World of Tanks || STOP CAMPING w/ Jingles

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – . Livestream highlights with showing how stopped camping on Prokhorovka.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online which is available as a free download. is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. That kill T34 😀 :D

  2. First match in this video is mine all time favorite :D

  3. Nice vid QB, grats Jingles on TG!

  4. 7thRoyalPirateAssassin

    You don’t cemp bush. Busk cemps you! And WG, please don’t promote anymore
    noobs! >v<

  5. Thats how u can win the games! TDs in tier VIII or higher are not for camp
    in base they go middle of map and they winning the game! Loser stay in base
    and lost!

  6. yes more twich videos

  7. wonderful play! thx for sharing

  8. Josh Clark (NebulousSponge)

    A QuickyBaby and Jingles livestream on my birthday! Yes!!!!

  9. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    that is the tactic I try to use, I’m glad to see it work

  10. MORE!!! PLEASE MORE!!!

  11. So Ik will be back? Great news!

  12. omg the good old platoon with ik and jingles! the dream is real!!

  13. Those camping heavies on malinovka… scourge of WoT.

  14. oh I saw this live it was hilarious

  15. yes please!! more highlights

  16. Whoever decided to put the isu at t8 should be forced to face 15 enemy
    isu152 everymatch

  17. Oh shit a Maus ! Lets gold !
    I’ve turn off video after that.
    Cant see more “good” player gold each time super-heavy…

  18. Please do more stream Highlights Quicky, I am at work in the U.S. when you
    are streaming so I usually cant watch your streams!!

  19. Apathetic Bystanders

    “I will put my life on the line” proceeds to take no damage

  20. would love to see more of these types of videos

  21. Hey QB! Will there be a bonus code this time again?:) Missed the last one
    cuz i fell a sleep:P

  22. yesterday was my birthday

  23. MOAR live stream highlights plz

  24. That last shot on the O-Ni…I’m pretty sure it somehow managed to loop
    between the gun barrel and the hull…RNG in a nutshell there

  25. Will you ever post the whole stream?

  26. Can you give me something on my birthday? Pwetty Pwease? I’ll be watching
    you stream

  27. wired. i knew this video allready… im confused. must be a glitch in the

  28. It's Skills gaming

    What tank is better the t62A or the obj140??

  29. Honestly I would be rather happy if you uploaded the VODs so people on
    YouTube can watch them and they aren’t deleted later on.

  30. nasty seal clubbers

  31. Whoever is reading this have a nice day :)

  32. oh jingles forgot that the foch only has a 120mm gun and idk why he has a
    problem with the aim time, my foch has a aim time of 1,96s, what is better
    than most guns on MTs and LTs

  33. spiralwhirlpool2366

    For every dollar Quicky says “buddy”, I’d be rich


  35. The thing with the obj.704 is every tank it shoots at it ammoracks xD

  36. Lachlan Mills (Millzy)

    whats better the t62a, object430 or the object140

  37. People wouldn’t camp so much if braving open ground didn’t get you
    insta-killed so much. Yeah, you had a couple of decent games where you
    pushed and that does happen sometimes, if you’re in a Medium tank and
    happen to rush a flank before firing lines are established. However, once
    camping starts it’s very hard to break the deadlock as the game has no real
    push tanks at present. Not when everyone can just switch to gold and
    ROFLstomp Heavy Tank armour.

    Oh, but the T110E5! Yeah, OK, fair enough. You can resist gold rounds if
    you, yourself, happen to be camping in a good position.

  38. Greek_Steel… More like Dick Steel.

  39. Misteris Dominaxas

    I wish i had irl friends who plays wot :(

  40. 400k!!!!

  41. Loved that Prokhorovka game: 10/10 for artistic interpretation… :-)

  42. please more live stream highlight in youtube

  43. More of those daring vids pls, and can you explain why the first game
    worked as it did? was it the matchmaking? Because its not unusual that the
    enemy rush the easthill.

  44. more more more !!!!

  45. More highlights and less buddies pls :D

  46. Livestream highlights are awesome. More please!

  47. hhhhhaaaaaaaa

  48. hoi

  49. Vitaliy Parytskyy

    Stream highlights are great. Waiting for more.

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