World of Tanks || Still the Daddy – E-100

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Basti378 is going to show why the is still the daddy.

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is a Free 2 online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I love kv-2, but he is so slow and big. It makes him a easy target to flank
    him in the sides

  2. Hey QB,
    Will you be at GC and the WoT afterparty like last year? Would be nice to
    meet you again! :)

  3. He also aimed up at the e-100 turret. If he went for the turret ring the
    amx would of won

  4. Daniel Zwierzynski

    E-100 would be mine 1st tier X if I want. But I rather keep awesome E-75
    (on which got biggest amount of games on my account). E-100 chicks are very
    problematic cause u can angle them but still need to show to shoot enemies,
    lower plate ease to pentrate to. Lowest pentrate on normal shells makes
    different, these tanks is slow and big what make him very easie target for
    spg. Long time ago it could be nice, now when everybody shoot gold his
    armor (same like Maus) lost a lot. Generally I dont like so much tier X
    games but my IS-4 and IS-7 make the job. Russian tanks was and always be
    good in these easterneuropeian game

  5. ABERBOCKWURST! but srsly what was the enemy arty doing while the E100 sat
    on the hill? that is not an arty safe position!

  6. I did 9.6k dmg in e100 upload yesterday and nothing gg :/ c mon qb

  7. I was really critical at first with him using HEAT against another E100 i
    feel thats dirty. But his later play was fantastic and he really did earn
    that massive victory/ Well played GG

  8. amx30 had so many chances to just go ham on him after every shot, but well

  9. Luka Žnidaršič

    +QuickyBabyTV This video invokes a feeling of deja vu 😀 I think +AgingJedi beat
    you to uploading this replay to youtube ;)

  10. nice game, especially the angleing in the end, however I think he might
    have sidescraped more when fighting all the vehicles going for him on the

  11. Try and buy the maus

  12. So many armchair generals in the comments hahaha . . . 

  13. Well played by E 100 driver but I have to say Amx 30s play really
    disappointed me. He played also quite good, but he started panicking as
    early as 8:40. After that basicly every his move was mistake. He should
    really train his nerves a bit to succeed in these tense situations like E
    100 here did.

  14. 2:14 I call bullshit on this one. In these times IS-7 had MUCH thinner
    lower plate. I remember penning it reliably with IS-3s BL-9 gun. Also IS-4
    was reliable pen to lower plate with E 50 which has 220 mm of pen until its
    recent change to HD when tracks have been added to armor. Now you have to
    aim to not hit these tracks to pen it with this kind of pen which can be
    quite tricky.

    Long story short. In era before gold ammo for credits, E 100 had quite easy
    time penning IS-7 and IS-4 to their lower glacis.

  15. The first tier X tank i got ess the legendary IS-7

  16. Could you re review the conqueror

  17. Maus>E100 ! Before you all say that i am an idiot lemme tell you why :
    There will be PEN. nerfs and that makes the Mouse awesome FUCK THE E100 GO

  18. Ricardo Nicolescu

    I think now IS-7 is the daddy :)

  19. One of the best games since a long time

  20. Quicky baby using the noob 100

  21. What i hate the most about this game is how ridiculously high the repairing
    and ammo refill cost. After this awesome match, from 131k credits won you
    have to use only 42k and that’s on a premium account. Are you fkin kidding
    me wot ? After such a great match you should get at least 100k remaining

  22. Switch to HE and break the turret ring. The E-100’s turret traverse could
    charitably be called leisurely but with a broken turret ring it’s…ugh.

  23. I only have a single Kolobanov’s medal throughout all my games in World of
    Tanks. I got it in my 2nd tier 10, the Object 268, on Ensk.
    It happened so long ago the only thing I remember from it is that an AT-15
    came up behind me, but I somehow managed to back up just enough that my
    butt was covered and he bounced off the side of my tank when that shell
    could have killed me. Then, I turned and put a shell into him, killing him,
    then went on to kill another tank and win. It was crazy.

  24. When you talked about the largest guns on heavy tanks….
    R.I.P. the tier 10 T30 heavy tank.
    I was only the T32, roughly 10-20k xp from the T34 when they changed the

    I wanted that T30 at tier 10 so bad….

