the test server.
    Now i am playing with the B-C 25 t ap to get the B-C 25 t

  30. 7900 dmg in the obj 263 was my best. But as you are saying still learning
    and some day i might go over it 8k :)

  31. VALE!!!!!!

  32. world of tanks is so much easier on pc thn console

  33. my highest damage was 10,4k in the e100

  34. that nose dive to water was not too bad because you recovered from it, I
    managed to flip my Tiger 2 when I was top tier in the game, on full health
    and on 2000+ damage ?

  35. 4,9k with Tiger 1

  36. Oi QB, when you get that 10k dmg game make sure to celebrate it properly on

  37. My highest dmg game is about 8k in the amx 30 b =))

  38. QB take a look at this replay with tetrach 8 kills

  39. I have played artillery quite alot lately and here is my schedule:
    1. Aim and shoot at the easiest / most threatening vehicle.
    2. While reloading make sure you got Runescape 3 / Old Runescape
    3. Farm the skill you want to in Old RS / RS3.
    4. ????? “Say “Nice” to anyone in response inside Runescape
    5. PROFIT!!!!

  40. Divplaksnis.. lol thats Latvian! xD cool!

  41. At the same point I drowned once, runing 70 km/h with Lts
    and directly jump down middle of the pool :pp

  42. My highest is 6k Dmg in a Mutz

  43. i did 7700 in isu

  44. Do you feel sleepy? Yoy felt with STA-2 XD Im sorry I just couldn’t have my
    self XDDD

  45. Hmm, i think 782 in Crusader lol
    I have just started playing this game it’s not even a month.

    I have a question: When are you going to make another tutorial video ¿

  46. The enemy BC25T was Vale from FAME!!

  47. lol GREAT video keep it up!

  48. One of the positives was “awareness”.

  49. The invite code doesnt work for me…

  50. 9,7k in the T110E5 …fuck rng i could have managed 10k xD

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