World of Tanks – Stronk IS4 Game

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  1. from hat is the sub music, sound fimiliar

  2. Is this Roblox music? Omg it is!!!!

  3. sekken93 (CrySpy)

    Based Stalin

  4. Nice game holy shit 😀

    Also your resolution is so big now, cannot easily read chat/numbers in 720p
    😛 First world problems!

    Keep up the great work !

  5. Wow Anfield damn! Was wondering yesterday if I still want the IS-4…. now
    I know =)

  6. José Luis Mardones Navarro

    he play on NA server ??

  7. aaah, you scared the dislike bots away after the comment on your previous
    video haha. keep up the good work!

  8. Anfield. how bout IS4 3 mark session?

  9. gg wp :)

  10. I hear bob__O_OII is good


  12. Why do you load a prem shell and then a regular shell at the beginning of
    each game? Not saying you shouldn’t do it, but I just want to know your
    reasoning behind it.

  13. The Dislike guy is late

  14. 7:55 ? Lol? Curveshot? xD

  15. That was an awesome game! Hope to see more like it in the future.

  16. I prefer IS-4 over IS-7. GG

  17. Less experienced clan campaign?

  18. First!!!!

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