  25. the new post game play review format is fantastic, keep it up

  26. medal DED’a ;)

  27. What is Your First Tir 10 tank

  28. Please do the amx 12t tank rewiew. 

  29. Lol. T6 Russian as strong as t10 German. Stronk balance!

  30. When Basti rolled a 420 on the AMX 30 B with his first HE shot, I knew he
    was going to win. Nobody that MLG can possibly lose.

  31. Noice

  32. Absolute E-100 clinic! Bravo!

  33. OMG that angling at the end wow if u can comminicate with him tell him he
    did a good job!!

  34. What fantastic angling? I was regularly penned when I angled my turret like
    that, side and front, doesn’t matter. I sold my E-100 because no amount of
    angling would save it.
    He got lucky, a lot! Still, gj to Basti, WoT is after all 1/3rd skill,
    2/3rds luck. So grats to you.

  35. I miss those days when prem was only gold made the game a lot more fun


  36. I really like my E-100 , i got 1 mark on my barrel only shooting AP (I’m
    scared to use HEAT because i’m poor and i already lose money with AP).

    I think it has still a good place here in wot ,Big ass gun with a Big metal
    surrounding,you can also call it the music box with all those bounce you
    hear :P.Plus, it is quite agile for it size,it is unique and i think it can
    still compete with other tier 10..expect artillery:(

  37. Good replay, thanks for featuring.

  38. Stop watching when he loaded gold rounds, please stop loading video of
    idiots firing gold anyone can do damage by firing gold no need to flank or
    target weakpoint just load gold and fire away.

  39. Thousandsenemies

    Awesome E100 play

  40. That AMX made a mistake at the end by shooting E100’s turret too high which
    made the impact angle bigger… But very nice play by the E100

  41. Her Royal Heilness

    Nice video

  42. AMX could’ve killed the e100 with that last shot had he known about the
    turret ring and that slight outof angle corner piece.

  43. Wow… Thank you… I was having a bad day until now… He made my day 🙂
    Thank you!

  44. Awesome and flawless performance. Grats to the guy. Quality replay choice

  45. leopard 1 or t26a

  46. i really like the tips you give at the end… do it more often plz:D

  47. The AMX 30 at the end went retard mode, he just stood still so the E100
    could get close to him and his angled armor would work best against HEAT.
    Very poor play by that medium, I don’t think I’ve ever got outplayed by
    this simple heavy tank tactic. 

  48. He also protected his lower plate by ramming in the end.
    Well played move

  49. Quickybaby you have to see my replay in my T-54 Light Weight!!! 2000+
    damage blocked by armor and almost ran out of shells bc 3700 damage. 1000+

  50. 9 k dmg-win-1500 base exp-dont shoot full premium-still negative credits.
    (without premium)
    this shows how retarded this game is and only p2w’s can have fun. gg

  51. I wish you also would mention what the AMX could have done at the end there
    to circumvent the angled turret; shoot the turret ring. 🙂

    At point blank range, that would be a guaranteed hit and kill for the AMX
    as long as he was not using HE.

  52. Uluç Kadıoğlu

    Well played

  53. E-100 is my first tier 10 tank and I loved it and I like your videos

  54. That was some good work with angling the armor.

  55. So beautiful

  56. The E-100 wasn’t my first tier 10 tank my first was the FV4202 and the
    second was the bat-chat 25t, the E-100 will be my third tier 10 tank, and
    will be more harder to me because I am bad with heavy tanks.

  57. Hey QB, I know this might be a long shot, but I was wondering if you could
    do a review of the British tier V arty… the Bishop. I just unlocked it
    yesterday and would like to know some tips on how to use it most

  58. great tip for amateur players at the end of video :)

  59. Normal account, he LOST money !


  61. worlds biggest noob

    Misplay by the AMX30, if the AMX shot Basti’s turret ring, it would have
    most likely gone in. But nice work overall.

