World of Tanks – Stream Highlight Reel part 1

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Thought you guys might enjoy another highlight reel full of memes


  1. If this was a highlight reel, why is it so short <3 ?????

  2. Early bitches

  3. Isn’t the title supposed to be STREAM highlight?
    1:15 my heart bled seeing that injustice

  4. ow whata gold shoting noob no skill just gold thats y i play arty dirty scum to punish purple retards like this p2w unfair plai

  5. The last clip was filth…

  6. pritty gud mems

  7. That must have been the best vid I have seen for quite some time.

  8. Omg that Brett clip

  9. “WHAT WAS HE DOING THE ENTIRE GAoh my fucking god”

  10. Most epic facepalm 2017

  11. I just have one thing to say: fuck arty!

  12. Tharaka Wijerathne

    That face we all get when get Nuked by Arty

  13. Love these highlight reels keep doing them pls

  14. lol best vid ever

  15. All the enemy team needed to do was get a platoon of IS-7s and shoot AP rounds into that nearby Abbey, causing it to collapse and crush Brett’s Maus.

    Clearly not OP.

  16. 2:26 – totaly OP maus armourz, if only maus gets nerfed the arty will never nuke any object907/140/etc in the game, like ever
    Now show us Type5 full-derp platoon.

  17. I now must watch this stream. lol This video was epic. Just wondering, how long did it take you to make it?

  18. Randy Butternubs


  19. 1:33 How’s that Maus meta going?

    Cancer: The Universal Balancer

  20. Fantastic stuff. Best vid in a while. Truly amazing. Well done sir.

  21. 1:15 1:25 1:30 1:40 the faces after rekt by arty lol
    We feel you Anfeel

  22. Anfield, make more of these montages they are fucking hilarious

  23. Yeah Anfield, Stop camping by pushing against the enemy frontlines.

  24. Holy fuck that last clip lmfao

  25. This was sooooo good anfeelssss omg make more

  26. Maus is so fucked now, but due to the all round armour buffs (including 250mm belly armour) it hurts how effective arty is against it, so I’m conflicted in how I feel. On one hand it desperately needs fixing, on the other hand fuck arty…

  27. Every guy named Rommel, Desertfox, Patton or Zhukov are the best players best to stay away from them…just turn around and hide behind the arty

  28. Alexander Turnbull

    Amazing vid, LOVED the ray hudson commentary! Do more of these!

  29. Lol that 2 ap shells
    stop camping fronline scrub

  30. the moment on last mustbe exciting

  31. Hat to like that because of the sports commentator meme at the end

  32. amaze vid 11/10

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