World of Tanks – Stream Highlight Reel part 2

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Just a quick vid this time I didn’t have as much footage left to work with for this one.


  1. Just a quick vid this time I didn’t have as much footage left to work with for this one, hope you enjoy anyway!

  2. Denizhan Enes Uzun

    no maus is not op Kappa

  3. anfiled why you are spamming the maus this days?

  4. See, you bounced of the IS-7, therefore it is the superior tank XD

  5. #BuffIS7APCR

  6. REEEEE You fired gold at IS-7 gold is the only thing more opie normal AP would have bounced 1000% of shells and couldn’t have penned the rashan bias armour gold noob only reaosn you’re unicum is cos gold noob faggot I choose to be yellow because it shows i’m not hacking CHITTER!!

  7. Love the IS-7 part.
    Some people just don’t realise how overbuffed the maus is 😀

  8. i like is-7 and maus is too big and slow like type 5 heavy useless tanks my opinion 🙂

  9. Goldmember at the end hahaha. Nice anfield nice…

  10. warcraft 3 .. i miss you 🙁

  11. The3LittleMonsters

    Yay I was the t57 on himmelsdorf I 100% and avoid you the whole time and that’s the reason why I lived

  12. Rastko Dimitrijevic

    Sabaton-Ghost Division…nice

  13. Ohhohoo you funny! And the way you handle quotes! Don Lemon’s got nothing on you! You should work on CNN.

  14. It doesn’t matter if you are playing IS-7 or Maus, arty will always get you ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  15. hahaha that ending with the gold made my day.

  16. since when do u spam ?

  17. So just spam gold in Maus now to farm some purple points?

  18. Right now the IS-7 is probably the weakest tier X heavy in the game, but because of shitter memes it will never get buffed, or at least not for a long time. RIP

  19. This is why anfield is the best

  20. Keep on making these man! They’re awesome!

  21. Some people will fail to realize how weak the IS-7 is because they believe any tank that is russian is instantly op. Love these edited videos btw

  22. Of course the IS-7 armor is outdated if you shoot it with APCR…

  23. Henri Liimatainen

    big lotr fan aswell?

  24. These are the best wot materials that went on YouTube recently 😀

  25. Filthy Frank mother fuckers!

  26. Wow I would think people that watch Anfield’s channel would know better than to say the IS-7 is OP and Maus isn’t, WTF.

  27. maus is OP….howa bout firing AP and actually aim for weakspots…because not every player can go full gold like you… cmon

  28. Is this a Apocalypse Now AND filthy frank overlay in one video? omg

  29. Anfield please make a video explaining why the IS7 is practically useless now so the brain dead fucks calling it OP can suck a fat one

  30. is-7 op if he keep the front of his armor pointed directly at his enemy if he dose that there is no where you could pen him at close rang with a higher tank like the maus or any tall tank its gets even worst for you if you where taller than him and all german heavy tanks from tier 8 to 10 are taller than the IS-7

  31. and you talk about the maus did you saw the typ5 heavy

  32. E100 buff the lower plat and side armor put some spaced armor at the turret so noops stop spamming heat at a tier 10 turret with 280 armor and its a very large target to miss

  33. William Linklater

    Selected stats and evidence to guide the theory that Maus is OP. Bias Good Job. I mean I can go thru my replay list and make the Rudy OP as well, ARF ARF. Ha! But I still enjoyed the video.

  34. GHOST DIVISION!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for that so long man!!!! <3

  35. e3 gold rounds all always fun vs a maus……

  36. Really like your stream highlights

  37. No king rules forever, my son…

  38. This is so much meme, that i can feel it spreading through the internet. kappa

  39. I love the end.And remember guysEverytime you watch Anfield, comes back and bites you in the ass with heat.

  40. sounds crazy but is7 needs buff, the gun specially to make it just competitive 258 pen, better dpm, 330 pen heat rounds, and just a little bit better aiming time, like 2.6sec… armor is useless aganist wn8 rounds due to the pike nose

  41. ”maus has hi hit points.” 2017

  42. AAAH IS7 is OP! maus can’t pen turret but maus is slow and gets penned in turret that has 260 frontal armor! IDONT KNOW HOW TO ANGLE MY ARMOR SO I GET PENNED IN THE TURRET ALL THE TIME! IM GAY AS SHIT

  43. #ghostmaus

  44. Overall APCR gold ammo just pisses me off, there is no reason to shoot AP ammo on that type of vehicle. Yes, AP surely can pen at higher slope angles but that is when AP penetration and APCR penetration are around the same, but most of the time gold APCR has way more pen than AP, like 310+ compare to 255+, that will compensate the angle most of the time, only puppies believe people who say that gold APCR is not a balance problem, it is, and it’s stupid af. (don’t say things like with 256 ap it’s enough to pen blah blah blah because with APCR it’s always better.)

  45. that was a nice dank meme thanks

  46. Yeah, IS-7 OP guys…after 152mm gun is installed, anyway.

  47. the memes are too strong… anfeels you’re getting too good at these pop culture reference videos.


  49. Now you’re using “memes”? Sheesh


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