  62. Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

    The enemy E100, even if he had is turret angled, will almost never bounce
    330mm of pen. And since E100s driver are willing to shoot so many premium
    rounds, no wonder they catch so much HEAT in their turrets in return.
    Always funny to catch an E100 unaware in a russian medium while you re
    hulldown, you can just make fun of their turret all day ^^^

    The amx at the end should have just aimed for the “turret ring”, even when
    angled, unlikely to bounce a HEAT shell.

    Still a flawless game from basti!

  63. martynas samsonas

    e100 seems to still be able to do the trick almost makes me regret that i
    got is-7 as my first tier 10 tank and not e100

  64. My first T10 heavy is the FV 215b and that thing is an odd machine..
    average armor and mobility but a fantastic gun.

  65. Why he havn’t an acetanker 

  66. The E100 is pretty bad even when spamming heat. It’s armour is backwards
    making it so easy to slam gold shells into that stupid big turret from
    almost any range. Turret armour is so much more important than hull

  67. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    should have been titled, king of the hill

  68. Enemy arty can kill E-100 for 3-4 times, but he was all game on wrong
    position. He can win this but, he is not good arty player. NJ for E-100
    player, nice angling :)

  69. The waffentrager e100 that had 680 health had only a 4/10 chance to be one
    shotted by a gun that has 750 alpha? Are you sure?

  70. Grof od Banoštor

    I can’t wait to get my E 100

  71. I’ve never really mastered the E-100 even though i’m a faily decent player.
    I guess i’m more of a med player, the low penetration 150mm AP shells & low
    top speed just doesn’t cut it for me. But Basti really did showed us how to
    play this tank and I might play a bit more games in it. What a fantastic
    game! Cheers!

  72. That’s why people back in the day used T30 heavy tank with 155mm @ 276 pen
    Ap and 750 damage. Because e100 was more like poor man’s t30. Of course now
    it’s a TD and people can buy premium ammo with money.

  73. In my opinion a lot of the replays that get casted have a large element of
    luck and I don’t think the driving is particularly skillful. However, I
    thought this replay was masterful. Very intelligent positioning, solid aim,
    great angling, and overall a beautifully played game! The very last
    engagemet against the AMX30 was so well thought out. He knew that if he
    used an AP round it would be take 2 shots to kill the AMX30 so he used HE
    instead which at least has some probability of oneshotting him. He also
    knew that he HAD to charge the AMX after failing to kill him on the first
    shot. The height of the E100 meant that the AMX30 simply did not have the
    gun elevation to shoot the weakpoint on top of the E100 when he was so
    close. Well played, Basti.

    • thanks mate 🙂

    • +Louis Yang
      Turret ring is easily pennable with HEAT which amx30 had loaded. Even if
      E100 angles his turret, corner bit of ring is still exposed and easy to hit
      in facehugging range. Basicly amx30 failed last engagement due lack of

  74. thanks for sharing, didnt expect that :D

    • +Basti378 You made pretty much the perfect decisions throughout the game,
      I’ll give you that. So good job for that. But I think you are aware how
      many misplays that AMX 30 did and the fact that the AMX 50B tried to cap in
      the middle of a fucking field was just facepalm moment. That AMX 30 was
      also the most panicked guy I saw in world of tanks for a while. He missed
      out on a lot of damage he could have gotten early on and maybe also kill
      you outright, but he panicked and you capitalized on the mistakes of the
      enemy team. Capitalizing on the mistakes of your enemies is the mark of a
      good player and the only chance you have to get a Kolobanov’s. I’m talking
      from experience since I have 2 of them, so good job on this. You made the
      perfect decisions.

    • I’ve never seen anyone play so well in an E100 :O

    • +Basti378 Nice game mate

    • +Basti378 Serious skill there ! nice mate !

    • +Basti378 Well played, you really kept a cool head through the game.

