World of Tanks – Stronk!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Having returned safely from colonising the glorious Russian motherland, what better way to celebrate than by featuring some of the stronkest of stronk Russian tenks?

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. I love when Jingles uses the same 3 jokes in a video over and over that he’s been using in all his videos over and over for years and years.

  2. Isn’t +2 mm fun…..

  3. I prefer calling the SU 100Y the Soviet Coast Guard

  4. I mean, the VK 36.01 H is still pretty good even as a tier VI heavy tank. If I were to make a list of tier VI tanks I’d rather be in in a tier 8 battle, the VK 36 01 H would definitely be in the top 10.

  5. My 2 cents, pls stop the russian speech and the gulag stuff, it got old about 100 videos ago…. 🙁

  6. 3:00 Mr Nesbit has learned the first lesson of not being seen, not to stand up however, he has chosen a very obvious piece of cover.

  7. Jingles, some farts have higher Alpha damage than others.
    Some farts have slow reload times, while others are auto loading.
    All farts have very high accuracy, no aiming time and can be fired from concealed positions.
    The highest DPM farts come from the Mark II DOG.

  8. Gísli Ágústsson

    But, did you come up with the Lefefhefhefefhefh?

  9. I’m a simple dude. I see GuP in the thumbnail, I click like.

  10. It is actually possible to send too many dissidents to the gulag. If you don’t believe me just ask Nikolai Yezhov.

  11. The Tankers Channel

    I’m a console player and I didn’t even realize it was mines until you said it was

  12. I’m actually disappointed when my KV2 doesn’t end up in a tier 8 match. Tier 8 heavies are bigger, easier targets that yield more XP.

  13. Im ashamed to say but… I’ve never played the KV-2 in almost 50K battles, so far. Free exp’ed the bugger.
    And I bought the SU-100Y after Jingles review of it, eons ago. Still enjoy deleting Cromwells from full HP.

  14. SU-100Y……Boom Box? Shit Box?
    Battle On!

  15. these are the type of matches I love being in while I’m driving my kv-2

  16. Bartholomew Macaluso

    ahhhh!!! The KV-2 battle is totally anomalous

  17. cannot fail platoon any more jingles….. like when i took my locust into a tier 9 game and got a kill of a t49 LOL

  18. shoulda gotten up close to the Tiger and used an AP shell or two to make him an easy kill, instead of keeping the tiger at range where the tigers gun can easily out preform his derp gun
    By the way Jingles, the SU-14-2 didn’t miss and hit the brick wall at 7:09, he shot the JgPzIV and killed him, which was foolish as he should have payed attention to the KV2 sitting not far infront of him

  19. I saw stronk and instantly clicked the video

  20. I love the new intro

  21. AlphaQStoopid -san

    That has to be the worst KV2 replay, pretty boring and nothing good about it except for the RNG fail. Ehh kv2 replays aren’t what they used too

  22. Stalin’s hammer for the 122-44 might’ve also been jingles

  23. Box Tenk hungers for the tears of weak turn coat dissidents, fascist, and teeny tiny baby capitalist.

  24. Nooooooo still not mine KV-2 game even tho I carried hard in that game (okay to be fair I was top tier but nevertheless)… *SIGH* I’ll never be featured by Mr. Jingles! ?

  25. I think the flack bus wins

  26. ROFL!!!! The VK36.01 has ALWAYS been a heavy tank. Even when it was labeled a medium tank, it’s performance, armor and handling were always more closely matched to a heavy tank than medium. So, again, it has always been a heavy tank, it was just mislabeled when it first entered combat. 🙂

  27. Let it be known that Jingles used a screenshot from Girls Und Panzer

  28. ” And the SU-14-2 shoot and hits the wall doing nothing”

  • Where are the wot blitz games?

  • 14:33 Is that how you pronounce the tank “leFH18B2”?
    “Le fur furfur fur fur fur”. That is how I’m hearing it from Jingles.
    Or is that its nickname?
    Listening to Jingles say that for that tank each time is funny.

  • The 100Y is in my top 5 TD’s!

  • Nice to see you getting back into World of Tanks following your protest after the Sir Foch fiasco.

  • Monty Python – How not to be seen …

  • I don’t get why that kv2 gamellay was in this video, it was literally a below average game in that thing. Why the fuck was it even in the video, it want even funny, just boring. Jingles’ content is seriously degrading

  • Emil and Type 64 demonstrating the first lesson on ‘how not to be seen’

  • i once got 8 kills in my Lowe….with 600+ ping

  • smol tenk kemp bush

  • Ah, the KV-2. Used to be my favorite tank… it was always dependable. If having bad MM, bad games, well, just queue up in the KV-2 and play a few games, get kills, farm damage, get that win rate headed back the right way…. It’s still one of my favorite tanks… but alas, she’s not the tank she once was. It used to be, that if you waited for full aim and just a bit longer, the KV-2 was an amazing sniper. You could snipe out just the smidgens of a tank showing behind a building or a ridge… alas, my experience in the last year is a solid NOPE. It used to be she was a monster snap shotter at close range too. Not so much anymore.

    That shot of the KV-2 at 7:40 in the video? That’s now more the norm seems like.

    I still love the tank but the Stronk reputation of the tank is wearing down with age.

  • Gg!

  • No… That shot at the SU-14-2 didn’t miss because of the lack of dissidents, it missed because SU-14-2 is also a stronk tenk, fighting valiantly for the Motherland. Silly Jingles..

  • rng

  • Ugh. Mines should be restricted to tiers 1-4. I hated that map so much, even though it looks so nice in 1.0.

  • Boxtank and the little tanks sounds like a great childrens book

  • I love to drive my boxtank, but not in the way you would expect it to be played. I am usually just driving it around like a normal tank and blow the faces of other tanks at point blank range while on the move. That tank is so under rated while it can be so much fun to play, haha

  • i expected you to say ”mighty mighty Tog!” if it wasnt for the thumbnail and title of the Video. xD

  • kv-5 says “you think kv-2 is stronk tank, kv-5 eat them for breakfast, go well with cabbage”

  • Much love to the 46% BOX TANK DRIVER!! ? Nice MURDER RIDE ??

  • immediately after the intro I’m like…DON’T TURN AROUND OH OH OH…DER KOMMISSAR’S IN TOWN OH OH OHHHHHHHHH.

  • The M8A1 in the end failed, he could have closed in to the Boxtank and circle it, working it over, the arty on Boxtanks team would have had a hard time hitting him without doin much dmg to the Boxtank .. maybe still not a great chance but at least a chance at all.

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