World of tanks – Strongholds – defensive scouting

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Source: Martin Holding

Two replays from some tier 8 strongholds with LAVA guys where I show how to do defensive scouting.


  1. Really interesting spots and thoughts processes…I have 30k battles and
    still learned new stuff…pls keep these SH games coming!

  2. Beautiful as always WaterWar. Learned new spots, new tactics, new ways to
    scoot-and-shoot (usually a term reserved for arty but you’ve made it apply
    to lights here!). Want more more more!!! My son and I love your stuff!

    • Martin “WaterWar” Holding

      +Warren Simon I am glad to hear that you are enjoying it. I will keep an
      eye out for more interesting replays to show you guys 🙂

  3. Thanks for the video. Some spots that were new to me and very good
    indications on how t use them.

  4. *casual drift to close the video*

  5. Please do more of these videos as I learnt a lot of good spots

  6. Du elsker virkelig t-54 ltwt:)

    • Martin “WaterWar” Holding

      +Magnus Justesen Ja. Jeg synes det er en fantastisk tank. Desuden, når vi
      spiller strongholds så er det vigtigt der bliver scoutet de rigtige steder
      og det er ikke altid folk kender stederne. Derfor spiller jeg selv scout
      tanks da jeg så selv kan skaffe det intel jeg skal bruge.

  7. Thx for the stronghold games, much more interesting then random :)

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