  75. Fantastic game, great player ! 

  76. Pretty much perfect E100 play. Well done.

  77. Second time i watch this game from this player, from two different
    youtubers. But truly is an awesome game.

  78. That amx 30 is dumb… he just needed to shoot turret ring. which is 240
    mm… and flat… he was shooting in angled turret upwards…

  79. QB What program do u use to record?

  80. The Kv-2 has one more mm of penetration with its HE shells and it has a
    bigger blast radius at the cost of 40 less avarage damage. And it is just a
    tier 6 heavy tank :D

  81. Parkour/Challenges

    Thanks for taking my biggest gun advice :D

  82. I did one shoot by kv2 and i got 1025 damage.

    • Pietro “PietroAce” Assandri

      +NOBR DZR it is not even the best the kv2 can do. I oneshotted a Lowe full
      health because of fire. I still feel sorry for him

  83. Hey QB, I downloaded your modpack and went and changed the sixth sense
    image to Sgt Nicholas Angel doing the “Pfffffft JOG ON” You should give it
    a try. Always hilarious to see Simon Pegg giving you the Up Yours every
    time you get spotted haha. Love your video’s.

  84. Great game an notes!

  85. When u think of it an e-100 firing HEAT is kinda OP

  86. Lol! I’ve already seen this video today on someone else’s Chanel. But
    awesome replay nonetheless. Great vid as usual

  87. You can’t really compare the 152mm howitzer on the KV-2 with a proper tank
    gun like the one on the E 100.
    A howitzer is basically just a piece of pipe that is used to lob a bomb
    from point A to point B, without much concern for the velocity of the
    projectile – or better said the payload.
    It is basically a modern version of a catapult and the charge used to
    propel the payload usually is just strong enough to get it where you want

    I guess you could also call a howitzer a “direct fire mortar”.
    Whatever you call it, it isn’t really a cannon or a gun.

    A real tank gun is designed to maximize muzzle velocity and precision and
    to get the best performance possible out of the rifling (or the lack of
    rifling in modern smooth bore guns) and the propellant charge, which is why
    the barrel and the breach mechanism need to withstand high pressures and
    friction and are way thicker and heavier than on a howitzer or a mortar.

    It is a bit like comparing a potato gun with a precision rifle.
    Just because the oven pipe on the KV-2 has about the same diameter as the
    caliber of the actual tank gun on the E 100 doesn’t mean they are playing
    in the same league.

    • +TrangleC Well, the HE charge would be pretty much the same. It would
      actually even be worse on the E 100’s gun because the shell would have to
      be thicker to withstand all that pressure. AP shells would obviously be
      better on the actual proper gun.

  88. isn’t that 235mm pen too much for such a high calibre gun? considering that
    is-7 has about 250mm pen and it has about 250 less dmg

    • nuclearsharkattack

      +matti lai Play the E-100 with AP, then you will quickly realize it is
      extremely difficult to play an entire Tier X game vs. E3s and E4s and not
      use HEAT at some point.

    • Samuel Peter Hunt Hunt

      Matti the e-100 has the lowest pen of all heavies please do reconsider

  89. Arty ignores him well in this game. At the start after he killed E100, he
    was spotted and went complete in the open…arty was like….we dont care.

  90. My first tier 10 was the Leopard 1 then I got the Obj. 263 and I have to
    say the 263 in my opinion is the best tier 10 TD.

  91. How do I send a replay to QuickyBaby?


  92. Bollo de Bospedo

    The topgun never gets love 

  93. Inb4 pubes whine about E100 using gold. 

  94. Ober… Brrrrockwurst

  95. Okay so I have the is four and I’m working in my next heavy I can choose
    the t57 heavy the waffletrack auf e100 or the e 100 I’m confused in which
    tank to use do any of you have any input to help me ?

  96. L-FEW best clan!

  97. Excellent,many thanks.this is still my all time fave and now it looks so
    good.I just love to play it as often as i can.


  98. Yaaay another gold spamming victory…..

    • +ConkerCallis That’s the E 100 firing AP’s fault. If he doesn’t know where
      to shoot an E 100 with AP or he’s angling too well, he should fire HEAT so
      he won’t die. You can see basti didn’t fire HEAT at the E 100 until he had
      to, because he wasn’t penetrating.

    • Well ok but if a gold firing E100 comes up against an AP firing E100 the
      gold E100 is going to crush the AP E100.

