World of Tanks – Stream Mentoring Test

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Source: Anfield


  1. Just a test to see if this would be something people are interested in, hopefully on stream it should be more useful than just the person directly being mentored

  2. Killin it with that skellington in the tip cup

  3. Love it man, it’s a lot easier to follow when you’re explaining it step by step

  4. That’s why I like you. You’re a good dude.

  5. 2:33 I am that cent ax on your left

  6. i like it tbh. i wish i could have some1 who could teach me like this when i first started WOT and struggled about like 20k games learning everything etc. but i also find this kind mentoring needs a very high level of skills cuz u need think urself mentore other and also move urself properly and shoot stuff.

    nice try anfeel! wish more people benefit from your work


  7. Im interested in these 🙂

  8. Would like to see more of these.

  9. Will you start doing this regularly, and how will you select people to tutor? I would be up for something like this. Once I get my E-50M that is. Pretty good at heavies (2 marks tier 8+ on E-100 line, plus 2 marks on Lowe), but am struggling with the meds. Except maybe that might just be the cancer that is the Panther 2.Here’s some stats:

    • My marks on tiger II 92% e75 98% <3 e100 still dont have it tho 😀 i Also thought P2 is bullshit but honestly its best tier VIII med, gun is amazing but in stock its worst one, thats the reason why my stats on it are not so great (lolsoez) EU

  10. Love it need more like it…

  11. That E100 game was good display of whr to go in your slow heyvs

  12. Tharaka Wijerathne

    More of these please

  13. lol @ heavy tanks are slow people #faplife

  14. Carlos Conceição

    I really like to watch you play but you’ve said that the centurion yoloed and a few seconds earlier you were being shoted by an invisible tank and you kept moving forward… Isn’t that yoloing all the same? And worse… Into an invisible tank when you are losing the battle. Just saying. Like your vids anyway! Cheers

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