    • nuclearsharkattack

      +ConkerCallis The guy never SPAMMED gold rounds dude. He used them
      *sparingly* and *only when he had to.* I’ve had an E-100 for years and this
      guy played it to a fault. Post up *your* E-100 replay where you do over 9k
      damage and a hard carry. Oh, don’t have one? Then STFU tomato.

    • +ConkerCallis is your picture a vagina with an eye and teeth?

    • +Richard Fritsch Yes I did, but it sounds like you didn’t.

  99. I'mNotGiving MyName

    At the end, all the AMX30 had to do was shoot his turret ring.

  100. Tier 10 games are boring :D

  101. Sebastian Richter

    I think Basti is German.

  102. I just unlocked this yesterday. I can’t wait to unlock that top gun :)

  103. What do you mean he only had a 40% chance to kill the waffle there? He
    rolled for 680 to kill him — his average is 750. He had at least a 60%
    chance to kill that guy

  104. Quickybaby always says: and the medal that everyone want, the kolobanov’s
    I really like that XD

  105. WorldOfTanks Gaming

    I got Kolobanovs medal today!! But in blitz.. I survived with KV-1 against
    4 tanks and did 2500 damage and killed 6

  106. Really nice game, thank you for uploading it QB.

  107. The maus was the first tier 10 i ever unlocked but the e100 was the first i
    ever bought because the e100 top of the tree event happened as i was
    grinding credits for the maus so i bought the e100 then the maus a little
    later. Honestly i wish they would remove prem rounds from any gun rated as
    tier 10 because i think they remove almost completely the effectiveness of
    armour in a lot of cases. I fire basically all ap and he in my e100 and
    reserve my heat rounds purely for anyone who fires prem at me first.

    • +Lucht S
      i dont know how the e25 stayed in the game as long as it did it was a new
      level of op

    • +crabboy InTheForest very easily? All they need to do is make an OP premium
      tank, let it sell for a few months, then announce that it’s being removed
      because it’s too good, but leave a few months for people to buy it before
      it’s removed. All the sheeple will gobble it up. Exactly what happened with
      the E-25.

    • +Verdiss
      that would work too and i reckon the shots would need to lose about 15% to
      25% of their damage when their firing prem but wg said that will just
      result in people carrying even more than they do now. so if they had a hard
      cap on the amount they could carry that would completely fix the issues.

    • crabboy InTheForest

      How will they be making money then (wg)

    • +DEANOGTO They just need to reduce the damage of prem rounds. It’s
      historically accurate, and it means there is a real tradeoff of shooting

  108. 5:10 The enemy E-100 DID agnle his turret but wrong, and basti fired heat.
    Not that much the enemy (with stock gun) E-100 could do there.

    • +MrL3NNI there shouldnt be a “best ammo”. if prem ammo has more pen then it
      should have less damage or maybe less accuracy.
      its done right with the british HESH, less pen but more damage and you
      cannot call it “the best ammo”

    • +MrL3NNI i also don’t like premium ammo, but you just can’t do anything
      about it. in fact, i despise arty even more than premium ammo. anyways, i
      didn’t notice that the enemy E100 used the 128mm gun, my bad. then again he
      could have shot more often due to the slower reload. it all just
      theoretical, let’s leave it right there. he didn’t angle propperly and
      that’s it.
      oh, btw: acutally i use regular ammo on the E100 95% of the time. it works
      better in my opinion, because of the normalisation and the better
      performance against spaced armor and armor being covered by modules. doing
      2500 average damage per game. far from best, but works for me 😉

    • In the video you can clearly see that the enemy e-100 tried to angle his
      turret, but failed and get penned. QB sounds like enemy E-100 didnt even
      tried to angle his turret.

      Surely the enemy E-100 could have used prem ammo too, but the trades would
      have been bad (his gun can only deal 490 or so dmg). He really shoukd have
      backed off there.

      I really dont like the gold/prem ammunition how it is (now) in world of
      tanks, its 100% pay to win. You can play the E-100 with heat (and you need
      it in the E-100 a lot, thats why I dont like the E-100), only if you run a
      prem account or if you got a premium tank.
      Otherwise it is too expensive (over lets say about 10 battles). And I hate
      the fact that gold ammo negates armor as a game mechanic.

      They should change gold ammo like it was before: only buyable with gold.
      Sry for murdering the english language.

    • +MrL3NNI well the enemy could have also used premium ammo. furthermore, he
      could have backed off and angle the turret better. you can angle the E100
      turret in a way that the frontal armor is strong enough for HEAT and the
      side armor is so high that the shell will bounce off.

  109. I just got that thing. Too bad I am stuck with the 128mm

  110. what marker was he talking about that was still yellow over the tank re.

  111. Francisco Javier De la Rosa Rodriguez

    No tankfest? ):


    301 club nice vid QB

  113. Did u figure out how to get the e25 back 

  114. QB I really liked seeing that highlight of the best moment in the game,
    please do more of these !

  115. Same video than shown by AgingJedi on 18th July. Great game!

  116. i am japanese man!!

    you Fan!!

  117. Jochem Sturkenboom

    Hey Quickybaby
    Not to be a fact nazi, but the E100’s 150 mm now also can be used on the
    Mauschen, the replacement for the vk3502 B, but it can only fire AP and HE

  118. wow so many tier 10 shitty players, look at his team! pure shit

  119. I think the E100 has actually become even more popular recently with the
    increased use of autoloaders, because the E100 can soak up a clip from any
    tier 10 autoloader and continue to be useful.

  120. if the WT auf E-100 has 680 hp left adn you do 750 dmg, you don’t have 40%
    chance of killing him with on shot, but 60.3%

  121. E 100 is a very nice and powerful tank, if you know how to use it. I am
    going for the Maus, I hope that I’ll be able to have great games with that

  122. i dont like this one theres no teamwork in it.

  123. Monster Game by German Strong Box!

  124. Ha I was sat there watching this thinking it was familiar.


  125. Awesome video 

  126. Fucking MAGNIFICENT game >.< Error free. I am so jelly lol 😛 I drive my tanks like a drunken monkey :P

  127. Gg 😀 gr8 video qb :)

  128. Crogamer productions


  129. Love you bro

  130. Only 720p? Damn youtube really is slow xD
    very nice replay though! :)

  131. Fuck PL

  132. The kv2 shoots 500-800 I believe 

  133. E100 sucks like all German tanks.

    • And apart from the recent buff the turret has always been a liability, very
      easy to pen without prem if you know where you are shooting. There’s no
      need to be arrogant and insult others who you don’t even know lol.

    • +Prich038 Maths is good and all that I’m sure, but I’ve been playing for
      years and have both been penned and have penned a 215b angled at 60 or even
      higher. The side of the 215b is generally garbage and most t10 guns will
      easily go through it. Plus there are lots of flat armor due to elevations
      and undulations of the tank in certain areas which makes it even more

      If you want a sidescraping troll, get the IS4.

    • +Vladimir Lenin You are right!!

    • +HyinaM You are not very informed then in how side scraping truly works
      FV215b has 100 mm of side armour plus 15 mm of spaced, if you angle at 60
      degrees, you double the thickness, if you angle at just under the auto
      bounce of 70 degrees, you get nearly 3 times the effective thickens. FV215b
      CAN site scrape very well.
      Tanks such as T29/T34 and T30 can also side scrape if you angle at 70
      degrees (except the side covering the engine then you can only side scrape
      up to 152 mm guns due to auto pen).
      Learn the game

    • +Prich038 the 215b defo cannot sidescrape lol.

      There is no “best” and “worst” tanks, it all depends on situation and what
      you need them for. If you want firepower, go for 50B, t57, 215b and e5, if
      you want to tank for your team pick the german heavies. The russians belong
      somewhere in the middle and both IS4 and 7 are very flexible. The 113 is
      ok, sacrifices lower plate armor for better mobility.

  134. My 1st and still only tier 10 is the T110E5

  135. I am watching u on my iMac and now my iPad 

  136. Still under the 301 club

  137. Finally under the 301 club

  138. Hi this is a nice comment

  139. phsychoticpotatoe9 7

    Yay 5th view lol

  140. Toni Čakmazović


  141. What do you guys think of the E-100: is it still the daddy or should it be
    sent to the home?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

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